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Trillions of tonnes of carbon locked in soil has been left out of environmental models – and it’s on the move

Today 10:30am - We all know about the carbon in Earth’s atmosphere, and probably about the carbon contained in plants and the bodies of animals.

US must choose between cheap EVs or an American industrial renaissance

Today 10:30am - Chinese electric vehicles—should be a godsend to the Biden administration, whose two biggest priorities are reducing carbon emissions quickly enough to avert a climate catastrophe and reducing consumer prices quickly enough to avert an electoral catastrophe.

Dubai floods expose weaknesses to a rapidly changing climate

Today 10:30am - The heavy rains that flooded Dubai this week halted air traffic, damaged buildings and streets — and left climate experts and common citizens asking whether one of the world’s hottest and driest cities should be better prepared for extreme storms.

European carbon trading catching less than quarter of airline emissions, data finds

Today 10:30am - Less than a quarter of airline emissions were caught by Europe’s carbon trading schemes last year, according to new data that illustrates the limitations of one of the key tools to fight pollution from aviation.

'Unprecedented': Changes in Antarctica's sea ice could have dramatic impacts

Today 10:30am - In 1898, the crew of the first scientific expedition to Antarctica became trapped inside sea ice around the southernmost continent.

Liz Truss book calls for climate laws to be abolished and boasts of effort to cancel UK COP summit

Today 10:30am - The former UK prime minister attacks flagship climate deals and makes false claims about electric vehicles, Russia’s influence on energy policies, and net zero.

Finnish startup making food ‘from air and solar power’

Monday - The company's founders hope solein, a protein grown with CO2 and electricity, will cut the environmental impacts of farming.

Biden administration moves to make conservation an equal to industry on US lands

Monday - The Biden administration finalised a new rule for public land management to put conservation on more equal footing with oil drilling, grazing and other extractive industries on vast government-owned...

If ten straight months of record-breaking heat isn’t a climate emergency, what is?

Monday - The planet is experiencing a horrifying streak of record-breaking heat, with March marking the tenth month in a row that the average global temperature has been the highest ever recorded.

Xi thinks China can slow climate change. What if he’s right?

Monday - OPINION: At first glance, Xi Jinping seems to have lost the plot. China’s president appears to be smothering the entrepreneurial dynamism that allowed his country to crawl out of poverty and become...

Scottish government scraps climate change targets

Monday - The Scottish government has confirmed it will scrap its annual and interim targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change is political and we must treat it that way

Monday - OPINION: Global warming is still far from being an election issue — and therein lies the problem.

Is $38 trillion a lot?

Friday - A new study using data from 1,600 regions over the last forty years has found that by 2050 climate change will be causing economic damage worth $38 trillion every single year.

EU considers bringing emissions removal credits into carbon market

Friday - The European Union is looking into whether to bring emissions removal credits into its carbon market, a move that could reopen the market to carbon credits in future years.

Billions more in overseas aid needed to avert climate disaster, say economists

Friday - Pressure piles on the World Bank and IMF to steer countries to low-carbon transition at spring summit.

Deadly African heatwave 'impossible' without warming

Friday - A deadly heatwave in West Africa and the Sahel was "impossible" without human-induced climate change, scientists say.

Death toll from four days of rains rises to 63 in Pakistan with more rain on the forecast

Friday - The heaviest downpour in decades flooded villages on Pakistan’s southwestern coast. Flash floods have also killed dozens of people in neighbouring Afghanistan.

Global warming is coming for your shopping cart

Friday - Climate change is already increasing food prices and overall inflation, and these effects are likely to accelerate in the future, according to a new study.

New wind installations hit a record last year, report says

Thursday - The global wind industry installed a record 117 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity last year but needs to add triple this amount annually by the end of the decade to meet climate targets, according to an...

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