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Legal experts define a new global crime: ‘ecocide’

Monday - A panel of 12 legal experts from around the world have released a proposed definition for a new international crime called “ecocide” covering “severe” and “widespread or long-term environmental damage” that would be prosecuted before the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Vanuatu to push international court for climate change action

Monday - Vanuatu is asking the International Court of Justice to issue an opinion on the rights of present and future generations to be protected from the adverse effects of climate change.

Young climate activists take to the world's streets

Monday - CLIMATE activists allied with Swedish teen campaigner Greta Thunberg were on Friday demonstrating in some 70 countries to demand global action ahead of a key summit in the United Kingdom

Opinion: The West owes Africa $100bn (at least) for climate recovery

Monday - This week, as about 100 world leaders gather to attend the 76th session of the UN general assembly, a call for rich countries to urgently scale up assistance to help Africa address the twin challenges of climate catastrophe and the effects of Covid-19 pandemic is required.

Getting fuel prices right is key to reducing carbon emissions: IMF

Monday - Global fossil fuel subsidies amounted to $6 trillion in 2020, with more than 70 per cent reflecting "undercharging" for environmental costs, which makes it imperative to set the right price for fuels to reduce carbon emissions, the International Monetary Fund has said.

Australia needs to commit to net zero emissions by 2050: Frydenberg

Friday - Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will prepare the way for Scott Morrison to take a target of net zero emissions by 2050 to Glasgow, when he warns on Friday capital inflow will be at risk if Australia is seen as a climate laggard.

Increasing natural gas prices boosts both clean and dirty generation

Friday - An increase in natural gas prices leads to price hikes across the US economy for home heating, fertilizer, chemicals—and wholesale electricity, because of the power sector’s heavy reliance on gas-fired power plants.

AI may be set to reveal climate-change tipping points

Friday - Researchers are developing artificial intelligence that could assess climate change tipping points. The deep learning algorithm could act as an early warning system against runaway climate change.

Report shows how native American nations respond to climate change

Friday - Indigenous nations are at the frontlines of climate change, but they’re also leaders in how to adapt to changing weather conditions and transition to renewable energy.

Opinion: tax corporations to pay for climate change adaptation

Friday - The rapid, radical decarbonisation needed to save the planet will cost a lot. Taxing multinationals and the wealthy properly can help pay for it, argues Eva Joly, a member of the Independent...

Even the Suzuki Swift can’t escape Labour’s tax: National

Friday - Media Release - Transport Minister Michael Wood needs to urgently clarify who will be exposed to his Car Tax, National’s Transport spokesperson David Bennett says.


Thursday - SPOT NZUs opened at $63.75 bid and $65.00 offered on CommTrade this morning, after last fixing at $64.50

Air pollution kills 7 million a year: WHO

Thursday - The World Health Organisation (WHO) tightened its air quality guidelines on Wednesday for the first time since 2005, hoping to spur countries toward clean energy and prevent deaths and illness caused...

China signs up to hydrofluorocarbons treaty

Thursday - China began enforcing the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol last week—and the climate implications are huge

Late night comedians team up to tackle climate crises

Thursday - Climate change, which is responsible for magnifying this summer's deadly heat waves, hurricanes, wildfires and floods, is typically no laughing matter. But for one night, seven popular late-night...

L.A.’s new reflective streets bounce heat back into space

Thursday - When the scientists aboard the International Space Station direct their thermal camera at Los Angeles, standing out from the sweltering red and orange blob is a crescent of cool, blueish white deep...

China to stop funding overseas coal projects

Thursday - Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that China would no longer fund the construction of new coal-fired power projects overseas, surprising the world on climate for the second straight year at the...

Climate Commission ignored climate benefits of cutting synthetic nitrogen: Greenpeace

Thursday - Media Release - A hidden report uncovered by Greenpeace shows that the Climate Change Commission ignored its own internal advice that could cut agricultural climate emissions by a third or more.

Biden to announce ‘good news’ on $100bn UN climate fund

Wednesday - United States President Joe Biden is expected to announce “good news” on addressing a shortfall in a $100bn global climate fund, a UN official said on Monday following a closed-door meeting on the...

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