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When Kamala Harris sued Obama over fracking

Wednesday - A 2016 lawsuit illustrates why some activists believe Harris will be more aggressive on climate than Biden.

Trump’s environmental impact endures, at home and around the world

Tuesday - His break from the Paris accord inspires other populist leaders, while his reshaping of the federal courts and environmental rollbacks distrupt efforts to counter climate change.

How Kamala Harris’ platform could differ from Joe Biden’s

Monday - President Joe Biden’s decision to abandon his reelection bid and endorse Vice President Kamala Harris means that Harris could soon become the standard-bearer for the Democratic Party’s biggest priorities — including climate change.

Climate activists alarmed by Trump’s ‘dangerous’ pick for vice president

Monday - ‘JD Vance will empower Donald Trump to enact even worse damage on our planet,’ campaign group warns.

US court overturns Alaska oil lease sale in a win for environmentalists

19 Jul 24 - A federal court in Alaska overturned an oil and gas lease sale that had been mandated by the Biden administration's signature climate law as part of a political compromise.

Rising seas wiped out an entire US species for the first time. Scientists say it’s a sign of things to come

17 Jul 24 - A unique plant has become the first species in the United States to be exterminated from the wild by the compounding effects of rising seas, scientists say.

Montana’s High Court considers a constitutional right to a stable climate

15 Jul 24 - The state’s Supreme Court heard oral arguments on an appeal of a decision that struck down a law supporting fossil fuel development.

The Hawaii seabed mining ban doesn’t spell the end of EV batteries

15 Jul 24 - Hawaii has banned all seabed mining for minerals within its waters to protect the local fishing industry, biodiversity and Native Hawaiian rights.

How different are the US presidential candidates on climate?

11 Jul 24 - An analysis of both Trump and Biden's climate policies quantifies the difference.

Biden proposes new rule to protect 36 million workers from extreme heat

4 Jul 24 - President Joe Biden proposed a new rule to address excessive heat in the workplace, warning that high temperatures are the country’s leading weather-related killer.

US examines carbon pricing on imports, climate envoy says

3 Jul 24 - The US is examining a potential carbon pricing system on imports among a “range of options”, in what would be a key policy shift as it looks to combat Chinese competition and cut emissions.

'I will save you from the heat'

3 Jul 24 - The US city of Phoenix responds to the deadliest environmental threat to city dwellers with a Heat Response and Mitigation team and initiatives like overnight cooling centres.

Lawyers could charge big oil with homicide after 2023 Arizona heatwave

27 Jun 24 - Prosecutors in Arizona could reasonably press homicide charges against big oil for deaths caused by a July 2023 heatwave, lawyers wrote in a new prosecution memorandum.

Climate change is already making your bills more expensive

27 Jun 24 - Researchers warn the hazards will only get worse, for the planet and the economy.

Officials announce two new carbon removal sites for Southern US

26 Jun 24 - In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Louisiana officials announced two new projects that are expected to remove hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide.

Hawaii reaches first settlement in youth climate case

25 Jun 24 - Hawaii and young climate activists have reached a first-of-its kind legal settlement, giving youth a role in curbing planet-warming emissions while avoiding a major trial that was set to begin next...

California seeks to seize big oil companies’ profits in climate greenwashing suit

24 Jun 24 - California’s Attorney General announced the state would seek to seize the “illegally obtained profits” of several big oil companies, for falsely advertising the environmental sustainability...

Record-breaking US heat wave scorches the Midwest and Northeast, bringing safety measures

19 Jun 24 - Stifling heat blanketed tens of millions across United States on Tuesday, forcing people and even zoo animals to find ways to cool down as summer arrives in what promises to be a sweltering week.

‘The time is right’ for US to catch up on high-speed rail, says British Amtrak exec

17 Jun 24 - With half a dozen US rail projects in the works, Andy Byford thinks Americans will soon clamor for 200mph train lines.

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