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Arctic 'dirty fuel' ban for ships comes into force

2 Jul 24 - A ban on the dirtiest and most climate-damaging fuel for ships has come into effect in Arctic waters.

Giant viruses discovered in arctic ice could slow sea-level rise

27 Jun 24 - Hordes of giant viruses are living on the world's second-largest body of ice — and may be slowing the impacts of climate change.

We’ve underestimated the ‘Doomsday’ glacier - and the consequences could be devastating

23 May 24 - The Thwaites Glacier, dubbed ‘Doomsday’, could trigger a two-foot rise in global sea levels if it melts completely.

‘Simply mind-boggling’: world record temperature jump in Antarctic raises fears of catastrophe

12 Apr 24 - An unprecedented leap of 38.5C in the coldest place on Earth is a harbinger of a disaster for humans and the local ecosystem.

Arctic could be ‘ice-free’ within a decade, scientists warn

8 Mar 24 - The Arctic could become ice-free for the first time on a late August or early September day in the 2020s or 2030s, according to a new peer reviewed study from researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Climate change: 'Ice bumps' reveal history of Antarctic melting

29 Feb 24 - Scientists say they now have a better idea of exactly where and when the margin of Antarctica started melting.

World's biggest iceberg three times the size of New York City is escaping Antarctica after almost 40 years

29 Nov 23 - The gigantic iceberg A23a, which broke off from Antarctica in 1986, is finally moving away from the icy continent after being stuck on the seafloor for decades.

The collapse of this Antarctic ice sheet is now 'unavoidable', even if emissions are controlled

25 Oct 23 - A study has found melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will continue to accelerate this century, at a speed three times faster than during the 20th century.

Scientists call for urgent emissions reductions as Antarctic sea ice hits record low

4 Oct 23 - New Zealand scientists are calling for an immediate and dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, in response to record low sea ice levels in Antarctica this year.

Antarctic sea-ice at 'mind-blowing' low alarms experts

19 Sep 23 - The sea-ice surrounding Antarctica is well below any previous recorded winter level, satellite data shows, a worrying new benchmark for a region that once seemed resistant to global warming.

Landmark research could open the door to climate protections

13 Sep 23 - Lawyers said it was impossible to tie a specific dose of greenhouse gases to polar bear survival. They were wrong.

Antarctica warming much faster than models predicted in ‘deeply concerning’ sign for sea levels

8 Sep 23 - Study finds ‘direct evidence’ of polar amplification on continent as scientists warn of implications of ice loss.

Arctic ocean voyage to uncover climate change impacts on ocean

28 Aug 23 - Europe’s largest wooden schooner will set sail on a pioneering research mission, to build greater scientific understanding of the marine environment in the Arctic and how climate change is affecting...

‘Virtually certain’ extreme Antarctic events will get worse without drastic action, scientists warn

9 Aug 23 - Record low sea ice levels, the collapse of ice shelves, and surface temperatures 38.5C above average cited as concerns in new review.

Why is there an Argentina-sized chunk missing from the Antarctic?

31 Jul 23 - As red-hot oceans amplify deadly heat waves, storms and floods on land, exactly what’s going on beneath the waves remains a big unknown.

Antarctic sea ice levels dive in 'five-sigma event', as experts flag worsening consequences for planet

25 Jul 23 - This winter has confirmed what scientists had feared — the sea ice around Antarctica is in sharp decline, with experts now concerned it may not recover.

New methane source: groundwater springs of Norway

7 Jul 23 - Climate change has exposed a new source of methane in the Arctic: groundwater springs.

Arctic summer could be practically sea-ice-free by the 2030s

8 Jun 23 - In a new study, scientists found that the climate milestone could come about a decade sooner than anticipated, even if planet-warming emissions are gradually reduced.

Antarctic sea ice hits another record low

31 May 23 - Antarctica's sea ice is now reforming as the continent moves deeper into the austral winter, but it's currently the smallest it has ever been for this time of year on record.

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