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Texas battles second-biggest wildfire in US history

Monday - A rapidly spreading Texas wildfire has killed one person, forced residents to evacuate, cut off power to homes and businesses, and briefly paused operations at a nuclear facility.

People displaced by climate crisis to testify in first-of-its-kind hearing in US

Friday - Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will hear how climate is driving forced migration across the Americas.

NYC pensions sued for shedding fossil fuels

Friday - Monica Weiss joined college students, financial experts, faith leaders, and then-New York City Public Advocate Letitia James to demand that the NYC's five public pension funds factor the financial risks of climate change into their investment decisions.

Wild weather threatens much of US with snow, tornadoes, heat and fires

Thursday - Millions of Americans are facing extreme weather whiplash this week — notably in cities including Chicago and Dallas, which were forecast to swing from record highs to wintry lows.

A bureaucratic printer jam holds up a major Biden climate rule

27 Feb 24 - A regulation cracking down on oil and gas pollution is finally being published March 8, ending a three-month delay that gave rule watchers heartburn.

Climate change is throwing the water cycle into chaos across the US

26 Feb 24 - As the planet continues to warm, this cycle is expected to be increasingly stretched, warped and broken.

Record US renewable energy investment not enough to meet climate goals: report

23 Feb 24 - US investment in wind and solar power plants hit record levels last year, but even that dramatic rate of expansion fell short of the level needed to meet the nation's climate change goals, according to an analysis published.

Switching to electric vehicles could prevent millions of illnesses in children by 2050

22 Feb 24 - Hundreds of infants’ lives would be saved across the US if the nation’s power grid depended on clean energy and more drivers made the switch to zero-emission vehicles, according to a new report from...

Biden vs. Trump: Do young climate voters care?

20 Feb 24 - Biden, who signed the biggest climate law in US history, has angered environmentalists by approving fossil fuel projects.

Ocean system that moves heat gets closer to collapse, which could cause weather chaos, study says

13 Feb 24 - An abrupt shutdown of Atlantic Ocean currents that could put large parts of Europe in a deep freeze is looking a bit more likely and closer than before as a new complex computer simulation finds a...

New York City is considering a laundry pods crackdown

12 Feb 24 - Laundry and dishwasher detergent pods made with polyvinyl alcohol, or PVA, contribute to plastics pollution in US waterways.

Climate change bringing megafloods to California

9 Feb 24 - Southern California is confronting an overabundance of water, in the form of torrential rain and life-threatening floods.

US carbon capture bill fails in first committee voting

8 Feb 24 - US legislation targeting carbon capture, specifically focused on geological sequestration, faced a significant setback as a proposed Senate bill failed to advance past the initial committee.

US states consider a new way to make oil companies pay for climate impacts

5 Feb 24 - Vermont joins three others in a multi-state effort to hold Big Oil accountable for the expensive damage wrought by climate change.

A veteran adviser is taking over as top US climate diplomat

2 Feb 24 - John Podesta, a Democratic political strategist and energy expert, will succeed John Kerry at a crucial time for President Biden’s climate agenda.

What does Biden’s LNG ‘pause’ mean for global emissions?

1 Feb 24 - In a surprise move, US president Joe Biden has announced a “temporary pause” on liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal expansion.

New York’s first all-electric skyscraper doesn’t use a drop of fossil fuel

31 Jan 24 - The architects behind this 44-story tower explain how they designed it to run on electricity alone.

Chicago could be first major Midwestern city to ban gas in new construction

30 Jan 24 - Buildings are Chicago’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, but efforts to decarbonize them are facing union opposition.

Electric vehicles use half the energy of gas-powered vehicles

30 Jan 24 - US residents are collectively burning about 8.9 million barrels of gasoline a day, or a little over one gallon each for every person in the country.

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