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A 100% tariff on Chinese cars is a bad idea. Here’s a good one.

Today 10:30am - Collaboration with Chinese firms may sound counterintuitive. But US automakers are already doing it.

New research shows how more trees could cut ER visits in heatwaves

Today 10:30am - A team of heat experts known as Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative calculated exactly how much of a difference low-tech solutions like trees and white paint could make in an overheating world.

Microsoft backs tree-planting carbon removal scheme in Panama

Today 10:30am - Microsoft has struck a deal to buy 1.6 million carbon removal credits from what the developers say is one of the largest fully financed nature-based removals projects in Central America.

Severe flight turbulence is a growing threat in a warming world

Today 10:30am - Research suggests severe turbulence in jet streams could double or even triple in coming decades if the climate continues to change as expected.

Warming climate is turning rivers rusty with toxic metals

Today 10:30am - Data from Colorado mountain rivers shows concentrations of copper, zinc and sulphate have doubled in 30 years.

Climate change is a human rights issue

Thursday - A landmark decision by the highest human rights court in Europe last month confirms not only that climate change is intimately linked to human rights, but effectively holds all European governments accountable to adopt more rigorous measures to combat climate change.

Trade and climate priorities are converging: Does this help or hurt a fair global green transition?

Thursday - If climate considerations are to permeate trade agreements and vice versa, upholding principles of common but differentiated responsibilities, special and differential treatment is crucial.

International ocean tribunal delivers ‘historic legal victory’ for small island nations

Wednesday - The International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea found that carbon emissions can be considered a marine pollutant.

Study: Antarctic sea ice melting boosted by warming climate

Wednesday - Human-caused global warming made the record low sea ice extent surrounding the Antarctic continent in 2023 far more likely to occur, according to a new study.

Oil companies use paid news media partnerships to protect ‘social licence to operate,’ documents show

Wednesday - BP sees sponsored content as a crucial tool to reach “Washington, DC, elites,” according to subpoenaed memos.

Tackling climate change in one of Colombia’s largest wetlands

Wednesday - La Mojana, a complex network of more than 500,000 hectares of different types of wetlands, has drastically deteriorated in recent decades.

IEA trims 2024 oil demand growth forecast, widens gap with OPEC

Tuesday - The International Energy Agency (IEA) trimmed its forecast for 2024 oil demand growth, widening the gap with producer group OPEC in terms of expectations for this year's global demand outlook.

Not too wet to burn

Tuesday - Amid an uptick in wildfires, scientists search for lessons on how to save old-growth rainforests from a fiery future.

Beavers are back in London — and they’re thriving

Tuesday - Usually known for their work in more rural places, nature’s best engineers have brought their ecosystem management skills to the big city.

‘Magical thinking’: hopes for sustainable jet fuel not realistic, report finds

Monday - A new report says replacement fuels are well off track to replace kerosene within the timeframe needed to avert climate disaster.

The five most common questions from carbon buyers

Monday - Here are the top questions on the minds of corporate carbon credit purchasers — and some answers.

‘Unprecedented’: CO2 in the atmosphere is rising 10 times faster than at any point over 50,000 years

17 May 24 - Ice built up in the Antarctic over hundreds of thousands of years is helping scientists to understand today's climate.

Days after climate talks, US slaps tariffs on Chinese EVs and solar panels

17 May 24 - The measures are designed to increase the cost of Chinese goods needed for the energy transition – and could therefore slow the US shift away from fossil fuels.

Rocks beneath our feet could be the key to carbon-neutral cement

17 May 24 - Engineers show how simple processing turns olivine, the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s mantle, into a greener formula for cement and other building materials.

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New project targets methane reduction in dairy effluent ponds

Thursday - Media release | A new project led by Lincoln University and Ravensdown marks...

Over 60% bounty increase for refrigerant recovery

Wednesday - Media release | Cool-Safe is increasing Bounty Buy-Back payments from $25.00/kg...

Antarctica likely storing more carbon than previously thought

Tuesday - Media release | Antarctica is likely a carbon storage powerhouse, according to...

Improving buildings could save NZ almost $40 billion

Monday - Media release | Improving buildings could slash emissions equivalent to taking...

Carbon pricing works: major meta-study

17 May 24 - Media release | Carbon pricing systems achieve between 5% and 21% emission...

Fast-track applicant to pay $216,000 for failed mine bid

16 May 24 - Media release | A mining company that lobbied Resources Minister Shane Jones...

AgriZeroNZ invests $9.9M in US company in race for ‘holy grail’ methane vaccine

13 May 24 - Media release | AgriZeroNZ, the joint venture fast-tracking emissions reduction...

Boost energy efficiency to slash coal imports and high power bills – it’s a no brainer

10 May 24 - Media release | Energy efficiency is an obvious way to fix New Zealand’s...

Climate now a housing issue: research reveals a whopping 90% want flood info when buying

9 May 24 - Media release | New nationwide research from insurers AMI, State and NZI...

Low gas production threatens energy security

8 May 24 - Media release | Simeon Brown, Minister for Energy, and Shane Jones, Minister...

Midwives vital part of the solution to climate challenges

6 May 24 - Media release| Midwives may not be the first profession you think of when it...

Air New Zealand announces changes to Sustainability Advisory Panel

2 May 24 - Media release | Former Green Party co-leader and minister for climate change,...

Contract awarded to recloak Coronet Forest

1 May 24 - Media release | The contract to deliver an aspirational vision to “recloak”...

Updated standard paves the way for introducing biomethane into existing gas pipeline network

30 Apr 24 - Media release: Gas NZ | The recent updating of the standard for reticulated...

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