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EU states push past opposition to adopt landmark nature restoration law

Wednesday - The law includes legally binding targets and obligations for not only preserving, but restoring natural habitats.

How climate change is hitting Europe: three graphics reveal health impacts

Wednesday - A growing body of research reveals the deaths and diseases linked to rising temperatures across the continent.

Record-breaking US heat wave scorches the Midwest and Northeast, bringing safety measures

Wednesday - Stifling heat blanketed tens of millions across United States on Tuesday, forcing people and even zoo animals to find ways to cool down as summer arrives in what promises to be a sweltering week.

New finance goal needed to protect climate momentum from a Trump win

Wednesday - Comment: The victims of the climate crisis will need support, and the energy transition will need to be funded, whoever is elected as the next US president.

More than 800 coal plants worldwide could be profitably decommissioned

Wednesday - More than 800 coal-fired power plants in emerging countries could be decommissioned and profitably replaced by cleaner solar energy starting from the end of the decade.

Australia’s foreign affairs minister warns dropping 2030 climate targets would abandon Pacific nations

Tuesday - Foreign Affairs Minister labels the Coalition's decision to rule out setting a 2030 climate target as a move that will increase energy bills and risk further Chinese influence in the Pacific.

UN food chief: Poorest areas have zero harvests left

Tuesday - Droughts and flooding have become so common in some of the poorest places, that the land can no longer sustain crops, said the director of the World Food Programme’s global office.

Global Environment Facility will give $736 million to environmental projects

Tuesday - GEF will consider projects that protect biodiversity, counter climate change and pollution, and support land and ocean health.

Large birds can boost forest carbon storage — if deforestation doesn’t interfere

Tuesday - A new study shows large fruit-eating birds in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest can contribute to a 38% increase in carbon storage by regenerating tropical forest.

Polarisation and risk perception could play important roles in climate policy outcomes

Tuesday - Times of crises often call for strong and rapid action, but in polarised societies, strong top-down policies can backfire.

Deadly heat waves in Mecca and Greece underscore climate crisis

Tuesday - As the U.S. faces another potentially record heat wave this week, the Middle East and Europe's Mediterranean have endured extreme temperatures that have proven deadly.

Bonn climate talks: Key outcomes from UN conference

Monday - Climate diplomats have finished another two weeks of intense negotiations in the German city of Bonn, discussing global efforts to cut emissions and protect people from climate hazards.

‘The time is right’ for US to catch up on high-speed rail, says British Amtrak exec

Monday - With half a dozen US rail projects in the works, Andy Byford thinks Americans will soon clamor for 200mph train lines.

What grief for a dying planet looks like: Climate scientists on the edge

Monday - Desperate climate scientists embrace civil disobedience and specialised therapy to deal with their growing anxiety over global warming.

How congestion pricing makes cities more livable

Monday - As New York puts its gridlock-busting plans on hold, the success of congestion pricing elsewhere proves it’s not just smart — it’s popular.

The motley (star-studded) crew that paved the way for Norway’s EV revolution

Monday - An activist, a professor and the lead singer of A-ha drove a makeshift electric car across Norway in the 1980s, skirting road regulations, to make a point to the government that policies around EVs...

This city just made it illegal to advertise SUVs. Here’s why.

Monday - Edinburgh became the latest European capital city to ban ads for aviation, SUVs and more.

The world could soon see a massive oil glut

Friday - The world could have a glut of oil by the end of the decade because of rising production combined with declining demand as consumers and businesses switch to electric vehicles and renewable energy.

EU hits Chinese EVs with tariffs, drawing rebuke from Beijing

Friday - The European Commission said it will impose extra duties of up to 38.1% on imported Chinese electric cars from July, risking retaliation from Beijing.

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