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Best way to tax carbon at the border

Tuesday - As more world leaders consider levying border taxes on climate-damaging goods, a new study looks at ways it can be done in countries—including the United States—that haven’t established a domestic market for carbon emissions.

The rise of greenflation

Nearly 60% of the world’s aluminium comes from China, which recently capped new smelting because of its fat carbon footprint

Tuesday - The world faces a growing paradox in the campaign to contain climate change. The harder it pushes the transition to a greener economy, the more expensive the campaign becomes, and the less likely it is to achieve the aim of limiting the worst effects of global warming.

‘No eureka moment’: the evolution of climate science

Tuesday - What if Earth's atmosphere was infused with extra carbon dioxide, mused amateur scientist Eunice Foote in an 1856 research paper that concluded the gas was very good at absorbing heat.

More countries hike climate pledges

Monday - A group of mostly smaller countries submitted new, more ambitious climate pledges to the United Nations this week, raising pressure on big emitters including China to do the same ahead of a major U.N. climate summit in November.

"Carbon washing is the new greenwashing"

Monday - The global push to reduce atmospheric carbon is being compromised by confusing terminology and misleading claims, argues Dezeen founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.

Reducing emissions could save tens of millions of lives

Friday - Cutting greenhouse gas emissions quickly would save tens of millions of lives worldwide, a new study finds

The peacemaking potential of climate change

Friday - Two of the main themes discussed during the G-7 meeting in June were collective security and climate change action. But an opportunity was missed by separating the issues, argues Limor Simhony.

Avoiding the potential pitfalls of lab-grown meat

Friday - If cellular agriculture is going to improve on the industrial system it is displacing, it needs to grow without passing the cost on to workers, consumers and the environment, write Jan Dutkiewicz and...

Earth’s vital signs worsen

Thursday - Twenty months after more than 11,000 scientists declared a global climate emergency, establishing a set of benchmarks for the planet’s health, an international coalition says its update on those...

Is Norway the new East India Company?

28 Jul 21 - Economist Branko Milanovic argues that Norway illustrates the hypocrisy of rich countries that demand urgent action on climate change but are unwilling to accept any drop in living standards to...

New study confirms 'The Limits of Growth' are real

27 Jul 21 - A new study by a director at one of the largest accounting firms in the world has found that a famous, decades-old warning from MIT about the risk of industrial civilisation collapsing appears to be...

Rich nations 'must consign coal to history': COP26 president

Alok Sharma

23 Jul 21 - Climate change talks this year aimed at keeping global warming in check need to consign coal power to history, the British president of the upcoming United Nations' conference says..

Men are the carbon hogs

22 Jul 21 - When it comes to climate change, male consumers may get a bit more of the blame than their female counterparts. Men spend their money on greenhouse gas-emitting goods and services, such as meat and...

Rooting pigs responsible for as much carbon as 1.1 million cars

21 Jul 21 - The rooting of feral pigs globally releases around 4.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide – the equivalent of 1.1 cars – a new study has found.

CO2 emissions set to hit record levels in 2023: IEA

21 Jul 21 - Only a small chunk of governments’ recovery spending in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been allocated to clean energy measures, according to the International Energy Agency, with the...

Climate-driven changes in clouds are likely to amplify global warming

Clouds hang over Vienna, Austria. Clouds are like a blanket, cooling or heating, depending on how thick and bright they are.
Photo Credit: Bob Berwyn

21 Jul 21 - New research, using machine learning, helps project how the buildup of greenhouse gases will change clouds in ways that further heat the planet.

Global alliance for Green New Deal launched

20 Jul 21 - People around the world need a “global green deal” that would tackle the climate crisis and restore the natural world as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of politicians from the UK,...

Future of winter sports in jeopardy

20 Jul 21 - What’s a ski slope without snow? That’s the question on the lips of many climate scientists who fear that the future of winter sports is hanging in the balance. As global temperatures continue to...

Regulate business to tackle climate crisis: Mark Carney

19 Jul 21 - Governments must step up their regulation of businesses to tackle the climate crisis, the former Bank of England governor Mark Carney has urged, because the financial free markets will not reduce...

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Kapiti embeds climate into decsion making

Tuesday - Media Release - Kapiti Coast District Council’s adoption of a Climate Emergency...

Hamilton cyclists in for a smoother ride

Monday - Media Release - People on bikes are set for a smoother ride through the city...

Two new cycle bridges over Northern Motorway

Monday - Media Release - The opening of two bridges over Auckland’s Northern Motorway is...

IGCC 2021 Climate Awards entries are open

The judging panel, who have generously committed their time and expertise to assess the applications: Don Henry AM (Chair), Robert Fowler, Elaine Prior & Talieh Williams.

Friday - Media Release - The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) is excited to...

Greenpeace calls foul on AB's Ineos sponsorship

Thursday - Media Release - Greenpeace is calling foul on NZ Rugby’s decision to sign a...

Earth overshoot day

Thursday - Media Release - It's Earth Overshoot Day again. Two years ago it was 26th July,...

Campaign to save urban trees launched

Photo Credit: RNZ

27 Jul 21 - Media Release - A new campaign to stop the cutting down of mature trees in New...

Coal not the way forward for Southland: NGOs

Faux electric coal for the nostalgia buffs

23 Jul 21 - Media Release - Environmental NGOs wrote to Southland District Council...

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