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Rio Tinto commits to halving emissions by 2030

Thursday - Australia-based mining giant Rio Tinto has announced plans to cut direct carbon emissions 50 percent by 2030, ramping up previous targets as the firm tries to green its highly polluting operations.

How climate change is threatening Australia’s favourite fruits

18 Oct 21 - Australian mango growers are expecting the smallest harvest in at least two decades this summer, cherry farmers are losing trees and grape growers are contending with shortening harvest windows.

Climate change disasters will cost Australia billions each year

7 Oct 21 - Climate change-related disasters will cost Australia $73bn a year by 2060, even if action to curb emissions is taken now, a report has found.

COP26 billboard campaign takes aim at Australia

30 Sep 21 - When world leaders like Joe Biden and Boris Johnson descend on Glasgow for the world's most significant meeting on climate in years, they could well come face to face with a billboard designed by an Australian comedian.

What would a net zero emissions policy mean for Australian agriculture?

29 Sep 21 - As the warring parties in the Coalition debate the idea of a net zero carbon emissions policy, a number of questions remain unanswered. What would such a policy mean for Australian agriculture?

Australia needs to commit to net zero emissions by 2050: Frydenberg

24 Sep 21 - Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will prepare the way for Scott Morrison to take a target of net zero emissions by 2050 to Glasgow, when he warns on Friday capital inflow will be at risk if Australia is seen as a climate laggard.

One in five Australian carbon credits junk: study

22 Sep 21 - About 20% of carbon credits created under the federal Coalition’s main climate change policy do not represent real cuts in carbon dioxide and are essentially “junk”, new research suggests.

First credits sold under Queensland's carbon scheme

Graziers Robert and Nadia Campbell are the first landholders to sell carbon credits to the Queensland government.

22 Sep 21 - A central Queensland couple has become the first to sell carbon credits under the state government's Land Restoration Fund (LRF).

Australian bush fires belched out immense quantity of carbon

16 Sep 21 - The extreme bush fires that blazed across southeastern Australia in late 2019 and early 2020 released 715 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air — more than double the emissions previously...

Australia is shaping up to be the villain of COP26 climate talks

14 Sep 21 - If Australia's allies were worried that the country might cause them problems at upcoming climate talks in Glasgow, the events of the past week should leave little doubt in their minds. It will.

Australia could phase out coal in a decade

10 Sep 21 - With coal prices reaching all time highs, professor economics John Quiggan argues its time for the lucky country to commit to phasing out coal within the next decade.

UK criticised for ‘dropping Paris climate goals in trade deal with Australia

9 Sep 21 - Green campaigners have criticised the UK government for apparently removing references to the temperature goals of the Paris climate agreement from a prospective trade deal with Australia.

Global carbon tax could turbocharge ‘green shorting’

26 Aug 21 - Australia's largest ethical super fund says the opportunity for investors to profit from ‘green shorting’ will grow as global leaders take greater action on climate change, which could act as a...

Australia bushfires of 2020 had cooling effect on climate

26 Aug 21 - Wildfires are getting so big, and wildfire seasons are lasting so long, that they’re now impacting the earth’s climate.

GHB move shows global market has turned on fossil fuels

19 Aug 21 - The Conversation: The announcement by BHP, the world’s second-largest mining company, that it will shift its oil and gas assets into a joint venture with Australian outfit Woodside is a clear...

Australia risks international punishment for lagging on climate change: Ban Ki-moon

18 Aug 21 - Former UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has declared Australia "out of step" with the world on tackling climate change, as international pressure grows on the federal government to do more to limit...

World Heritage Committee 'postpones the inevitable' with Great Barrier Reef decision

26 Jul 21 - The Conversation: After much anticipation, the World Heritage Committee on Friday decided against listing the Great Barrier Reef as “in danger”.

Offshore wind turbines could make Australia an energy superpower

23 Jul 21 - New research confirms Australia’s offshore wind resources offer vast potential both for electricity generation and new jobs

Canberra attacks Europe's carbon plans

16 Jul 21 - Australia's ruling Coalition lashed out yesterday at the European Union's proposed carbon border tariff as a new climate plan from Brussels added to growing international pressure on Canberra to do...

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