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Can digital payments help countries adapt to climate change?

Thursday - For thousands of farmers in the Philippines, climate change is a direct threat to their livelihoods.

Flooding in northern Bangladesh displaces 40,000 people, shuts schools

11 Jul 24 - Flooding in Bangladesh has swept away homes and shug schools, displacing tens of thousands of people.

The ‘fearless young activists’ thrown in jail for climate campaigns in Cambodia

9 Jul 24 - They are young and passionate about protecting Cambodia’s rich and ecologically fragile environment.

More people in India faced climate change-induced extreme heat in June than any other country: Study

3 Jul 24 - Around 619 million people in India bore the brunt of a severe heatwave between June 16 and June 24, followed by 579 million people in China.

How is climate change influencing voters in India's election?

28 May 24 - Voters in India, from the rain-drenched Himalayas in the north to the sweltering, dry south, are looking for politicians who promise relief, stability and resilience to the wide-ranging and damaging effects of a warming climate.

Heatwave alert for next four days in Delhi, govt tells schools to call early vacations

23 May 24 - Delhi sweltered under a heatwave as temperatures soared above 46°C, prompting a red alert extension till Friday and school closures for summer vacations.

Climate change made the deadly heatwaves across Asia more frequent and extreme

20 May 24 - Throughout April and continuing into May 2024, extreme record-breaking heat led to severe impacts across the Asian continent, hitting millions of highly vulnerable people.

India projects biggest power shortfall in 14 years in June

17 May 24 - India is projecting its biggest power shortfall in 14 years in June after a slump in hydropower generation, and is racing to avoid outages.

Pakistan records its wettest April since 1961 with above average rainfall

9 May 24 - Pakistan has recorded its wettest April since 1961, with more than double the usual rainfall for the month, the national weather centre said.

An estimated 40 people are dying each day in Myanmar as heat lingers in region

8 May 24 - Animals are at risk from a lack of water in a Cambodian wildlife sanctuary as soaring temperatures linger over most of Southeast Asia.

India reported over 75,000 forest fires in April

7 May 24 - A senior official said a warmer than usual April and a drier winter this year are the reasons for sudden surge in forest fires.

Indonesian government revokes Rimba Raya REDD project’s license

2 May 24 - The Indonesian government has revoked the license of the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project, which has issued more than 33.6 million carbon credits since 2013, for violating local regulations.

Asia is officially the most ‘disaster-prone’ region in the world

26 Apr 24 - Asia has to cope with more disasters than any other part of the world, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

Battling climate change, Japan looks to seagrass for carbon capture

26 Apr 24 - Some 100 volunteers gathered on a popular beach in the Japanese port city of Yokohama, wading in the shallows to plant strands of light-green eelgrass on the seabed.

How can India hold elections when it’s too hot to vote?

24 Apr 24 - Sweltering heat is keeping some voters away. Changing the system is a risk worth taking.

Climate change is political and we must treat it that way

22 Apr 24 - OPINION: Global warming is still far from being an election issue — and therein lies the problem.

Death toll from four days of rains rises to 63 in Pakistan with more rain on the forecast

19 Apr 24 - The heaviest downpour in decades flooded villages on Pakistan’s southwestern coast. Flash floods have also killed dozens of people in neighbouring Afghanistan.

Japan considers 66% emissions cuts by 2035 in new energy plan, report says

18 Apr 24 - Japan will consider slashing emissions by 66 per cent by fiscal year 2035, from 2013 levels, as the nation kicks off a review of its energy mix strategy.

Don’t forget women in new UN climate fund, policymakers urged

15 Apr 24 - At home on a flood-prone island in northern Bangladesh, Ms Mosammat Shahina and her family take refuge from frequent inundations on a boat, causing upheaval that adds to her domestic workload.

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