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Fijians forced from their ancestral lands by climate change want polluters to pay

Monday - Boats moor next to living rooms on Fiji’s Serua Island, where high tide breaches the seawall and floods the village.

Hawaii gets its last shipment of coal, ever

2 Aug 22 - It’s the end of a dirty era in Hawaii. The state’s last-ever coal shipment arrived in Oahu on Wednesday, bound for the last remaining coal-fired power plant, which is due to shut down in September.

Olympic skier to represent Vanuatu in the fight against climate change

29 Jul 22 - Despite living in Utah, Jeanee Crane-Mauzy won’t wear the American flag on her uniform in the future. The skier will represent the island nation of Vanuatu in the 2026 Winter Olympics — and in the country’s fight against climate change.

COP26 President to visit Fiji to continue momentum on climate action

27 Jul 22 - COP President Alok Sharma is in Fiji to see the impacts of climate change in the Pacific region. He will highlight the urgency for the biggest emitters to take action now and deliver the promise of the Glasgow Climate Pact signed by almost 200 countries at COP26.

Hawaii says goodbye to coal, aloha to big batteries

19 Jul 22 - For most visitors, Hawaii is where you go to relax, honeymoon and get away from it all. For Hawaiians, it is home, with all its warts and blemishes including high prices – including electricity prices.

Government announces support for Pacific climate action

13 Jul 22 - The government has announced it will help fund a desalination plant in Kiribati and contribute $10 million to the conservation of Pacific crop seeds impacted by climate change.

Pacific Island Forum backs Vanuatu’s campaign for World Court climate case

12 Jul 22 - Foreign ministers attending the Pacific Island Forum in Fiji have endorsed Vanuatu’s call for a UN General Assembly resolution requesting the International Court of Justice hears a case on the responsibility of states to deal with climate change.

Voices from Vanuatu: life on the climate crisis frontline

6 Jul 22 - Vanuatu is at the front line of the fight against climate change. This low-lying chain of 80 islands strung across the ocean, with a population of just under 300,000, is the world’s most at-risk...

NZ agrees to help finance Samoa's climate goals

16 Jun 22 - New Zealand has agreed to help Samoa finance its climate goals, including its Nationally Determined Contribution, national climate adaptation plan, and a goal of 100% renewable energy generation by...

Fiji says climate change, not conflict, is Asia's biggest security threat

13 Jun 22 - Fiji's defence minister said on Sunday that climate change posed the biggest security threat in the Asia-Pacific region, a shift in tone at a defence summit that has been dominated by the war in...

‘We are in danger now’: Vanuatu declares climate emergency

30 May 22 - Vanuatu’s parliament has declared a climate emergency with the low-lying island nation’s prime minister flagging a $1.2bn cost to cushion global warming’s impacts on his tiny Pacific country.

Island states back Vanuatu’s quest for climate justice at the UN

25 May 22 - Pacific and Caribbean nations have joined Vanuatu in calling for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on countries’ legal obligations to protect people from climate harm.

Report highlights risk of climate-induced statelessness and nationality loss in the Pacific

18 May 22 - Kiribati-born Tiibea Baure moved to Australia in 2008 as a nursing student with a plan for her extended family's future.

Hawaii legislature calls for fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

9 May 22 - Hawaii lawmakers put the state on the path to making history after the Legislature passed a resolution last week endorsing a document called the "Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty."

Vanuatu spearheads International Court of Justice climate claim

6 May 22 - The government of Vanuatu has assembled a coalition of more than 1500 civil society organisation from 130 countries to support its plans to take a climate change claim to the International Court of...

Pacific community pleads for Australian climate action amid regional tension

2 May 22 - Former Pacific island leaders have called on Australia to take “credible and urgent actions on climate change” and criticised a lack of consultation with the region after Solomon Islands’ shock...

Climate change looms large in US treaty talks in the Pacific

13 Apr 22 - At least one Pacific nation wants funding to help with climate change resiliency as the U.S. renegotiates three critical security treaties ahead of a looming deadline next year.

PNG suspends new carbon deals, scrambles to write rules for the schemes

6 Apr 22 - Papua New Guinea’s environment minister has imposed a moratorium on new voluntary carbon credit schemes to give the government time to create a regulatory framework for future and existing deals.

Solomon Islands receives first carbon credit as part of conservation work

11 Mar 22 - A tribe in the Solomon Islands has become the first in the country to receive a carbon credit.

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