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ETS Review 2018

James Shaw

Shaw sings songs of praise for trading scheme

3 Jun 20 - Climate minister James Shaw – who three years ago was calling for the Emissions Trading Scheme to be scrapped – was singing its praises in Parliament yesterday.

Govt opposed ClimCom in cash-or-credits case

3 Jun 20 - The Government went against the advice of its own Climate Change Commission in allowing companies to continue to pay money instead of surrendering carbon credits to atone for their greenhouse gas emissions.

Government stalls as carbon price hits high

13 Dec 18 - Record carbon prices have failed to convince the Government that the price cap should be lifted immediately.

Permanent forests become permanent fixture

13 Dec 18 - Permanent forests are to come into the Emissions Trading Scheme, but there’s no decision yet on recognising the carbon stored in timber products and whether landowners will be able to average out carbon stored in their forests.

International trading back on agenda

13 Dec 18 - The Government wants to open the New Zealand carbon market to international trading again.

Carbon trading will mean fair trading

13 Dec 18 - Insider trading is to be banned from New Zealand’s carbon market.

ETS changes could see price cap lifted

12 Dec 18 - The next round of changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme to be announced later today could see the $25 price cap lifted.


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