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South America

Colombian community displaced by coastal erosion takes case to human rights commission

Monday - A Colombian community under threat from coastal erosion will have their case heard by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Locals at the mouth of the Amazon River get a salty taste of climate change

Wednesday - Ocean rise and changes in the Amazon River are ruining the way of life in an archipelago close to where the Amazon River runs into the Atlantic.

Critics decry controversial bill that loosens deforestation restrictions in Peru

12 Feb 24 - Peru’s Congress approved a new amendment to the country’s forest and wildlife law, which loosens restrictions on deforestation and may affect the rights of Indigenous peoples.

Meet the young Peruvians fighting in court for climate action

5 Feb 24 - Seven youth plaintiffs, ages ranging from 14 to 16, argue that the state is violating their right to a healthy environment by failing to curb Amazon deforestation and mitigate climate change.

Suriname preparing to clear Amazon for agriculture, documents suggest

19 Dec 23 - The government is weighing a series of land deals that would allow the Ministry of Agriculture and a group of private entities to carry out agriculture, livestock and aquaculture activities in the Amazon Rainforest.

Climate change destroys coastal Mexican town

19 Dec 23 - Flooding, driven by rapid sea-level rise and increasingly brutal winter storms, has all but destroyed El Bosque, leaving twisted piles of concrete where houses used to line the sand.

Record drought hitting Panama Canal may ruin your kids’ Christmas

12 Dec 23 - The impact of a record-breaking drought in Panama has spread beyond energy supplies and is now affecting container shipping, a crucial sector of the global freight market.

Brazil to propose mega fund to conserve forests at COP28 climate summit

27 Nov 23 - Brazil plans to propose a “huge” fund to pay for the conservation of tropical forests at the United Nations COP28 climate change summit, the country’s top climate negotiator said.

The Galapagos are going green

23 Nov 23 - In recent years, there has been a growing movement to transform the archipelago into a beacon of sustainability.

Does the Amazon’s drought mean the forest is at a tipping point?

22 Nov 23 - Scientists say deforestation is compounding the effects of climate change, threatening to turn parts of the forest into savannah.

Oil companies attending climate talks have minimal green energy transition plans, analysis finds

14 Nov 23 - In 2022, a Brazilian oil and gas company had 68 places staked out for oil exploration off the South American coast, searching for new reserves while spending $6.9 billion in oil development projects.

Bolivia forest fires shutter thousands of schools

30 Oct 23 - Tens of thousands of Bolivian pupils had their classes suspended as schools closed their doors due to air pollution caused by massive forest fires, the education minister.

Amazon rainforest at risk of a large-scale dieback

6 Oct 23 - The impacts of global warming, deforestation and intensified land use are pushing the South American monsoon towards a critical destabilisation point.

South America swelters in unseasonal spring heatwave

2 Oct 23 - As the Northern Hemisphere emerges from the hottest summer on record, South America has taken up the planet’s extreme-heat mantle.

Brazil to revise climate targets to cut emissions 53% by 2030

21 Sep 23 - Brazil is expected to announce revised climate targets this week, as President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva strengthens a prior pledge made by his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro.

Lula scraps Bolsonaro’s cuts to Brazilian climate target ambition

19 Sep 23 - The Brazilian government has agreed to cancel former president Jair Bolsonaro’s cuts to its climate ambition and to work on a new improved climate target.

Extratropical cyclone kills at least 21 people in Brazil

8 Sep 23 - The extreme weather in the south of the country has displaced more than 3,700 people with more flooding anticipated.

Ecuador rejects oil drilling in Amazon protected area in historic vote

23 Aug 23 - Nearly 60% of voters back a push to halt to drilling in Yasuni National Park, a victory for environmental groups.

Brazil govt finalises proposal for cap-and-trade carbon market

21 Aug 23 - Brazil has finalised a proposal for the establishment of a cap-and-trade carbon market in a move to curb greenhouse gas emissions and help the administration reach its emissions reduction targets.

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