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Carbon tariffs ‘not a bad thing’: WWF

Friday - WWF International president Pavan Sukhde. a former managing director of Deutsche Bank, has expressed support for carbon tariffs in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

EU's electricity demand jumps but emissions steady

Thursday - Electricity demand in the European Union has returned to pre-pandemic levels without a corresponding rise in emissions.

Analysts raise EU carbon price forecasts

Wednesday - Analysts have raised their European carbon market average price forecasts after the European Commission unveiled a package of policies to implement its climate targets, including reforms to limit the number of carbon permits available.

Ireland signs ambitious Climate Act into law

Wednesday - Ireland’s ambitious Climate Act, which has set a legally binding target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by 2030, has now been signed into law.

French lawmakers adopt compromise climate bill

21 Jul 21 - France’s parliament yesterday approved a compromise climate bill that was intended to transform travel, housing and industry but which environmental activists said doesn’t go fast or far enough to slash the country’s carbon emissions.

Angela Merkel calls for climate change action

19 Jul 21 - "The German language hardly knows any words for the devastation that has been caused here," German Chancellor Angela Merkel said. Before adding, the force of this weekend's storms suggested they had something to do with climate change.

EU unveils sweeping climate change plan

15 Jul 21 - The European Union has announced a raft of climate change proposals aimed at pushing it towards its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Methane-powered moped

15 Jul 21 - Dutchman Gijs Schalkx harvests methane from ponds — by hand — and uses it to power his moped.

Europe's addiction to climate subsidies risks trade war

13 Jul 21 - Former EU climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard and former WTO director-general Pascal Lamy are warning that the addiction of some of Europe's industries to climate subsidies risks sparking a trade...

Major overhaul of Europe's ETS on the cards

13 Jul 21 - The European Union is due to propose an unprecedented overhaul to its carbon market this week, seeking to put a price on shipping emissions for the first time.

Europe's plan to grow carbon sinks

9 Jul 21 - The European Union has drafted plans to build up forests, grasslands and other natural "carbon sinks" that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help curb climate change.

Emissions should be treated like financial debt: researchers

9 Jul 21 - Researchers have proposed a scheme that treats carbon emissions like financial debt.

Green hydrogen uneconomic without subsidies

8 Jul 21 - Even if European carbon prices more than tripled to 200 euros ($236), hydrogen from renewable energy would still struggle to compete with fossil fuels without further government support.

Sami object to geoengineering plans

8 Jul 21 - The Sami people of Northern Sweden say blocking out the sun with reflective particles to cool the earth is the kind of thinking that produced the climate crisis in the first place

French court orders government to act on climate

7 Jul 21 - France’s top administrative court has ordered the government to take “all necessary additional steps” within the next nine months to enable it to reach its climate crisis targets or face possible...

EU to funnel hundreds of billions to sustainable finance

7 Jul 21 - The European Union says it will harness banks and markets to funnel hundreds of billions of euros annually into sustainable investments and create the first “climate-neutral continent” by 2050.

Business views EU carbon levy as protectionest

6 Jul 21 - The EU faces an uphill battle to convince trading partners that the world’s first levy on carbon imports is fair, workable and a necessary part of the bloc’s attempted green revolution as opposed to...

More than 90% of Europeans consider climate change a serious problem

6 Jul 21 - A new Eurobarometer survey shows that European citizens believe climate change is the single most serious problem facing the world.

EVs make up one in nine of all new cars in Europe

30 Jun 21 - One in every nine new cars sold in Europe last year was an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, with low-emission car sales surging even as the COVID-19 pandemic knocked overall vehicle sales.

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