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Forestry company loses sustainability certification

19 Feb 24 - Forestry company Ernslaw One’s Forest Stewardship Council certification has been suspended over damage from its forestry operations in Tolaga Bay in 2018.

Environment Commissioner suggests forestry levy to tackle wilding pines

24 Oct 23 - The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has suggested a levy on forestry companies to fund efforts to combat wilding pines.

Foresters take legal action against new ETS fees

10 Oct 23 - Foresters have filed a judicial review aiming to stop the government’s new fee system for forestry in the Emissions Trading Scheme, which they say will increase costs by several thousand percent.

Govt releases Cabinet papers on ETS forestry charges

5 Oct 23 - The government has proactively released cabinet papers on controversial new charges for forestry in the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Foresters say new rules will lead to less planting

4 Oct 23 - A group that petitioned for a Ministerial inquiry into land use in Tairāwhiti has welcomed new rules for exotic tree planting, however foresters say that the regulations will lead to less forest planting and could compromise climate change targets.

Govt defends new charges for forestry in ETS

3 Oct 23 - The government is defending new charges in the Emissions Trading Scheme, which foresters say will discourage planting, and some say could be open to legal challenges.

Foresters say new ETS charges will discourage planting

22 Sep 23 - Foresters say that new charges for forestry in the ETS will penalise sustainable forestry and disincentivise planting when it is most needed.

Sealord investing $10 million in Māori-led carbon forestry offsetting

4 Sep 23 - Fishing giant Sealord is investing $10 million over the next ten years in a carbon offsetting programme that it says will develop underutilised Te Arawa land in the Rotorua region into permanent...

Foresters welcome ETS reset

27 Jul 23 - Foresters have welcomed the government’s reset of Emissions Trading Scheme auction settings, saying it should incentivise forestry and wood processing investors for the embattled industry.

Post-1989 forest ETS registrations skyrocket

3 Jun 22 - Applications to register post-1989 forest grew by more than 400% from 296 in the last quarter of 2021 to 1304 in the first quarter of 2022.

Forestry rule changes could jeopardise net zero target: Forest Owners Assoc

24 Feb 22 - CABINET has approved changes to the Overseas Investment Act that will make it harder for overseas buyers to convert farmland to forestry, a move the Forest Owners Association says could jeopardise...

Deadwood releasing 10.9 gigatons of carbon every year

21 Sep 21 - Decaying wood releases around 10.9 gigatons of carbon worldwide every year, according to a new study by an international team of scientists.

Proving that taking care of forest pays carbon dividends

18 Feb 21 - New Zealand’s vast native forests may yet help the country meet its emissions reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement.

WELLINGTON: Should we hold 'em?

8 Dec 20 - Greater Wellington Regional Council will debate today whether it should sell millions of dollars worth of carbon credits or hold them and wait for prices to go higher.

Norway hikes cash for rainforests, seeking corporate help to slow losses

26 Nov 20 - Norway is doubling the price it guarantees developing nations to keep their tropical forests standing, in a step to slow catastrophic losses and encourage big companies to invest far more in nature...

Carbon farming makes space for native forests

23 Nov 20 - One of New Zealand biggest carbon farmers say New Zealand can have its carbon cake and eat it too.

Climate crisis finds ample answers in world’s trees

18 Nov 20 - The great climate change challenge should consider the world’s trees.

Forestry’s climate impact ‘invisible’ under UN rules, experts say

23 Oct 20 - Forests are the planet’s biggest carbon “sink” – absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emit – but their contribution to cooling the earth’s climate is currently not fully...

Biorefinery boost to forestry

9 Oct 20 - A venture pushing to develop a $160 million biorefinery near Gisborne believes the project can help fill a long-standing gap in the country’s forestry research sector.

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