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World’s hottest day recorded on Sunday, climate monitor says

Thursday - Global average surface air temperature was 17.09 degrees Celsius on Sunday, the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service says.

20 ways policymakers can help businesses fight nature loss

Thursday - COMMENT: Nature underpins our collective wellbeing and our very survival. It provides the foundation of our economic system, supports human development and equality, and increases our resilience to climate change.

Why Asia's future hinges on a collective approach to sustainable finance

Thursday - Asia is experiencing significant health crises due to climate change, causing disruptions in productivity, increasing healthcare costs and undermining workforce stability.

South Africa passes its first sweeping climate change law

Thursday - South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed into law a broad climate change act that will set caps for large emitters and require every town and city to publish an adaptation plan.

Just Stop Oil’s harsh sentences are the logical outcome of Britain’s authoritarian turn against protest

Thursday - Lengthy prison sentences have been imposed on five Just Stop Oil activists for coordinating direct action on the M25, the main ring road around London.

Birthing the Blob

Thursday - With ecosystems increasingly squeezed by anthropogenic warming, even cleaning up pollution can cause problems.

UN attacks companies’ reliance on carbon credits to hit climate targets

Wednesday - The UN has outlined its opposition to companies using credits to cancel out their carbon dioxide footprint, putting it on a collision course with big oil and technology groups.

What’s on the table for food systems at COP29?

Wednesday - Food systems advocates are eager to ensure that food and agriculture remain central topics, building on the momentum from COP28 in Dubai.

Maritime commerce and climate change: how effective would a carbon tax on shipping be?

Wednesday - With 11 billion tonnes of goods traded internationally by sea every year, shipping accounts for around 3% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

When Kamala Harris sued Obama over fracking

Wednesday - A 2016 lawsuit illustrates why some activists believe Harris will be more aggressive on climate than Biden.

A global wealth tax is needed to help fund a just green transition

Wednesday - COMMENT: Brazil and France have proposed a tax on the super-rich to fight against poverty and climate change – G20 finance ministers should get behind it this week.

Rio Tinto class action over Bougainville mine damage set for October hearing

Wednesday - The first hearing date has been set in a class action against miner Rio Tinto for historical environmental and social damage caused by the Bougainville copper mine in Papua New Guinea.

Projects under construction in China have twice the capacity of the rest of the world’s renewable energy projects combined

Tuesday - Renewable energy projects are rapidly expanding in China, so much so that the country has double the amount of renewable capacity under construction compared to all other countries combined.

Von der Leyen threads the climate needle to keep her job

Tuesday - The German politician has secured a second term as European Commission president with a political program carefully designed to woo both conservatives and environmentalists.

Niger floods toll increases - 53 dead, 18,000 affected

Tuesday - Flooding caused by heavy rains lashing Niger since June has killed 53 people and impacted 18,000, as the west African country grapples with the effects of climate change.

Trump’s environmental impact endures, at home and around the world

Tuesday - His break from the Paris accord inspires other populist leaders, while his reshaping of the federal courts and environmental rollbacks distrupt efforts to counter climate change.

Climate activists have received months-long sentences. Are tougher laws eroding Australians’ right to protest?

Tuesday - NSW enacts highest number of new laws among states, with climate protesters disproportionately affected, report finds.

Methane leaking out of old mining site in Dharawal National Park near Sydney that closed decades ago

Tuesday - In the heart of what appears to be a pristine national park, a greenhouse gas is leaking out of an underground coal mine more than 30 years after it was last used.

How Kamala Harris’ platform could differ from Joe Biden’s

Monday - President Joe Biden’s decision to abandon his reelection bid and endorse Vice President Kamala Harris means that Harris could soon become the standard-bearer for the Democratic Party’s biggest...

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