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Oil companies delete carbon capture mentions on websites before new Canadian regulations kick in

8 Jul 24 - Drastic action in advance of rules to rein in greenwashing shows fossil-fuel backers don’t have evidence on CCS “to support the story they’re selling.”

Thousands evacuate as wildfire grows ‘dramatically’ in western Canada

14 May 24 - Thousands of people in Canada’s westernmost province of British Columbia (BC) have been evacuated from their homes as authorities warn that a enormous wildfire continues to grow.

British Columbia's carbon tax goes up

3 Apr 24 - British Columbia's carbon tax is meant to encourage companies and consumers to shift from fossil fuels to greener forms of energy, and is intended to be returned to taxpayers in the form of a rebate.

Trudeau pledges $8.4 million to study 'democratic decline'

28 Mar 24 - Initiative will research how climate change 'interacts with democratic decline' and help protect the human rights of environmental defenders.

Industrial carbon pricing the top driver of Canada's emissions reductions

25 Mar 24 - Between now and 2030, industrial carbon pricing will do more than any other policy to cut Canada’s emissions.

Indigenous nations and world views key to combating climate change: report

21 Mar 24 - Climate change is a consequence of colonialism and the separation of the natural world, and now, Indigenous Peoples and their world views hold unique strengths in responding to the climate crisis, a new report says.

Polar bears struggling to adapt to longer ice-free Arctic periods

14 Feb 24 - Polar bears in Canada’s Hudson Bay risk starvation as climate change lengthens periods without Arctic Sea ice, despite the creatures’ willingness to expand their diets.

Long-term prairie drought raises concerns over groundwater levels

23 Jan 24 - In the middle of a Canadian mountain playground, adjacent to a popular ski resort, there’s a well sunk into the bedrock that has a water scientist worried.

Canada on track to miss 2030 emissions targets

10 Nov 23 - Canada is set to miss its 2030 target to cut carbon emissions by at least 40% below 2005 levels by 2030, according to the latest audit from the commissioner of the environment's office.

Trees could become a source of carbon emissions

13 Sep 23 - In the face of climate change, we’ve been told forests are our salvation. But scientists believe this summer’s wildfires are a sign of a tipping point — with trees a major source of carbon emissions.

Eastern Canada wildfires: Climate change doubled likelihood of ‘extreme fire weather’

25 Aug 23 - The unusually hot and dry weather that drove record-breaking wildfires in eastern Canada was made at least two times more likely by human-caused climate change, according to a new rapid attribution...

Canadian wildfires approach provincial capital as officials race to evacuate city

21 Aug 23 - Canada is evacuating residents from the provincial capital city of Yellowknife amid wildfires that have creeped perilously close, threatening to engulf homes across vast swathes of the Northwest...

Canada’s wildfires prompt US air quality alerts for 70 million people in 32 states

21 Jul 23 - Smoke from the hundreds of blazes in Canada, has once again drifted across the border into the United States, prompting another round of air quality warnings.

Scientists unveil the key site that shows we’re in a new climate epoch

20 Jul 23 - The holy grail for understanding the start of the Anthropocene lies at the bottom of a lake in Canada.

Canada wildfires release record 160 million tonnes of carbon

29 Jun 23 - The EU's Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service said wildfires burning through large swathes of eastern and western Canada have released a record 160 million tonnes of carbon.

Canada can now breed for methane efficient dairy cows

26 Jun 23 - Canada is the first country to deliver a national genetic evaluation aimed at lowering methane emissions.

Canada’s wildfires are part of our new climate reality, experts say

9 Jun 23 - Canada is on track to experience its most severe wildfire season on record, and it’s part of a trend experts say will intensify.

Continuing wildfires in Canada prompt air quality warnings in northeastern US

8 Jun 23 - More than a dozen U.S. states were under air-quality alerts on Wednesday as smoke from hundreds of wildfires burning in eastern Canada wafted south, casting a dull gray pallor over the skyline of New...

Canada facing ‘deeply concerning’ wildfire season

2 Jun 23 - Canada is facing its most severe early wildfire season on record, with 211 wildfires burning and 82 classified as out of control, the country’s minister of public safety said.

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