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US carbon markets set for record year

21 Oct 21 - US carbon exchanges will easily hit record volumes this year, in part because of recent record highs but also due to new entrants into the market.

Beef industry tries to erase its emissions with fuzzy methane math

20 Oct 21 - Scientists with the world’s top climate organization made reducing meat consumption an official policy recommendation in 2019, echoing what environmentalists had urged for years: Eating less meat, in particular beef, reduces the large volume of emissions attributed to livestock.

Climate inaction could slash GDP by 3% per annum: Bank of America

19 Oct 21 - The cost of inaction over climate change could lead to the loss of 3 per cent of gross domestic product every year by 2030, ballooning to $69 trillion by the end of this century, Bank of America said in a report.

Biden administration considers carbon tax

Senator Joe Manchin

19 Oct 21 - A US Democrat’s decision to oppose a key policy in Joe Biden’s climate plan could lead to a carbon tax on emissions-intensive industries and threaten Australian exports.

Indigenous climate activists arrested after ‘occupying’ US Department of Interior

18 Oct 21 - Dozens of Indigenous climate activists were arrested and removed from the U.S. Department of the Interior in Washington on Thursday after taking over a lobby of the department’s Bureau of Indian Affairs for several hours.

Pentagon plans for warfare in hotter, harsher world

11 Oct 21 - A new Pentagon plan calls for incorporating the realities of a hotter, harsher Earth at every level in the U.S. military, from making worsening climate extremes a mandatory part of strategic planning to training troops how to secure their own water supplies and treat heat injury.

Biden's silent climate betrayal: Heated

7 Oct 21 - Emily Atkin, author of the Substack Heated, argues a decision by US president Joe Biden to allow a tar sands pipeline to go ahead could set off the largest civil disobedience campaign in decades.

Oil companies discourage climate action: study

Geoffrey Supran, who co-authored a research paper on ExxonMobil's climate disinformation campaign in 2017, discusses current House investigation into the company’s disinformation.
Photo Credit: Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photograp

30 Sep 21 - With the U.S. House of Representatives' Oversight Committee widening its inquiry into the oil industry's role in fostering doubt about the role of fossil fuels in causing climate change, Harvard...

Carbon offset market will grow 50 times to meet 2050 net-zero emissions goals: Bank of America

28 Sep 21 - The carbon offset market may grow by as much as 50 times if companies are going to meet their 2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions goals, according to the Bank of America.

Increasing natural gas prices boosts both clean and dirty generation

24 Sep 21 - An increase in natural gas prices leads to price hikes across the US economy for home heating, fertilizer, chemicals—and wholesale electricity, because of the power sector’s heavy reliance on...

Report shows how native American nations respond to climate change

24 Sep 21 - Indigenous nations are at the frontlines of climate change, but they’re also leaders in how to adapt to changing weather conditions and transition to renewable energy.

Late night comedians team up to tackle climate crises

23 Sep 21 - Climate change, which is responsible for magnifying this summer's deadly heat waves, hurricanes, wildfires and floods, is typically no laughing matter. But for one night, seven popular late-night...

L.A.’s new reflective streets bounce heat back into space

23 Sep 21 - When the scientists aboard the International Space Station direct their thermal camera at Los Angeles, standing out from the sweltering red and orange blob is a crescent of cool, blueish white deep...

Biden to announce ‘good news’ on $100bn UN climate fund

22 Sep 21 - United States President Joe Biden is expected to announce “good news” on addressing a shortfall in a $100bn global climate fund, a UN official said on Monday following a closed-door meeting on the...

Has methane-free vegan icecream arrived?

30 Aug 21 - Nothing hits quite so good as a cone full of ice cream on a sweltering summer day. Alas, that single serving of classic vanilla may cool you off, but it has the exact opposite effect on the Earth....

USA nears first major steps to control CO2 emissions

25 Aug 21 - The United States is preparing to adopt a raft of new energy policies that will for the first time put the US – the world’s second-worst polluter after China – on a path to meeting its pledge to cut...

Time for a cow tax?: Mother Jones

23 Aug 21 - During a debate about the Democrats’ new infrastructure bill in the Senate chamber on Tuesday night, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) took the floor, positioned next to a sign stating “No Cow Tax.”

On the hunt for climate killing gas

23 Aug 21 - After finding a rusty gas canister near his midwest US home, Rick Karas checked online if it was worth anything. Incredibly, it turned out to be a coveted commodity in the battle against climate...

Judge overturns U.S. approval of Alaska oil project

20 Aug 21 - A federal judge has reversed the U.S. government's approval of ConocoPhillips' planned $6 billion Willow oil development in Alaska, citing problems with its environmental analysis, according to court...

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