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“Aotearoa IS warming: It’s us. It’s bad” - new report

11 Oct 23 - It is clear that Aotearoa is warming, according to a new report on the state of our atmosphere and climate. But experts say we can still do something about it.

Auckland researchers get funding to test "cool roofs" in climate hot spots

3 Aug 23 - A trial led by Auckland scientists to test "cool roofs" in countries vulnerable to climate heating has received a massive boost, with funding from a $37 million pool.

Kiwis call for science to lead UN sustainable development goals

20 Jul 23 - Three prominent New Zealanders are part of the International Science Council’s global commission calling for a new way of doing science to tackle “unacceptably slow” progress on the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

World near positive 'tipping point' on climate solutions: expert

11 May 23 - With climate-enhanced droughts, heatwaves and fires ravaging three continents and the threat of a new surge in global warming, the world urgently needs to ramp-up solutions for slashing carbon pollution. But which solutions are most critical?

Almost half the planet predicted to enter new climate zones by 2100

10 May 23 - Our planet is teetering on the edge of several tipping points that once passed, will topple into a cascade of ecological changes.

Life in ocean ‘twilight zone' at risk from warming

4 May 23 - Global warming could curtail life in the so-called twilight zone by as much as 40% by the end of the century, according to new research.

Global ocean temperatures spike to record levels as El Niño nears

2 May 23 - Since mid-March, the world’s oceans have been hotter than at anytime since at least 1982, raising concerns among some climate experts about accelerated warming.

Soybean crops can take advantage of climate change to increase productivity

2 May 23 - As the climate continues to warm, atmospheric drying — the reduction of the amount of water the air can hold — is becoming a major concern for crop producers around the world.

Only 10 countries meeting basic needs of citizens in a sustainable way

2 May 23 - Just 10 countries are meeting the basic needs of their citizens in a sustainable way, according to a new study that looks at the water use and carbon emissions of 178 nations.

Orbiting methane 'speed cameras' are catching polluters in the act

1 May 23 - Think of them as speed cameras, but for methane. Just like roadside instruments used to identify drivers breaking traffic rules, new powerful satellites are starting to catch oil and gas operators...

Record ocean temperatures put Earth in ‘uncharted territory’: scientists

27 Apr 23 - Temperatures in the world’s oceans have broken fresh records, testing new highs for more than a month in an “unprecedented” run that has led to scientists stating the Earth has reached “uncharted...

Study finds that media's climate crisis coverage sparks fear and favours avoidance

24 Apr 23 - A study has revealed that the media's coverage of climate research is, to a large extent, carried out in a way that doesn't provoke action.

Panamanian tribe to be relocated from coastal island due to climate change: "There's no other option"

24 Apr 23 - For hundreds of years, the ocean has protected the Guna Yala culture on Cardi Sugdub, or Crab Island, located off the coast of Panama.

California researchers attempt ocean climate solution

21 Apr 23 - Atop a 100-foot barge tied up at the Port of Los Angeles, engineers have built a kind of floating laboratory to answer a simple question: Is there a way to cleanse seawater of carbon dioxide and then...

World's climate plans make for a worrying read

21 Apr 23 - According to the climate plans submitted to the UN by 50 countries, 12 gigatons of CO2 per year will continue to be emitted by 2050 -- and need to be removed from the atmosphere.

Restaurant menu labels could help fight climate change: new research

18 Apr 23 - If people had more information about the carbon footprint generated by the food they eat, would they make different decisions when ordering in restaurants?

Drastic cut in climate pollution is best path to economic growth: study

17 Apr 23 - Early and stringent action to rapidly and dramatically cut climate pollution is the best path for the global economy, according to a new working paper by American scientists.

Climate change causes strong declines in ecosystem services provided by tropical forests: study

14 Apr 23 - Tropical forests provide a variety of ecosystem services that are also of great global relevance, such as climate regulation and the provision of habitat for animals and plants.

Growing rice and raising animals together creates a synergistic ecosystem

6 Apr 23 - A traditional Southeast Asian rice farming technique of raising fish and other aquatic livestock in paddies has potential to meet global food demands, improve the health of both people and the...

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