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Australian Super accused of greenwashing by investing funds from ethical option in coal, oil and gas industries

Today 10:45am - Australia's largest super fund has invested money from its 'Socially Aware' option in the coal, oil and gas industries.

Gas giant Woodside buys grazing properties in southern NSW to offset carbon emissions

Thursday - Woodside has bought four sheep and cattle farms in NSW for $40 million to help offset emissions from oil and gas projects.

‘Knowledge keeps the fires burning’: how ancient Indigenous wisdom can transform our battle against climate change

Monday - As climate change worsens, Indigenous peoples can offer valuable insights into sustainability and resilience, Australian researchers say.

Rising risks of climate disasters mean some Australian communities will need to move

9 Jul 24 - Many Australians live in areas increasingly exposed to climate change and associated extreme weather such as floods, fires, coastal erosion, cyclones and extreme heat.

Women 14 times more likely to die in natural disasters: Australian study

8 Jul 24 - Women faced increased rates of violence and homelessness after climate disasters in Australia, researchers say.

From 'carbon-based economies' to renewable energy hubs, regions face their future

5 Jul 24 - While a small coal mining town is facing thousands of job losses, a farming region is picturing renewable energy being generated on its fertile cropping land.

Australia’s ‘carbon budget’ may blow out by 40% under the coalition’s nuclear energy plan

3 Jul 24 - The Coalition’s pledge to build seven nuclear reactors, if elected, would represent a huge shift in energy policy for Australia.

Fossil fuel giant uses new tactic to fight climate change movement

2 Jul 24 - Santos is trying an unusual new tactic to fight the climate movement by pursuing environmental groups who championed the court case of traditional owners opposing the Barossa gas project

Renewables and storage to replace coal, as Australia urged to go faster

1 Jul 24 - The Australian Energy Market Operator has confirmed that a combination of renewables and storage, backed by significant investments in transmission upgrades, remains the cheapest and smartest course.

Former NSW treasurer appointed head of Australia's Climate Change Authority

25 Jun 24 - Former NSW treasurer and energy and environment minister Matt Kean has been appointed to lead the Climate Change Authority, less than a week after announcing his resignation from state politics.

Only 60% of Australians accept climate disruption is human-caused, global poll finds

25 Jun 24 - Exclusive: French survey of 26 countries finds fewer Australians than global average agree that climate change is the greatest health threat facing humanity.

Telstra ditches carbon credits to push harder on direct emissions

24 Jun 24 - Australia's telco giant is dumping its carbon credit offset scheme and claims its plans are “carbon neutral” or “carbon offset”, instead moving to a direct-investment model.

Australia’s foreign affairs minister warns dropping 2030 climate targets would abandon Pacific nations

18 Jun 24 - Foreign Affairs Minister labels the Coalition's decision to rule out setting a 2030 climate target as a move that will increase energy bills and risk further Chinese influence in the Pacific.

The anti-windfarm 'odd couple' joining forces to fight the renewable energy projects Australia's already failing to build

13 Jun 24 - Deep in coal country, a lifelong environmentalist and one-time Greens candidate is feeling the applause.

Australia’s leader says opposition will renege on greenhouse gas emissions target if elected

11 Jun 24 - Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Monday said the opposition Liberal Party would renege on the nation’s ambitious target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 if it wins elections...

This week in Australia energy and climate collided; it’s a global story

28 May 24 - The announcement that the NSW government would extend the life of Australia’s biggest coal-fired power station was neither a surprise to energy observers in this country nor unique in a world...

More desalination is coming to Australia’s driest states – but super-salty outflows could trash ecosystems and fisheries

15 May 24 - From around 1996 to 2010, Australia was gripped by the millennium drought and as water shortages bit hard, most capital cities built large seawater desalination plants.

Australia’s PM faces internal revolt from inner-city Labor MPs over gas strategy

14 May 24 - Resources minister Madeleine King released party’s future gas strategy, which says new sources will be needed ‘to 2050 and beyond’.

Climate risks ignored in National Defence Strategy, Australian former defence chief says

6 May 24 - A former chief of Australia's defence force says the federal government has failed to understand the risk climate change poses to the nation's security.

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