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‘Unprecedented’: CO2 in the atmosphere is rising 10 times faster than at any point over 50,000 years

Friday - Ice built up in the Antarctic over hundreds of thousands of years is helping scientists to understand today's climate.

Days after climate talks, US slaps tariffs on Chinese EVs and solar panels

Friday - The measures are designed to increase the cost of Chinese goods needed for the energy transition – and could therefore slow the US shift away from fossil fuels.

Rocks beneath our feet could be the key to carbon-neutral cement

Friday - Engineers show how simple processing turns olivine, the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s mantle, into a greener formula for cement and other building materials.

India projects biggest power shortfall in 14 years in June

Friday - India is projecting its biggest power shortfall in 14 years in June after a slump in hydropower generation, and is racing to avoid outages.

Herd of bison could help store CO2 equivalent of 43,000 cars, researchers say

Friday - Free-roaming animals reintroduced in Romania’s Țarcu mountains are stimulating plant growth and securing carbon stored in the soil while grazing.

This Utah county is buying lawns to save water

Friday - Would you ditch your grass for less-thirsty plants? In a place where every drop of water counts, a little cash compels residents to say yes.

Why we need rapid deployment of carbon capture technologies

Thursday - Amid the accelerating climate crisis, the urgency to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 has become a global imperative, with some required technologies still in need of rapid development.

Scientists achieve over 1000 degrees Celsius with solar power alone rather than fossil fuels

Thursday - When you hear about solar energy, you immediately think of blue panels and clean electricity.

EU countries approve law to slash CO2 emissions from trucks

Thursday - EU countries gave their final approval to a law to cut carbon dioxide emissions from trucks, which will require most new heavy-duty vehicles sold from 2040 to be emissions-free.

‘Climate change is here and it kills’: Heat-related deaths rise by 30% in Europe

Thursday - Researchers tracking the link between climate change and health say the adverse impacts are far-reaching.

How much is a planet worth?

Thursday - OPINION: Donald Trump recently told fossil fuel execs that a clean billion would get them literally anything they want in his next administration. That they would use that power to once-and-for-all...

Children pulled from mud as hundreds die in severe flooding in Afghanistan

Thursday - Three bewildered children sit on the roof of a mosque in Baghlan province, northern Afghanistan, their eyes blinking away mud that covers their entire bodies.

Banks have given almost $7tn to fossil fuel firms since Paris deal

Wednesday - Among world’s top 60 banks those in US are biggest fossil fuel financiers, while Barclays leads way in Europe.

Attacks on environmental journalists growing worldwide, UN report finds

Wednesday - “Without reliable scientific information about the ongoing environmental crisis, we can never hope to overcome it,” said Audrey Azoulay, head of UNESCO.

Moment of truth for gas

Wednesday - On LNG there are two paths before us and decisions made in the next 6 months will determine what the world looks like in 50 years.

South Asia pre-monsoon heatwave breaking records due to climate change

Wednesday - South and Southeast Asia are experiencing another record heatwave, with forecasts anticipating that the heatwave will continue in certain parts of the region before rain or cool winds bring a respite.

How carbon markets can deliver to the front lines of the climate crisis

Wednesday - Nations across the Global South are facing a searing dilemma, and the choices they make will impact us all.

More desalination is coming to Australia’s driest states – but super-salty outflows could trash ecosystems and fisheries

Wednesday - From around 1996 to 2010, Australia was gripped by the millennium drought and as water shortages bit hard, most capital cities built large seawater desalination plants.

Australia’s PM faces internal revolt from inner-city Labor MPs over gas strategy

Tuesday - Resources minister Madeleine King released party’s future gas strategy, which says new sources will be needed ‘to 2050 and beyond’.

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