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Think climate action is expensive? Inaction could cost $178 trillion.

Thursday - For centuries, fossil fuels have been associated with prosperity, progress, and growth. But more and more economists say that the continued use of coal, oil, and gas is now driving the world in the opposite direction — toward a lower standard of living and a global economic slump.

G20 climate goals just won't do the job, claims new report

Wednesday - None of the G20 countries have made climate commitments consistent with limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, as the Paris Agreement stipulates, data from a new report showed

UN body makes ‘breakthrough’ on carbon price proposal for shipping

Tuesday - Countries have agreed on the need to put a carbon price on shipping emissions after more than a decade of resistance, which campaigners have hailed as a “major breakthrough”.

Sharp cut in methane now could help avoid worst of climate crisis

Tuesday - Cutting methane sharply now is crucial, as focusing on carbon dioxide alone will not be enough to keep rising temperatures within livable limits, scientists have warned.

HSBC AM global head of responsible investing: 'Who cares if Miami is six metres under water in 100 years?'

Stuart Kirk , global head of responsible investing at HSBC Asset Management

Monday - HSBC Asset Management global head of responsible investing Stuart Kirk has questioned the risk climate change plays for financial markets, arguing that it is not one investors should worry about.

Your money is your carbon

Monday - If you've got $125k in the financial system, it's doing as much damage as your cooking and your heating and your flying. These are the most important new climate numbers for many years

This gas would have stayed in the ground if it wasn’t for bitcoin

20 May 22 - In Pennsylvania, Big Dog Energy LLC has installed 30 gas-fired generators at one of its gas well pads in Beccaria Township, using the electricity they produce in an ingenious, profitable, and possibly environmentally-damaging pursuit—mining the cryptocurrency known as bitcoin.

Air pollution "largest existential threat to human and planetary health"

19 May 22 - Since the turn of the century, global deaths attributable to air pollution have increased by more than half, a development that researchers say underscores the impact of pollution as the “largest...

Four key measures of climate change set records in 2021

19 May 22 - Four key measures of climate change hit record highs last year, the United Nations said yesterday.

Will swapping out electric car batteries catch on?

19 May 22 - Without even a touch of the steering wheel, the electric car reverses autonomously into the recharging station.

IEA expects record renewable growth despite cost, supply problems

16 May 22 - Rising concerns over energy security and climate change will galvanize record new capacity to generate renewable power in 2022, the International Energy Agency has forecast.

‘Critical mass’ of polluters setting carbon targets

16 May 22 - The number of big polluters setting targets to cut CO2 emissions has reached a “critical mass”, a UN-backed report has said.

Climate goes missing in action in Russia’s war

13 May 22 - Making big promises at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow was hard; six months later, governments are finding out that actually following through on them is even harder.

Climate change is devastating the Global South: opinion

12 May 22 - Right now in India and Pakistan, a record-breaking heatwave is impacting the daily lives of nearly a billion people. Scorching temperatures are damaging wheat harvests, preventing many labourers from...

Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown

12 May 22 - The world’s biggest fossil fuel firms are quietly planning scores of “carbon bomb” oil and gas projects that would drive the climate past internationally agreed temperature limits with catastrophic...

Who invented ther 'carbon footprint'? The shocking origins

12 May 22 - What do you do to decrease your carbon footprint? Believe it or not, that’s just the question the fossil fuel industry wants you to ask yourself.

Big Oil braces for shareholder revolt over climate plans in proxy voting season

12 May 22 - Some of the world’s largest corporate emitters face the prospect of a shareholder rebellion this month, with climate-related votes poised to spike throughout the proxy season.

Just one of 50 aviation industry climate targets met: study

11 May 22 - The international aviation industry has failed to meet all but one of 50 of its own climate targets in the past two decades, environment campaigners say.

Still too many coal plants to keep warming below 1.5c

6 May 22 - Even after last year’s 13% decline in global coal capacity to a record low, steeper cuts are needed to keep global heating below 1.5°C, finds a new report by Global Energy Monitor. But the effort to...

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Super Fund welcomes news of new offshore energy regulations

Tuesday - Media Release - The NZ Super Fund and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP)...

New printable solar material with “free” electrons sparks new direction in solar panel research

Monday - Media Release - Organic solar panels have the potential to rapidly improve our...

Meet the experts behind NZ’s first national space mission

19 May 22 - Media Release - Experts behind New Zealand’s first government-funded space...

Rapid bus lanes and a new cycling network in the works in Hamilton

18 May 22 - Media Release - Rapid bus lanes and cycling networks could be the future of...

Pacific climate warrior wins 2022 Global Citizen Award

Photo Credit: RNZ

13 May 22 - Media Release - Brianna Fruean, a Samoan Pacific Climate Warrior and...

Kiwis confident about move to low carbon economy

12 May 22 - Media Release - New Zealanders are feeling confident about the nation’s...

Tackling climate change with ‘carbon negative’ green hydrogen

University of Canterbury Chemical and Process Engineers Professor Shusheng Pang (left) and Associate Professor Alex Yip.

10 May 22 - Media Release - Researchers at the University of Canterbury (UC) are developing...

All coal boilers to be removed from schools

9 May 22 - Media Release - Thanks to a $10 million dollar investment, all remaining coal...

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