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Friday - SPOT NZUs opened at $44.20 bid and $48.65 offered on CommTrade this morning, after last fixing at $48.10

Rich nations 'must consign coal to history': COP26 president

Alok Sharma

Friday - Climate change talks this year aimed at keeping global warming in check need to consign coal power to history, the British president of the upcoming United Nations' conference says..

Offshore wind turbines could make Australia an energy superpower

Friday - New research confirms Australia’s offshore wind resources offer vast potential both for electricity generation and new jobs

Introducing China’s carbon market

Friday - Last week, China announced the launch of its national carbon emissions trading market. How does it work?

The huge sequestration potential of regenerative farming

Cloud Agronomics carbon sequestration imaging overlaid onto a public map.

Friday - By some estimates, if the 1.2 billion acres of American agricultural land (more than half of the U.S. land base) transitioned towards regenerative farming practices, it could sequester up to 20 percent of the carbon required to reach the Biden administration's goal of fully offsetting America's carbon emissions by 2050.

First ecosystem with its own insurance policy

Mesoamerican Reef

Thursday - A 100-mile stretch of coral reef in Mexico is now insured just like any other valuable asset. Is this the future of conservation?

Call for compulsory assessment of embodied carbon emissions

Thursday - A group of UK architects, developers and contractors have called for compulsory whole-life carbon assessments of buildings in a bid to tackle "hidden" emissions caused by construction supply chains.

Madagascar famine solely due to climate change

Thursday - Madagascar's famine is the first in modern history to be solely caused by global warming, according to Time Magazine.

Bezos coverage eclipses climate change

Thursday - Jeff Bezos got as much morning show coverage in a day as climate change got all last year

Men are the carbon hogs

Thursday - When it comes to climate change, male consumers may get a bit more of the blame than their female counterparts. Men spend their money on greenhouse gas-emitting goods and services, such as meat and...

CO2 emissions set to hit record levels in 2023: IEA

Wednesday - Only a small chunk of governments’ recovery spending in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been allocated to clean energy measures, according to the International Energy Agency, with the...

French lawmakers adopt compromise climate bill

Wednesday - France’s parliament yesterday approved a compromise climate bill that was intended to transform travel, housing and industry but which environmental activists said doesn’t go fast or far enough to...

Climate-driven changes in clouds are likely to amplify global warming

Clouds hang over Vienna, Austria. Clouds are like a blanket, cooling or heating, depending on how thick and bright they are.
Photo Credit: Bob Berwyn

Wednesday - New research, using machine learning, helps project how the buildup of greenhouse gases will change clouds in ways that further heat the planet.

All pua to California's abalone rescuers

Wednesday - In Big Sur, scientists are rescuing the abalone from landslides caused by the Dolan Fire, and moving them to safety in new neighborhoods where “resident abalone” already thrive

Progress being made on lowering cost of green hydrogen


Wednesday - For decades, researchers around the world have searched for ways to use solar power to generate the key reaction for producing hydrogen as a clean energy source -- splitting water molecules to form...

Canterbury engineers working on carbon negative hydrogen

University of Canterbury Chemical and Process Engineers Professor Shusheng Pang (left) and Associate Professor Alex Yip.

Wednesday - Media Release - University of Canterbury engineering researchers are developing a carbon-neutral – even carbon-negative – way to create clean ‘green’ hydrogen to power our world more sustainably.

Global alliance for Green New Deal launched

Tuesday - People around the world need a “global green deal” that would tackle the climate crisis and restore the natural world as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of politicians from the UK,...

Carbon zero claims come under scrutiny

Tuesday - Companies are buying carbon offsets like never before. They’re also facing unprecedented scrutiny over whether helping to fund green projects elsewhere really makes up for their heat-trapping...

Wind energy sector calls for G20 action

Tuesday - The leading CEOs of the global wind industry have united to call on G20 members to show leadership in the climate crisis by raising national ambitions and urgently laying out concrete plans for...

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