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Current climate reports might have underestimated the consequences of the climate crisis

Today 10:30am - The actual impact of anthropogenic climate change has been undermined till now, claimed a new report published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Influential oil company climate scenarios don’t meet Paris Agreement goals: new analysis shows

Today 10:30am - Several major oil companies, including BP and Shell, periodically publish scenarios forecasting the future of the energy sector. In recent years, they have added visions for how climate change might be addressed, including scenarios that they claim are consistent with the international Paris climate agreement.

Climate-related drought and flooding in Ethiopia

Today 10:30am - One part of Ethiopia is facing the worst drought in four decades and another is hit by flooding. Millions of people are at risk as climate change causes too much and too little rain.

European forest fires further increasing the world’s climate footprint

Today 10:30am - The multiple forest fires that have been raging in France since the beginning of summer have released record amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, according to satellite data, and fires in Spain in mid-July also helped break records for carbon emissions. Fuelled by global warming, the blazes are reducing the number of trees available to absorb carbon, further threatening ecosystems.

US investment giant BlackRock in $1 billion big battery play in Australia

Today 10:30am - US investment giant BlackRock is planning to invest at least $1 billion in big battery projects in Australia after agreeing to buy out Melbourne-based Akaysha Energy and its portfolio of at least nine projects in the country’s main grid.

Tel Aviv has shade down to a science

Today 10:30am - Along the tree-lined sidewalks of Tel Aviv’s Atidim Park, a business and commercial district in the north of the city, a curious new addition to the urban canopy arrived a few months ago.

Carbon market could offset Australia’s huge fire recovery bill

Tuesday - \Australian scientists have put a dollar figure on the cost of recovery and restoration of native flora and fauna after the 2019-2020 summer bushfires.

Massachusetts’ Republican governor signs far-reaching climate bill into law

Tuesday - Massachusetts’ Republican governor, Charlie Baker, signed a sweeping climate and energy bill into law last week, approving an array of policies intended to advance the state’s goal of reaching...

This climate action tracker shows what we’re doing right - and wrong - on the road to net-zero emissions

Tuesday - Is the world making progress on tackling climate change? Or is it stalling?

As stronger storms hit Bangladesh farmers, banks are climate collateral damage

Tuesday - Wasim Ali, 45, lived in one of the 55,000 houses destroyed by the deadly Super Cyclone Amphan in May of 2020. The tropical storm whipped up a tidal surge that swept away his house and razed his small...

Norway's climate choice: old oil, gas fields switch to green power or close early

Tuesday - Norway will have to phase out some of its old oil and gas fields prematurely to achieve its 2030 climate goals, unless it can use carbon-free power on more offshore platforms to cut their emissions,...

US commitment to Pacific island climate action far from ironclad: A Chinese view

Tuesday - As US President Joe Biden is set to host leaders of Pacific island countries at the White House in September, island nations will be watching how seriously his administration takes their calls for...

Democrats jettison carbon pricing in favor of incentives to counter climate change

Monday - The US's first comprehensive climate law, expected to be sealed with a vote in the House of Representatives on Friday, will not look anything like the program imagined by either climate economists or...

‘Ventilation corridors’ funnel cool mountain air into steamy Stuttgart

Monday - To travel through Stuttgart is to visit past sins and glimpse a promising future. This German manufacturing hub is where the gas-powered automobile was invented in 1886. Porsche and Mercedes still...

Australia calls for US-China to keep climate talks ‘ring-fenced’ from Taiwan tensions

Monday - Australian Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen has called for China and the United States to resume climate talks despite rising tensions between the countries over the status of Taiwan.

French climate activists fill golf course holes with cement, protesting against water ban exemption amid drought

Monday - Climate activists in the south of France have damaged lawns and filled golf course holes with cement, protesting against golf courses' exemption from water bans as the country faces its most severe...

MIT researchers propose apace bubbles to stop climate change

Monday - Climate change is a real problem. Human caused outputs of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are the main driver of an unprecedented rise in global average temperatures at a speed never...

Close to 50 Fijian villages need relocation due to climate change

Monday - An estimated 116 sea walls will need to be constructed to protect around 160 Fijian communities from the drastic effects of climate change.


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