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EDS conference 2019

Karen Silk

Now's the time to go green, bank tells business

16 Oct 19 - Green financial markets will not develop in New Zealand if companies don’t use them, Westpac says.

Beware of a populist backlash, unions warn

Richard Wagstaff

11 Oct 19 - New Zealand risks a Brexit-style populist backlash if it mishandles decarbonisation of the economy, unions are warning.

History shows we can handle it, says CCC chief

Dr Rod Carr

11 Oct 19 - Cutting carbon out of the economy should not cause the “collateral damage” seen in New Zealand’s other economic transformations, says the first head of the Climate Change Commission.

ARDERN: Consensus fine, but we need to move on

Jacinda Ardern

10 Oct 19 - The Government will not pay any price to get cross-party support on its climate legislation, the Prime Minister says.

Stand by for a doubling of the carbon price

Nigel Brunel

10 Oct 19 - The price of spot carbon in New Zealand could double over the next five years.

SOLO ACT: Amy tells it like it is

Amy Blowers

10 Oct 19 - Yesterday, a 29-year-old Auckland music teacher who has been an activist for only a few short weeks, screwed up her courage and told some of the country’s biggest businesses they’re not doing enough on climate change.

Higher carbon prices vital, says ETS expert

Catherine Leining

9 Oct 19 - Rising carbon prices are critical to getting New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emission down, business leaders have been told.

Insurers issue warning to local councils

9 Oct 19 - Local councils that fail to properly assess and prepare for climate change risk legal action from insurance companies, an industry executive says.

National wants in on the ETS act

Scott Simpson

9 Oct 19 - If the Government wants cross-party consensus on climate legislation it should put up legislation the Opposition can support, National’s climate spokesperson says.

How Chia Sisters took their business green

Florence van Dyke

9 Oct 19 - Student climate activist Florence van Dyke has taken the fight to a new arena – business. And it’s working.


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