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How voluntary offsets can help us meet our Paris promise

30 Mar 21 - New Zealand should have a two-pronged voluntary carbon-offsetting framework to boost climate change, a new report says.

Don't miss getting your emissions return in

29 Mar 21 - Anyone who miss this week’s deadline for Emissions Trading Scheme returns is risking stiff new penalties.

Carbon markets prove resilient to the coronavirus pandemic

25 Mar 21 - After the 2008 global financial crisis, the price of pollution permits on the European Union emissions trading system plummeted, hitting confidence in carbon markets as a lever for climate action.

Why we need a carbon club

25 Mar 21 - If the three biggest economies - China, the United States and the European Union - agree a carbon tax on imports, it will catalyse climate action globally, a new paper says.

Carbon holds up in wake of first auction

18 Mar 21 - Secondary carbon trading in New Zealand is reacting calmly to yesterday’s first auction of credits.

First carbon auction clears at $36

17 Mar 21 - The first Government auction of carbon credits today saw all 4.75 million NZUs sell at $36.

Super-registry to keep market honest

10 Mar 21 - A planned meta-registry will help stop double-dipping on carbon credits, its developer says.

Bye bye OMF, hello Jarden

9 Mar 21 - The name of carbon-market pioneer OMFinancial is no more.

New platform sets new record price

22 Feb 21 - THE COUNTRY’S newest carbon platform has done its first trade.

Sign up for first carbon auction now

18 Feb 21 - The Government’s new carbon-auctioning website is live.

Deadline set for auction collateral

16 Feb 21 - If you are planning on taking part in the country's first carbon auction, you have until March 10 to hand over your collateral.

$50 is not a price cap, says NZX

29 Jan 21 - Domestic carbon prices could go above $50 a tonne even if the new cost-containment reserve is triggered.

Auction platform passes first test

28 Jan 21 - New Zealand’s new carbon-auctioning seems to be working smoothly.

Auctioning system to be tested

13 Jan 21 - Simulated auctions of NZUs will be held on January 27 and 28 to test whether the country is ready for the new auctioning regime.

Carbon continues its bull run

10 Dec 20 - Spot NZUs have hit $38 just two days after reaching $37, tempting sellers back into the market.

Carbon hits yet another high

9 Dec 20 - Carbon prices crashed through the $37.50 mark yesterday, closing at a record $37.55 on both CommTrade and Carbon Match.

Carbon prices keep climbing

8 Dec 20 - Carbon prices pushed higher again yesterday, making daily gains of 1.64 per cent on both major trading platforms.

Carbon on a barn-storming run

7 Dec 20 - Carbon prices are continuing their climb, recording gains of almost 50 per cent for the year.

Surging prices see carbon up 47% in a year

4 Dec 20 - Carbon prices continued their upward charge yesterday, gaining 25 cents to contribute to a phenomenal 47 per cent rise over a year.

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