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China is producing too much stuff and the West is worried

10 Apr 24 - China's economy just can't shake off its COVID gloom, with GDP faltering and an imploded property market.

To help Chinese communities adapt to climate change, listen to them

8 Feb 24 - A survey in southern China’s Pearl River Delta, a region prone to flooding and storm surges, provides insights into climate adaptation strategies.

China vows to boost farm output, seed research in renewed food security, tech self-reliance push

5 Feb 24 - Annual rural policy blueprint from State Council vows to stabilise grain-planting area and focus on ‘significantly increasing per-unit yield’.

China's wind, solar capacity forecast to overtake coal in 2024

1 Feb 24 - The China Electricity Council in a yearly report said grid-connected wind and solar would make up around 40% of installed power generation capacity by the end of 2024, compared with coal's expected 37%.

China installed more solar panels last year than the US has in total

31 Jan 24 - China is the world leader in renewable energy, including 40 percent of the planet’s entire solar capacity, reported Rystad Energy. The United States comes in second place with 12 percent.

China’s green tech surge could turn global climate politics on its head

25 Jan 24 - Beijing’s industrial policy gives it an interest in forcing others to decarbonise more.

China engineers complete largest solar farm on Earth in UAE ahead of Cop28

27 Nov 23 - The 4 million panels in the desert outside Abu Dhabi will reduce carbon emissions by 2.4 million tonnes per year and power 200,000 households.

China rolls out product carbon footprint directive in bid to meet global standards

24 Nov 23 - State planner NDRC sets new policy to calculate, label carbon footprints for ‘key products’ as EU moves toward carbon border tax.

China’s emissions set to fall in 2024 after record growth in clean energy

14 Nov 23 - China’s carbon dioxide emissions are set to fall in 2024 and could be facing structural decline, due to record growth in the installation of new low-carbon energy sources.

China on alert for extreme winter weather as El Nino adds to global warming mix

13 Nov 23 - Each part of the country should prepare for its own combination of extreme weather risks this winter, the China Meteorological Administration said.

China unveils action plan to reduce methane emissions

10 Nov 23 - China published its long-awaited plan to tackle climate-warming methane on Tuesday, but included no firm targets for reducing those emissions - only goals for re-using them as fuel.

Amid tensions with US, China tightens controls over exports and imports of key commodities

10 Nov 23 - China has asked exporters to report transactions of strategically important rare earth metals and oxide products, as economic security remains high on the agenda for policymakers.

China to unveil new maritime cooperation initiative at belt and road summit

19 Oct 23 - ‘Major plan’ will cover sustainable use of marine resources, biodiversity conservation and climate change, official says.

China tries to reduce geopolitical risks for EV supply chain

3 Oct 23 - As the political tension between China and the US continues, the Chinese government is enhancing the country's EV supply chain to avoid battery technology outflow and learn critical techniques from...

China opposes ‘not realistic’ global fossil fuel phase-out

25 Sep 23 - China’s climate envoy Xie Zhenhua has said that a global fossil fuel phase-out is unrealistic, dampening hopes that such an aim could be agreed at the COP28 climate talks.

China gives EV sector billions of yuan in subsidies

25 Sep 23 - China's generosity to the electric vehicle sector when it comes to handing out subsidies has come under fresh scrutiny since the European commission announced an investigation into the matter.

China car sales grow in August, Tesla nearly doubles EV share

12 Sep 23 - China's passenger vehicle sales returned to growth in August year-on-year, as deeper discounts and tax breaks for environmentally friendly and electric vehicles boosted consumer sentiment even as...

At least 55 injured as Typhoon Saola makes landfall in China

5 Sep 23 - More than 50 people are injured and hundreds are seeking shelter after Typhoon Saola made landfall in China's Guangdong province early Saturday morning.

China’s summer of climate destruction

1 Sep 23 - China's summer this year has seen both extreme heat and devastating floods.

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