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Island states back Vanuatu’s quest for climate justice at the UN

Wednesday - Pacific and Caribbean nations have joined Vanuatu in calling for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on countries’ legal obligations to protect people from climate harm.

Report highlights risk of climate-induced statelessness and nationality loss in the Pacific

18 May 22 - Kiribati-born Tiibea Baure moved to Australia in 2008 as a nursing student with a plan for her extended family's future.

Hawaii legislature calls for fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

9 May 22 - Hawaii lawmakers put the state on the path to making history after the Legislature passed a resolution last week endorsing a document called the "Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty."

Vanuatu spearheads International Court of Justice climate claim

6 May 22 - The government of Vanuatu has assembled a coalition of more than 1500 civil society organisation from 130 countries to support its plans to take a climate change claim to the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

Pacific community pleads for Australian climate action amid regional tension

2 May 22 - Former Pacific island leaders have called on Australia to take “credible and urgent actions on climate change” and criticised a lack of consultation with the region after Solomon Islands’ shock decision to sign a security pact with China.

Climate change looms large in US treaty talks in the Pacific

13 Apr 22 - At least one Pacific nation wants funding to help with climate change resiliency as the U.S. renegotiates three critical security treaties ahead of a looming deadline next year.

PNG suspends new carbon deals, scrambles to write rules for the schemes

6 Apr 22 - Papua New Guinea’s environment minister has imposed a moratorium on new voluntary carbon credit schemes to give the government time to create a regulatory framework for future and existing deals.

Solomon Islands receives first carbon credit as part of conservation work

11 Mar 22 - A tribe in the Solomon Islands has become the first in the country to receive a carbon credit.

Forest clearing for crops in Papua may unleash massive emissions

9 Mar 22 - A plan to clear forests in Indonesia’s easternmost region of Papua for food crops will release as much greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as Australia emits in an entire year, according to a new...

Tonga volcano eruptions have smaller cooling impact on climate change: study

2 Mar 22 - An analysis has revealed that the cooling effect of Tonga's volcano eruptions would be much smaller than initially thought and not strong enough to overwhelm longer-term global warming tendency.

Island states meet to discuss suing Global North over climate change

21 Feb 22 - Leaders of small island nations met on Tuesday to discuss suing countries in the Global North for the damage caused by emissions.

Pacific Island Forum head calls on world to act now

14 Feb 22 - Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General Henry Puna has called on all States to play their part when it comes to maintaining the health of the ocean. SG Puna made the plea as he attended the One Ocean...

How voices from Hawai’i are reframing the climate conversation

14 Feb 22 - The Oceania-Hawai’i Pavilion at Marseille's Parc Chanot exhibition space pulsed with an all-age crowd, music and laughter, like an archipelago of ease.

How Pacific climate diplomacy is changing

28 Jan 22 - Pacific Island nations facing the reality of climate change-induced land loss are using their diplomatic strength to ensure their sovereignty and economic future are protected, Jess Marinaccio writes...

Papua New Guinea’s tides expose climate risks

21 Dec 21 - Earlier this month, parts of Papua New Guinea experienced a surge in king tides that flooded communities and displaced approximately 53,000 people. For PNG – facing more than double the global...

Are Australia’s climate wars ending?

21 Dec 21 - With big business backing Labor’s climate policy and net zero gaining bipartisan support, the climate battle is transitioning into a new phase.

Boost for Tuvalu's economic, social and climate resilience

10 Dec 21 - Tuvalu will receive a significant boost with the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approving a US$17.5 million commitment to support its ongoing climate adaptation efforts.

Pacific Islands demand global leaders bring action, not excuses, to UN summit

26 Oct 21 - The Pacific Islands are at the frontline of climate change. But as rising seas threaten their very existence, these tiny nation states will not be submerged without a fight, argues Australia Climate...

How Australia got blindsided in the great Pacific climate coup

11 Oct 21 - As the Glasgow climate talks loomed closer last week Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama addressed an international forum hosted by the former US vice president Al Gore, with slightly more than...

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