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How the small Pacific island nation of Vanuatu drastically cut plastic pollution

1 Jul 24 - With lagoons once choked by rubbish, pressure from the appalled community led the government to ban certain single-use products.

Tuvalu is being swallowed by the ocean. Its people face a difficult choice.

24 May 24 - In a suburban cream-brick church in Melbourne’s outer west, 5000 kilometres from a homeland facing extinction, the mellifluous voices of a congregation of Tuvaluans rise in song.

Widespread flooding in Fiji’s West region

21 Mar 24 - Unrelenting torrential downpours over the weekend in Fiji’s Western Division caused widespread flooding in the region.

The Marshall Islands aren’t giving in to sea level rise

5 Feb 24 - The precariously placed island nation has put together a comprehensive—if expensive—plan to survive sea level rise.

Flying hurts the planet but it’s vital for island tourism. Is there a greener way?

22 Dec 23 - Electric aviation and renewable energy among shifts needed for the Pacific to build a more sustainable tourist industry.

Pacific women are among the most vulnerable to extreme weather

24 Nov 23 - Roughly 90 kilometres from northern Bougainville, the Carteret Islands were the first place in the world to move people due to climate change-related sea level rise.

Australia boosts regional security influence with Tuvalu accord

13 Nov 23 - Australia has signed a security, climate change and migration accord with Tuvalu, which analysts say also highlights Canberra’s attempts to counter China’s growing influence in the region.

Can the PIF leaders’ meeting break the cycle after another climate fund setback?

8 Nov 23 - The PIF Leaders’ Meeting is an important chance to jolt the world into action on a climate Loss and Damage Fund after decades of fighting for justice.

Pasifika activists say climate inaction is a violation of human rights

6 Nov 23 - The Pacific Islands are on the frontline of climate change, with the future for many living there becoming increasingly uncertain.

Fiji’s first Indigenous-owned carbon credit project

13 Sep 23 - Fiji’s first verified forest carbon credit project is based in the Drawa rainforest on the country’s largest island, and has been earning income for its Indigenous landowners for five years.

Melanesian governments endorse call for a fossil fuel free pacific

29 Aug 23 - The Melanesian Spearhead Group released their resolve to address the climate crisis which is undermining human rights, destroying ecosystems and upending development.

China, Australia raise climate change, security at Pacific leaders summit

29 Aug 23 - Australia and China pledged more support for the Pacific Islands against climate change, as the leaders of four nations debate declare the strategic region "neutral" as China and the US jostle for...

Can Pacific nations shame Aus govt into stronger action on fossil fuels?

24 Aug 23 - The Australian Climate and Energy Minister is in Fiji to “discuss strengthened cooperation on climate action”.

Carbon finance in Papua New Guinea: Scam, savior, or seed of potential?

23 Aug 23 - The Pacific Island nation of Papua New Guinea makes up just 1 percent of the world’s land mass but hosts almost 7 percent of its biodiversity.

Climate change impacts increase in South-West Pacific

21 Aug 23 - Weather-related disasters and climate change impacts are unravelling the fabric of society in the South-West Pacific.

Fighting, not sinking: The Pacific plea for Australian climate action

15 Aug 23 - As heat records tumble and the sea level rises, Fijians on the front lines of the Pacific climate crisis want Australia, and other global emitters, to do more of the heavy lifting.

When deep-sea miners come a-courting

7 Aug 23 - As the Cook Islands embraces the burgeoning industry, deep-sea mining companies are becoming part of the community’s day-to-day.

French leader goes green to woo pacific islands

31 Jul 23 - France's President Emmanuel Macron stripped off his suit jacket to wander the wild forests of Papua New Guinea on a green-tinted charm offensive in the South Pacific.

Understanding “loss and damage” from climate change across the Indo-Pacific

25 Jul 23 - A concept that will become ever more familiar – in the courts, too – with more action needed to avoid irreversible consequences of climate change.

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