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What does the US-China disagreement mean for climate change?

Today 10:30am - Concern has been raised by China's decision to stop working with the US on the climate catastrophe, and seasoned climate diplomats are calling for a quick restart of negotiations to help prevent worsening global warming.

Don’t listen to the climate doomists

Today 10:30am - On 25 April 2022 Australia’s public radio station replayed an interview with Jonathan Franzen in which the American author suggested we should resign ourselves to the climate crisis. “We literally are living in end times for civilisation as we know it… We are long past the point of averting climate catastrophe,” he intoned ominously.

Fijians forced from their ancestral lands by climate change want polluters to pay

Today 10:30am - Boats moor next to living rooms on Fiji’s Serua Island, where high tide breaches the seawall and floods the village.

Why does Canada keep propping up Big Oil amid climate crisis?

Today 10:30am - Legislators on Capitol Hill will soon vote on the biggest climate crisis bill in U.S. history. It's sparked a lively debate in its northern neighour where Canadians are questioning whether the time has come to tackle big oil.

Good news on climate change? Australia's Great Barrier Reef has healthiest coral in 36 years

Today 10:30am - Australian Institute of Marine Science says results in north and central regions are a sign the reef could still recover, but loss elsewhere highlights risks

Tata Steel faces crunch-time, professor warns

Today 10:30am - The UK's largest steelworks is facing "crunch time" over reducing carbon emissions, a professor has warned.

Global forest area declined by 60% since 1960, study finds

Friday - A new study has found an alarming loss in forest areas globally, including that global forest area per capita has dropped from 1.4 hectares in 1960 to just 0.5 hectares per person by 2019, a 60% decline.

African climate diplomats reject African Union’s pro-gas stance for Cop27

Friday - African climate negotiators have quashed a proposal by the African Union to promote gas as a bridge fuel for the continent at UN talks.

Unprecedented, climate-driven disasters are stymieing preparation efforts

Friday - A new study warns that unprecedented events — disasters so extreme that communities haven’t experienced anything like them before — are stymieing attempts to prepare for them. Risk management...

The end of snow threatens to upend 76 million American lives

Friday - The Western US is an empire built on snow. And that snow is vanishing.

India developing a carbon market

Friday - India is developing its carbon market by undergoing several climate action plans in just a matter of days. The world’s 3rd-biggest emitter planned to set up a carbon credit market for the...

Twelve angry children: young jurors call adults to account for climate crisis in The Trials

Friday - In 2019, the playwright Dawn King was booking flights to New York for a writing residency. It was the day of the UK’s first large-scale School Strikes for Climate, a movement launched by Greta...

Global renewables investment hits record high, boosted by solar and offshore wind

Thursday - Global renewable energy investment reached a record $US226 billion across the first six months of 2022, an 11% year-on-year increase which defied supply chain challenges and cost inflation to...

What’s hotter than solar panels? Solar window

Thursday - The tantalizing idea behind solar windows is that the vertical surfaces on the outside of just about any building could unobtrusively generate electricity.

Cycling surges 47% in England as fuel price hikes bite

Thursday - Compared to 2021, cycling levels in England rose by 47% on weekdays and 27% on weekends in the five months to the end of July, according to the latest statistics from the U.K.’s Department for...

How the climate deal would help farmers aid the environment

Thursday - The climate deal reached last week by Senate Democrats could reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that American farmers produce by expanding programs that help accumulate carbon in soil, fund...

India approves climate plan with increased ambition, clarifying energy goals

Thursday - India’s cabinet has approved an updated national climate plan, cementing targets pledged by Narendra Modi in November, including a 2070 net zero goal and 45% reduction in emissions intensity by 2030.

How climate change is muting nature’s symphony

Thursday - When Jeff Wells, vice president for boreal conservation at the Audubon Society, first encountered the call of the common loon on a pond near Mt. Vernon, Maine — about an hour and a half north of...

A $7.3B pot of money to prepare US infrastructure for climate change

Wednesday - The Biden administration is providing states with more detail about how they can use money from the federal infrastructure law to protect people and structures from the perils of climate change, a...

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