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Why Germany is pushing for a 'climate club'

Today 11:45am - Germany is hosting this year’s meeting of leaders from the Group of Seven leading economies in the Bavarian resort of Elmau. Before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia triggered a cascade of crises over food, energy and international security, the main focus of the meeting was meant to be on climate change.

Clothes made from 'carbon emissions': Why Zara's new line is just more greenwashing

Today 11:45am - Rather than addressing this crisis of overconsumption, by limiting how much they produce and encouraging shoppers to buy fewer items, Zara is simply using the guise of sustainability to shift more products and protect the guilty conscience of their consumers.

EU lawmakers back stricter emission caps in climate change fight

Thursday - European Union lawmakers stepped up the fight against global warming Wednesday by requiring deeper emission cuts from power plants, factories and planes in the EU and by endorsing an unprecedented import tax.

Valencia introduces an option for climate-neutral burial

Thursday - Starting from July, the City of Valencia will offer compostable burial urns as an alternative to traditional ones made from metal or ceramic. The vessels will come with a young tree sapling, which can be planted together with the urn to serve as an organic and sentimental reminder of the deceased person.

How Ukraine’s environmentalists are helping the war effort

Wednesday - Volunteers are monitoring air quality, tracking environmental war crimes, sheltering people, and protecting wildlife.

Climate change leading to earlier and earlier heatwaves, scientists say

20 Jun 22 - As France grapples with a particularly intense heatwave this weekend, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country, meteorologists say the increasingly early arrival of heatwaves is directly linked to global warming due to human activities.

Countries mull delaying new EU carbon market in search of climate deal

15 Jun 22 - European Union countries are considering a one-year delay to the launch of a new European carbon market for buildings and transport, pushing back the start to 2027, as they seek a compromise on more ambitious climate policies, draft documents show.

Three companies seek permits for carbon storage off Norway

14 Jun 22 - The Norwegian Government has received applications from three companies seeking to secure permits for future carbon storage sites off Norway.

Plugging methane leaks is a powerful climate fix, so why aren't we doing it?

14 Jun 22 - The oil and gas industry is choking the atmosphere with a heat-trapping gas stronger than CO2 — despite cheap, fast and easy fixes.

In Turkey, study recommends investments in olive farms instead of coal mines

13 Jun 22 - In the wake of the recent regulation in Turkey opening olive groves to coal mining activities, a new report focused on the country’s Milas district found that the expansion of the olive oil sector...

On the road to COP27: Climate negotiations in Bonn

10 Jun 22 - COP27 will take place in Egypt this November. Some 4000 delegates are currently meeting in Bonn to prepare the conference. What are the intersessional negotiations? What is on the agenda? What role...

Key climate proposals fail to pass European Parliament

9 Jun 22 - Key pieces of the EU's climate legislation failed to pass the European Parliament Wednesday.

Urgent and additional measures are needed if Ireland is to meet the climate targets it has set for itself

3 Jun 22 - Urgent and additional measures are needed if Ireland is to meet the climate targets it has set for itself, the country’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said in a newly released report.

Carbon offsets may ease your flight guilt, but they aren’t saving the planet

3 Jun 22 - Book a flight and you’ll usually get the option to pay to offset your carbon emissions. In essence, your contribution funds tree planting and other projects intended to counterbalance the carbon you...

Deutsche Bank raided in 'greenwashing' probe

2 Jun 22 - Prosecutors in Frankfurt raided the offices of both Deutsche Bank and its asset management subsidiary DWS on Tuesday as part of an investigation into so-called "greenwashing."

EU spending on climate action ‘overstated’ by €72bn, auditors say

1 Jun 22 - Spending on climate action in the EU’s 2014-2020 budget was “not as high as reported” in official documents, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) said in a report published on Monday (30 May).

Is this the World’s most eco-friendly landfill?

1 Jun 22 - Once-endangered Pinzgau goats are among the many animals to flourish on Vienna’s “trash mountain,” which heats roughly one-fifth of the city’s homes.

Finland's nuclear free moment

27 May 22 - Finland could soon become the first country in the world to legally commit to carbon negativity.

No done deal on EU carbon market reform

26 May 22 - Lawmakers in the European Parliament’s environment committee voted on a major overhaul of the EU’s carbon market last week, but it’s a long and possibly bumpy road to EU legislators shaking hands on...

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