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Key ways climate change is affecting UK dairy farming and agriculture

17 Jun 22 - Climate change and the public’s response to it is affecting almost every aspect of agriculture, but what does it mean for cattle farming? In this guide, Brushtec discusses a few ways global warming may directly impact the dairy industry, as well as a few tips for how to handle it.

How much can e-bikes reduce carbon emissions?

15 Jun 22 - E-bikes could take the place of enough car trips to cut transportation emissions in England by as much as 24.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, according to a new study. What’s more, the greatest per capita benefits of e-bikes—with the potential to shave more than 750 kilograms of carbon dioxide off a person’s annual carbon footprint—are seen in rural and exburban areas.

Alok Sharma in running to be UN’s global climate chief

9 Jun 22 - Alok Sharma, the UK cabinet minister who led last year’s Cop26 climate summit, is in the running to be the UN’s global climate chief, at a crucial time for international action on greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate breakdown threatens economic breakdown

31 May 22 - Climate breakdown impacts could cause damage to the UK equivalent to cutting the size of the economy by at least 7.4 percent by the end of this century, unless there are stronger reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions.

UK’s net zero target is under threat because there’s no plan to pay for it

25 May 22 - The UK government’s plan for achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is at a serious risk of sinking before it’s been fully launched. With the Treasury having rejected a request by MPs to come up with a “clear funding plan”, there’s now every chance that an already bad plan will turn into no plan at all.

Suicides indicate wave of ‘doomerism’ over escalating climate crisis

20 May 22 - It was a stunning, grisly act. A man, a climate activist and Buddhist, had set himself on fire on the steps of the US supreme court. He sat upright and didn’t immediately scream despite the agony. Police officers desperately plunged nearby orange traffic cones into the court’s marbled fountain and hurled water at him. It wasn’t enough to save him.

The simple act of spreading rock dust on farms is an overlooked but tantalizing climate solution

19 May 22 - The simple act of sprinkling rock dust—an abundant byproduct of mining—on farmland could capture 45% percent of the carbon dioxide required to help the UK meet its 2050 net-zero targets.

UK carbon tax on imports could stop firms from outsourcing CO2 emissions as nations tackle climate crisis

18 May 22 - The UK has moved a step closer to imposing a carbon tax on all imports to stop companies from outsourcing their CO2 emissions to foreign countries.

UK aviation industry misses all but one climate target: study

16 May 22 - The United Kingdom’s bid to decarbonize its aviation industry—a plan that depends largely on self-regulation—is being described as “implausible and credulous,” after a new report showed how little...

What comes after London’s congestion charge?

11 May 22 - When it was introduced in 2003, London’s congestion charge made history: The UK capital was the first major city after Singapore to introduce road pricing for vehicles entering the urban core.

UK wind and solar boom will bring energy surplus

9 May 22 - Britain will have excess electricity supplies for more than half of the year by 2030 as a huge expansion of wind and solar power transforms the energy system, a new analysis suggests.

Designers of cow face mask that neutralises emissions from belching win £50k Prince Charles prize

28 Apr 22 - A face mask for cows that neutralises the climate-heating gas methane in their belches has won a design award from Prince Charles and designer Sir Jony Ive.

Northern Ireland faces loss of 1 million sheep and cattle to meet climate targets

26 Apr 22 - Northern Ireland will need to lose more than 1 million sheep and cattle to meet its new legally binding climate emissions targets, according to an industry-commissioned analysis seen by the Guardian.

UK livestock only half way there on emissions

8 Apr 22 - UK’s livestock production can only get half way to its target for emissions reduction with the technology currently available to it.

Cameron’s decision to cut ‘green crap’ now costs each household in England £150 a year

22 Mar 22 - The decision by David Cameron’s government to ditch what he denounced as “green crap” policies will cost every household as much as £150 a year by the autumn, new analysis has shown.

UK ministers urged to promote e-bikes to tackle health and climate crises

14 Mar 22 - Ministers should consider subsidising e-bikes as they do electric cars, campaigners have urged, after a study found that mass use of such bikes could create more than £2bn in health benefits and cut...

Wales' first net carbon zero school and how it works

14 Mar 22 - At first glance it looks like any other new build primary, but South Point Primary in Rhoose is radically different to all other schools in Wales.

How London plans to make the entire city an Ultra Low Emissions Zone

8 Mar 22 - Three years ago, London was the first city to introduce an “Ultra Low Emissions Zone,” or ULEZ, which charged the most polluting vehicles a fee to enter—something the BBC called one of the most...

Almost all climate-related corporate disclosures are inadequate: CDP

4 Mar 22 - Just 1% of companies who submit climate change-related data to nonprofit environmental disclosure platform CDP provide investors with the information they need to assess whether they have a credible...

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