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Europe wants to see some action out of Warsaw

22 Nov 13 - The European Union says it is seeking a balanced package of decisions out of Warsaw to advance international climate action.

WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

25 Oct 13 - US cuts emissions, India fights air charge, EU conservation threat, California joins Chinese, wine worries, ocean gliders.

Green designer takes a flexible approach

Juliet Cooke ... packing it away.
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25 Oct 13 - By PETER KERR. Here’s an example of a simple idea being good, and a good idea being simple.

Why Branson believes businesses must act on climate change

Sir Richard Branson ... risky to do nothing.

18 Oct 13 - The key to tackling climate change is to see it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, says billionaire Virgin group founder Sir Richard Branson.

WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

18 Oct 13 - Polluters eye $4b, airlines emissions charges, China carbon pricing, climate all at sea, worms are heroes, bye-bye Oracle, Quakers talk tough.

WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

11 Oct 13 - IPCC and business, EU and airlines, US judges on spot, city climate design, Alaska learning sugar land grabs.

International update

11 Oct 13 - Westpac's carbon analysts cast their eyes across the international carbon markets.

Business better, gas emissions worse

27 Sep 13 - New Zealand’s strengthening economy is showing in our carbon emissions.

WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

27 Sep 13 - Angela Merkel, Tony Abbott, airlines talk, IPCC leak, US trading, beating disease.

Travellers prefer green hotels

2 Aug 13 - Business travellers are increasingly prioritising green-certified hotels, according to a new survey by market research firm Timetric.

Air NZ loses place on clean-green list

12 Jul 13 - Air New Zealand is not the most environmentally friendly airline flying Australasian skies.

Solar plane shows world what's possible, says UN chief

12 Jul 13 - The journey of the first solar-powered plane to cross the United States has been hailed as an inspiration to tackle climate change and promote sustainable development.

Air NZ to refuse shark-fin freight

28 Jun 13 - Air New Zealand has bowed to pressure and will no longer freight shark fins.

Air NZ in Paris to show off new green aircraft

Airbus A320.

21 Jun 13 - Air New Zealand's new Airbus A320s will each produce 250 tonnes less of carbon-equivalent emissions a year than the airline's current planes do.

Rivals in race to market long-haul jets

Boeing 787-10.

21 Jun 13 - Aviation superpowers Airbus and Boeing are battling to dominate the transcontinental jet market, each vowing to outdo the other in delivering quieter, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Airlines act to prevent emissions talks collapse

7 Jun 13 - A proposal agreed to this week by major airlines could rescue United Nations efforts for a deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation sector, observers say.

Science world honours LanzaTech founder

Dr Sean Simpson ... went global.

28 Mar 13 - New Zealand scientist and bioenergy pioneer Dr Sean Simpson has been honoured twice this week.

Europe gives airlines a break

1 Mar 13 - European Union lawmakers have backed a Commission plan to suspend for a year a law that would make all airlines using EU airports pay for their carbon emissions.

Air NZ makes final of world awards

1 Feb 13 - Air New Zealand has been named a finalist in the 2013 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, which recognise sustainable tourism best-practice in businesses and at destinations.

Why you should give up red meat, not flying

1 Feb 13 - People who want to have an effect on climate change would be better to give up red meat and changing lightbulbs than to stop taking flights, says a new study.

25 Jan 13  Airlines use ETS costs to pocket millions

18 Jan 13  Bio crop could put money in the margins

14 Dec 12  Industry leads electricity transformation

23 Nov 12  Australia happy trading scheme is working

12 Oct 12  Forget that new laptop …upgrade the old one

5 Oct 12  Brussels to monitor shipping emissions

28 Sep 12  Why Romney in the White House scares Europe

14 Sep 12  Air NZ green team spreads wings

3 Aug 12  Scientists challenge biofuels claim

15 Jun 12  Planemaker backs land restoration

15 Jun 12  Travel leaders call for sustainability

8 Jun 12  EU-China carbon talks get serious

25 May 12  Air NZ flies high as cutter of emissions

18 May 12  EU airline cash could go to climate fund

20 Apr 12  Partners have high hopes for insect silk

23 Mar 12  Europe tells China to start own ETS

9 Mar 12  EU charge could cost Airbus $3.8m

9 Mar 12  Shipping shapes as next target of EU

2 Mar 12  NZ stays out of Europe airlines row

2 Mar 12  Australian election poses ETS problems

24 Feb 12  Countries group to fight airlines action

24 Feb 12  Europe's airline rules stir controversy

10 Feb 12  China orders airlines not to pay

27 Jan 12  Waiting a year could be worth it

20 Jan 12  Airlines look at buying into our ETS

2 Dec 11  LanzaTech to make avgas for US

14 Oct 11  LanzaTech gases will fuel Virgin aircraft

30 Sep 11  How ecotourism can help save forests

16 Sep 11  Australian carbon bills go to House

2 Sep 11  Big business backs eucalypt biofuel

17 Jun 11  Cuevas scrubs up Clean Planet

3 Jun 11  Jet fuel industry viable, say scientists

3 Jun 11  Green all the rage at Cathay Pacific

21 Apr 11  Climate-fight billions can be raised, says EU

21 Apr 11  China on a clean energy roll

1 Apr 11  EU emissary talks aviation

17 Dec 10  Aviation world eyes NZ algae technology

3 Dec 10  Climate change talks must deliver - Oxfam

19 Nov 10  LanzaTech to work on jet fuel development

15 Oct 10  Europe claims victory for aviation role in ETS

17 Sep 10  UN urges airlines to slash carbon emissions

6 Aug 10  Copenhagen loopholes ‘make farce' of rich pledges

30 Jul 10  Canadian researchers hope to green the web

23 Jul 10  UK might miss boat, warns green watchdog

9 Jul 10  Businesses can shout about carbon neutral

4 Jun 10  US airlines challenge EU emissions rules

23 Apr 10  Super Hornet carries biofuel sting in its tail

9 Apr 10  Air NZ looks at using CAP to cover emissions

1 Apr 10  Climate change faces the trillion-dollar question

1 Apr 10  Repentant Pachauri slips into neutral

19 Mar 10  In 10 years, we'll be flying on flax and food scraps

19 Mar 10  Arrogance undid Copenhagen summit, says Stern

26 Feb 10  Air NZ silent on damning biofuel report

19 Feb 10  BA to build first green jet-fuel plant in Europe

12 Feb 10  How green policies could move UK out of the red

22 Jan 10  Come on, Kiwis, let’s ride the green wave

13 Nov 09  Can Obama yet save the day at Copenhagen?

23 Oct 09  Europe: Sign the deal and we’ll cut emissions 95%

16 Oct 09  Airlines confident of reaching emission goals

23 Sep 09  Airlines plan to halve emissions by 2050

4 Sep 09  Prepare to pay extra $120 in airfare pollution charges to Europe

28 Aug 09  World airlines stung by European CO2 limits

28 Aug 09  Climate experts to brief young ambassadors

14 Jul 09  Forester forges link with carbon manager

14 Jul 09  Air NZ fits planes with fuel-saving winglets

30 Jun 09  UK wants billions in climate fund for poor countries

26 Jun 09  Cathay buys carbon credits

23 Jun 09  Report: How climate change will affect business

16 Jun 09  Biofuel source important to us, says Air NZ

12 Jun 09  Ecologist queries Air NZ enviroment award

12 Jun 09  Rich countries have ‘moral duty’ to cut emissions

12 Jun 09  Airline industry looks to global carbon solution

9 Jun 09  Flights tax could fund climate aid for poor countries

5 Jun 09  Airline test raises questions, says biofuel pioneer

19 May 09  Crude oil lowers producers' input prices

12 May 09  Air NZ wants carbon price cap in ETS

8 May 09  Carbon rules make it hard, says airline industry

1 May 09  Gull wants fixed carbon price after ETS

28 Apr 09  Miliband calls for populist push in climate battle

7 Apr 09  Welsh firm claims answer to methane emissions

3 Apr 09  Dunne: With Labour, we'll reach ETS agreement

3 Apr 09  Airlines fear failure of global climate talks

31 Mar 09  UN climate plan talks of new world order

17 Mar 09  Capital acts to reduce carbon footprint

6 Mar 09  Airlines could have planes seized under emissions rules

3 Mar 09  Obama raises hopes for Copenhagen climate pact

13 Feb 09  Regional council gives thumbs down to jatropha

13 Feb 09  Airlines: Who must pay carbon price to fly into Europe

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Toxic seeds could fool children

27 Jan 09  Farmers fear fuel-source jatropha will kill stock

27 Jan 09  US domestic airline offers offset as you go

19 Dec 08  EU slashes emission caps on utilities, factories

16 Dec 08  Aquaflow eyes world-first algae biofuel flight

9 Dec 08  Scotland comes up with ‘world leading’ climate bill

2 Dec 08  Crash delays Air NZ biofuel test flight

2 Dec 08  UK climate chief cracks down on coal-fired energy

28 Nov 08  Key seeks further talks on UK's passenger tax

28 Nov 08  UK moves send a strong signal to NZ exporters to cut carbon

25 Nov 08  British climate change bill shows how it can be done

21 Nov 08  British MPs pass landmark climate change bill

31 Oct 08  Aquaflow signs 'significant' US clean-tech deal

31 Oct 08  Exporters fear impact of European emissions decisions

28 Oct 08  Miliband bows to pressure on UK aviation and shipping emissions

28 Oct 08  Angry airlines condemn EU emissions decision

24 Oct 08  Brown faces defeat as Labour MPs revolt on climate change

3 Oct 08  Branson and Virgin Galactic ride to save planet from climate change

23 Sep 08  Heavy emitters told climate change issues ripe for litigation

19 Sep 08  Air New Zealand fits winglets to reduce fuel, emissions

12 Sep 08  NZ algae-to-fuels pioneer claims world breakthrough

5 Sep 08  We’ve slashed carbon dioxide emissions, claim US airlines

2 Sep 08  Australia votes $14m to help endangered island neighbours

19 Aug 08  World first to demonstrate potential to reduce carbon emissions by millions of tonnes

12 Aug 08  Flower growers face threat from EU emissions scheme

5 Aug 08  Airlines under pressure to reduce freighter flight emissions

18 Jul 08  Long-haul airlines to get carbon relief from Europe

15 Jul 08  Air NZ reviewing implications of EU emissions plan

4 Jul 08  Paperless air freighting for New Zealand

27 Jun 08  EU to include airlines in emissions-trading scheme

27 Jun 08  Airlines should pay tax on emissions, Branson says

9 Jun 08  Air NZ biofuel move will boost domestic demand, says BANZ

9 Jun 08  Guilt-free flying with carbon offsets - buyer beware

6 Jun 08  Air NZ criticised for biofuel choice

6 Jun 08  Air New Zealand Makes Significant Carbon Emission Reductions

5 Jun 08  Progress on new climate change deal "extremely disconcerting" says UN leader

29 May 08  Air NZ looks for sting from EU emission trading

28 May 08  EU Parliament committee votes overnight for tougher aviation ETS regime

28 May 08  International aviation alleges jumbo 15 billion euro annual bill for EU ETS

13 May 08  US planes emit less greenhouse gases, despite flying more

7 May 08  Dutch mull over specific greenhouse gases for taxation

5 May 08  US airlines face $9 billion carbon bill by 2020

5 May 08  Asia tourism, airlines 'complacent' on climate change

2 May 08  Asia-Pacific slowly wakes up to carbon-neutral tourism

17 Apr 08  EU will leave ETS breathing room for foreign airlines

15 Apr 08  Auckland airport: $30 per tonne will mean $68 under ETS plan

10 Apr 08  US concerned over EU airline emissions charge plan, starts probe into airline pollution

1 Apr 08  Air NZ backs ETS - but wants carbon price cap

31 Mar 08  Air miles, buy-local campaigns “insidious, sinister”

28 Mar 08  Air NZ: Do you want carbon credits with that?

27 Mar 08  A cow of a campaign from the airlines

26 Mar 08  US Air Force goes supersonic on synthetic fuel

20 Mar 08  What the media didn't tell you about Air New Zealand's Shanghai Cabin Crew


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