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NET-ZERO REPORT: We can do more, says bioenergy industry

24 Mar 17 - A cross-party report on how New Zealand can get to net-zero emissions in the second half of the century ignores some immediate opportunities, the Bioenergy Association says.

Grassland lab raises the alarm on species loss

23 Mar 17 - Scientists in California who turned a patch of natural grassland into a laboratory have established a subtle link between flowering times and the mix of species in an ecosystem – indicating that...

SAHARA SAGA: If humans did this they could do it again

22 Mar 17 - Once upon a time, the Sahara was green. There were vast lakes. Hippos and giraffe lived there, and large human populations of fishers foraged for food alongside the lakeshores.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: We cannot continue on this path

21 Mar 17 - Two reports out today signal a sea-change for New Zealand. One says the New Zealand’s economy is reaching its environmental limits. The other says New Zealand cannot meet its Paris Agreement...

OECD REPORT: We need price on agricultural emissions

21 Mar 17 - The OECD says New Zealand needs to put a price on greenhouse gases from the agricultural sector.

NET-ZERO REPORT: Pastoral farming must change

21 Mar 17 - New Zealand cannot cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement and keep farming the way it is now.

Environment reports cast eye over NZ efforts

20 Mar 17 - Two major environmental reports and a new sustainability law are on the agenda this week.

Wind turbine manufacturer needs more capital

20 Mar 17 - Windflow Technology, the unprofitable wind turbine manufacturer, has widened its first-half loss and says it needs new injections of capital.

There's nothing like a healthy diet to beat climate change

16 Mar 17 - Scientists have worked out how to combat climate change and improve human health, one mouthful at a time.

Smaller forests get financial helping hand

15 Mar 17 - Landowners wanting to plant small-to-medium-sized new forests might be able to get some government funding to help them.

Scientists track down travelling droughts

14 Mar 17 - The biggest and worst droughts might not stay fixed in one place but can travel thousands of kilometres from their origin, according to a new study.

Morganists want new approach to controls on farming

10 Mar 17 - The Opportunities Party would put a cap on New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions, get rid of the $25 carbon price cap and free credits for heavy emitters and bring some agricultural emissions into...

Too much info can put people off sustainability

9 Mar 17 - Most people would agree that living more sustainably is something to strive for -- but it’s a lot easier said than done.

Energy needs broader view, says new minister

8 Mar 17 - New Zealand needs to broaden use of renewable energy beyond the electricity generation, says the new energy minister - but she expects fossil fuels to stay in the mix.

Minister defends action on water standards

8 Mar 17 - Environmental debates in Parliament yesterday stayed with the issue of the moment – fresh water.

We need to get wise about our heated cities

3 Mar 17 - New Zealand needs to think about ways to keep its cities cool in the face of climate change – and the answer could be more trees, says an international planning expert due to speak here next month.

CRUMBS! A loaf of bread takes it out of the environment

3 Mar 17 - What does a staple food such as bread have to do with global warming?

Our environment image at risk, says global agency

1 Mar 17 - New Zealand risks damaging its clean-and-green reputation by failing to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, the International Energy Agency warns.

Poison algal blooms in our waterways will worsen

1 Mar 17 - Climate change will mean more poisonous algal blooms in New Zealand’s rivers and lakes, a scientist is warning.

Solar power plants now cheaper than coal

24 Feb 17 - Solar power in Australia is more affordable than new fossil fuel and nuclear power, with costs plummeting by almost 60 per cent over the past five years, a new report released by the Climate Council...

23 Feb 17  Farmers want action on land use and tree planting

23 Feb 17  Solar energy powers sustainable solutions

22 Feb 17  Government eyes land-use changes to cut emissions

21 Feb 17  Trump's wall would carry environmental costs

21 Feb 17  Samba drums up opposition to factory farming

20 Feb 17  Will blazing a low-carbon path pay off for California?

17 Feb 17  How your life could change without fossil fuels

13 Feb 17  EDITORIAL: Numbers show the game is up

13 Feb 17  Taste of the future ... turning food waste into flour

10 Feb 17  Forest bonds seen as way for long-term green investment

10 Feb 17  Should we build on green spaces to ease housing crises?

8 Feb 17  Scientists call for unravelling of basic climate change

8 Feb 17  Seawater puts a dent in delta rice production

3 Feb 17  Include farming in ETS, says former climate envoy

3 Feb 17  Wind turbines again head for the home straight

1 Feb 17  When the heat is on, we need city-wide plans to keep cool

1 Feb 17  Small-scale hydro makes a big difference

27 Jan 17  How tiny microbes are revolutionising big agriculture

27 Jan 17  World needs to manage food, water and energy

27 Jan 17  Climate change caused Middle East dust storm

26 Jan 17  US faces ‘abrupt and substantial’ crop losses

25 Jan 17  Electric vehicles drive to overtake biofuels

24 Jan 17  MORGAN'S MESSAGE: You pollute, you pay

21 Dec 16  Climate change puts the squeeze on coffee belt

19 Dec 16  New ways are Labour's way, says Little

16 Dec 16  Farming faces pressure from global methane rise

15 Dec 16  New emissions reduction plan business as usual

15 Dec 16  The stuff we've put on Earth weighs 30 trillion tonnes

13 Dec 16  Govt targets industrial sector in new energy strategy

13 Dec 16  Methane’s rapid spurt puts pressure on climate fight

12 Dec 16  Greens' bill calls for sustainability reporting

12 Dec 16  Tinkering with plants helps to boost crop yields

8 Dec 16  Healthy soils could start at the dairy shed

8 Dec 16  GLASS GIANTS: How cities are forcing skyscrapers to evolve

7 Dec 16  Pay farmers to fix environment, say scientists

6 Dec 16  CLIMATE CALL: Waterway plantings worth billions

5 Dec 16  Cement develops an appetite for C02

1 Dec 16  Engineers turn old tyres into quality oil and fuel

30 Nov 16  Households cut emissions by 11%, says report

30 Nov 16  World warming almost certain to affect wheat yields

29 Nov 16  Rural bank warns farmers of green backlash

28 Nov 16  Bolivia battles water crisis as glaciers vanish

28 Nov 16  Fish found to thrive in high levels of CO2

25 Nov 16  Richer forest biodiversity could rake in billions

25 Nov 16  Can Americans turn Black Friday green?

23 Nov 16  Bennett's new climate think-tank has work deadline

23 Nov 16  UN plans early warning network as climate risks soar

22 Nov 16  Emissions to jump under NSW land-clearing laws

17 Nov 16  World needs major emissions cuts by 2020, says report

16 Nov 16  MARRAKECH MESSAGE: We've got enough clean credits

11 Nov 16  What Trump means for the future of energy and climate

10 Nov 16  Plant biodiversity at risk as climate changes

10 Nov 16  Deforestation forces up Brazil’s carbon emissions

9 Nov 16  We can’t bet on renewable energy to save the world

7 Nov 16  How will Paris Agreement change your day-to-day life?

4 Nov 16  EDITORIAL: Welcome to the real world that's Paris

3 Nov 16  Government getting serious about forestry

2 Nov 16  Chile’s freemarket water scheme brings conflict

1 Nov 16  Govt wants to break new ground for tree planting

1 Nov 16  Changing rainfall patterns threaten food production

31 Oct 16  Rural capital gains tax could work, says report

28 Oct 16  SICK SEAS: Our seafood industry under threat

27 Oct 16  Students make critical nitrogen-pasture link

27 Oct 16  Scientist wins honour for dairying work

25 Oct 16  Clinton says clean energy economy will create millions of jobs. Can it?

20 Oct 16  NO WORRIES: Science will fix emissions, says PM

20 Oct 16  Farm emissions report gets nods of approval

20 Oct 16  Secret ingredient lures bees into making more food

20 Oct 16  Why is the US Green Party so irrelevant?

19 Oct 16  WATCHDOG WISHLIST: How we can ease farm emissions

18 Oct 16  Scientists' revolutionary plan can save the rainforest

17 Oct 16  Monoculture the enemy of our rainforests

17 Oct 16  Global ‘bright spots’ offer climate change hope

14 Oct 16  Seaweed could cut methane emissions from cows

12 Oct 16  Minister hints at setting minimum carbon price

11 Oct 16  Agroforestry can help the planet (and profits)

11 Oct 16  Climate change worsens Brazil’s drought

10 Oct 16  It's our age, but we've lost control of the planet

7 Oct 16  10 things you should know about climate change

6 Oct 16  Trendy foods should come with a recipe for sustainability

30 Sep 16  Farewell to green movement's prince of permaculture

29 Sep 16  Rising emissions mean NZ will miss Paris targets

28 Sep 16  Govt learns we can't cut emissions and sell more milk

28 Sep 16  Food supply fears spark China's global land grab

28 Sep 16  IPCC chair: We can meet 2deg target if we act fast

28 Sep 16  Farming mega-mergers threaten food security

26 Sep 16  Polluted rivers become deadly threat to millions

23 Sep 16  PARIS PACT: Farmers play it short and sweet

23 Sep 16  What we can do about threats to our food security and feed nine billion people

21 Sep 16  Native American pipeline resistance is about climate justice

21 Sep 16  New patent boosts CO2 capture hopes

16 Sep 16  Agriculture emissions continue to grow

15 Sep 16  Lower crop yields test market forces

13 Sep 16  Warmer world not healthy for wheat crops

12 Sep 16  Amazon burns as Brazil signs Paris pledge

12 Sep 16  Making wine brings a lot of energy headaches

12 Sep 16  Planting flooded paddies raises rice methane threat

8 Sep 16  BIOGAS BONUS: NZ is slow to get the message

8 Sep 16  Humans running the show, so let’s make sure we learn

7 Sep 16  Time to move on life-saving soil science solutions

6 Sep 16  Paris pact signing could be only weeks away

5 Sep 16  FLY BUYS: Insects could be the animal food of the future

5 Sep 16  Planet paying high price for palm oil profits

29 Aug 16  How Paris Agreement could punish the economy

22 Aug 16  Australia home the Bear Grylls of desert plants

18 Aug 16  Bennett rules out parties' two key climate points

18 Aug 16  Countdown to push free-range eggs

16 Aug 16  Our marine farms might be feeling the pinch

16 Aug 16  Simple pollination steps help cotton farmers

12 Aug 16  Keep us out of the ETS, pleads steel industry

12 Aug 16  HEAT'S ON: Climate will change the Olympic game

11 Aug 16  Carbon-farming case lawyer under investigation

11 Aug 16  EPA appoints science voice for the people

10 Aug 16  Anxious farmers keen to keep carbon subsidies

9 Aug 16  Fonterra turns dairy waste into fertiliser

9 Aug 16  Mighty mangroves might be major weapon in climate fight

8 Aug 16  Landcorp to can palm kernel animal feed

5 Aug 16  Trees clear winner as carbon farmer cashes in

4 Aug 16  Businesses call for ETS policy certainty

3 Aug 16  BEE WARNED: Agriculture stands to lose millions

2 Aug 16  Farming fund looks for new customers

1 Aug 16  Industry slams failure of free-market forestry

29 Jul 16  How right price, right credits would suit farmers

27 Jul 16  Bacteria powers microscopic 'wind farm'

26 Jul 16  Irish agriculture faces emissions dilemma

25 Jul 16  AGS forests will bank million tonnes of carbon

25 Jul 16  MINE GAMES: Plunder of Earth’s natural resources is rising

22 Jul 16  Our forests key to the future, say scientists

22 Jul 16  UN awards us a fail mark for handling of environment

20 Jul 16  How farmers, big emitters blow our carbon budget

20 Jul 16  Offshore windfarms power ahead in Europe

20 Jul 16  America's booming marijuana industry is an energy hog

19 Jul 16  Britain could warm by 4deg this century

19 Jul 16  Solar farms offer bonus for tropical crops

18 Jul 16  Can Nauru bounce back from mining boom and bust?

18 Jul 16  DROUGHT-DODGER: Let's hear it for the humble bean

15 Jul 16  Subsidy loss will cost dairy farmers a 'low' $4588

14 Jul 16  POWER SHOCK: Just how climate friendly are we?

14 Jul 16  Three reasons to be cheerful about the 1.5deg target

13 Jul 16  ETS REVIEW: Plenty are talking about agriculture

12 Jul 16  Disturbing forests damages natural diversity

11 Jul 16  VW emissions scandal fuels corporate doubts

11 Jul 16  Drying lands increase peat bog fire hazard

11 Jul 16  Renewable jet fuel could be growing on gum trees

11 Jul 16  Reducing water pollution with microbes and wood chips

8 Jul 16  Fonterra signs on as biodiesel pioneer

7 Jul 16  FULL OF BEANS: Pulses should fill the food basket

6 Jul 16  BURNING ISSUE: One fire service way to go, say Greens

6 Jul 16  Why UK’s latest carbon budget isn’t ambitious enough

5 Jul 16  Global bond market mobilises for climate change

27 Jun 16  How science can strengthen endangered plants

24 Jun 16  The trouble with concrete ...

24 Jun 16  The race is on to feed a warming world

22 Jun 16  COAL PART 4: Carbon capture unlikely to be the saviour

20 Jun 16  Climate warming raises global economic threats

17 Jun 16  Islands could become first 100% renewable nations

17 Jun 16  Could ‘nitrogen trading’ help the Great Barrier Reef?

10 Jun 16  Victoria sets date to be carbon neutral

9 Jun 16  We've got water, what we need is a better way of knowing how much

8 Jun 16  Cities need a clean-up as massive storms pump pollution into the sea

8 Jun 16  Soil researcher has a wee problem

8 Jun 16  How to achieve sustainable clean water for everyone

8 Jun 16  Farm trust honours regional winners

3 Jun 16  Carbon price up 10.9% since subsidy dumped

2 Jun 16  SOUTHERN COMFORT: Southland sets the new-energy style

1 Jun 16  Farm trust chief ends 10 years at helm

1 Jun 16  Indian army marches into climate change battle

31 May 16  How we can slash emissions from industrial buildings

31 May 16  FOOD FOR THOUGHT: We're being taught not to waste it

31 May 16  Diplomat takes on agriculture emissions job

30 May 16  More work still needed on ETS, say foresters

30 May 16  Why energy crops have been a major flop with farmers

30 May 16  Nanotechnology can help us to grow more food

27 May 16  What they said ...

27 May 16  $100m water package fails to impress scientists

27 May 16  Farming’s dirty needs have a deadly effect

26 May 16  NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

25 May 16  Road taxes will pay for trains under Green government

24 May 16  EATING AUSSIES: Dining on kangaroos and camels could help the environment

23 May 16  CARBON CRISIS: Our emissions up a whopping 56%

23 May 16  Scientists can't do it alone, says PM's adviser

23 May 16  Climate food shocks not good news for us, says report

23 May 16  Farming needs to play a lead role to meet Paris targets

19 May 16  BLOWIN' IN THE WIND: China's desertification dust is even reaching our shores

19 May 16  Future climate could cast shade on renewables

17 May 16  ETS ANSWERS: Three ways to make it work

17 May 16  New RMA proposals won't cut it, say farmers

17 May 16  Coal-free SA could fill the gap with batteries

16 May 16  Troubled Brazil prepares to roll back green laws

16 May 16  Vanadium the ‘beautiful metal’ that stores energy

12 May 16  Forest carbon storage risky, warns thinktank

11 May 16  FAIR GO: What to make of our emissions targets

10 May 16  Can we save the algae biofuel industry?

9 May 16  Cow-gas fix no silver bullet for us, says researcher

6 May 16  Wary forest investors watch climbing carbon price

6 May 16  Enviro scorecard shows Australia again in decline

5 May 16  CREDITS CRUNCH: We'll need millions of international units

3 May 16  Busy Bennett draws up climate to-do list

2 May 16  Run carbon prices like the dollar, says academic

2 May 16  Why cities need to add up the economic value of trees

28 Apr 16  Purse strings now open for forest planting

28 Apr 16  We need an emissions cap, says business council

28 Apr 16  Labor’s climate policy puts it back in the game

28 Apr 16  There's no need to fell forests to feed the world

27 Apr 16  Carbon budgeting big success, says UK expert

27 Apr 16  Drought forecasting isn’t just about water

26 Apr 16  What we must change to get emissions under control

26 Apr 16  PARIS PACT: New Zealand's world, according to Bennett

26 Apr 16  PARIS PACT: How should we compensate the poor countries?

21 Apr 16  NZ court fines Australian carbon farmer

20 Apr 16  Dodgy units aside, we could make money from ETS credits

20 Apr 16  Feeding cows brassicas might solve the nitrogen problem

20 Apr 16  Nature is neglected in election at nation's peril

19 Apr 16  Soil could save Earth from overheating

18 Apr 16  NZ international credits dealing is fraud, says report

18 Apr 16  Farming fund backs 25 sustainable projects

15 Apr 16  Why carbon price is key to forestry worth billions

15 Apr 16  Wasted food places heavy burden on climate

14 Apr 16  Big powers in push for small nuclear reactors

13 Apr 16  Nine ways steel could build a greener economy

12 Apr 16  Could this be a fair dinkum climate policy for Australia?

12 Apr 16  There's a sea of our soil ending up in the ocean

11 Apr 16  Drought-ravaged California is feeling the pressure

8 Apr 16  Banks threaten to unleash infrastructure tsunami

7 Apr 16  Why water footprinting should be used with caution

6 Apr 16  INDEFENSIBLE! Scientists slam Key's climate change attitude

5 Apr 16  Depending on how you do the sums, we could be carbon neutral right now

5 Apr 16  GM crops can thrive as climate warms

1 Apr 16  Science grapples with climate conundrums

31 Mar 16  Storing carbon could help to meet climate goals

30 Mar 16  LanzaTech signs first US biofuels deal

29 Mar 16  Cuba’s sustainable agriculture at risk in US thaw

24 Mar 16  What will Turnbull’s $1b energy fund actually do?

23 Mar 16  No worries, says Key, science will save the world

23 Mar 16  Are vegetables really the most low-carbon diet?

22 Mar 16  Goodies v baddies ... why labelling is holding farming back

21 Mar 16  Energy efficiency in itself can become a market

17 Mar 16  Give ETS strength, pleads forest industry chief

16 Mar 16  Clean energy is a win-win for the US

15 Mar 16  Why Conservation officers feel left out of RMA

15 Mar 16  Climate needs Africa’s farmers to change fast

14 Mar 16  Food production threatens to overwhelm climate efforts

14 Mar 16  Plastic-munching bacteria could fuel recycling revolution

11 Mar 16  ETS needs a price floor, says environment watchdog

11 Mar 16  Give farmers a reason to join ETS, says academic

11 Mar 16  New methane probe points finger at agriculture

11 Mar 16  How climate denial gained a foothold in the Liberal Party

9 Mar 16  Clean, green report card shows we're woeful

8 Mar 16  Dairy dive has message, says eco economist

8 Mar 16  Foresters laud Landcorp's change of mind

7 Mar 16  What the White House hopefuls think of new energy

3 Mar 16  OIO-action company sells NZ carbon assets

3 Mar 16  Clever machine measures soil gases

3 Mar 16  How Africa could leapfrog fossil fuels to clean energy

3 Mar 16  Recycled water could help to cut the food bills

29 Feb 16  Watch ag emissions, Treasury tells Government

29 Feb 16  Scientists study slow-burning trees

26 Feb 16  Carbon budget is only half as big as we thought

26 Feb 16  Scientists calculate our debt to the Earth

26 Feb 16  Urban sprawl is threatening Sydney’s foodbowl

25 Feb 16  NZ and China best friends under carbon pact

25 Feb 16  Z Energy wishlist: Everybody must be in ETS

23 Feb 16  OPINION: Our forest industry is heading south

23 Feb 16  British power stations burning biomass from America

23 Feb 16  Climate change is killing off India’s giant bees

22 Feb 16  New minister pushes for carbon price rise

22 Feb 16  Why ETS examination should take the long view

22 Feb 16  ETS ... we're hitting the target but missing the point

22 Feb 16  Better water use can cut global food gap

15 Feb 16  Planting rate drops by a million seedlings

15 Feb 16  Organic farmers win better base for milk price

15 Feb 16  Effluent reduction model could change dairying

15 Feb 16  How a phosphorus shortage could leave us short of food

15 Feb 16  Saving our ecosystems step in the right direction

9 Feb 16  Govt's ETS stand has dangers, say economists

9 Feb 16  It's time to rethink what we want from farming

9 Feb 16  Useful waste offers win-win energy benefits

9 Feb 16  Disease threatens to kill off bananas ... but there's a way we might save them

9 Feb 16  How human impacts fuel weather extremes

2 Feb 16  How planning helps these farmers to beat the climate

25 Jan 16  Stand by ... it's another rough ride for forests

25 Jan 16  What is a garden city – and why is money being spent on building them?

18 Jan 16  New gear is making every drop of water count

18 Jan 16  UK must balance food farming impacts

15 Dec 15  New food status doesn't let NZ off the hook

15 Dec 15  Govt didn't ask officials about agriculture and the ETS review

15 Dec 15  What we can learn from the rise and fall of climate and civilizations

15 Dec 15  Farmers would do better to understand the land

7 Dec 15  Catastrophe looms as arable land is lost

7 Dec 15  Energy game-changers look to future

30 Nov 15  Treat agriculture like anyone else, says Caygill

30 Nov 15  Plant to beat emissions, expert tells farmers

30 Nov 15  Taupo farmers take sustainability award

30 Nov 15  Can eating less meat really tackle climate change?

30 Nov 15  Breakthrough ushers in era of guilt-free gas

24 Nov 15  Agriculture fails to make the cut

23 Nov 15  Groser hints at boost for carbon prices

23 Nov 15  Rising sea levels ... we've been there before

23 Nov 15  What will be top of mind for Africa at climate talks?

23 Nov 15  Poor nation earns rich praise for emissions target

16 Nov 15  When gumboots became a lightbulb moment ...

16 Nov 15  Auction time again, but it's not really working

16 Nov 15  Hopes run high for floating power stations

9 Nov 15  Get the waka back on course, says Maori expert

9 Nov 15  Industrial waste could offset climate emissions

2 Nov 15  Why we need a world agreement on agri emissions

2 Nov 15  Higher carbon prices the key, says new book

2 Nov 15  Best not to mess with agriculture yet, says NZ First

2 Nov 15  Plantation boom broken, so let’s go carbon farming

2 Nov 15  Spread of drylands will hit poorer nations hardest

27 Oct 15  EDITORIAL: The times they are a-changin' ... quickly

27 Oct 15  Groser confirms emissions backlash fear

27 Oct 15  BNZ's farmers are serious about climate change

27 Oct 15  Hurricanes wreak economic havoc as world warms

27 Oct 15  Red-hot summer means blue-green algae

27 Oct 15  Wages set to fall unless warming is tackled

21 Oct 15  Business needs to take a stand

19 Oct 15  Papers suggest what's on the table at ETS review

19 Oct 15  Fonterra becomes second-largest user of coal

19 Oct 15  A new era of migration ... and not just for people

12 Oct 15  Scientists push boundaries to find alternative energy

12 Oct 15  France has a soil plan – and it’s not just about wine

12 Oct 15  Climate-smart villages boost Nepali farmers' harvests

5 Oct 15  Biofuel, e-cars and trees are the way we must go

5 Oct 15  Islands play vital climate change role, says UN chief

5 Oct 15  Safer battery could spark investment in renewables

5 Oct 15  The VW affair: It's about honesty and transparency

5 Oct 15  Pesticides are not the only way to deal with insects

5 Oct 15  Elephant grass could offer viable alternative to coal

28 Sep 15  Our farming economics are flawed, says economist

28 Sep 15  Here's to a low-emissions future for agriculture

28 Sep 15  UN adopts bold new sustainability goals

28 Sep 15  How low-tech farming can help African farmers

21 Sep 15  Backlash fear stopped move on agriculture emissions

21 Sep 15  No action on agriculture could cost us $13b

21 Sep 15  We're a nation of wastrels, says OECD report

21 Sep 15  Let’s take the market out of conservation

21 Sep 15  India in disarray over strategy on global warming

21 Sep 15  Climate change efforts are hurting Africa’s rural poor

21 Sep 15  Does bioenergy have a green energy future in the US?

14 Sep 15  Tim Flannery gives us hope ... and we're giving away a of copy of his new book

14 Sep 15  Copenhagen chair fears Paris talks outcome

7 Sep 15  Greens bend to seek political climate consensus

7 Sep 15  Clean water musn't send climate targets down the gurgler

7 Sep 15  Greener cities are best at taming urban heat

31 Aug 15  Solar power takes giant strides as prices fall

31 Aug 15  Climate models may misjudge soils' carbon emissions

31 Aug 15  We can turn CO2 in the air into new materials

24 Aug 15  The quest to find sanitation solutions for Africa

24 Aug 15  Milk plant cuts water consumption

17 Aug 15  'Myopic focus' costing us climate change progress

17 Aug 15  Review ETS after Paris, says climate lawyer

17 Aug 15  It's time for packaging that cares about the future

17 Aug 15  Clouds gather over China’s solar power industry

17 Aug 15  Wind and solar surge sends EU emissions tumbling

17 Aug 15  Why promoting green ways in Africa might be bad

17 Aug 15  Extreme weather puts Africa's food security at risk

17 Aug 15  India lets loose the reins of its energy horses

10 Aug 15  Why coal commitment will cost Fonterra dearly

10 Aug 15  Revolutionary fence is set to trap the sea’s power

3 Aug 15  Caygill sets out on new energy mission

3 Aug 15  Clinton stakes out safe political ground with energy and climate plan

3 Aug 15  Sustainable oil from algae: the technology is ready, but what about the politics?

3 Aug 15  Message in a bottle: wine industry gives farmers a taste of what's to come

3 Aug 15  As biodiversity declines on corn farms, pest problems grow

27 Jul 15  Why cities are a rare good news story in climate change

27 Jul 15  Soil maps could help show the way for farmers

27 Jul 15  Forecasting dead zones and toxic algae in US waterways: a bad year for Lake Erie

20 Jul 15  Taupo scheme ticking along ... but there are problems

20 Jul 15  Groser pleads special case for animal emissions

20 Jul 15  EPA Clean Power Plan reenergises US climate policy debate

20 Jul 15  Bioenergy: making money and clean energy

13 Jul 15  Foresters see need for big ETS changes

13 Jul 15  Don't ignore us, bioenergy lobby tells Government

13 Jul 15  Groser off on climate-talking tour

13 Jul 15  Why climate change could knock seafood off the menu

13 Jul 15  Warming planet heightens plight of the bumblebee

8 Jul 15  Why our cuts will be an embarrassment in Paris

8 Jul 15  11% cut ... follow us down the path to catastrophe

7 Jul 15  NZ sets post 2030 target

6 Jul 15  Is palm oil the scourge of the earth, or a wonder crop?

6 Jul 15  Australia’s ‘climate roundtable’ could unite old foes and end the carbon deadlock

6 Jul 15  It looks like carbon capture is going down down the tubes

6 Jul 15  Greenhouse gas-guzzlers might spurn extra carbon dioxide

1 Jul 15  Carbon trades higher

29 Jun 15  Australia can halve emissions by 2030, says new analysis

29 Jun 15  How Rwanda’s clinics have gone off-grid and on to renewable energy

22 Jun 15  We must act now to save farming industry, says expert

22 Jun 15  Frustrated local farm adviser heads overseas

22 Jun 15  What the Pope said about the trouble we're in

22 Jun 15  Waste to wealth: the hidden potential of waste from fruit

22 Jun 15  Rise in CO2 could restrict growing days for crops

22 Jun 15  India blames heatwave deaths on climate change

15 Jun 15  Australia faces stormy future as temperatures soar

15 Jun 15  Desert farms could power flight with sunshine and seawater

8 Jun 15  Climate targets not a cost, says bioenergy bloc

8 Jun 15  Apollo plan asks for the moon in switch to renewables

8 Jun 15  Bio-waste boon for natives on poor pine soils

8 Jun 15  Clean water company seeks public backing

8 Jun 15  How modern crops can ensure food security in a heatwave

2 Jun 15  Clean-green brand not working overseas, says report

2 Jun 15  Coffee drinkers beware, your brew will change with the climate

25 May 15  We're overdoing farm fertilisers, says report

25 May 15  Farmers given early warning about hungry crop pest

25 May 15  Farmers hold the key to nature conservation ... so give them a break

18 May 15  In the new war of the worlds, the old world is losing

18 May 15  Where's the clean-tech economy talk, Mr Little?

18 May 15  You must find a way, academics tell farmers

18 May 15  Oceans generate rising tide of renewables ideas

18 May 15  Geraldton pools get in the swim

11 May 15  We've got the chance to turn green into gold

11 May 15  You asked for it ... organic milk heads for the shops

11 May 15  WORLD TODAY: What does Cameron's election win mean for the environment?

28 Apr 15  Why we must remember our debt to the natural world

28 Apr 15  The word is out ... dairying costs more than income

20 Apr 15  Minister happy with dairying emissions progress

13 Apr 15  We could be heading for a multi-billion-dollar carbon hangover

13 Apr 15  More cows means double the gas emissions

13 Apr 15  Investors chip in as renewables rise toward record level

13 Apr 15  Industrial corn farming is ruining health and water

13 Apr 15  Water Man of India makes rivers flow again

7 Apr 15  NZ hangs back as countries commit to carbon cuts

7 Apr 15  Why all cities should have a Department of Food

7 Apr 15  Water crisis pushes Brazil toward solar power at last

7 Apr 15  Hi-tech farming seen as way to green the food chain

30 Mar 15  Beat-the-heat beans could keep feeding millions

30 Mar 15  We got it wrong, admits Ballance

23 Mar 15  Nine billion reasons to get rid of our forest pests

23 Mar 15  No matter how you cut it, the answer is ecosystem services

23 Mar 15  Lots of hot air about heat, but why is no one talking about sustainable cooling?

23 Mar 15  Earth at risk in new epoch ruled by destructive humans

23 Mar 15  Why is low-carbon energy innovation so slow? You can thank Economics 101

23 Mar 15  Powerful wind blows through US energy sector

16 Mar 15  Chemical fertilisers poison our water, says study

9 Mar 15  Biobattery breakthrough boosts waste-to-energy revolution

9 Mar 15  Carbon could be key to better water, says researcher

9 Mar 15  Prices fail to reflect real costs of fossil fuels

2 Mar 15  Waikato mine delayed, not on hold, says Fonterra

2 Mar 15  Let's cut emissions, not worry about how

2 Mar 15  Farming boom leaves ecosystems in danger of collapse

2 Mar 15  When it comes to N in effluent – fresher is better

2 Mar 15  Joining forces for predator control

23 Feb 15  ETS nothing but 'words, fishhooks and traps,' says Palmer

23 Feb 15  New Zealand’s defective law on climate change, by Sir Geoffrey Palmer

23 Feb 15  Jobs v environment: the debate Queensland can end

23 Feb 15  Can wave energy rise to the challenge in Australia?

23 Feb 15  Climate impacts on European farmers’ yields per field

16 Feb 15  New brainstorming centre will tackle the 'weird stuff'

16 Feb 15  Oil aside, we’ve reached peak chicken, peak rice, and peak milk

16 Feb 15  Rice serves up double measure of biofuel and fodder

9 Feb 15  Iwi leaders lose climate change champion

9 Feb 15  Climate debt grows as Australia messes about

9 Feb 15  Chatham Rock awaits island phosphate ruling

9 Feb 15  New labelling rules steer shoppers clear of palm oil

9 Feb 15  Asia powers into the forefront of solar revolution

9 Feb 15  Yes, we can live well and avoid climate disaster, says report

9 Feb 15  Canberra to get wind power from South Australia

2 Feb 15  California rains bring little relief from drought

2 Feb 15  Yes minister, but ...

2 Feb 15  Nutrients maker helping farmers to go green

27 Jan 15  Carbon prices hit two-year high

27 Jan 15  Forest owners seek truth about dairying

27 Jan 15  Government stays quiet on emission trading plans

27 Jan 15  Energy pours into cutting-edge conservation ideas

27 Jan 15  The economic cost of climate change: time for new math

27 Jan 15  UN stresses need for genetic diversity

27 Jan 15  Africa will be able to feed itself within the next 15 years

22 Dec 14  Dairying costs exceed export income, says report

22 Dec 14  Chile’s mines set hot pace in renewables

22 Dec 14  Organic techniques closing gap on farming yields

8 Dec 14  We're facing a $3b carbon crisis ... and it could be worse

8 Dec 14  The country needs a carbon budget, says pressure group

8 Dec 14  Why our ‘silent ally’ soils are on the endangered list

8 Dec 14  Outlook bright for UK’s solar power potential

8 Dec 14  Paper mill sets new benchmarks for best practice

1 Dec 14  Memo farmers: Learn to manage your methanotrophs

1 Dec 14  One Plan water approval seen as ground-breaking

1 Dec 14  Why Australian investment in renewable energy has stalled

1 Dec 14  Queensland risks running the well dry by gifting water to coal

1 Dec 14  Beyond the poo bus ... the many uses of human waste

24 Nov 14  Green Revolution trebles human burden on planet

24 Nov 14  Obama pledge gets dollars flowing into climate fund

24 Nov 14  UN warns Pacific islands of extreme weather risks

17 Nov 14  Minister knows of water woes, but public information tap is turned off

17 Nov 14  Green groups want say on Ruataniwha changes

17 Nov 14  Expand climate portfolio, says Mahuta

17 Nov 14  Lakes expert to spotlight water quality

17 Nov 14  Diet's effects on emissions give food for thought

10 Nov 14  Trustpower's Aussie wind farm breezes along

10 Nov 14  EU plans power supergrid to boost renewables

10 Nov 14  US drought shows why the price of water should rise

3 Nov 14  At last, there's a glimpse of an ETS in Australia

3 Nov 14  Tararua turbines set power-output record

3 Nov 14  Southern winery wins green award ... again

3 Nov 14  Salt-poisoning a growing threat to crops

28 Oct 14  Hunt for oil anchors Govt's environment plan

28 Oct 14  Honey hits the jackpot for steep-land believer

20 Oct 14  Chile's new tax could open carbon doors for NZ

20 Oct 14  A new agricultural economy is knocking on the door

20 Oct 14  Problem seaweed could provide biofuel solution

20 Oct 14  Fish-catching technique nets innovation award

13 Oct 14  New Zealand is drying out ... and here’s why

13 Oct 14  Australia's big emitters might yet be billed

13 Oct 14  'Business as usual' no way to run our rivers

13 Oct 14  Landcorp bio-generation scheme runs out of gas

13 Oct 14  Wanganui firm has place among bio pioneers

6 Oct 14  We're wrong about waterways, admits Government

6 Oct 14  Listen to LUCI and keep land use on the level

6 Oct 14  Controlling deforestation will take more than words

29 Sep 14  Memo John Key: Look Pacific leaders in the eye

29 Sep 14  Win some, lose some ... that's climate change

29 Sep 14  Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

29 Sep 14  Off to the tip ... 33,000 polystyrene cups

22 Sep 14  We're spending millions, say green-wise farmers

22 Sep 14  Growth and greening now go together, says Stern study

22 Sep 14  How renewables can lead to prosperity and jobs

22 Sep 14  We can make a good life for most in the doughnut

22 Sep 14  Pumped-up couple win energy award

16 Sep 14  NZ scientists line up first lo-gas sheep

16 Sep 14  Post-Fukushima, Japan's power plans are all at sea

16 Sep 14  It makes no sense to rely on the same few crops

16 Sep 14  Drain the milk lake and create healthier, happier cows

16 Sep 14  Drought bites as Amazon’s ‘flying rivers’ dry up

16 Sep 14  Healthy diet guidelines hard to swallow for greenies

8 Sep 14  Angry green-plan backers desert Horizon council

8 Sep 14  Attention farmers: Stand by for a proliferation of pests

8 Sep 14  How we tricked bacteria into making renewable propane

8 Sep 14  Change the way you wee ... and help to save the world

1 Sep 14  Labour vows to scrap emitters' one-for-two deal

1 Sep 14  Forest owners welcome return of grant scheme

1 Sep 14  Canadian batteries get NZ approval

1 Sep 14  Worldwide, public shows its support for renewables

1 Sep 14  Scientists claim fertiliser breakthrough

25 Aug 14  Labour vows to act on agriculture by 2016

25 Aug 14  Water quality takes the spotlight

25 Aug 14  Watchdog rules ‘clean coal’ advertisement misleading

25 Aug 14  It's happened before ... a long, long time ago

25 Aug 14  Economy changes fuel Spain's fire dangers

18 Aug 14  Business needs to make climate change stand

11 Aug 14  Flower power one way to bring new life to broken mill town

11 Aug 14  Greens have a tempting carbon tax idea

4 Aug 14  WORTH WATCHING: New film shows up our sorry climate change story

1 Aug 14  Carbon axe will boost renewables, says Trustpower

1 Aug 14  Why swimmable rivers are a bridge too far

1 Aug 14  How the Rock got on a climate change roll

1 Aug 14  Organic farming growing rapidly, says EU

1 Aug 14  Warming world wake-up call for Asia

25 Jul 14  Morgan makes a splash with private water report

25 Jul 14  Scientist sees smart farmers already changing systems

25 Jul 14  We must learn to live with floods, says river expert

25 Jul 14  Big thinking, fresh thinking key to our future

25 Jul 14  The pre-Holocene climate is returning – and it won’t be fun

18 Jul 14  Australia 'underarms' our key commercial fish

18 Jul 14  Europe could pay huge climate price, says report

18 Jul 14  Believe it, Mr Abbott, climate change is hurting Australia

11 Jul 14  Savvy farmers back push for clean-tech economy

11 Jul 14  Australian farmers led astray on carbon farming

11 Jul 14  NORMAN: The longer we wait the more it will cost

4 Jul 14  'I shuddered at the thought of connecting my cooking stove with a toilet’s septic tank'

4 Jul 14  Why carbon tax proposal won't work

27 Jun 14  NZ has warmest winter

27 Jun 14  Progress must be climate-smart, says World Bank

27 Jun 14  Northern gas plant will cut CO2 emissions

27 Jun 14  Climate crisis puts pressure on King Corn

27 Jun 14  Scientists see dangers in jet contrails

27 Jun 14  The many reasons why wood is the way to go

20 Jun 14  Brazil scores winning goal on carbon emissions

20 Jun 14  Finns launch sustainable business tools

13 Jun 14  How to save our seas: stop all fishing

13 Jun 14  Come and see our lovely renewable energy sites

13 Jun 14  Why we need clear emissions-reduction reporting

6 Jun 14  Let's get back to ETS basics, says Internet leader

6 Jun 14  Business group wants to green KiwiSaver

6 Jun 14  American students claim to clean the air with roof tiles

6 Jun 14  EU members abandon new-energy plans

6 Jun 14  Fonterra and DOC join hands for green growth

3 Jun 14  Greens: Climate change biggest issue world has faced

30 May 14  Banks must stop financing crimes against the environment

30 May 14  Costly golden oldie now gets heating energy from the sea

30 May 14  Learn new ways to manage pests

23 May 14  Clark calls for sustainability cooperation

23 May 14  Seeds for all seasons when farmers get together

23 May 14  Stand by, America, it's about to get a whole lot worse

23 May 14  Great potential, but Australia needs to get a move on

16 May 14  Drought lines up corn for a fall

16 May 14  You could bill the beef, scientists tell Brazil

9 May 14  Southland gets nod for wood-fuel hub

9 May 14  Meltdown as ice-cream maker sides with campaigners

9 May 14  Why Australia has something to worry about

9 May 14  Europe adopts private-public partnerships

9 May 14  Scientists answer soil microbes questions

2 May 14  A Mars bar a day could keep climate change at bay

2 May 14  It's time to put non-edible biomass to work

24 Apr 14  Aussie Greens gain, but the rest is much the same

24 Apr 14  Climate policy and the need for clarity and certainty

24 Apr 14  Fracking is flying high, but how long can it last?

24 Apr 14  By hook or by crook, science is finding new routes to energy

24 Apr 14  Farmers earn environment awards

17 Apr 14  Scientists question Ruataniwha hearing advice

17 Apr 14  Agriculture gas emissions on the rise, warns UN

17 Apr 14  We’re on the right track, says Groser

17 Apr 14  More CO2 could limit plants' protein output

17 Apr 14  Maori agribusiness gets $2m boost

11 Apr 14  Our emissions up ... thanks to cars and cows

11 Apr 14  How sail is catching up with the fossil-fuel ships

11 Apr 14  Wooden skyscrapers cool idea in a warming world

11 Apr 14  Academic gets funds for drought studies

4 Apr 14  Profit comes before environment, says Act leader

4 Apr 14  Biofuels not a lasting solution, warns report

28 Mar 14  Planners to put 100% Pure under the microscope

28 Mar 14  The air that we breathe is killing one person in eight, says new report

28 Mar 14  Heat extremes put major crops at risk, say scientists

28 Mar 14  Hi-tech's a big job and Britain is doing it well

28 Mar 14  California goes nuts for water

21 Mar 14  Water is the key in a hungry world

21 Mar 14  Not all is well with India’s dam-building boom

21 Mar 14  Why Deutsche Bank built a jungle in Manhattan (complete with anaconda)

21 Mar 14  Burger chain goes free-range

21 Mar 14  Canberra outlines new farm opportunities

21 Mar 14  Scientists raise threat of methane in rivers

17 Mar 14  NZUS bounce of $2.90

14 Mar 14  Public wary of DOC's new business role

14 Mar 14  Farmers remain free of emissions obligations

14 Mar 14  Eight ways to better manage our livestock

14 Mar 14  Asia-Pacific must boost food supply, says UN

14 Mar 14  Did Genghis Khan ride to world domination on the back of climate change?

7 Mar 14  Government says no to national forest policy

7 Mar 14  Europe must get serious about cutting back oil

7 Mar 14  Sustainability graduates make their mark

28 Feb 14  Government knows how we can be carbon-neutral

28 Feb 14  Morgan going to public with water campaign

28 Feb 14  Taxpaper faces $500,000 bill for lake clean-up

28 Feb 14  Energy-wise dairy farmers could save millions

28 Feb 14  Credibility key selling point for green economy

28 Feb 14  Livestock diet can cut emissions, says study

28 Feb 14  Scientists crack code for duckweed ... and raise hopes for biofuel

21 Feb 14  Angry Maori take carbon case to UN

14 Feb 14  Maori ultimatum leaves Government unmoved

14 Feb 14  British farmers keen on Kiwi scientist's no-tillage methods

14 Feb 14  Land-use change still attractive

7 Feb 14  Angry Maori table $600,000 carbon ultimatum

7 Feb 14  New water moves not enough, says commissioner

7 Feb 14  Dilmah founder bankrolls 'green' tea to save the planet

31 Jan 14  Major powerco sets pace for fall in emissions

31 Jan 14  Think or swim ... that's our climate change choice

31 Jan 14  Badlands could cost us a ‘Brazil’, says report

24 Jan 14  Drought message is clear, says climate study

24 Jan 14  Study doubts value of land abatements

24 Jan 14  Tiny sensors will allow bees to tell us their troubles

24 Jan 14  WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

24 Jan 14  Farmers put weight behind water storage

24 Jan 14  Z Energy adds clean-fuel outlet

20 Dec 13  FORUM: We don't want our landscapes to become movie fiction

20 Dec 13  Don't burn crop rubble, says scholar

20 Dec 13  Sydney aims for 100% renewable energy

20 Dec 13  Draft pollution law seeks to tackle lethal European air

13 Dec 13  Move on carbon units worries foresters

13 Dec 13  Govt releases climate change commitment report

13 Dec 13  We need climate-smart agriculture, says UN

6 Dec 13  Analysts fear big Australian polluters might win

6 Dec 13  OPINION: Future of coal calls for serious debate … not slogans

29 Nov 13  Future bright for small-wind power, says study

29 Nov 13  Climate change will have economic impact on Pacific, says bank study

22 Nov 13  It’s about more than talking the talk, says award winner

22 Nov 13  Local bodies need no-till, says scientist

22 Nov 13  Take a searching look at our rivers ... and be in the draw to win a copy of this book

15 Nov 13  Biggest field yet chases green business awards

15 Nov 13  Smartrafts ... smart way to treat waterways

15 Nov 13  Here we go again ... still talking

15 Nov 13  Why it's important that we do our bit

8 Nov 13  New freshwater rules won't work, say scientists

8 Nov 13  Meet Kennedy Graham, green sheep of the family ... and a man business would be wise to watch

8 Nov 13  Young man in a hurry ... all the way to Warsaw

8 Nov 13  LanzaTech wins praise for China operation

8 Nov 13  New carbon capture projects get go-ahead

1 Nov 13  How new food forest courses will add to our larder

1 Nov 13  Pre-1990 forest owners back in the market for NZUs

25 Oct 13  Abbott wants ideas for emissions scheme

18 Oct 13  NZ turns away Australian carbon units

18 Oct 13  Solar revolution carries huge financial pain

18 Oct 13  Would you like cadmium with that?

11 Oct 13  Water key to sustainable development, says UN

11 Oct 13  Forest trust for all seeks board members

4 Oct 13  Happiness is herbs for boom business

4 Oct 13  WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

4 Oct 13  Animal emissions can be controlled , says report

4 Oct 13  What is NZ doing to help Pacific?

27 Sep 13  True carbon price bioenergy aid, says expert

27 Sep 13  Dung beetles dig in down south

27 Sep 13  High Court throws out One Plan appeals

27 Sep 13  Brussels aims to chop through EU forest rules

27 Sep 13  Norway helps farmers to diversify

20 Sep 13  Scientist gets $2m for dairy research

20 Sep 13  Science sees human waste as weapon in war against climate change

13 Sep 13  We waste one-third of world’s food every year

6 Sep 13  Our businesses must lead, says green champion

6 Sep 13  BOC boasts fumigant is ozone safe

6 Sep 13  Give carbon farm back to the cattle, says Govt

30 Aug 13  Is this the new Groser, asks academic

23 Aug 13  Contact decision disappoints wind energy body

23 Aug 13  Academic links climate change and civil wars

16 Aug 13  Free market doesn't do it for us, say academics

16 Aug 13  Forest figures meaningless, say growers

16 Aug 13  EPA gets ready to sidestep Congress

16 Aug 13  China safe at top of wind power market

16 Aug 13  Soot and methane not the whole emissions story

2 Aug 13  NZ eyes move to natural capital cost

2 Aug 13  EDITORIAL: Gluckman has arrived

2 Aug 13  Apiarists beg Government to bee serious

26 Jul 13  Renewable energy alone can do it, says report

19 Jul 13  EDITORIAL: Is the water accord greenwash ... or hogwash?

19 Jul 13  GE scientists deliver clear message to NZ

19 Jul 13  Satellites say where and when to move bees

19 Jul 13  Farmers gear up to dump old TVs

12 Jul 13  Fuel crops spell hunger, says scientist

12 Jul 13  Fruit growers eye big energy savings

5 Jul 13  Nation is green-obsessed, says farming chief

5 Jul 13  It's not all about profit, says farm report

5 Jul 13  Genesis gets nod for biggest windfarm

5 Jul 13  Report paints grim picture of climate change in Asia

5 Jul 13  CO2 aids desert greening, say scientists

28 Jun 13  Our green brand pure nonsense, say Kiwis

28 Jun 13  What the power industry players think

21 Jun 13  Prices force rethink of forestry carbon rules

21 Jun 13  Yes, we can make steel without coal

14 Jun 13  Farming in ETS is madness, says Groser

14 Jun 13  Industry sees bioenergy as key to jobs

14 Jun 13  'Carbon farming' makes waves in Bonn

14 Jun 13  Farmers told to adapt or suffer

7 Jun 13  Scrap carbon price cap, OECD tells NZ

7 Jun 13  House hears ETS 'far left' debate

7 Jun 13  Farmers slam fracking opposition

7 Jun 13  Solar power access gets easier for farmers

7 Jun 13  UN and big business bring light to Africa

7 Jun 13  It’s tough in the Outback … and getting tougher

7 Jun 13  Hotel sets environment pace

7 Jun 13  Hotel managers turn tree-planters

24 May 13  Biofuels + Food = farming winner

24 May 13  Southern farmers act to protect land

17 May 13  Emissions windfall drops … by millions

17 May 13  Farm couple finds Asia an eye-opener

17 May 13  Buy shares … and turn the heater off

10 May 13  Leaders to talk climate change

10 May 13  Greening of global trade vital, says UN

10 May 13  Europe embraces green infrastructure

3 May 13  Businesses don’t get it, says green campaigner

26 Apr 13  Eco report points finger at fishing

26 Apr 13  Co-operate or crash, warns forests expert

26 Apr 13  On yer bike … it could be the best way to go

19 Apr 13  IT’S OFFICIAL: Forests make way for dairying

19 Apr 13  NZ increases emissions ... by a lot

19 Apr 13  Women want out of the barn and into the boardroom

19 Apr 13  Hurunui wind farm gets green light

19 Apr 13  Private sector looms as key funder of forests

12 Apr 13  Fracking waste danger to food, say Greens

12 Apr 13  Think bionergy, farmers will be told

12 Apr 13  We’re losing good land, says report

5 Apr 13  Australia's weather bad and getting worse

5 Apr 13  Farmers get $30m to help them to adapt

28 Mar 13  Climate change could make us a better wine producer

28 Mar 13  Science claims victory in beetle battle

15 Mar 13  Biodiesel NZ good buy, says new owner

15 Mar 13  UN experts eye ways to fight drought

8 Mar 13  Critics uneasy with Fonterra-DOC deal

8 Mar 13  Australia backs clean food production

8 Mar 13  Expense puts farmers off, says expert

8 Mar 13  Caltex launches specialised diesel fuel

1 Mar 13  Meet the ETS winners ... and losers

1 Mar 13  Water huge issue for food producers, says Nestle chief

22 Feb 13  Voluntary deals don't work, say Greens

22 Feb 13  UN boosts 30 countries into green economies

22 Feb 13  Millions back farming sustainability

15 Feb 13  Meat exporter targets energy savings

15 Feb 13  Solar sponge soaks up gas emissions

15 Feb 13  Cuts will delay low-carbon Europe

8 Feb 13  'Pure NZ' impossible mountain, says scientist

8 Feb 13  Gas research centre gets more funding

1 Feb 13  New wind generator does it on the ground

1 Feb 13  Why you should give up red meat, not flying

1 Feb 13  Green cooking stoves make Helen's headlines

25 Jan 13  Second tranche units make an appearance

25 Jan 13  Southern lignite stupid idea, says farmer

18 Jan 13  Bio crop could put money in the margins

18 Jan 13  Forest returns dragging the chain

18 Jan 13  Research scientists eye funding for funds

18 Jan 13  Groser goes green in Berlin

18 Jan 13  So, what exactly is going on in Europe?

18 Jan 13  Black carbon looms as much bigger problem

18 Jan 13  Forest owners to vote on industry voice

18 Jan 13  Dull year behind us, flat year ahead

7 Dec 12  Agriculture: It's not all bad news

7 Dec 12  New phone app digs up the dirt on soil

30 Nov 12  Get smart with power, says PowerSmart chief

30 Nov 12  Environment watchdog questions fracking

30 Nov 12  UN wants private sector to stand up

30 Nov 12  New strategy aims to help primary producers

23 Nov 12  Greens accuse Nats of breaking promises

23 Nov 12  Australia happy trading scheme is working

23 Nov 12  Everyman's guide to Tiger Country

9 Nov 12  Bill dumps agriculture on backburner

9 Nov 12  National MP questions the science

9 Nov 12  Grants on offer for retailers to cut energy

2 Nov 12  Wind turbine pioneer finds overseas market

2 Nov 12  Trustpower surges ahead with Snowtown 2

2 Nov 12  Food key to Australia’s role in Asia

2 Nov 12  Millions back move to smarter energy use

26 Oct 12  ETS changes get through House ... just

26 Oct 12  Cheap price to pay, says Labour

26 Oct 12  Bioenergy process bad, says report

19 Oct 12  Govt has numbers to pass ETS changes

19 Oct 12  ETS 'disappointing and costly' decision

19 Oct 12  Farmers want action on water quality

19 Oct 12  OPINION: There's no free lunch with water

12 Oct 12  Developing countries adopt green energy

5 Oct 12  ETS changes go under scrutiny

5 Oct 12  Dick Smith’s recipe for a fantastic future without perpetual economic growth

5 Oct 12  Farmers target of climate investment help

5 Oct 12  Which way will landowners go?

5 Oct 12  Scientists out to develop better seeds

28 Sep 12  Worried forest owners urge Key to act

28 Sep 12  EDITORIAL: The problem called John Banks

28 Sep 12  Think carrot ... not stick

28 Sep 12  Farmers see plan as a step too far

21 Sep 12  Fund backs war on wilding pines

21 Sep 12  Green firms an inspiration, says judge

21 Sep 12  Spaniards to build Canberra solar farm

21 Sep 12  Scientists urge new way of thinking

14 Sep 12  Europe eyes limit on crop biofuels

7 Sep 12  Bold farm plan: Let's trade in effluent

7 Sep 12  Discharge rules inevitable, says farmer

7 Sep 12  Weather wrecking food supply, says report

7 Sep 12  Pacific nations get climate change help

31 Aug 12  Coconut compound does the trick

31 Aug 12  Cool idea could cut coal gas emissions

24 Aug 12  Public split as ETS changes face scrutiny

24 Aug 12  ETS bill has October deadline

24 Aug 12  EXCLUSIVE: Carbon News readers can now get full climate report

24 Aug 12  Let's all be like Taranaki, says Joyce

24 Aug 12  Transpower wins energy award

24 Aug 12  Biofuel under fire as food crisis looms

24 Aug 12  Beer drinkers say cheers to reducing methane

17 Aug 12  Mill Creek wind farm to play key role

17 Aug 12  We must value water, say irrigators

17 Aug 12  Study warns South Pacific of storm shocks

10 Aug 12  Conference urges Govt to act on carbon

10 Aug 12  Europe slams US for backing off

10 Aug 12  Right food vital, say UN experts

3 Aug 12  Business execs taking it seriously

3 Aug 12  Don't stand back, environment adviser tells NZ

3 Aug 12  ETS impact report out today

3 Aug 12  A good word to use is languish ...

27 Jul 12  Sheep emissions loophole to close

27 Jul 12  Forester forms safe haven for kiwi

20 Jul 12  Foresters might swap carbon for cows

20 Jul 12  Our world in peril

20 Jul 12  It's all good news for biodiesel maker

20 Jul 12  Plastics recovery sets record high

13 Jul 12  NZ helps Tonga build solar plant

13 Jul 12  Fisheries report gives NZ a nod

6 Jul 12  Bio-farming pays the bills, says study

6 Jul 12  Carbon forestry in hibernation

29 Jun 12  Heavy metals firm wins accolade

29 Jun 12  Puketoi wind farm gets go-ahead

29 Jun 12  Rio pledges pass $500 billion mark

29 Jun 12  Right, says Ban, now get on with it

15 Jun 12  Joyce slams businessmen's report

15 Jun 12  Wind energy pathway to jobs, says report

15 Jun 12  Figures paint sad picture of the world

15 Jun 12  Farmers eye new deal on cow gases

15 Jun 12  Fabric maker finds life after Starbucks

15 Jun 12  Travel leaders call for sustainability

15 Jun 12  Court fines sharemilker $25,000

15 Jun 12  US conservationist to tell his stories

8 Jun 12  Now’s the time to change our thinking

1 Jun 12  Help us, pleads wind power innovator

25 May 12  Science out to solve carbon mystery

18 May 12  Switched-on insurer turns over new Leaf

18 May 12  Europe ETS to spare some industries

11 May 12  Rural poor might be let off the hook

11 May 12  Time running out for ETS submissions

11 May 12  Vietnam eyes carbon trading scheme

4 May 12  Foresters should have their say on new rules

27 Apr 12  NZUs close to 12 million mark

27 Apr 12  Islands face big fresh water problems

27 Apr 12  Growers eye huge potential of safflower

20 Apr 12  It's a game-changer, says Aquaflow

20 Apr 12  Airport hotel signs for the environment

20 Apr 12  Insurer celebrates carbon first

13 Apr 12  It's good to be GE-free, says council

13 Apr 12  We can't go on like this, says think tank

11 Apr 12  Agriculture might get 2018 reprieve

5 Apr 12  Wind energy lobby predicts big things

5 Apr 12  Policy uncertainty makes for a foggy market

30 Mar 12  Agriculture key to ETS credibility

30 Mar 12  Grassroots groups win UN prizes

30 Mar 12  Time for emitters to move

23 Mar 12  Protect fresh water sources, says report

16 Mar 12  World needs water plan, says report

9 Mar 12  Wind power forecast is for huge growth

2 Mar 12  Gas technology lines Aussie pockets

2 Mar 12  Campaign aims to to cut emissions

2 Mar 12  Resort restores environment

24 Feb 12  Converting farmers like low carbon

24 Feb 12  Farmers tackle climate change challenge

17 Feb 12  Agencies chase slice of farm carbon pie

10 Feb 12  Lignite could fight cadmium, says study

10 Feb 12  Talks connect to connection technologies

3 Feb 12  Officials back slow-down of ETS

3 Feb 12  Wind power creates jobs worldwide

3 Feb 12  30,000-year-old bison gives up secrets

3 Feb 12  Clean Energy Centre spreads the word

27 Jan 12  $500m boost if farm emissions cut

27 Jan 12  Minister puts plans for environment

27 Jan 12  Hydropower on rise worldwide

27 Jan 12  LIfe gets harder for the environment

20 Jan 12  Prices force major forester to rethink

20 Jan 12  Forest owners fast out of the blocks

20 Jan 12  Meridian drops wind farm project

20 Jan 12  EVENT: Biological farming field days

16 Dec 11  Clean streams progress just a trickle

16 Dec 11  Scientists get excited about biochar

9 Dec 11  Why we must target the 2deg limit

2 Dec 11  Cadmium, compaction, carbon ... our soil is under attack

2 Dec 11  Fonterra forces farmers to fence

2 Dec 11  Millions marked for look at biochar

2 Dec 11  Farmers sign up to $99m green fund

25 Nov 11  Biological farming gets cash boost

25 Nov 11  Greenhouse gas levels reach worst-ever levels

18 Nov 11  ETS here to stay, vows Groser

18 Nov 11  Environment: Where the minor parties stand

18 Nov 11  Farmers growing keen on sustainability

18 Nov 11  Business getting serious about green investment

18 Nov 11  Australia joins drive to change food system

18 Nov 11  Smart boxes come to the Waikato

11 Nov 11  Pig gas turns into nice little earner

11 Nov 11  Wind power projects short of money

11 Nov 11  Where Labour and Greens stand on carbon trading

4 Nov 11  Environment key poll issue, says Labour

4 Nov 11  Chauvel lists flaws in ETS review

4 Nov 11  We can capture carbon, says report

4 Nov 11  Gas outage spurs forest biofuel option

28 Oct 11  Politicians to face ETS questions

28 Oct 11  Greens air milk disposal worries

28 Oct 11  China expecting huge growth in wind power

28 Oct 11  Dodgy ... that's Auckland City investment

21 Oct 11  Innocent forest owners will pay price

21 Oct 11  Leaders must make changes, says report

21 Oct 11  Study sheds new light on cattle emissions

14 Oct 11  Investors sniff out NZ forest fortunes

14 Oct 11  Historic moment as carbon tax gets a yes

14 Oct 11  Changing climate could lead to chocolate meltdown

14 Oct 11  Abbott will eat his words, says CMS

7 Oct 11  Windflow founder backs shares plan

7 Oct 11  Pre-1990 credits near 10 million mark

7 Oct 11  Eco question: What price our environment?

30 Sep 11  Scientist: PM didn't tell the whole story

30 Sep 11  Reward inhibitor farmers, says study group

30 Sep 11  How ecotourism can help save forests

30 Sep 11  Nelson projects aim to cut emissions

23 Sep 11  Taupo diffuses water time-bomb

23 Sep 11  Green jobs galore, promises Norman

23 Sep 11  Scientists spring speed checks on wind

23 Sep 11  Number of positives in ETS review

16 Sep 11  That's it ... till after the election

16 Sep 11  Farmers could make money from new-deal ETS

16 Sep 11  ETS review: We've been heard, say farmers

16 Sep 11  ETS review: Messages mixed, says Labour

16 Sep 11  ETS review: Weak scheme gets weaker

16 Sep 11  ETS review: Act stands for abolition

16 Sep 11  ETS review: Where are emissions reductions?

16 Sep 11  ETS review: Farm costs worry Fonterra

16 Sep 11  Pacific will go hungry, says bank report

16 Sep 11  Forests failure will cost plenty, says UN

16 Sep 11  Foresters shy at these prices

2 Sep 11  Windflow seeks capital to take IP offshore

2 Sep 11  Big business backs eucalypt biofuel

2 Sep 11  NZ Wood adopts new CEO

26 Aug 11  State deals cut out wind power pioneer

26 Aug 11  Windflow signs deal with NZ Windfarms

26 Aug 11  New Zealanders right behind sustainability

26 Aug 11  Carbon farming becomes reality in Australia

26 Aug 11  Further, faster, higher … wildlife responds to climate change

26 Aug 11  How investing in ecosystems pays off

19 Aug 11  Wind farm adds to environment awards

12 Aug 11  Ag emissions move difficult, says minister

12 Aug 11  Carbon gear will map our land use

12 Aug 11  UN exhorts academia to find solutions

5 Aug 11  Ships face new fuel rules in Antarctic

5 Aug 11  Is cleantech dead in the water?

29 Jul 11  Aussie clothier jumps in – boots and all

29 Jul 11  Are land prices too high for carbon investment?

22 Jul 11  Why we need to be bold ... like Australia

22 Jul 11  What's in the Australian carbon tax for New Zealand?

15 Jul 11  ETS review findings linger with minister

15 Jul 11  Are we keeping up, asks energy expert

8 Jul 11  Trader claims NZ's biggest carbon deal

8 Jul 11  COMMENT: Government misses Pure Advantage

8 Jul 11  Sorry, say experts, it's no longer business as usual

1 Jul 11  ETS review team hands over report

1 Jul 11  2013 still deadline, Goff tells farmers

1 Jul 11  New enviro watchdog to run ETS

1 Jul 11  Jet Park hotel wins top enviro award

24 Jun 11  ETS review looks at rewards for farmers

24 Jun 11  NZ spearheads agri-emissions research

24 Jun 11  Business grows for busy market pioneer

24 Jun 11  Australia votes $4m for climate change work

24 Jun 11  Six things companies need to know about climate change

17 Jun 11  Science eyes new way to measure farm gases

17 Jun 11  Try incentives for farmers, says broker

17 Jun 11  The Carbon Traders: Lizzie Chambers, Carbon Match

17 Jun 11  Why food and jobs will go as water dries up

17 Jun 11  Hydro footprint light on environment

17 Jun 11  Wind generation needs a helping hand

10 Jun 11  Climate fighter has a big job for NZ

10 Jun 11  Wind energy now in the mainstream

10 Jun 11  Ten things they want you know about wind energy ...

10 Jun 11  Parties battle over carbon farming plans

3 Jun 11  Charcoal company gets special mention

3 Jun 11  Hopes dim for safe emissions levels

27 May 11  Labour might sweeten ETS deal for farmers

27 May 11  Estimates pinpoint cost of ETS to farmers

20 May 11  Biodiesel maker to set up Nelson plant

20 May 11  Project to study our footprint on the world

13 May 11  ETS reviewers eye Australian farm plan

13 May 11  Forest credits near nine million mark

13 May 11  Figures show we're not so bad, say farmers

13 May 11  Billion tonnes of food thrown away, says report

6 May 11  Smallholders miss out on new carbon measure

6 May 11  UN aims for world ban on pesticide

6 May 11  Why the ETS needs transparency

29 Apr 11  Don't delay agriculture, says world body

29 Apr 11  Caygill crew on target to produce report

29 Apr 11  Clark urges businesses to go low carbon

29 Apr 11  ETS review predictable so far

29 Apr 11  Ag bags join move to recycling

21 Apr 11  We can cut carbon ... so why fudge the figures?

21 Apr 11  Animal emissions appear to be lower

21 Apr 11  China on a clean energy roll

15 Apr 11  Forest-planting rates still low post-ETS

15 Apr 11  Environment champion sees ETS loophole

8 Apr 11  Ban gas CERs or wreck market, says trader

8 Apr 11  Forest owners will get 9m carbon credits

8 Apr 11  Foresters see way to reduce ETS risk

8 Apr 11  New centre gets up close to nitrous oxide

8 Apr 11  Study suggests bio-farming does the job

8 Apr 11  Greens question Fonterra over water action

1 Apr 11  Synthetics answer might lie outside ETS

1 Apr 11  What the IEA thinks of our ETS

1 Apr 11  Greens: Emissions target is green-washing

1 Apr 11  The business of marine energy, May 25 and 26

25 Mar 11  Scientists show biochar slashes animal gas

25 Mar 11  Fonterra finds way to beat ETS problems

25 Mar 11  How Europe found other ways to cut emissions

25 Mar 11  New centre will test gas samples

25 Mar 11  New carbon measurement regime for large forests

25 Mar 11  Ministers reveal more carbon details

18 Mar 11  Jilted Fonterra to plead case at ETS review

18 Mar 11  Forests credit allocations top five million

18 Mar 11  Data predicts corn peril if temperatures rise

11 Mar 11  ETS review panel wants YOUR input

11 Mar 11  ETS PAPER 1: Businesses feel the costs

11 Mar 11  Caygill crew meets business leaders

11 Mar 11  Fertiliser firm wins battle over inhibitor

11 Mar 11  Scientists get help with ag research

11 Mar 11  Welcome to the Year of the Forest

4 Mar 11  Emissions target unrealistic, says lobbyist

4 Mar 11  Windflow happy with UK tariff change

4 Mar 11  Waikato wind farm wins approval

4 Mar 11  BOC signs long=term clean energy deal

25 Feb 11  Australia sets date for carbon scheme

25 Feb 11  NZ farmers happy with omission of agriculture

25 Feb 11  Science key to the future, says Gluckman

25 Feb 11  Buyers dominate market

18 Feb 11  Windfarm decision worries developers

18 Feb 11  Fewer emissions aid rural sector, says Garnaut

18 Feb 11  UN chief calls for a global revolution

18 Feb 11  US investors ask enviro questions

18 Feb 11  Aussie scheme could be lucrative for NZ carbon sellers

11 Feb 11  Wind farm adds power to the economy

11 Feb 11  NZ winning war on dioxin emissions

11 Feb 11  Ag emissions calculator updated

4 Feb 11  Caygill team gets down to business

4 Feb 11  Time running out for say on forest schemes

4 Feb 11  Smith calls for carbon reduction submissions

28 Jan 11  Forestry credits close on 10m mark

28 Jan 11  Animal emissions going under microscope

28 Jan 11  Energy market contemplates the end of oil

21 Jan 11  Govt stays silent on value of free credits

21 Jan 11  Investment in five wind farms tops $250m

21 Jan 11  FORUM: Signs of change

23 Dec 10  Review rules out some ETS challenges

23 Dec 10  Farmers renew call to keep agriculture out

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: Significant step forward

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: A clearer picture is emerging

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: Give money to research, says FedFarm

17 Dec 10  Second chance on wilding trees exemptions

17 Dec 10  California set to sign up for cap-and-trade

17 Dec 10  Emissions testing the key, say motor traders

17 Dec 10  Farmers can check effluent systems

10 Dec 10  CANCUN: We're committed, says Smith

10 Dec 10  Windflow rights issue raises $3 million

3 Dec 10  Why carbon can mean money for Maori

3 Dec 10  Cancun will learn why Kiwi way is the best

3 Dec 10  Act now or face more droughts, warn Greens

3 Dec 10  It all comes down to income, says report

3 Dec 10  Wind group: Court gives nod to wind farms

26 Nov 10  Top dairy farmers to talk sustainability

26 Nov 10  EECA 1 - bioenergy all the rage

26 Nov 10  EECA 3 - pig-power in Taranaki

26 Nov 10  South Korea promises carbon capture by 2020

26 Nov 10  They're installing one new wind turbine every hour

19 Nov 10  Public begins to question free carbon credits

19 Nov 10  Farmers must come first, says Dairy group

19 Nov 10  What Nick Smith said to farmers

19 Nov 10  Farming call vital for forests, says scientist

19 Nov 10  ETS leading to farm subsidies, warns Fed head

12 Nov 10  Dairying gets head around the environment

12 Nov 10  Groser leads NZ to exclusive Washington forum

12 Nov 10  ETS not the way to go, says FedFarm

29 Oct 10  NZ will talk up markets and forestry at Cancun

29 Oct 10  Australian experts examine carbon farming

29 Oct 10  Frankly speaking - Groser addresses Brazil conference

29 Oct 10  EVENT: Carbon Forum Asia 2010 - on now in Singapore

22 Oct 10  Manuka gets more muscle as a carbon crop

22 Oct 10  NZ wind turbine makes California breakthrough

19 Oct 10  Forest owners get positive ETS message from Government

15 Oct 10  First pre-1990 forest credits due ... millions to follow

15 Oct 10  Forest owners might get a carbon bonus

8 Oct 10  Solar giant plans huge plant in WA

8 Oct 10  Event: National e-conference on sustainability, November 15-16

1 Oct 10  Former MP heads agriculture advisory group

1 Oct 10  ETS in full swing as last bits tidied

17 Sep 10  Canada looms as a polar tiger, says scientist

17 Sep 10  It’s easy, says study, change what the cow eats

10 Sep 10  Owners await NZU allocations

10 Sep 10  Bioenergy material going to waste, says report

10 Sep 10  Climate change could be why bees are not so busy

3 Sep 10  Big banks take new look at dirty industries

3 Sep 10  Biofuel demand driving Africa land grab

27 Aug 10  Awards for leading science innovators

20 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 4: Richard Hayes, EITG

20 Aug 10  Race is on for biggest offshore wind turbines

20 Aug 10  How British firm saves big by being green

20 Aug 10  Inaugural National Winner Features In 2011 Ballance Farm Environment Awards

20 Aug 10  Te Uku wins Meridian environmental award

13 Aug 10  Kiwi ETS wins minister a rare bouquet

13 Aug 10  What Nick Smith said to transtasman business leaders

13 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 3: Wayne King, Carbon Market Solutions

13 Aug 10  Tasman challenge: Cut emissions by 15 per cent

13 Aug 10  Meridian to build huge Aussie wind farm

13 Aug 10  How Portugal gave itself an energy makeover

13 Aug 10  Australian car emissions rules well off pace

13 Aug 10  MAF allocates funds for soil erosion work

6 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 2: Simon Young, Karo Group/EcoSecurities

6 Aug 10  Farmers like large recycling bag for plastic

6 Aug 10  Now's the time to apply to farming fund

30 Jul 10  Farm leader angers 'foreign-owned' foresters

30 Jul 10  'Climate migrants' will flood US, says study

30 Jul 10  No country for farmers? ... what Federated Farmers said on carbon forestry

23 Jul 10  Nitrogen trading noticeboard starts for Taupo catchment

23 Jul 10  Waterweed idea wins science prize

23 Jul 10  Curry theory adds spice to emissions science

23 Jul 10  Yealands to turn vine prunings into power

16 Jul 10  Carbon credits ready to roll for big emitters

16 Jul 10  Foresters: Farmers can't see wood for the trees

16 Jul 10  UK firm plants 50,000ha in jatropha

9 Jul 10  Credits market growing, says carbon pioneer

9 Jul 10  Soil saviour Flannery to tell our farmers how

9 Jul 10  EPA proposal cuts power plant pollution

2 Jul 10  Foresters seek timber imports safeguard

2 Jul 10  UK must take radical action, warns watchdog

25 Jun 10  Carbon tax might be the way, says Labour

25 Jun 10  We won't dump you in it, minister tells farmers

25 Jun 10  Taxpayers face $1.1 billion Kyoto liability, say authors

18 Jun 10  Clover breakthrough could cut farm emissions

18 Jun 10  UK farmers show how to cut carbon

18 Jun 10  Government backs farm recycling scheme

18 Jun 10  Report highlights importance of water storage

11 Jun 10  Organic farmer: We're not all the same

11 Jun 10  You had enough time, MAF tells farmers

11 Jun 10  Carbon forestry can work, say tree growers

11 Jun 10  NIWA scientists put better nitrogen management on the farm to the test

4 Jun 10  Clued-up investors move on forestry blocks

4 Jun 10  Help us make money from carbon, pleads dairyman

4 Jun 10  ...and what Federated Farmers says about sheep farms and the ETS

4 Jun 10  Vital ETS rules for agriculture emissions being prepared

4 Jun 10  MAF issues several new ETS guides for forestry and agriculture

4 Jun 10  FORUM: Federated Farmers on the ETS and more ...

4 Jun 10  We must move from meat diet, says UN

21 May 10  Fonterra vows to fight on for free credits share

14 May 10  Should we have tax cuts or extend emissions subsidies beyond 95%?

14 May 10  Ministry clears up status of carbon brokers

14 May 10  US: We’re back on top of the energy world

7 May 10  Government takes ETS hardline with farmers

30 Apr 10  Carbon market wide open to doubtful deals

30 Apr 10  Business lobby gives up on ETS demands

30 Apr 10  Careful, warns Castro, we could kill ourselves

30 Apr 10  Charles has been busy making movies

30 Apr 10  Suspend the ETS until 2013, says farmers' lobby

23 Apr 10  Super Hornet carries biofuel sting in its tail

16 Apr 10  Drought and slump trim our gas emissions

16 Apr 10  Why farming chief is turning his back on $30,000

16 Apr 10  Three green stocks that could double your money

9 Apr 10  Countries expected to agree on animal-emissions action

9 Apr 10  Forest owners flood ministry with returns

9 Apr 10  Low-carbon Scotland eyes 60,000 green jobs

1 Apr 10  Kiwi dollars might fund overseas research

1 Apr 10  Did climate bring about the collapse of Angkor?

26 Mar 10  Land lies idle as foresters fear conversion

26 Mar 10  Don't blame cows for climate change, says scientist

26 Mar 10  Mt Cass wind farm progressing

19 Mar 10  Insurer backs off forest-damage protection

19 Mar 10  In 10 years, we'll be flying on flax and food scraps

19 Mar 10  Battle over California climate law takes shape

19 Mar 10  World watches for a green world cup in South Afica

12 Mar 10  Vietnam to get $790m climate change funding

5 Mar 10  Marks and Spencer’s big green plan sends a message to Kiwi businesses

26 Feb 10  Air NZ silent on damning biofuel report

26 Feb 10  Burning southern forest shows up carbon risk

26 Feb 10  Scientists aim to unlock ag-gas emissions secrets

26 Feb 10  Have your say on forest credits allocations

26 Feb 10  Food supply cracking under people pressure

19 Feb 10  UN must probe ‘bias’, says former climate chief

19 Feb 10  US diddles while China sizzles

19 Feb 10  Australian firms eye biochar production

19 Feb 10  Seven seek top environment awards

12 Feb 10  Buy small to create liquidity, says trader

12 Feb 10  Wind grows share of power generation

12 Feb 10  Pachauri toughs it out as pressure grows

12 Feb 10  Changing farming climate is AgResearch focus

5 Feb 10  Mighty River wants more after Maori carbon deal

5 Feb 10  Obama retreats from goal of cap-and-trade bill

5 Feb 10  Rudd and Abbott trade blows over climate schemes

5 Feb 10  Aussie hotel wins carboNZero certification

29 Jan 10  Scientists hot on the trail of burp-maker

29 Jan 10  Wanted: New chief for big boys' lobby group

29 Jan 10  Nations must not delay, says UN climate chief

29 Jan 10  Will this senator kill renewables?

22 Jan 10  Credit-rich foresters out looking for buyers

22 Jan 10  Big players, but most Indians unaware of climate change

22 Jan 10  Come on, Kiwis, let’s ride the green wave

22 Jan 10  An alternative lesson from Copenhagen

18 Dec 09  Treasury gave thumbs down to ETS intensity-based scheme

18 Dec 09  NZ might get its way, says business council head

18 Dec 09  NZ pours $45m into global research fund

18 Dec 09  UN shuts clean coal out of emissions trading

18 Dec 09  Global ag fund missed opportunity, says Chauvel

18 Dec 09  NZ firm helps British sheep

11 Dec 09  Indoor dairying cuts emissions, says expert

11 Dec 09  Organic farming key to cutting emissions

4 Dec 09  NZ does quick ETS rules patch-up after Aussie collapse

4 Dec 09  At last, the forestry show can hit the road

4 Dec 09  Greens see jobs aplenty in carbon storage bonanza

4 Dec 09  UN suspends approval of China wind farms

4 Dec 09  No-go Nicolson: It's best I stay down on the farm

4 Dec 09  Todd takes stake in Crest

4 Dec 09  Meridian to appeal Project Hayes decision

27 Nov 09  Soil sequestration seen as cash boost for farmers

27 Nov 09  ETS: What Climate Change Minister Nick Smith says

27 Nov 09  ETS: Federated Farmers praise handiwork

23 Nov 09  Maori win ETS voice ... and trip to Copenhagen

23 Nov 09  Opposition gets ready to mount counter-offensive

23 Nov 09  Smith: Agreement enables progress on climate change

23 Nov 09  Maori Party: Deal to benefit all

23 Nov 09  ETS changes mean tomorrow's NZers will pay 84 per cent of Kyoto costs, says council

20 Nov 09  Frustrated farmers: The tractors are coming

20 Nov 09  IN THE HOUSE: Maori Party ETS deal

20 Nov 09  Forum: Taking agriculture forward with the Emissions Trading Scheme

20 Nov 09  Police probe Mafia ties in wind energy scams

20 Nov 09  Time for a cup of tea, says veteran Nat

16 Nov 09  Dejected dairy giant plans next ETS move

16 Nov 09  Harmonisation not the way, says expert

16 Nov 09  National foolish in slavishly following Australia, says Chauvel

16 Nov 09  Aussie farmers out of ETS ‘faster than a rat up a drainpipe’

16 Nov 09  Aussie agriculture backflip could be first of many

13 Nov 09  Treasury says it hasn't got Kyoto accounts wrong

13 Nov 09  FORUM: Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with Maldives on climate change

6 Nov 09  Farmers might move offshore, warns Fonterra

6 Nov 09  Methane scare: NZ urged to watch and wait

6 Nov 09  ETS politics frustrating, says business chief

6 Nov 09  Senate moves on energy ... without Republicans

6 Nov 09  Environmental priorities must connect the dots, say Greens

30 Oct 09  Sydney drags chain in Asian carbon-hub race

30 Oct 09  Farmers condemn Stern’s vegetarian call

23 Oct 09  Farming opportunites huge, says recruiter

23 Oct 09  Turia confirms big iwi leading Maori Party ETS policy

23 Oct 09  Chauvel to energy leaders: ETS changes too generous to last

23 Oct 09  China, India forge alternative to UN treaty

16 Oct 09  INTERVIEW: It's time to do the hard bit, says Nick Main

16 Oct 09  Push to exempt Australian farmers from carbon laws

16 Oct 09  Biodiesel looking better than ever, says study

16 Oct 09  EVENT: Sustainable housing symposium, November 19-21

15 Oct 09  Protests force slowdown on full-speed-ahead ETS

15 Oct 09  Who Foss wants to hear on the ETS today

9 Oct 09  Smelter might suffer under Aussie rules

9 Oct 09  COMMENT: Are farmers still denying climate change?

9 Oct 09  Brazilian beef giants agree to moratorium

2 Oct 09  Domestic NZUs price likely to settle at $23 a tonne, says trader

2 Oct 09  OPINION: The ETS and your business

2 Oct 09  US Senate bill toughens emissions target

2 Oct 09  China eyes emission trading as part of economic plan

2 Oct 09  Bank issues dire warning to Asia-Pacific countries

23 Sep 09  Labour grizzles as ETS changes go through House

23 Sep 09  Switch to trees pays off for carbon-conscious farmer

23 Sep 09  Let farmers opt in to ETS, says expert

23 Sep 09  FORUM: ETS is farmers' ball and chain

23 Sep 09  Solid Energy and Ravensdown investigate lignite-to-fertiliser plant

18 Sep 09  Labour releases ETS breakdown papers

18 Sep 09  World is listening to us, says Groser

18 Sep 09  IN THE HOUSE: Deal with Maori under scrutiny

14 Sep 09  Farmers could have gained millions in secret deal proposed by Labour

14 Sep 09  EXCLUSIVE - The "Dear Lucy" deal e-mail from Labour to National

14 Sep 09  Smith: ETS revisions "balance" environment, economy

11 Sep 09  Confident Labour sits in ETS driving seat

11 Sep 09  Sarkozy sets carbon tax to 'save human race'

11 Sep 09  Irish might need cow tax to meet EU targets

11 Sep 09  Cities better carbon traps than forests, says study

11 Sep 09  Climate change could slash crop yields

4 Sep 09  Carbon Market Expo 26 - 28 October 2009

31 Aug 09  Report lists 34 ways to shape our carbon future

31 Aug 09  Business: Review leaves huge issues up in the air

31 Aug 09  Farmers: Report is a loaded gun at our heads

28 Aug 09  EXCLUSIVE: Business says no to carbon trade hobbles

28 Aug 09  Smith cautious on methane in ETS, bi-party deal

28 Aug 09  Denmark has recycling down to a fine art

28 Aug 09  Obama’s grandma goes solar at village home

28 Aug 09  Mt Cass wind farm plan revised

28 Aug 09  Online GHG reduction calculator

21 Aug 09  ETS deal hangs on Key's response to Goff

21 Aug 09  New tech means farmers can turn dung into dollars

21 Aug 09  Smith hopes ETS will please everyone

21 Aug 09  Meridian buys US solar-farm developer

14 Aug 09  Agriculture bogs down bipartisan ETS deal

14 Aug 09  Wind energy key to cutting electricity emissions

14 Aug 09  How green Denmark got ahead of the pack

14 Aug 09  Australia’s ag-carbon could be bigger than coal

14 Aug 09  Greens: NZ to spend on emissions target when it could save

10 Aug 09  ANALYSIS: Now it comes down to the ETS deal for agriculture

10 Aug 09  BUSINESS LEADERS: Target will have to rise later

10 Aug 09  OXFAM: Target shows NZ does not care

7 Aug 09  Companies must take care with carbon-neutral claims

7 Aug 09  Aussie farmers call for carbon trading exemption

7 Aug 09  Household impact of US bill only modest, says study

7 Aug 09  UK taxpayer may foot bill for missed emission targets

7 Aug 09  Most New Zealanders want 20-plus emissions reduction target

7 Aug 09  High price for 100 per cent renewable energy, says Smith

7 Aug 09  FORUM: Nick Smith doesn’t get it

31 Jul 09  Emissions target to be set next week

31 Jul 09  Fruit producers lead way in carbon footprinting

31 Jul 09  France faces internal fight over carbon tax

31 Jul 09  Costs of emissions cuts most likely overstated - report

31 Jul 09  Business backs 20% emissions cut target

31 Jul 09  No new tree planting under this Parliament, say Kyoto forest owners

31 Jul 09  Guarantee for good biofuel moves closer

31 Jul 09  ETS in place by December, says Smith

24 Jul 09  Our ag emissions in the spotlight, says minister

24 Jul 09  Forum: Excluding agriculture from ETS neither principled nor smart

24 Jul 09  Government misreading public mood for free ride for agriculture?

24 Jul 09  Companies link to hasten biofuel production

24 Jul 09  IPCC to elevate plight of poorest countries

24 Jul 09  Nike says no more leather from Amazon

17 Jul 09  Agriculture (at last) on world emissions agenda

17 Jul 09  Govt sees NZ as leader in ag emissions research

17 Jul 09  Low carbon: How Britain plans to do it

17 Jul 09  US ready to lead on climate change, Chu tells China

17 Jul 09  Babydoll sheep to cut emissions at vineyard

14 Jul 09  Maori Party might support Nats' ETS changes

14 Jul 09  Reluctant farmers ready to set reduction target

14 Jul 09  Small miner puts case for use of coal

14 Jul 09  Need for balance in climate change targets, says Meat & Wool New Zealand

10 Jul 09  Soil carbon question difficult, says minister

10 Jul 09  We're no climate deniers, says farm leader

10 Jul 09  ANALYSIS: And in the red corner ...

7 Jul 09  Voluntary soil carbon market on the way

7 Jul 09  Could rice possibly be the new concrete?

7 Jul 09  Un-baa-lievable ... Scottish sheep are shrinking

7 Jul 09  Millions face climate-related hunger, says Oxfam

3 Jul 09  Split targets on agenda of Nats-Labour ETS talks

3 Jul 09  Rules change, but forest owners still obligated

3 Jul 09  Goverment needs to wake up, say foresters

3 Jul 09  Democrats gear up for Senate climate bill battle

3 Jul 09  Government improves water quality monitoring

30 Jun 09  Greens push split-emissions cuts targets

30 Jun 09  Energy sector wants firm emissions targets now

30 Jun 09  Farmers deserve reward, not tax, says scientist

30 Jun 09  'Green capital' to show off zero-emissions vehicle

26 Jun 09  US climate bill proponents agree to concessions

23 Jun 09  Top UK scientist here to see NZ toes the line

23 Jun 09  Groser seeks progress on climate agreement

23 Jun 09  Brazil seeks millions in cattle compensation

23 Jun 09  Report: How climate change will affect business

23 Jun 09  US pours $600b into Asian green energy deals

23 Jun 09  Climate lobby wants longer ETS review

19 Jun 09  Dunne: ETS report might be July or August ... or later

19 Jun 09  US House may vote on climate bill next week

19 Jun 09  Brazil bank to offer cheap loans to green companies

19 Jun 09  ETS economic impact report reaction: Labour

19 Jun 09  ETS economic impact report reaction: Greens

16 Jun 09  Biofuel source important to us, says Air NZ

16 Jun 09  Canadian anger builds over carbon trading

16 Jun 09  World Bank pulls loan to Brazilian cattle giant

16 Jun 09  US debates climate change role of farms and forests

12 Jun 09  Ecologist queries Air NZ enviroment award

12 Jun 09  Canada to establish carbon trading market

12 Jun 09  Millions on move as climate changes, warns UN

12 Jun 09  How heifers became the Hummers of agriculture

12 Jun 09  New software measure farm emissions

12 Jun 09  Government makes up mind in advance on outcome of water reforms, says Labour

12 Jun 09  Tried-and-true recipes to tackle and gain from climate change

9 Jun 09  Land use seen as vital to fixing climate toll

9 Jun 09  Nature best at handling climate change, says UN

9 Jun 09  Change of focus on fresh water management

9 Jun 09  North Canterbury company fined for burning tyres

5 Jun 09  Climate change: Where there's a Wills there's a way

5 Jun 09  Huge boost in wood, says report

5 Jun 09  Wood the new coal in a low-carbon world

5 Jun 09  NSW to build Australia's largest wind farm

5 Jun 09  Kiwi organisations unite to tackle climate change

5 Jun 09  Gull discounts biofuel 12 cents per litre for World Environment Day

5 Jun 09  Cleanest 'Gypsy Day' ever, say farmers

2 Jun 09  New centre to study agriculture gas emissions

2 Jun 09  MAF's message: Our way of farming must change

2 Jun 09  Organics campaigner sends key message to farmers

2 Jun 09  Forestry owners plead for level playing field

2 Jun 09  Report accuses supermarkets over forest destruction

2 Jun 09  African ministers reach climate change accord

29 May 09  Climate change outburst embarrasses Act

29 May 09  Act must back ETS, says forest owner

29 May 09  Beware of 'carbon cowboys', foresters warned

29 May 09  Budget investment brings hope for sustainability science, says OANZ

26 May 09  Business group's climate change voice remains hushed

26 May 09  US climate change bill clears key hurdle

26 May 09  Personalities sign on for climate change campaign

22 May 09  Waikato farmers snap up native plants

19 May 09  Scientists list dangers to US Pacific ocean

19 May 09  UN chief urges action on risk of natural disasters

19 May 09  Crude oil lowers producers' input prices

15 May 09  GREENS 1: New Deal creates 42,000 jobs

15 May 09  GREENS 2: 6000 state houses, planting waterways

15 May 09  Organic fruit growing gets carbon clearance

12 May 09  No special deals for NZ, Australian climate officials say

12 May 09  Coal’s idea for tiny tax and trees given solid debunking

12 May 09  Auckland-Wellington for $4.40 in the Green Machine

12 May 09  Ethanol test for Obama backing science over politics

12 May 09  Seresin Estate leads the way in organics and biodynamics

5 May 09  We still want to harmonise, says Smith

5 May 09  Farming groups split on need for ETS

5 May 09  Solid Energy on trail of carbon accounting

5 May 09  Ngai Tahu faces bill of millions in clawbacks

5 May 09  One cup of coffee =140 litres of water

5 May 09  Business leaders: emissions trading policy delays causing major investment blight

5 May 09  NZ can lead world in renewable energy, says expert

5 May 09  Fonterra wants intensity approach to ETS

1 May 09  Zespri aims high as carbon-clean producer

1 May 09  ETS certainty vital, says wind energy chief

1 May 09  India eyes $100b in carbon trading deals

28 Apr 09  ETS will close mills, warn wood processors

28 Apr 09  You must adapt, minister tells farmers

28 Apr 09  SE Asia will be hit hard , warns bank report

28 Apr 09  Water pollution major problem - survey

28 Apr 09  MainPower appeals Mt Cass wind farm decision

24 Apr 09  Kiwi researchers in major cow methane breakthrough

24 Apr 09  Trading website readies for carbon units sale

24 Apr 09  Forestry sector has date with ETS review

24 Apr 09  It’s life or death, say indigenous peoples

24 Apr 09  Careful forest management crucial, says UN

24 Apr 09  Coastal Farmers take environment award

24 Apr 09  Key's 'road' for economic recovery should look more like a light-rail line, say Greens

21 Apr 09  Forest industry fears carbon deficit blow-out

21 Apr 09  NZ could lead in wind energy, says global expert

21 Apr 09  Inhibitors no silver bullet, warn farmers

21 Apr 09  Climate deal fraught with problems, says EU envoy

21 Apr 09  UN calls on governments to invest in Green Deal

17 Apr 09  Forest owners in plea for more tree-planting

17 Apr 09  Knock-backs no worry, says wind energy group

17 Apr 09  Coal-rich southern mine heads for closure

17 Apr 09  Australia off target, say rebel scientists

17 Apr 09  Green light for environmental footprinting centre

17 Apr 09  Action needed on positive side of Kyoto ledger, say forestry contractors

17 Apr 09  Two million dollars for new Kyoto forests

17 Apr 09  Figures show why ETS should go ahead quickly

17 Apr 09  Reality check time on emissions trading, says Federated Farmers

17 Apr 09  More headroom for a better carbon scheme

14 Apr 09  Most Kiwis want climate deal at Copenhagen

14 Apr 09  Add agriculture to climate talks, says global body

14 Apr 09  ETS uncertainty points to serious energy problems, says Labour

9 Apr 09  Wairarapa wind farms win consent

9 Apr 09  TZ1 and American Carbon Registry form partnership

9 Apr 09  Climate change could cost California billions

7 Apr 09  Welsh firm claims answer to methane emissions

7 Apr 09  Commissioners knock back wind farms

7 Apr 09  UN calls for inclusion of farming in climate talks

7 Apr 09  Farmers care about fertilisers

3 Apr 09  Dunne: With Labour, we'll reach ETS agreement

3 Apr 09  Business leaders welcome multi-party deal talks on ETS

3 Apr 09  Agricultural emissions can be cut 13% today - at a profit, says Sustainability Council

27 Mar 09  Follow the Danes on animal tax, say farmers

27 Mar 09  Solid Energy wants action on southern lignite

27 Mar 09  Changing climate might force Australians to move

27 Mar 09  Experts seek ways to make tourism eco-friendly

27 Mar 09  Greenpeace increases call for emission cuts

27 Mar 09  'Big Picture' partnership claims top environmental prize

24 Mar 09  Harmonising Tasman emissions schemes could mean massive losses

20 Mar 09  EXCLUSIVE: Forestry credits sale marks world first

20 Mar 09  Australia move could cut agriculture from ETS

20 Mar 09  Wood-pellet industry resents officials’ disinterest

20 Mar 09  World leaders to be given green new deal facts

20 Mar 09  Meridian and NZ Antarctic Institute sign MOU

20 Mar 09  Auckland road tax shows National doesn’t get agriculture

17 Mar 09  Farmers want agriculture, food out of ETS

17 Mar 09  Capital acts to reduce carbon footprint

13 Mar 09  Chauvel: Forget Australia and get on with our ETS

13 Mar 09  Mapp urges biofuel crops for our badlands

13 Mar 09  Opposition terriers get teeth into Rudd’s ETS

13 Mar 09  Angry EU farmers oppose livestock-gas tax

10 Mar 09  Foresters: We've had enough of uncertainty

10 Mar 09  Biofuels bad news for third world, ecologists warn

10 Mar 09  Australian researchers claim algae breakthrough

10 Mar 09  Food fears prompt China to spend on agriculture

6 Mar 09  Include biochar in ETS, urges top scientist

6 Mar 09  ETS delay hampers lake protection moves

6 Mar 09  Credit freeze forces foresters to stall harvests

6 Mar 09  Clean Energy Corps rides to the rescue of US homes

6 Mar 09  New report slams state of world’s fisheries

6 Mar 09  Australia votes $32 million for soil and emissions study

3 Mar 09  Planted forests critical to wood supplies, says UN

27 Feb 09  Confused foresters lament lack of Government direction

27 Feb 09  Business NZ stance may not give Government support it needs on ETS

27 Feb 09  Roundtable lines up Lomborg for second tour

27 Feb 09  Australia goes all-out to cut animal gas emissions

24 Feb 09  NZ firms chase slice of Obama's clean-energy billions

24 Feb 09  Invasive jatropha might have dodged NZ security net

24 Feb 09  Green billions fertilise Obama’s economic package

24 Feb 09  Big US gold miner wins ‘prize of shame’

24 Feb 09  Britons beat the petrol price thanks to fish and chips

24 Feb 09  Federated Farmers: Fitzsimons' departure should lead to ETS rethink

24 Feb 09  UN: Heat waves and extreme drought will increase with climate change

24 Feb 09  Smith: DOC needs to be more transparent

20 Feb 09  Canadians woo our farmers with cash-for-carbon deal

20 Feb 09  Carter confirms ETS is the way to go

20 Feb 09  Mission sparks high-level interest in marine energy

20 Feb 09  UN urges green revolution to rescue the world’s hungry

20 Feb 09  UK windmills flap helplessly as coal remains king

20 Feb 09  Beijing Olympics raises bar on green sporting events

20 Feb 09  Brazil climate changes threaten coffee crop

20 Feb 09  Meridian wins consent for Mill Creek wind farm

17 Feb 09  New grass could wipe out cattle gas emissions

17 Feb 09  Capital fast-tracks tidal turbine trial

17 Feb 09  Biofuels might speed up global warming, says study

17 Feb 09  Clean energy at crossroads as firms cut plans and staff

17 Feb 09  Climate change truth is self-evident: Greens

13 Feb 09  NZ could take lead on climate-saving biochar, says scientist

13 Feb 09  Government welcomes progress to protect Lake Taupo

13 Feb 09  National quietly dumps two billion dollar Fast Forward fund

10 Feb 09  First bio-oil plant offers boost for foresters

10 Feb 09  Capital scraps over windfarms in parks

10 Feb 09  Energy boss warns of end to California farming

10 Feb 09  Water management needs reform, says NZWWA

3 Feb 09  Learn from us, says UK renewables expert

3 Feb 09  Council targets marginal land for forest planting

3 Feb 09  Kyoto soil carbon rules don't fit NZ, says official

3 Feb 09  World can afford green economy, says new report

3 Feb 09  Meridian says its programme will boost employment and economy

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Toxic seeds could fool children

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Everyone should plant it, says grower

30 Jan 09  Deforestation returns running late

30 Jan 09  Climate change largely irreversible, new study shows

30 Jan 09  Asian cities team up to prepare for climate change

27 Jan 09  Farmers fear fuel-source jatropha will kill stock

27 Jan 09  NZ could pay the price for Australian energy targets

27 Jan 09  Dairy farmers place orders for local biogas system

27 Jan 09  Biofuels a sham, says Goldsmith's ecology magazine

27 Jan 09  Leading investors call for US 'green recovery'

27 Jan 09  Submissions open on Turitea wind farm

23 Jan 09  Deadline looms for owners to report deforestation

23 Jan 09  Europe votes to ban toxic chemicals in pesticides

20 Jan 09  It's all win-win for no-till farmers, says scientist

16 Jan 09  Farming attitude change could slash NZ emissions

16 Jan 09  Ministry hunts out experts to boost green exports info

16 Jan 09  Emissions trading will increase Aussie grazing costs

16 Jan 09  Peru planting 40 million trees to fight climate change

16 Jan 09  Emerging economies more concerned, but optimistic about solving climate change

16 Jan 09  New investment in climate change research

16 Jan 09  National will have to do better than announce old policy , says Anderton

16 Jan 09  Used cooking oil slashes hot water power bill by 92%

22 Dec 08  Environment Court confirms Mahinerangi windfarm

22 Dec 08  Environmental footprinting expertise funded

19 Dec 08  2008 among 10 warmest years on record, UN experts say

19 Dec 08  Board of inquiry into Turitea wind farm proposal

16 Dec 08  Australia sets minimum target of 5% emissions cut

16 Dec 08  Banks praise direct selling of carbon credits

12 Dec 08  Environmental sustainability key issue, say advisers

12 Dec 08  Hugh Green: Contractor turns oil and gas hunter

12 Dec 08  Climate experts begin to doubt renewables, says survey

9 Dec 08  Wairarapa pine planters mourn loss of ETS millions

9 Dec 08  UN defends American attack on carbon trading scheme

9 Dec 08  Australian paper questions role of carbon trading

9 Dec 08  Research to reduce run-off effects

5 Dec 08  We should put a price on water, says Treasury

5 Dec 08  Food disaster looms in Pacific, says UN report

5 Dec 08  UK airport tax 'reprisal' for NZ stand on food miles

5 Dec 08  Hawaii signs up for electric car network

2 Dec 08  ETS review could damage farming, says Pedersen

2 Dec 08  British bulldog snarls Kyoto message Downunder

2 Dec 08  We're risking our clean reputation, says organics chief

2 Dec 08  District council factors in 10% cost of ETS

2 Dec 08  UK climate chief cracks down on coal-fired energy

28 Nov 08  Anxious EMA wants to meet ministers on ETS review

28 Nov 08  Govt mum on position for Poznan

28 Nov 08  CO2 levels reach highest point … and still growing

28 Nov 08  FORUM: How the world will look in 2025

25 Nov 08  FORUM: more wind means more power

25 Nov 08  Electricity from coal seam gas now on the national grid

21 Nov 08  Report deals blow to wind-and-water power backers

21 Nov 08  Voluntary carbon market first to embrace REDD

21 Nov 08  DECEMBER 8-9: Bioenergy Australia conference

18 Nov 08  ETS delay deal scuppers forestry project worth millions

18 Nov 08  Beware the brown peril – the abc of ABCs

18 Nov 08  Arnie orders full steam ahead on climate strategy

18 Nov 08  Carbon-sniffing satellite sleuth readies for launch

14 Nov 08  Govt must unravel carbon standards rules, says consultant

14 Nov 08  $11.75m for rural projects

14 Nov 08  Farmers upset over permit-to-farm decision

11 Nov 08  Hide stands firm: ETS should be scrapped

11 Nov 08  Time for another look at carbon tax, say farmers

11 Nov 08  O'Reilly questions future of leadership forum

11 Nov 08  Hitch-a-ride pioneer adopts TradeMe approach

11 Nov 08  BP decisions big blow to Britain’s energy hopes

11 Nov 08  Rudd under pressure to water down emissions scheme

11 Nov 08  Don’t sit around and wait, Aussie farmers told

11 Nov 08  Meeting hears why Africa left behind in carbon offset trade

7 Nov 08  Fisheries TAG in the wings as others wind down

4 Nov 08  Key ETS agriculture decisions out this month

4 Nov 08  Science, agriculture and New Zealand's future - Anderton

4 Nov 08  Agriculture and emissions trading don’t mix, says report

4 Nov 08  UN expert calls for world action to halt desertification

4 Nov 08  TrustPower opens Australian wind farm

31 Oct 08  Nervous foresters: We don't want policy flip-flops

31 Oct 08  Forum leaders keen to keep on being heard

31 Oct 08  Exporters fear impact of European emissions decisions

31 Oct 08  Brits reluctant investors in climate change, says report

31 Oct 08  Australian scientists to help wean chemicals industry off crude oil

31 Oct 08  FORUM: The flawed economics of nuclear power

28 Oct 08  ETS will put us out of business, says horticulture chief

28 Oct 08  Cities' leaders pledge action on climate change

24 Oct 08  Now is the time to get out of Kyoto, says Hide

24 Oct 08  National-Maori deal to put geothermal under Minerals Act?

24 Oct 08  MAF’s master tool for farm emissions measurement in doubt

21 Oct 08  Costs force Smart Drive innovator to look at US base

21 Oct 08  Nats promise electricity-first ETS by 2010

21 Oct 08  Parker: Nats won't, but we'll answer the questions

21 Oct 08  Biodeisel demand fuels price of wood waste

17 Oct 08  National-Maori coalition raises major issues over fate of ETS

17 Oct 08  Climate change targets could cripple UK agriculture, say farmers

17 Oct 08  It’s full speed ahead for America’s new energy economy

17 Oct 08  US dairy industry slashes carbon footprint

14 Oct 08  Company clustering aims to cut energy and waste costs

14 Oct 08  Anderton vows to shelter farmers troubled by ETS

14 Oct 08  Hydro schemes on wrong side of the island, says report

14 Oct 08  Don’t blame cities for climate change troubles, says report

10 Oct 08  Key players ponder Nat's 'unusual' R&D decision

10 Oct 08  Bluff smelter sale could mean big problems in the south

10 Oct 08  FORUM: Institute of Forestry reply

10 Oct 08  The Deadly Dozen - 12 climate change diseases that could sweep the world

10 Oct 08  Reducing greenhouse gases one fridge at a time.

7 Oct 08  Time for green thinking on the economy, say Greens

7 Oct 08  Farmers working hard for the environment

3 Oct 08  Power users unite in push for electricity reform

3 Oct 08  Wind power poser: Low lakes mean low wind speeds

3 Oct 08  'Hard year' nearly halves Meridian profit

3 Oct 08  Waste water becomes drinkable using NZ algae process

3 Oct 08  Further 32 turbines ordered for TRH wind farm

30 Sep 08  Big emitters play the waiting game with ETS

30 Sep 08  Bosses know little of carbon risk, survey shows

30 Sep 08  Millions of new jobs in green economy, says UN report

30 Sep 08  ‘Obsolete’ market system to blame for deforestation, PNG tells UN

30 Sep 08  First ‘carbon state’ report finds troubling imbalance

30 Sep 08  Eco-friendly Aussie farmers at a loss in no-agriculture ETS

30 Sep 08  IDEAcarbon rates Joint Implementation projects

26 Sep 08  Nats vow to sweep new broom through forest industry

26 Sep 08  UK emissions bill about to become law, says minister

26 Sep 08  Ban urges faster efforts to expand access to safe drinking water

26 Sep 08  New Zealand’s sustainability trailblazers announced

26 Sep 08  Is the end of higher fert prices on the horizon?

26 Sep 08  Local ethanol production could ensure NZ farming sustainability

26 Sep 08  Water management leaking through the cracks

23 Sep 08  UK names date to run first emissions trading auction

23 Sep 08  Canadians will pay Rwandans to plant trees

19 Sep 08  Cambodia pioneering carbon trading cooperative

16 Sep 08  ETS picture becoming clearer for forest owners

16 Sep 08  Entrepreneur finds use for dairy effluent

16 Sep 08  Grab the opportunities, UK expert tells our farmers

16 Sep 08  Carbon trading band-aid solution, report tells Philippines

12 Sep 08  Disappointed farmers vow to fight on ... but how?

12 Sep 08  Hemp (not the smoking kind) might be next wonder crop

12 Sep 08  Greenhouse gas emissions: What others are doing

12 Sep 08  Google Earth puts you in the cockpit for hotspots flyover

12 Sep 08  REACTION: Greenhouse Policy Coalition - Emissions trading scheme is flawed

12 Sep 08  REACTION: Greens: ETS a first step, time for some big strides now

12 Sep 08  LETTER: Bad news for Ngai Tahu

11 Sep 08  Parliament passes emissions scheme into law

11 Sep 08  Businesses, wake up and smell the carbon

11 Sep 08  Forest owners first to feel effects of ETS

11 Sep 08  New world of emissions - what happens and when

11 Sep 08  REACTION: Thank god that's over, now back to the climate, says Greenpeace

11 Sep 08  FORUM: Biochar holds many of the answers for climate change

9 Sep 08  Parker hails party leaders for 'great victory' on climate change bill

9 Sep 08  China launches large-scale renewable energy plan

9 Sep 08  Japan eyes home greenhouse gas savings in emission trading system

9 Sep 08  Carbon forum helps Africa profit from greenhouse gas offset scheme

9 Sep 08  Energy expert welcomes investment guidelines

5 Sep 08  Govt: ETS forestry compo benefits large number of iwi

5 Sep 08  Rare glimpse of National's post-election ETS policy detail

5 Sep 08  Climate forecasts crucial to water resources, say weather watchers

5 Sep 08  Crown submission on Meridian wind farm proposal

5 Sep 08  Solar energy can bring clean energy to over 4 billion people by 2030

5 Sep 08  Tough challenges to livestock agriculture

2 Sep 08  We've done the hard yards, say frustrated farmers

2 Sep 08  Contact files consent application for Waitahora wind farm

2 Sep 08  Call for funding for trials of alternative fertilisers on farms around lakes

2 Sep 08  PGG Wrightson moves into fuel distribution

29 Aug 08  Wind energy developers keep keen eye on new approvals process

29 Aug 08  Council sees reluctance to accept change to water usage system

29 Aug 08  ETS DEALS: What the Greens and NZ First got changed

29 Aug 08  MAF excited at finding cellulose perennial solution to biofuels

29 Aug 08  Film-makers get chance to tell climate change stories

29 Aug 08  Biofuels sustainability review puts forests ahead of food crops

29 Aug 08  Progressive Party supports ETS

27 Aug 08  BREAKING NEWS: ETS bill has the numbers

27 Aug 08  Statement from New Zealand First

26 Aug 08  Green Party statement

26 Aug 08  REACTION: Greenpeace welcomes Greens' decision

26 Aug 08  Heavy emitters stand to lose credits under deal with Greens

26 Aug 08  Report spells out future for precious water resources

26 Aug 08  Climate change will deplete fisheries production, warns FAO

26 Aug 08  Kyoto Forest owners say they need ETS passed

22 Aug 08  Bamboo can be a lucrative friend, pioneer tells Kiwis

22 Aug 08  Niwa scientists take serious look at algae for biofuel

22 Aug 08  Fonterra trialling new eco-friendly tanker

22 Aug 08  ETS must pass despite weaknesses, says Greenpeace

19 Aug 08  Car-racing series gives nod to ethanol-mix biofuels

15 Aug 08  Carbon sequestration has its problems, warns report

15 Aug 08  Aussies vote $1 million to boost small wind-turbines

12 Aug 08  NZ in the box seat on emissions trading, says economist

12 Aug 08  Greenair: Forestry carbon opportunities are real

12 Aug 08  New report paints bright future for second-generation biofuels

12 Aug 08  New $27 million project will protect the birds and the bees

12 Aug 08  Flower growers face threat from EU emissions scheme

12 Aug 08  Polluters gain control of water

12 Aug 08  TrustPower saves power at home

8 Aug 08  New UN report suggests how to boost cities’ resiliency to climate change

8 Aug 08  A good news story ... they’re using our trees over there

5 Aug 08  Forester warns farmers of get-rich-quick carbon hucksters

5 Aug 08  Stop the plough and save the world, says prairie professor

5 Aug 08  Eco-efficiency cuts waste by 20 per cent, says Fonterra

1 Aug 08  NZX will use TZ1 to throw off the shackles and go global

1 Aug 08  TrustPower rides rocky RMA road to win Mahinerangi approval

1 Aug 08  Firms found to be ill-prepared for cap-and-trade scheme

1 Aug 08  Farmers backed with $26.5 million for climate change training

1 Aug 08  AUGUST 18: Clean billions on conference agenda

1 Aug 08  Proven personal wind turbines

29 Jul 08  NZ ranks high among countries at least risk from climate change

29 Jul 08  Finland joins 26-country partnership to curb methane emissions

29 Jul 08  New members for GIAB announced

29 Jul 08  Major breakthrough in tropical timber campaign

25 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: Heavy emitters and National scoring major own goal

25 Jul 08  Goldsmith organisation condemns plans for importing biofuels into NZ

22 Jul 08  Fertiliser companies' carbon move could cost consumers

22 Jul 08  Meridian building windfarms in Australia and Antarctica

22 Jul 08  Contact plans wind farm for Southern Hawke's Bay

22 Jul 08  Global action needed for food and energy crises - UN Assembly head

22 Jul 08  'Carbon bomb' lies waiting in world's wetlands, warn scientists

18 Jul 08  In time, Australia and NZ ETS plans can work together, say governments

18 Jul 08  Australia gets ETS agriculture right, say New Zealand farmers

18 Jul 08  Maori Party sticks to polluters-should-pay stance on ETS fuel plans

18 Jul 08  Carbon trader helps landowner win funding for gas emissions study

18 Jul 08  UN embarks on worldwide survey to assess deforestation

18 Jul 08  Spending on science and innovation is best for combating climate change

18 Jul 08  Consider Aussie ETS before passing bill, say Nats

16 Jul 08  Parker, Swan meet tomorrow to talk emissions trading

16 Jul 08  Australia announces all-gases and almost-all sectors ETS

16 Jul 08  REACTION: Green Paper gives cold comfort to those wanting to delay emissions trading

16 Jul 08  Acting on climate change: towards an Australian carbon pollution reduction scheme

15 Jul 08  World won't buy ETS dream, top economist tells Aussies

15 Jul 08  Green economy good for jobs and business, says union expert

15 Jul 08  Pure Power looking to up New Zealand investment

15 Jul 08  Waste-to-biofuel developer wins $12m in state funding

15 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: Australian Green Paper: Will faces here go green or red?

15 Jul 08  Corporate 'greening' wasted on consumers, report says

15 Jul 08  Queensland looks at transforming cattle land with trees

15 Jul 08  Campaign highlights climate-change plight of women

11 Jul 08  NZ, Australia emissions schemes sit happily together, says Parker

11 Jul 08  Frustrated scientists hammer home the climate change message

11 Jul 08  G8 good start but fast action needed to tackle global crises, says UN chief

11 Jul 08  Cows given rbST reduce environmental impact, study shows

11 Jul 08  UN opens first zero-emission community centre in outback Kenya

8 Jul 08  Paper giant might fold and flee if NZ emissions scheme 'hostile'

8 Jul 08  Forest owners urge NZ to follow Garnaut carbon storage action

8 Jul 08  NZ farmers welcome Garnaut report’s cautionary note on agriculture

8 Jul 08  Branch out into willow, biofuel maker urges farmers

8 Jul 08  Garnaut review releases draft report

8 Jul 08  Japan summit to test G8 leaders on climate change, world economy and security

8 Jul 08  Climate change report reads like a disaster novel, says Australian minister

4 Jul 08  Dissenters will support ETS if it's law, minutes show

4 Jul 08  Wind-generated electricity blows past 2007 figures

4 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: The Labour-National negotiation that should be under way

4 Jul 08  No horse trading on other issues in Govt - NZ First ETS negotiations

4 Jul 08  China 3: Foreign governments help to map plans for climate change

4 Jul 08  India unveils eight-part action plan on climate change

4 Jul 08  Business leaders praise unions for recognising ETS will help deliver "future jobs"

4 Jul 08  Windflow attracts Mighty River Power

1 Jul 08  New report: more carbon credits needed to protect native forests

1 Jul 08  OPINION: CTU economist Peter Conway on the ETS

1 Jul 08  Fonterra hits 15-per-cent energy reduction target

27 Jun 08  Heavy emitters fire more salvoes on ETS

27 Jun 08  Report underestimates benefits of increased forestry planting, say forest owners

27 Jun 08  Contact Energy drops Environment Court appeal against Meridian wind farm

27 Jun 08  US dairy industry commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

27 Jun 08  Organic cow manure set to power Welsh village

24 Jun 08  ETS bonus: $12b and 10,000 jobs, says report by big business

24 Jun 08  New investment, new jobs, new wages, new income

24 Jun 08  NZ biodiesel market big enough for everyone, says Solid Energy

24 Jun 08  Aussies vote $8.6 million for research on ‘win-win’ water use

24 Jun 08  Sustainable biofuels likely to reduce fuel prices - Minister

24 Jun 08  Agriculture’s strength is its scientific basis

20 Jun 08  Genesis starts $100 million entry into carbon market

20 Jun 08  Carbon exchange chief criticises lack of business and political courage

20 Jun 08  Major new climate change package adopted in Germany

20 Jun 08  Deere commits to further greenhouse gases cuts

18 Jun 08  Extreme low hydro inflows reduces TrustPower's profit outlook

17 Jun 08  ETS amendments tinkering around the edges for forestry sector

17 Jun 08  Government forestry policies costly mistake, say owners

16 Jun 08  ETS back in Parliament

16 Jun 08  National's full minitory report on ETS bill

16 Jun 08  Business Council: Changes soften way for ETS, reach limit of public acceptance

13 Jun 08  Big-spending business votes to buy green, says country can't risk going slow on climate change

13 Jun 08  Another major breakthrough: Cashew-nut oil might cut animal emissions

13 Jun 08  Backroom deal guts agricultural targets: Greens

13 Jun 08  Cut out the conflict says (forgetful?) Fed Farmers

13 Jun 08  New animal id and tracing system launched

13 Jun 08  Forestry owners: Ministers claim of liabilities warning not true

13 Jun 08  Fewer trees unless govt changes policies

13 Jun 08  Unique cross-sector roundtable forms to discuss sustainable agriculture

13 Jun 08  Cross-sector partnership forms on sustainable water management

12 Jun 08  Fonterra refuses to rush into gas-reducing nitrogen inhibitors

12 Jun 08  Heavy emitters' bull turned loose in Maori Party's china shop

12 Jun 08  Smart software solution to help farmers meet Kyoto obligations

12 Jun 08  US$100m, 20MW roof-top solar power plan detailed

12 Jun 08  SOE wields deforestation chainsaw

12 Jun 08  AgResearch Chairman Rick Christie departs

11 Jun 08  $400,000+ price-tag for NZIER report?

11 Jun 08  Major deforestation reported, but MAF survey shows ETS will lift replanting rates

11 Jun 08  Maori party attacks proposed heavy emitter subsidies as “outrageous”

11 Jun 08  Major breakthrough in NZ animal methane research

10 Jun 08  Solid Energy one of NZIER emissions trading study funders

10 Jun 08  Retailer lead Marks & Spencer going carbon neutral in four years

10 Jun 08  Bio diversity research shown to winegrowers

9 Jun 08  National prepared to gut emissions trading scheme

9 Jun 08  McCain: cap and trade will change the dynamic of US economy

6 Jun 08  Heavy emitters must pray NZ doesn't follow Obama's ETS plan

6 Jun 08  AgResearch unveils world leading methane-measuring facility

6 Jun 08  Food prices will remain high over next decade, UN report says

6 Jun 08  New investment partnership to put up to $12m into biotech ventures

5 Jun 08  Progress on new climate change deal "extremely disconcerting" says UN leader

5 Jun 08  Business urged to steal a march on new green business ideas

5 Jun 08  Ferrier meets Taylor on the question on taxpayers subsidising high earning farmers

5 Jun 08  PM: Significant risks to export industries without ETS and sustainability

5 Jun 08  Widely varying figures on new jobs created by renewables

5 Jun 08  Maize silage makes the most of dairy effluent

5 Jun 08  Farmers get free advice on shifting to certified organic production

4 Jun 08  Anderton weighs into Greens again: Are they Arthur or Martha on dairy prices?

4 Jun 08  Minister: Green co-leader being "looney" on water issue

4 Jun 08  Greens to Fonterra: Can we stop $1.3 billion emissions subsidy now?

4 Jun 08  Australian Minister talks on ETS and fuel prices

4 Jun 08  Overwhelming support for wind energy

4 Jun 08  Farmers calculate carbon emissions online

4 Jun 08  ECCA figures on Kiwis and renewables

4 Jun 08  US farmers told they're in a sustainability race

3 Jun 08  Forum assures committee: parliamentary process is parliamentary process

3 Jun 08  Farm level obligation possible in ETS bill

3 Jun 08  Key reveals thoughts on "bastardised" ETS scheme to student blogger

3 Jun 08  Brazillian ambassdor snaps back on rain forest-for-fuel claims

30 May 08  Go carefully on soil carbon sequestration - officials

30 May 08  Why Parker is enthisiastic about marine energy

30 May 08  Govt funding for Kaipara harbour tidal energy devices

30 May 08  New Zealand food imports still the greenest option for UK

30 May 08  Marks and Spencers' CSR leader to speak

29 May 08  Meridian fights local body troika's backdoor bid to ban windfarms

29 May 08  Federated Farmers: We did not fund secret report

29 May 08  Farmers: Green move to get agriculture into ETS early "not a runner"

29 May 08  Farmers: It's not just us who need to adapt to predicted water shortages

29 May 08  True cost of personal carbon card plan revealed

29 May 08  Comms company looks to install solar panels on customers' roofs

28 May 08  EXCLUSIVE: Greens push for early ETS entry for agriculture

28 May 08  New climate change report: Worse-ever droughts main NZ worry

28 May 08  Windflow falls victim to noise issue

28 May 08  New US climate change bill will subsidise low-emission energy

28 May 08  Major policy clamp down on climate-warming illegal wood imports?

28 May 08  A changing climate is not all bad for agriculture

28 May 08  Parker's full speech on climate change effects and impacts assessment

28 May 08  Fish and Game: Let's audit farms to reflect realty in eco labels

28 May 08  80,000 old containers leave life on the farm

28 May 08  More on-farm waste products to go into recovery scheme

27 May 08  Greens reveal more of their conditions for ETS support

27 May 08  Low-carbon economy – millions of new jobs?

27 May 08  Carbon labelling: Exports at risk from dirty dairying

27 May 08  MAF: wood supply to jump about 3 million cu m a year

26 May 08  Forum heads to the select committee

26 May 08  Nitrogen loaded Rotorua lakes showing improvement

26 May 08  Tanzos: Landcorp should help sheep farmers avoid emissions costs

23 May 08  EXCLUSIVE - National answers questions on ETS: No bill backing even if it gets all it wants

23 May 08  Fiscal forecast: ETS will lose Govt $121m net in first commitment period

23 May 08  Keep your hat on Mam: Queen invests in biggest wind turbine

22 May 08  ANALYSIS: National delivers heavy emitting friends into tougher hands

22 May 08  Rural internet use jumps 97% in April as fuel prices rise

22 May 08  Behind Latin America's Food Crisis

21 May 08  Ka kite Rio Tinto….kia ora ETS

21 May 08  Get soil recognised as carbon storer, say scientists

21 May 08  US' biggest coal burning power firm to turn cow dung into carbon credits

21 May 08  Google Earth powers up to show impacts of climate change

21 May 08  Now its "go vege" and save the planet?

21 May 08  Anderton slams Key's inaccuracies on Fast Forward Fund

20 May 08  Fed Farmers pushes to have soil carbon sequestration included in ETS

20 May 08  Charles: We've got 18 months to stop climate change disaster

20 May 08  Changing climate threatens Europe's prized black truffles

19 May 08  Worried farmers: We want to be part of the ETS

19 May 08  Canadian with Kiwi connections to take over Genesis

19 May 08  30-year trial shows organic farming is the way to go

19 May 08  Regulating greenhouse gases will generate a lot of money -- who should get it?

19 May 08  Research links fertiliser to huge increase in nitrogen emissions

16 May 08  The Global carbon trading market takes flight

16 May 08  US shows huge jump in wind installations

16 May 08  UN spreads the word: Drink more tea and save the world

15 May 08  Bluffing over aluminium: EU says post-2012 ETS impact may be 'negligible'

15 May 08  OPINION: Wind Farms: Powering Future or Destroying Past?

14 May 08  Big landowners take centre stage at ETS hearings

14 May 08  Government campaign urges industry to burn wood

14 May 08  Spain dishes out $90m to help poor African countries

13 May 08  Forest owners tell ETS body: Our burden is unfair

13 May 08  Little point in NZ carbon trading currency, says business group

13 May 08  Caterpillar hopes even the heaviest machinery can have a lighter footprint

13 May 08  Australian report: Climate change will boost farm output

13 May 08  Farmers Relieved At Supply Beyond 2013

12 May 08  Dairy operator eyes $75m loss without forestry offset scheme

12 May 08  Most Kiwis believe big emitters running the climate change show

12 May 08  Can National really make the tough calls on climate change?

12 May 08  Celebrity chef could cook up a storm for our food exporters

12 May 08  Britain puts personal carbon trading scheme on ice

9 May 08  ANALYSIS: Will Don Elder today spell out his dream for New Zealand?

9 May 08  Brits clash with Europe over carbon permit revenue

9 May 08  Carbon dioxide turns killer of koalas

8 May 08  EXCLUSIVE: Top Fletcher officers played key role in ETS policy switch

8 May 08  NZX chief: Here's our big chance to impress the Americans

8 May 08  Worried companies coming clean on carbon

8 May 08  Canada faces suspension by Kyoto watchdog

8 May 08  UN experts: Global food crisis could have been avoided

8 May 08  Greenpeace: Don't subsidise polluting industries

7 May 08  Pandering, polluting, unprincipled – and popular

7 May 08  Dutch mull over specific greenhouse gases for taxation

7 May 08  Anxious Aussie farmers ‘in a twilight zone’

7 May 08  Asia's disappearing rainforests ‘an appalling crisis’

6 May 08  World food shortage posts big profit for fertiliser giant

6 May 08  Water, water everywhere … but it’s running out

5 May 08  Aussie big boys scramble for carbon trading exemptions

5 May 08  NZ expert sees third way for troubled biofuels

5 May 08  100ft propellors and the new wonders of the world

2 May 08  'Enemies' unite in plea for leadership on climate change

2 May 08  Exporter: Food miles ploy major threat to UK halal meat trade

2 May 08  Tree-mendous ... Charles to check on our forests

1 May 08  NZIER sets cat among political pigeons

1 May 08  Emissions-trading impacts on regional agenda

1 May 08  Cheaper for government to pick up greenhouse-gas tab

1 May 08  ANALYSIS: What you are not hearing from the NZIER and heavy emitters

1 May 08  Parker: Emissions trading 'effective and affordable'

1 May 08  Political realities mean emissions scheme phase in slower than desirable

1 May 08  UN 1: Ban Ki-moon to lead task force to tackle global food crisis

1 May 08  UN 2: Surging food prices not just threat, but also opportunity, says official

1 May 08  Government's plan to reduce emissions will hurt economy - NZIER

1 May 08  Agroforestry the best bet, say Aussies

1 May 08  Are our cattle killing the orangutan?

30 Apr 08  NEW REPORT: 'households, road users and SMEs' carry multi-billion ETS bill

30 Apr 08  Tesco launches carbon footprint labels

30 Apr 08  Hutt hi-tech could ground overhead pylons fears

30 Apr 08  Poor households’ carbon bill: It’s all about location

30 Apr 08  UN blames US and Europe for soaring food prices

30 Apr 08  Fine-tuning of emissions trading policies recommended

30 Apr 08  Green Party wants commonsense emissions trading policies

29 Apr 08  Leaked report says ETS will cost jobs, cut wages

29 Apr 08  High-powered leadership group endorses emissions trading scheme

29 Apr 08  ANALYSIS: At last commonsense leadership on the ETS is heard above vested interest

29 Apr 08  Climate Change Leadership Forum backs emissions trading scheme

29 Apr 08  OptiSolar applies to build world's biggest (16 sq km) solar farm

29 Apr 08  EMA: "Carbon trade proposals could destroy economy"

29 Apr 08  $200 million boost for poor farmers to help face food crisis

28 Apr 08  Woodhouse ready for commercialised carbon trade-off

28 Apr 08  Champion farmers: We have to think differently

28 Apr 08  City waste handy down on the farm

24 Apr 08  NZ expert questions US praise of feedlot cattle

24 Apr 08  Deer hunters stalk carbon sink scheme

23 Apr 08  Carbon storage in soil being researched: Major benefits possible for landowners

23 Apr 08  Green Party pledges to shut Huntly, hobble coal industry

23 Apr 08  UK expert says NZ policy "a brave experiment", warns world not moving fast enough

23 Apr 08  Small-forest scheme open for business

23 Apr 08  Farmer leader says carbon price restrictions will restrict food production growth

23 Apr 08  Polluter California to advise polluted Olympic city

22 Apr 08  Farming leadership criticised: industry at enormous risk

22 Apr 08  Climate change 'a problem for now'

22 Apr 08  Parker: No emissions credits for new renewable power plant developers

22 Apr 08  It's not so bad - a Carbon News series on mitigating the impact of emissions trading down on the farm

22 Apr 08  Kiwis dither while Aussie farmers pounce on carbon-trading scheme

21 Apr 08  Farm leaders, Agriculture Minister trade words on impact of ETS

21 Apr 08  Farmer leadership slips back into attack on climate change science

21 Apr 08  Energy’s emissions nearly match agriculture’s

21 Apr 08  Wellington City decides on carbon credit revenue plan from town belts, forests

21 Apr 08  Greens on NZ emissions: When will we turn the corner?

21 Apr 08  NZ emissions up .5 million tonnes in 2006

21 Apr 08  World ETS expert: global trading needed or ETS unsustainable

21 Apr 08  THE FOOD CRISIS: Long term challenges says Rice

18 Apr 08  NZIER foreshadows grim ETS study in pre committee publicity flurry

18 Apr 08  ANALYSIS: World food problem: Business as usual not an option

16 Apr 08  MAF report prompts call to include agriculture in ETS "now"

15 Apr 08  Auckland airport: $30 per tonne will mean $68 under ETS plan

15 Apr 08  Personal carbon counter coming by year's end

14 Apr 08  EXCLUSIVE: 'Surprise' MAF report shows some farms will profit from ETS

14 Apr 08  National scents votes in $700m R and D "pork barrel"

14 Apr 08  Rotorua breakthrough: methanol removing wastewater nitrates

11 Apr 08  Auckland University aims for floating turbine breakthrough

11 Apr 08  Urgent action sought on world food price shock

10 Apr 08  Kiwi-based Windflow Technology does $12m plus turbine deal with Te Rere Hau

10 Apr 08  US expert: No technical barrier to 20% wind power goal in NZ

9 Apr 08  New Zealand may attract premium on carbon deals

9 Apr 08  New indicators predict productivity of forestry sites

9 Apr 08  FEATURE: NZ's biggest coprorate dairy venture putting water quality first

9 Apr 08  Dell announces 100% green power for 10,000-staff HQ

8 Apr 08  CARBON NEWS OPINION: How Goff and our food miles fretters are losing the consumer

7 Apr 08  UK Trade Minister: tariffs threat could gain momentum if market doesn’t work

7 Apr 08  Study confirms 50% CO2 reduction from use of home-grown biodiesel

4 Apr 08  Simple standard will deliver net bio-fuel gains - Fitzsimons

4 Apr 08  Mallard foreshadows easier planning path for renewables, attacks polluters

4 Apr 08  ‘Green’ car conference a sham – expert

4 Apr 08  Climate change "motorway" to higher value production

4 Apr 08  Mallard speech: Sustainable development at a sustainable price

3 Apr 08  A slippery sort of "come out of the closet day" of climate change politics

3 Apr 08  Major CO2 storage project launches, brightens future for coal use

3 Apr 08  GHGPC: Emissions Trading - at what cost?

2 Apr 08  Parker: Full trans-Tasman ETS harmonisation only one option

1 Apr 08  Ex KPMG parnters launch certification company in New Zealand Market

1 Apr 08  NZ Windfarms increases stake in WindPower Maungatua

1 Apr 08  Mighty River Power committed to new geothermal development

1 Apr 08  Conserving biodiversity is a business opportunity, say IUCN and Shell

31 Mar 08  Skids under government’s bio-fuels mandate

31 Mar 08  Bio-fuels threaten food catastrophe

31 Mar 08  International biofuels and electric vehicles experts speaking at Wellington

31 Mar 08  Wind farmers tilt at gas power for pushing up prices

31 Mar 08  Roger Kerr: Saving the Planet Must Not Cost the Earth

28 Mar 08  Posnett defends bio-fuels' New Zealand role

28 Mar 08  Air NZ: Do you want carbon credits with that?

28 Mar 08  Ballance: Nitrification inhibitor use tracked by software

28 Mar 08  Unreliable renewable generation contributes to high spot prices

27 Mar 08  Greenpeace turns spotlight on farmers

27 Mar 08  Environment Bay of Plenty welcomes major lake restoration move

27 Mar 08  NZ emissions trading regulations - what's in store

26 Mar 08  Government needs to define clean coal future

26 Mar 08  Three pillars to Wong’s emissions policy

26 Mar 08  Now it’s petrol giving the Aussies cold feet

26 Mar 08  Meridian half-year profit $94 million - $175 million special dividend

25 Mar 08  Garnaut bucks Wong’s exclusion of agriculture: wants all permits auctioned

25 Mar 08  Millions pour into ag emission reduction research projects

20 Mar 08  Self-assessment the Kiwi ETS maxim

20 Mar 08  BNZ’s Alexander on NZ ETS: “We’ve got to pull finger”

20 Mar 08  Now we're 'enhancing' nitrogen take-up to lower farm emissions

20 Mar 08  Official timetable for introducing Australia's ETS

19 Mar 08  Could Clark deliver a personal climate change tax credit?

19 Mar 08  Smith: Chainsaw massacre continues unabated

19 Mar 08  Nitrification inhibitors critical to clean dairying

19 Mar 08  CARBON NEWS FORUM: BP Chief Executive - Action needed now to smooth transition to low carbon economy

18 Mar 08  Forestry, agriculture may not be in Aussie ETS

18 Mar 08  Key backs ETS – with balance

18 Mar 08  Forestry offsetting gains "overwhelming" support

18 Mar 08  Business leader says to trust prices to look after the environment

18 Mar 08  Continental plans bio fuel test flight

18 Mar 08  Independent scientists essential for innovation fund integrity

17 Mar 08  Renewables credits find ready markets

17 Mar 08  Emissions trading bill backed – but with major safeguard reviews from 2012

16 Mar 08  Agricultural emission rumours discounted

12 Mar 08  Climate Change natural - unstoppable

12 Mar 08  Solid Energy exploring indigenous energy options crucial for New Zealand

12 Mar 08  Rabobank's annual Ag report: fine balance needed on climate change


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