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Monday - Ten years ago, Opposition climate change spokesperson Charles Chauvel was having to pay his own way to international climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico. Climate Minister Nick Smith and International Climate Negotiations Minister Tim Groser had their tickets paid by taxpayers, and the Greens didn’t send anyone.

CO2 hits new record despite covid-19 lockdowns

24 Nov 20 - Climate-heating gases have reached record levels in the atmosphere despite the global lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the UN’s World Meteorological Organisation has said.

Trump takes another swipe at Paris Agreement

23 Nov 20 - Out-going United States president Donald Trump railed against the Paris climate accord overnight, telling world leaders at a virtual summit that the agreement was designed to cripple the US economy, not save the planet.

Let's recycle our urine for agriculture

20 Nov 20 - Every year on November 19, the United Nations celebrates one of public health’s greatest inventions – the toilet. Those who are fortunate enough to have access to one spend more than a year of their lives on it, yet millions of people worldwide cannot use one and many have never even seen one.

NZ called out over 2030 target

19 Nov 20 - New Zealand is being accused by countries most vulnerable to climate change of “defaulting on climate survival leadership”.

Anger as IMO says shipping emissions can keep climbing

19 Nov 20 - Countries have agreed a package of energy-efficiency measures that will allow emissions from global shipping to continue to rise until 2030.

NZ needs to do more, says High Commissioner

13 Nov 20 - Britain wants New Zealand to do more on climate change, calling on companies to be carbon-neutral by 2040 and “welcoming” the country’s review of its 2030 emissions target.


11 Nov 20 - The Climate Change and Business Conference is on in Auckland and online today and tomorrow.


10 Nov 20 - It’s not too late to register for the Climate Change and Business Conference starting in Auckland tomorrow. The topic is redefining the future, and speakers include United Nations climate chief...


9 Nov 20 - The annual Climate Change and Business Conference is on in Auckland on Wednesday and Thursday, kicking off with an address by former United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres. Climate minister...

US election will determine the world's climate future

6 Nov 20 - The race for the White House could take days or weeks to settle, with big implications for prospects of tackling the climate crisis.

US is now out of the Paris Agreement

5 Nov 20 - The United States is now officially the only country in the world refusing to participate in global climate efforts, with the fate of the crisis hanging on the still uncalled presidential election.

How well is Scotland tackling climate change?

5 Nov 20 - This time next year, Scotland will be hosting a major UN climate change conference.

Which countries have a net-zero carbon target?

27 Oct 20 - Twenty-eight countries, one American state and the European Union says they are committed to being carbon-neutral by 2050.

Forestry’s climate impact ‘invisible’ under UN rules, experts say

23 Oct 20 - Forests are the planet’s biggest carbon “sink” – absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emit – but their contribution to cooling the earth’s climate is currently not fully...

First deal done under Paris Agreement to offset emissions

22 Oct 20 - Switzerland has struck a carbon offsetting agreement with Peru, in what the two nations say is the first deal of its kind under Article 6 of the Paris agreement.

Brazilian spies intimidated government’s own delegates at climate talks

15 Oct 20 - Brazil’s spy agency has been accused of trying to intimidate its own government’s negotiators and Brazilian environmentalists at the COP25 climate talks in Madrid last year.

How does the COP26 delay affect GHG emissions?

14 Oct 20 - Will delaying the COP26 UN climate negotiations impact international action to decarbonise? Would catch-up talks help? Could the talks collapse because countries stopped paying their dues?

Sharp rise is extreme weather, says UN

13 Oct 20 - Extreme weather events have increased dramatically in the past 20 years, taking a heavy human and economic toll worldwide, and are likely to wreak further havoc, the UN has said.

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