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Reva electric car.

Biofuel, e-cars and trees are the way we must go

Monday - New Zealand needs to embrace biofuels, electric vehicles and energy forests, and get rid of coal and gas-fired industrial processes if it wants to meet its 2050 emissions reduction commitment, officials have told the Government.

Elephant grass could offer viable alternative to coal

Dried elephant grass ... good fuel

Monday - By adapting a tropical grass to grow in the British climate, scientists hope to be able to replace coal in power stations with biofuel.

Volkswagen budgets billions to stem cheating tide

What’s next for VW?

28 Sep 15 - Volkswagen has set aside €6.5 billion to cover the costs of the growing scandal over cheating on emissions tests in the US.

How Groser battled for a 15% emissions cut

Tim Groser ... wanted bigger cut.

21 Sep 15 - Climate Change Minister Tim Groser wanted New Zealand to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 15 per cent below 1990 levels by 2030, a Treasury email shows.

No action on agriculture could cost us $13b

21 Sep 15 - Keeping agriculture out of the Emissions Trading Scheme could cost taxpayers $13 billion between 2020 and 2030, Treasury says.

Renewable energy flexes its muscles

21 Sep 15 - New Zealand’s emissions from electricity generation fell in the June quarter, as renewables take an increasing share of the load.

Making e-cars fun: why new Porsche runs on batteries

Porsche 717 electric

21 Sep 15 - After a slow start, electric vehicles are gaining in popularity. London is now host to an electric car-sharing service, which proved successful in Paris.

Efficiency drive can cut a quarter off energy demand

14 Sep 15 - New research shows that saving the planet from global warming by combining renewables and energy efficiency will also save money and create jobs.

Advisers scrap over emissions cuts target

7 Sep 15 - Government departments are divided over how New Zealand should approach its post-2020 emissions reduction target – a target which the Government was going to set at just 6 per cent, Cabinet papers...

Greens bend to seek political climate consensus

7 Sep 15 - A strong carbon price, a green investment bank and a climate commission are emerging as the basis of a political consensus on climate change policy – at least on one side of the House.

Pssst! ... Government wants to kickstart e-cars

7 Sep 15 - The Government is looking at ways to encourage the switch to electric vehicles. But it is keeping the details secret.

Are electric aircraft the future or just wishful thinking?

31 Aug 15 - The future of aviation is dependent on finding an alternative power source. Is electricity the answer?

The green-tech future is a flawed vision of sustainability

31 Aug 15 - What does your vision of a sustainable future look like? Some people imagine a scenario whereby technology solves the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

Support for new energy vital for growth

31 Aug 15 - Renewable energy support schemes such as feed-in tariffs, quota obligations, capital grants, and subsidies, will continue to be instrumental in promoting Europe’s renewable energy industry growth by...

The quest to find sanitation solutions for Africa

24 Aug 15 - In a bid to get closer to the Millennium Development Goal of halving the 2.5 billion people without sanitation access, innovative solutions are being tested across the globe.

It's time for packaging that cares about the future

17 Aug 15 - Our Daily Waste founder Dr SHARON McIVER on why how smart businesses are future-proofing by getting rid of plastic packaging now.

Contact to close gas-fired Auckland plant

17 Aug 15 - The 400MW Otahuhu B gas-fired power station will close from the end of next month.

Frustrated Sydney gets climate act together

Sydney ... the heat is on.

17 Aug 15 - Sydney is acting to protect itself against heat waves, floods, storms and energy shortages as a result of climate change.

Wind and solar surge sends EU emissions tumbling

17 Aug 15 - Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions are falling fast, mainly because of the rapid spread of the wind turbines and solar panels that are replacing fossil fuels for electricity generation.

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