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NZ airs views at aviation emissions talks

Wednesday - New Zealand is looking to join an international plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft.

MINE GAMES: Plunder of Earth’s natural resources is rising

Monday - Humans’ appetite for gnawing away at the fabric of the Earth itself is growing prodigiously.

Our forests key to the future, say scientists

22 Jul 16 - Heavy-emitting businesses could be buying more than $500 million worth of forestry credits a year by 2025, says the Crown Research Institute Scion.

How farmers, big emitters blow our carbon budget

20 Jul 16 - More than 90 per cent of New Zealand’s carbon budget for the 2020s will be spent on subsidising agriculture and trade-exposed heavy emitters, government estimates show.

Carbon policy proposals fail to impress Beehive

Paula Bennett

19 Jul 16 - Two policy proposals floated in Carbon News yesterday – a Climate Responsibility Act, and combining carbon trading with a carbon tax and a cut in the goods and services tax – have not impressed the Government.

Why we need a carbon tax ... as well as an ETS

Sina Ahmadzadeh Mashinchi

18 Jul 16 - New Zealand needs a carbon tax as well as the Emissions Trading Scheme if it is to meet its promise to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, new research shows.

Toyota to import used hybrids to fill market gap

Prius hybrid

13 Jul 16 - Toyota says it will import second-hand Prius plug-in hybrids to meet what it sees as a gap in the market for “reasonably priced” low-emissions vehicles.

LEDs lighting the way on our streets

13 Jul 16 - New Zealand is switching to LED lighting.

GRIM GOLD: Precious metals leave hidden climate footprint

13 Jul 16 - The collapse of the Soviet Union left Bulgaria achieving in the 1990s what the rest of the world is working hard to manage in the 2020s, a reduction in its carbon dioxide emissions of more than 45...

BONUS BILLION: Our untouched energy potential

Mike Underhill

11 Jul 16 - New Zealand businesses have a billion dollars worth of unrealised energy efficiency potential, says the head of the country’s energy conservation authority.

Road emissions rising ... at just the wrong time

8 Jul 16 - New Zealand’s transport emissions are expected to increase at the very time they need to fall to meet the country’s Paris Agreement target, a new analysis shows.

Fonterra signs on as biodiesel pioneer

8 Jul 16 - Dairy co-operative Fonterra has signed up as the first customer for Z Energy’s new biodiesel.

Greens slam Government for climate failures

Eugenie Sage

6 Jul 16 - The Government is failing to prepare New Zealand for the impacts of climate change – and has slashed millions of dollars of funding for domestic policy advice on the issue, the Green Party says.

Global bond market mobilises for climate change

5 Jul 16 - Nearly $NZ100 billion has been invested in climate bonds, a new global report says.

Paris targets aren’t enough, but we can close the gap

1 Jul 16 - The Paris climate agreement saw countries pledge to limit global warming to well below 2degC, and to aim to keep it within 1.5deg. The problem is that countries' current emissions targets are not...

Bill and I haven't talked sea level, admits Bennett

Paula Bennett

30 Jun 16 - Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett says she has not asked Finance Minister Bill English to set up a working group to assess the economic impacts of rising sea levels, as recommended by the...

Why electric cars need to boost market share

30 Jun 16 - Electric vehicles will need to increase their combined market share to 16 per cent by 2020 to achieve the aggressive fuel economy standards set by regulators, according to new research by the World...

Wind and solar have won – it’s too late for the rest

28 Jun 16 - Across the world, solar photovoltaics and wind are the dominant clean energy technologies. This dominance is likely to become overwhelming over the next few years, preventing other clean energy from...

PUMP SLUMP: True carbon cost would punish petrol

22 Jun 16 - Pricing the true cost of carbon pollution into fossil fuels would push retail petrol prices up 42 cents a litre, making electric vehicles far more attractive, according to a new report.

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