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Wind and solar have won – it’s too late for the rest

Today 10:00am - Across the world, solar photovoltaics and wind are the dominant clean energy technologies. This dominance is likely to become overwhelming over the next few years, preventing other clean energy from growing much.

PUMP SLUMP: True carbon cost would punish petrol

22 Jun 16 - Pricing the true cost of carbon pollution into fossil fuels would push retail petrol prices up 42 cents a litre, making electric vehicles far more attractive, according to a new report.

COAL PART 4: Carbon capture unlikely to be the saviour

22 Jun 16 - Coal played a vital role in the Industrial Revolution and continues to fuel some of the world’s largest economies. This series looks at coal’s past, present and uncertain future.

GREEN DREAM: Petrol to drive car market in 2030

22 Jun 16 - Petrol-powered vehicles are predicted to dominate the Australian car market in the year 2030 despite the growing concern of carbon emissions and its impact on the environment, a new study has found.

Energy minister is electrifying

20 Jun 16 - Transport, Energy and Associate Climate Change Minister Simon Bridges is putting his money where his mouth is – he’s buying an electric car.

Islands could become first 100% renewable nations

17 Jun 16 - The rich world might soon be shown up by small, tropical island nations which have plenty of wind and sun and aren’t lumbered with outdated, base-load power plants to keep running.

Why we're getting it wrong on growth of cities

Iain White

14 Jun 16 - New Zealand is failing to use joined-up thinking when it comes to preparing for the impacts of climate change, says the head of environmental planning at Waikato University.

COAL PART 3: How miners secured workers' rights

14 Jun 16 - Part three of this series examines coal’s role in the development of industrial relations. In New Zealand, it was a dispute at the West Coast's Blackball mine, over a lunch break, that led to the...

It's a sign of the times

13 Jun 16 - Not sure where to charge your electric vehicle? Look for the new nationally approved sign, unveiled on Friday.

Victoria sets date to be carbon neutral

Daniel Andrews

10 Jun 16 - The State of Victoria is pledging to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

COAL PART 1: King of the Industrial Revolution, but not always on the right path

10 Jun 16 - As the world moves to combat climate change, it’s increasingly doubtful that coal will continue to be a viable energy source, because of its high greenhouse gas emissions. But coal played a vital...

SEA-RISE RISK: We're facing damage worth billions

9 Jun 16 - More than a billion dollars worth of New Zealand’s road and rail networks is at risk from rising sea levels caused by climate change, a Ministry of Transport report says.

CARBON COST: Govt ignores roading impact

8 Jun 16 - The Government sought no advice on whether building major new roads would affect greenhouse gas emissions, documents show.

EV report cynical and diversionary, says Solarcity

Andrew Booth

7 Jun 16 - The latest report pushing investment in electric vehicles instead of solar panels is an attempt by the old energy industry to slow the public uptake of solar power, says solar energy company...

New report backs e-cars over solar panels

3 Jun 16 - A second report has backed electric vehicles over solar panels for cutting greenhouses gas emissions in New Zealand.

Bye-bye bike, Postman Pat will soon drive a Paxster

3 Jun 16 - New Zealand Post’s first electric vans have arrived.

Consultants reply to Solarcity crticism of report

30 May 16 - Last week, solar energy company Solarcity criticised a report by Concept Consulting, which said switching to electric vehicles would do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand than...

What they said ...

27 May 16 - Budget – what they said on the removal of the one-for-two carbon subsidy:

NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

Paula Bennett

26 May 16 - New Zealand’s net greenhouse gas emissions have gone up 19 per cent under the National Government – and Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett is blaming population growth.

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