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Energy efficiency makes impact on carbon emissions

Tuesday - Improved energy efficiency is helping New Zealand to cut thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions, as well as saving millions of dollars a year, the Government energy efficiency agency reports.

The world meets in Quito to discuss the future of cities

Tuesday - As the global population grows from seven billion to nearly 10 billion by 2050, we will need to build the equivalent of a city of one million people every five days to house them.

National electric vehicle fleet grows to 2000

19 Oct 16 - New Zealand now has more than 2000 electric vehicles – twice as many as at the start of the year.

Big business gives big yes to vehicle fleets going electric

17 Oct 16 - Some of New Zealand’s largest businesses are pledging to convert their vehicle fleets to electricity, collectively avoiding more than 3000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year within three years.

Investors tell car industry to get a move on

13 Oct 16 - Major investors have warned the automotive industry it needs to accelerate its readiness for a low-carbon world if it is to retain their support and prosper.

Climate leaders eye challenges and a 'big idea'

Gary Taylor

11 Oct 16 - A who’s who in the world of climate change gathers in Auckland this morning.

Govt knew use of hot-air credits would draw fire

10 Oct 16 - The Government was warned last year that New Zealand could face criticism for using hot-air credits to meet its 2020 emissions reduction target, documents show.

We're not doing enough, warn global energy leaders

10 Oct 16 - Current market signals are not strong enough to drive the decarbonisation the world needs to avoid dangerous levels of climate change, say energy leaders meeting in Istanbul.

Global aviation emissions deal gets wings

7 Oct 16 - A global carbon market for aviation that could see New Zealand offsetting three million tonnes of emissions a year is going ahead.

10 things you should know about climate change

7 Oct 16 - No 9. New Zealanders are in the world’s top 10 emitters of greenhouse gases.

Freight operators can make huge savings, says expert

4 Oct 16 - Planning and co-operation could see the freight sector cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent, says an international expert.

Airline emissions deal could boost offset bills

3 Oct 16 - A new global market-based measure for aviation emissions could see New Zealand having to offset 3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases a year.

We've pumped out an extra 500,000 tonnes of gases

3 Oct 16 - Last year’s jump in New Zealand's fossil-fuel consumption from transport probably put an extra 500,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, an expert says.

Rising emissions mean NZ will miss Paris targets

29 Sep 16 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are set to double between 1990 and 2030 – and even with a carbon price of $50 a tonne, we could still be short of our Paris Agreement pledge by 143 million...

How cities are eliminating car parks

29 Sep 16 - It’s a traditional complaint about urban life: there’s never anywhere to park. But in the 21st century, do cities actually need less parking space, not more?

Are we finally about to get an aviation emissions deal?

27 Sep 16 - Delegates from more than 190 nations today will begin an 11-day meeting in Montreal to determine the final form of a scheme to reduce greenhouse emissions from the aviation industry.

SCIENCE AT WORK: Measuring the meltwater

27 Sep 16 - During the past decade, American scientist Joel Harper has spent nearly a year of his life on the Greenland ice sheet to study how meltwater impacts the movement of the ice.

Why NZ doesn't need foreign carbon credits

26 Sep 16 - New Zealand could meet its Paris Agreement pledge without using foreign carbon credits and develop a $6 billion industry at the same time, says the Bioenergy Association.

NZ will join aviation emissions agreement

23 Sep 16 - New Zealand will join an international market-based system to reduce aviation emissions, the Government has just announced.

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