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Labor’s climate policy puts it back in the game

Thursday - The Australian Labor Party has announced the climate policy it will take to the federal election, including a return to carbon pricing under an emissions trading scheme.

Policy sounds good to us, say investors

Emma Herd

Thursday - The Australian Labor Party’s new climate change policy has many of the elements investors are looking for, including market-based carbon pricing, says the Investor Group on Climate Change.

Here's a six-point plan for getting Australia on track

Malcolm Turnbull in Paris

19 Apr 16 - The past two years have been the hottest on record globally, yet Australian climate policy is frozen in the past.

Top table invites us to chew over carbon market

14 Apr 16 - New Zealand is to join a select group of countries talking about developing a global carbon market.

Could this be a fair dinkum climate policy for Australia?

12 Apr 16 - An Australian think-tank claims to have done the impossible – come up with an effective climate policy that both sides of the political divide can live with.

Here’s a way to make carbon markets work better

11 Apr 16 - Carbon markets could play a crucial role in delivering promises made at the Paris climate conference.

Why water footprinting should be used with caution

7 Apr 16 - It seems logical that crops and goods that need lots of water should not be produced in water-scarce countries.

The case for a carbon tax on airline flight tickets

6 Apr 16 - After years of delay, the international aviation industry is inching its way toward bringing its greenhouse emissions under some form of regulation.

Science grapples with climate conundrums

1 Apr 16 - New research illustrates that reactions of people, plants and animals to the changing climate are a key factor in unravelling the complexities of global warming.

'Unless you make the price of fossil fuels honest, people will just keep burning them'

29 Mar 16 - "They talk like they realise there’s a problem, but they’re not taking the only action that would be effective. Unless you make the price of fossil fuels honest, by including their cost to society,...

How climate denial gained a foothold in the Liberal Party

Climate denier Ian Macdonald

11 Mar 16 - It seems the Liberal Party is still having trouble letting go of climate denial, judging by the New South Wales branch’s demand that the Turnbull government arrange a series of public debates on...

Electric car sales worldwide are powering ahead

10 Mar 16 - Improved technology and falling costs are moving electric car sales into the fast lane as manufacturers are now able to achieve significant economies of scale.

Greens lament lost e-car opportunities

Julie Anne Genter

9 Mar 16 - Government inaction contributed to the disappearance of the cheapest new electric cars from the New Zealand market, the Green Party says.

What the White House hopefuls think of new energy

7 Mar 16 - The long-term global transition away from fossil fuels will deliver many benefits, including jobs, reduced air pollution, lower greenhouse gas emissions and less exposure to the volatility and risks...

Canberra backs fossil fuel 'growth centre' with $15m

29 Feb 16 - Australia's Industry, Innovation and Science Minister, Christopher Pyne, has launched a new “growth centre” for the fossil fuel industry (and uranium), to be known as National Energy Resources...

You talk too much, market expert tells Canberra

24 Feb 16 - The Australian Government could restore certainty to the market if it did a better job of selling its climate change policy.

We're streets ahead on renewables, says Mighty River

Fraser Whineray

23 Feb 16 - Mighty River Power says it has gone “beyond 100 per cent renewable” generation.

Why ETS examination should take the long view

Suzi Kerr

22 Feb 16 - Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust senior fellow SUZI KERR answers the key question posed in the Emissions Trading Scheme Review – should the carbon price cap and the one-for-two...

Canberra pulls plug on emissions funding

2 Feb 16 - Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund is expected to run out of money by the end of the year, after the Government said it won’t put in any more.

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