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Friday - Spot NZUs opened at $36.10 bid and $36.30 offered on CommTrade this morning, after last fixing at $36.25.

NZ to push carbon trade deal to Europe and UK

Monday - Joining a New Zealand-led trade pact on climate change could be more effective than putting up trade barriers on carbon, New Zealand will tell Europe and the United Kingdom.

Western Europe cools on plans for nuclear power

27 Nov 20 - News that two more reactors in the United Kingdom are to shut down on safety grounds earlier than planned has capped a depressing month for nuclear power in Europe.

NZ needs to do more, says High Commissioner

13 Nov 20 - Britain wants New Zealand to do more on climate change, calling on companies to be carbon-neutral by 2040 and “welcoming” the country’s review of its 2030 emissions target.

Scientists, doctors sound warning for farmers

6 Nov 20 - Emissions from food production alone could sink the world’s chances of meeting the Paris Agreement, scientists are warning in research with major implications for New Zealand.

Why it's hard to cut aviation emissions

4 Nov 20 - A 1940s tax-exemption treaty designed to protect the fledgling aviation industry set airlines on a path to high emissions and low regulation.

Business makes bid for $7.23 billion

22 Oct 20 - Businesses want the new Government to back $7.23 billion worth of projects they say will cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 5.5 per cent over the next decade.

The four who could be our next climate minister

19 Oct 20 - Who will be New Zealand’s next climate minister? Carbon News canvasses the options and comes up with four names.

UK finance minister wants a carbon tax

12 Oct 20 - British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is planning for a UK-wide carbon tax that could raise billions of pounds while encouraging the drive towards net-zero emissions.

US could adopt carbon tax under a Biden presidency, ex-Fed chair says

9 Oct 20 - Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said bipartisan concern over climate change could see the United States adopt a tax on carbon emissions, with the proceeds shared with households, if...

Policy could prevent shift to low-emissions tech, says Genesis

1 Oct 20 - The Labour Government’s plan to bring forward its 100 per cent renewable electricity generation target to 2030 is an example of siloed thinking and is likely to be self-defeating, Genesis Energy has...

Court considers whether Canada's carbon tax is legal

30 Sep 20 - After two days of hearing arguments for and against the federal government's carbon tax, the Supreme Court of Canada has adjourned without a decision.

If business must disclose carbon debt, then so should we, says Shaw

8 Sep 20 - The Government is trying to find a way to calculate the cost of the country’s likely carbon debt – and is considering using revenue from the Emissions Trading Scheme to buy international carbon...

Prospect of snap election reanimates Canada’s carbon tax battle

26 Aug 20 - Canada’s carbon tax is facing a renewed backlash amid talk of a green recovery to covid-19 and the prospect of a snap election in the autumn.

Bigger EU ETS more effective than carbon tax at the border

21 Aug 20 - Europe is planning a border tax to stop carbon leakage in the energy sector, but energy advisers say expanding the bloc's Emissions Trading Scheme would be more effective.

Helping Chile cut emissions could help us

18 Aug 20 - New Zealand and Switzerland are helping Chile develop an emissions reduction programme that could pay dividends for this country.

Carbon tax back before US lawmakers

12 Aug 20 - For years, the idea of putting a price on carbon emissions seemed like a no-brainer — economists claimed that it would cut fossil fuel pollution quickly and efficiently, and at the same time, could...


5 Aug 20 - Ten years ago, South Africa was looking at a 100-rand-per-tonne carbon tax. A tax finally came into law last year.

Country's climate change costs are climbing

30 Jul 20 - Climate change is now swallowing the lion’s share of the Government’s environmental spending, prompting suggestions we should have a dedicated Climate Change Ministry.

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