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Professor Frank Convery ... talking climate.

Climate academic to speak on European policy

11 Apr 14 - The role of small countries in leading climate policy will be discussed in Wellington on Monday.

Airlines wrestle with demands of climate change

11 Apr 14 - By LYNETTE DRAY.- Although aviation emissions contribute only 3 to 5 per cent of the total impact on the planet’s climate, this is steadily growing and is a surprisingly intractable problem to solve.

Tax credits deal fuels LanzaTech move to Illinois

4 Apr 14 - NEW ZEALAND clean-tech company LanzaTech has been lured to Illinois with more than $US1 million worth of tax credits.

Profit comes before environment, says Act leader

Jamie Whyte ... bottom lines.

4 Apr 14 - NEW Act Party leader Jamie Whyte says that businesses have no obligation to the environment.

Australia poised for carbon policy tussle

28 Mar 14 - By MICHAEL HOPKIN.- A Labor-dominated Senate committee has set the stage for the post-July tussle over carbon policy, recommending that Australia commit to much deeper emissions cuts than the current 5 per cent target, and advising against scrapping carbon pricing.

Australian Senate throws out carbon tax bill

21 Mar 14 - The Australian Government’s bill to scrap that country’s carbon tax has been thrown out of the Senate, prompting speculation that a double dissolution could be looming.

We're keen on renewables, says Bridges

Simon Bridges ... excited.

21 Mar 14 - Energy Minister Simon Bridges says the Government is just as excited about renewables as it is about oil and gas.

BP urges progress on global carbon price

Bob Dudley ... innovation.

21 Mar 14 - By ED KING .- Oil giant BP says regional and national carbon pricing policies are likely to be the best way to tackle climate change.

Why business needs to know climate change laws

21 Mar 14 - The number of climate change laws on the statue books of the world’s leading economies grew from less than 40 in 1997 to almost 500 at the end of 2013 SAM FRANKHAUSER, co-director of the Grantham...

NZUS bounce of $2.90

17 Mar 14 - Spot NZUs closed at $3.00 Friday after starting the day lower. OMFianncial reports:

Nats push green achievements

Nick Smith  ... look what we've done.

14 Mar 14 - National is preparing to strut its environmental stuff this weekend, as its Bluegreens Forum gathers in Kaikoura.

Why Australia needs to increase emissions targets

28 Feb 14 - The Climate Change Authority’s new report on emission reduction targets makes a compelling argument for Australia to go much further in cutting greenhouse gas emissions, writes CLIVE HAMILTON,...

Credibility key selling point for green economy

Paul Ekins ... misunderstandings.

28 Feb 14 - The idea of the “green economy goes in and out of fashion, not least because it is rarely defined and frequently misunderstood, writes PAUL EKINS, Professor of Resource and Environmental Policy,...

Turmoil across the Tasman will be felt here

21 Feb 14 - By WAYNE KING. Australia’s media is drip-feeding news and commentary on the economic downturn in Australia - particularly in energy developments, the political turmoil revolving around the current...

Why the big boys are serious about carbon pricing

7 Feb 14 - Several of the largest international oil companies, along with other major companies, are taking the prospect of international carbon pricing seriously, writes BARRY NAUGHTON.

Hang on, isn't carbon-happy China just making stuff for us?

7 Feb 14 - Is it fair that China is blamed for the carbon dioxide emissions it generates to manufacture products destined for the West? asks Glen West, of the Center for International Climate and Environment...

We're willing to pay for an ecosystem, says study

31 Jan 14 - New Zealanders are willing to pay cold hard cash for the ecosystem services provided by plantation forests.

Study shows how to double renewable energy

24 Jan 14 - The global renewable energy share can reach and exceed 30 per cent by 2030 at no extra cost, says a new report.

So, if the carbon tax isn't working, what is?

Mike Sandiford ... what gives?

24 Jan 14 - Melbourne Energy Institute director MIKE SANDIFORD asks the Abbott Government to explain:

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