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Carbon tax repeal could leave businesses marooned

18 Jul 14 - In the short term, the repeal of Australia's carbon tax, passed in the Senate yesterday, may provide some relief for businesses and households as electricity bills fall — although possibly not as much as official estimates.

Study shows Australian emissions cuts were working

18 Jul 14 - Carbon emissions in Australia’s national electricity market would have been 11 to 17 million tonnes higher if Australia had not introduced a carbon price.

Paris gears up pay-for-pedal plan to boost the bicycle

18 Jul 14 - The French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Energy Development has launched a trial scheme where commuters are paid to cycle to work.

Australian farmers led astray on carbon farming

11 Jul 14 - Australian farmers and rural land owners are being told that they will be given powerful and direct incentives to store carbon in the land under the federal government’s new climate policy.

NORMAN: The longer we wait the more it will cost

Russel Norman ... biggest challenge of our time.

11 Jul 14 - By RUSSEL NORMAN, Green Party co-leader.- Thanks to Federated Farmers’ incoming president William Rolleston for taking the time to write about the Green Party’s Climate Tax Cut in last week’s Carbon News.

Sorry, say most Britons, but electric cars are not for us

4 Jul 14 - The electric car trend is still to take off, with drivers largely put off by up-front costs, according to a survey by Britain's Department for Transport.

Why carbon tax proposal won't work

Dr William Rolleston ... no benefits.

4 Jul 14 - Newly elected Federated Farmers' president Dr William Rolleston explains why he thinks the Green Party's carbon tax proposal is not a runner:

Millionaire miner rocks Canberra carbon camp

Clive Palmer ... my pal Al.

27 Jun 14 - Australia’s emissions trading scheme is on again. Maybe.

Carbon tax won't fix troubled ETS, says report

27 Jun 14 - New Zealand's emissions price beacon is "obscured in the fog of policy uncertainty", but dumping it in favour of a carbon tax isn't the only way to fix it, say Motu Research's Catherine Leining and...

Progress must be climate-smart, says World Bank

27 Jun 14 - Government policies that improve energy efficiency and public transport could increase global economic output by more than $1.8 trillion per year, says the World Bank.


27 Jun 14 - The bill to repeal Australia’s carbon tax is poised to pass the Senate, potentially leaving Australia without a working price on carbon.

Market watchdog welcomes Palmer move

27 Jun 14 - An international carbon market watchdog is welcoming Australian politician Clive Palmer's shift on climate change.

Australia will suffer, warns new carbon report

Ross Garnaut ... Australia a drag.

20 Jun 14 - Australia's economy faces grave threats from climate change, but the greatest threat is if the country does not make a serious effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says a new report.

Brazil scores winning goal on carbon emissions

20 Jun 14 - Brazil might or might not win the World Cup, but it so far seems a clear winner in the race to reduce carbon emissions – having stopped 3.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide from escaping into the...

Carbon tax call is all about playing politics

Charles Etherington ... bold words.

20 Jun 14 - By CHARLES ETHERINGTON, Warren Forestry Ltd.- The Greens are giving the impression of being ahead on the topic of a carbon tax versus the Emissions Trading Scheme, but, as usual, they are actually...

Abbott climate call gets cool reception here

Tony Abbott ... climate change bloc.

13 Jun 14 - New Zealand appears unenthusiastic about our Tasman neighbour’s plans to form a conservative alliance on climate change.

The case for a carbon consumption tax

13 Jun 14 - As delegates gather once again for climate talks in Bonn, the question has to be asked: after decades of conferences, committees, procedures and protocols, is the multilateral approach to tackling...

Why we need clear emissions-reduction reporting

13 Jun 14 - STEPHEN KNIGHT-LENIHAN, JULIA HARKER and PRUE TAYLOR argue for transparent emissions-reduction reporting, in the same way that we report on the share market and exchange rates.

Let's get back to ETS basics, says Internet leader

Laila Harre ... no fan of the ETS.

6 Jun 14 - New Internet Party leader Laila Harre is no fan of the Emissions Trading Scheme

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