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World of clean energy soaks up 8 million workers

Friday - More than 8.1 million people worldwide are now employed by the renewable energy industry – a 5 per cent increase from last year.

Road taxes will pay for trains under Green government

Julie Anne Genter

Wednesday - A Green government would fund rail from taxes, with an aim of getting half of the country’s total freight off roads by 2027.

Solar operator slams vested interests in pro-EV report

Andrew Booth

Tuesday - A report that says switching to electric vehicles will do more to prevent climate change than would installing solar panels was funded by the big generators and lines companies with a vested interest in keeping solar out of the industry, says the head of an energy company using solar panels to generate power for its customers.

ELECTION 2016: Climate politics off to a chilly start

Monday - One week into Australia's extended federal election campaign, climate has not featured prominently.

Forest carbon storage risky, warns thinktank

Sir Alan Mark

12 May 16 - Storing carbon in forests is risky and should be used to meet no more than a fifth of New Zealand’s emissions reductions, says a group of prominent scientists and other New Zealanders.

Australia delays ETS report till after election

10 May 16 - The release of the results of a review into whether Australia should have an emissions trading scheme is being delayed until after that country’s general election in July, prompting suggestions of political interference.

Solar industry fights lines companies' taxes

9 May 16 - The solar energy industry is fighting back against taxes being imposed by lines companies on customers installing panels on their homes, by taking a case to the Electricity Authority.

Climate confusion creeps into Trump camp

Donald Trump

9 May 16 - Perhaps you think nothing else could surprise you in the run-up to this year’s US presidential election, with Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate. You could be wrong.

We've made owning e-cars easier, claims minister

Simon Bridges

6 May 16 - Transport Minister Simon Bridges says his electric-vehicle policy will remove barriers that have prevented businesses and households switching to electric vehicles.

CREDITS CRUNCH: We'll need millions of international units

5 May 16 - New Zealand is likely to need up to 220 million international credits to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target because even a domestic carbon price of $300 a tonne is unlikely to drive enough...

There's more than one way to fund urban infrastructure

Gold Coast light rail

5 May 16 - With the Australian federal government aiming to kick-start investment in urban infrastructure, pledging $50 million of public money in the 2016 budget to look at alternative financing mechanisms,...

... and this is what the country expects to see

4 May 16 - Higher carbon prices and clear government policy are two of the measures needed to get New Zealanders to switch to electric cars, the Royal Society says.

Run carbon prices like the dollar, says academic

Euan Mason

2 May 16 - Carbon prices should be managed like the Reserve Bank manages the value of the New Zealand dollar, a submission on the Emissions Trading Scheme is recommending.

Morganites want moratorium on free credits

Geoff Simmons

2 May 16 - A think-tank which has strongly criticised New Zealand’s use of hot-air credits is now calling for a one-year moratorium on the allocation of free credits to trade-exposed heavy emitters.

Labor’s climate policy puts it back in the game

28 Apr 16 - The Australian Labor Party has announced the climate policy it will take to the federal election, including a return to carbon pricing under an emissions trading scheme.

Policy sounds good to us, say investors

Emma Herd

28 Apr 16 - The Australian Labor Party’s new climate change policy has many of the elements investors are looking for, including market-based carbon pricing, says the Investor Group on Climate Change.

Here's a six-point plan for getting Australia on track

Malcolm Turnbull in Paris

19 Apr 16 - The past two years have been the hottest on record globally, yet Australian climate policy is frozen in the past.

Top table invites us to chew over carbon market

14 Apr 16 - New Zealand is to join a select group of countries talking about developing a global carbon market.

Could this be a fair dinkum climate policy for Australia?

12 Apr 16 - An Australian think-tank claims to have done the impossible – come up with an effective climate policy that both sides of the political divide can live with.

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