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FRIDAY POLITICS: A potentially costly hole in the Government's carbon-auctioning plan

Friday - Green Party co-leader James Shaw is still in the running to retain his role as the country’s climate minister – but that might mean clearing up a bit of a mess of his own making.

Why Rudd wants an inquiry into the Murdoch empire

Wednesday - Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the spreading of misinformation about climate change and other issues warrants a Royal Commission investigation into Rupert Murdoch's media monopoly.

The four who could be our next climate minister

Monday - Who will be New Zealand’s next climate minister? Carbon News canvasses the options and comes up with four names.

National releases its climate policy - at last

15 Oct 20 - Forestry's role under the Emissions Trading Scheme would be reviewed under a National Government and agricultural emissions would not face a carbon price until other countries do the same.

Is New Zealand merely a climate-follower?

12 Oct 20 - Back in pre-COVID times last year, when New Zealand passed the Zero Carbon Act, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern insisted “New Zealand will not be a slow-follower” on climate change. But how has she performed?

Lines project first to try covid consent process

9 Oct 20 - A project that could form part of the Government’s pumped-hydro electricity scheme is the first to be considered by an expert panel set up under the Government’s covid-19 fast-tracking consenting process.

Rising fertiliser use could cost Paris target

8 Oct 20 - Global growth in nitrous oxide emissions from intensive farming is jeopardising climate goals, scientists say in a major new paper.

Political 'retreat' on climate action harms all nations, says UN climate chief

7 Oct 20 - Rich nations are failing on promises to help poorer ones meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change, even though such help would be “not charity but a global act of self-interest”, says...

The young and Green voters still hot on climate

6 Oct 20 - Climate change remains the country’s biggest issue for young voters, despite the covid-19 pandemic, a new independent political poll shows.

Voters divided over climate policy and action

2 Oct 20 - New Zealanders are polarised on climate-change policy, putting the two major political parties in a difficult position.

Most parties get a 'fail' on climate and health

30 Sep 20 - Just one political party has policies that comprehensively address the threat climate change poses to the country’s health, a new analysis show.

Resources spokesman threatens to quit ALP over climate target

29 Sep 20 - Veteran New South Wales Labor right-winger Joel Fitzgibbon has threatened to quit the shadow cabinet if the opposition adopts a medium-term emissions reduction target he cannot live with.


21 Sep 20 - It’s Green Building Week and the Sustainable Business Network has got events on all week.

CARBON FORESTS: First, prove there's a problem, says Parker

18 Sep 20 - Details of the Government’s response to concerns about farmland being converted to carbon forests are starting to emerge.

High carbon prices threaten NZ's low-carbon drive, say miners

17 Sep 20 - Record-high carbon prices risk driving away the very companies New Zealand needs in its push to decarbonise the economy, the minerals sector says.

Carbon hits a new high and looks set to go higher

16 Sep 20 - New Zealand carbon prices have broken through the $35 expected to act as a price cap and are being tipped to go higher.

Carbon forests 'buying our way out of sin', says Simpson

14 Sep 20 - Using carbon credits to meet New Zealand’s emissions reduction target is like trying to buy your way out of sin, says National’s climate spokesperson Scott Simpson.

EU lawmakers vote for 60% climate target for 2030

14 Sep 20 - The European Parliament's environment committee has voted for a new EU-wide target to reduce carbon emissions 60 per cent by 2030, setting the stage for tough negotiations with EU countries and the...

New grass could cut methane from farm animals

11 Sep 20 - Developers of a new ryegrass say it could cut methane emissions from animals by nine per cent.

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