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Forget Trump, keep your eyes on China

Friday - A leading UK voice in the debate on climate change says more attention should be paid to positive action being taken to tackle CO2 emissions in China rather than worrying about the US and Donald Trump.

How conservatives can grow to love carbon pricing

Thursday - In some political circles, hostility to climate policy has become a way of showing off oneís conservative credentials. But a suggestion for pricing carbon, grounded in classic conservative principles, has now emerged in the United States.

Trump's wall would carry environmental costs

Tuesday - The likely impact on human society of Donald Trumpís Mexico wall has been well-noted, but in the longer-term a barrier across an entire continent will also have severe ecological consequences.

Will blazing a low-carbon path pay off for California?

20 Feb 17 - President Trump has made it clear he intends to dismantle the Obama administrationís policies for reducing US greenhouse gas emissions.

Why politicians think they know better than scientists

15 Feb 17 - One of the most unexpected political developments in recent months has been the political awakening of scientists in the United States.

OPINION: Just another attempt to spread confusion

13 Feb 17 - Senior climate scientist PROFESSOR JAMES RENWICK goes looking for the facts in the latest so-called scandal about climate change.

Report explains Australia's worsening weather

9 Feb 17 - Climate change is now influencing all extreme weather events with some of the most severe climate impacts the world has experienced occurring in 2016, a new Climate Council report has found.

We need an environment offsets market, says TOP

8 Feb 17 - New Zealand needs a strong market in environmental offsets, says Gareth Morganís The Opportunities Party.

UK must not cool stance on global warming

7 Feb 17 - One of Britainís most senior scientists has expressed concern that action to tackle global warming is sliding down the governmentís list of priorities despite its ratification of the Paris Agreement...

Palm oil campaigner wins China scholarship

21 Dec 16 - The founder of the Unmask Palm Oil campaign and recent University of Auckland Business graduate Ben Dowdle has been awarded a Schwarzman Scholarship to China.

New ways are Labour's way, says Little

19 Dec 16 - Labour Party leader Andrew Little says heís backing the low-carbon economy as the future for New Zealand.

Anxious oil countries look at low-carbon future

13 Dec 16 - Squeezed budgets and rising energy demand will significantly heighten the demand and use of renewable and energy efficiency technologies across the Middle East, says a new white paper.

Tinkering with plants helps to boost crop yields

12 Dec 16 - Plant scientists in the US have devised a new way to enhance the efficiency of crops: tune up the biochemical machinery of plants such as wheat, rice, maize, or even cabbages, to make the best of the...

Climate deniers face scientific pushback

12 Dec 16 - People who argue that climate change is not happening or that the scientific case for it is overstated Ė climate deniers Ė should probably start preparing for a more robust response from scientists...

Anxious investors plead for clear climate policy

Emma Herd

6 Dec 16 - Australian investors want clear climate policy that delivers certainty Ė and access to international carbon markets, says the Investor Group on Climate Change.

Cement develops an appetite for C02

5 Dec 16 - Three new studies illuminate the sheer complexity of the aspect of climate science known as the carbon cycle − how carbon dioxide gets into the atmosphere and out again.

Can Americans turn Black Friday green?

25 Nov 16 - While shoppers scramble for Black Friday bargains this year, outdoor retailer REI is closing its 145 US stores. This is the second consecutive year the Seattle-based company will ignore the frenzy...

Forget Trump, global climate action is on the move

Mark Sinclair

24 Nov 16 - International momentum for action on climate change is building, despite the United States electing Donald Trump president, says New Zealandís climate change ambassador.

Bennett's new climate think-tank has work deadline

Paula Bennett

23 Nov 16 - A first report on how New Zealand can adapt to climate change Ė including environmentally sustainable economic growth - should be with the Government by May.

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