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Minister hints at cross-party work on climate change

Wednesday - New Zealand has received the strongest indication yet of cross-party agreement on climate change, with climate minister and deputy prime minister Paula Bennett saying she can work with a new far-reaching report on how the country can be carbon-neutral.

Environment reports cast eye over NZ efforts

Monday - Two major environmental reports and a new sustainability law are on the agenda this week.

Wind turbine manufacturer needs more capital

Monday - Windflow Technology, the unprofitable wind turbine manufacturer, has widened its first-half loss and says it needs new injections of capital.

Measures of contentment still ignore the environment

16 Mar 17 - Without nature, humans could be neither healthy nor happy. And yet the natural world can be completely ransacked without causing even a tiny blip on our usual measures of economic progress or poverty.

Morganists want new approach to controls on farming

10 Mar 17 - The Opportunities Party would put a cap on New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions, get rid of the $25 carbon price cap and free credits for heavy emitters and bring some agricultural emissions into the Emissions Trading Scheme.

The Opportunities Party wants us carbon neutral by 2050

9 Mar 17 - Pressure is mounting for New Zealand to make deep emissions cuts by the second half of the century, despite the countryís official target being to only halve emissions by 2050.

Climate change climbs the party ranks

8 Mar 17 - Climate change has made it to the top echelons of New Zealandís two major political parties.

Auckland welcomes e-cars to special lanes

6 Mar 17 - From today, electric vehicles are allowed in priority lanes on Aucklandís roads Ė but only for two weeks.

CRUMBS! A loaf of bread takes it out of the environment

3 Mar 17 - What does a staple food such as bread have to do with global warming?

ENERGY REPORT: Great ideas but they're not happening

2 Mar 17 - New Zealandís own scientistsí advice Ė that the country must move urgently to a low-carbon energy system Ė has been endorsed by the International Energy Agency, albeit in a sanitised way.

Liquid hydrogen could fuel future air travel

1 Mar 17 - Liquid hydrogen might be the solution to the thorny problem of sustainable air travel.

Environment law agents lack money to do their job

28 Feb 17 - Agencies charged with enforcing New Zealandís environmental laws donít have the money to do the job, and often have conflicted interests.

Forget Trump, keep your eyes on China

24 Feb 17 - A leading UK voice in the debate on climate change says more attention should be paid to positive action being taken to tackle CO2 emissions in China rather than worrying about the US and Donald...

How conservatives can grow to love carbon pricing

23 Feb 17 - In some political circles, hostility to climate policy has become a way of showing off oneís conservative credentials. But a suggestion for pricing carbon, grounded in classic conservative...

Trump's wall would carry environmental costs

21 Feb 17 - The likely impact on human society of Donald Trumpís Mexico wall has been well-noted, but in the longer-term a barrier across an entire continent will also have severe ecological consequences.

Will blazing a low-carbon path pay off for California?

20 Feb 17 - President Trump has made it clear he intends to dismantle the Obama administrationís policies for reducing US greenhouse gas emissions.

Why politicians think they know better than scientists

15 Feb 17 - One of the most unexpected political developments in recent months has been the political awakening of scientists in the United States.

OPINION: Just another attempt to spread confusion

13 Feb 17 - Senior climate scientist PROFESSOR JAMES RENWICK goes looking for the facts in the latest so-called scandal about climate change.

Report explains Australia's worsening weather

9 Feb 17 - Climate change is now influencing all extreme weather events with some of the most severe climate impacts the world has experienced occurring in 2016, a new Climate Council report has found.

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