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How long weekends can help to save the world

Monday - Three-day weekends might be one of the easiest steps we can take to radically reduce our environmental impact – and future-proof our economy.

DE-GROWTH D-DAY: Why we must shrink the economy

Thursday - What is so refreshing about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is that they recognise the inherent tension between economic development and the ecology of our planet. Or so it seems.

Can a single region show Florida how to adapt?

Thursday - With every passing year, Southeast Florida faces more pressure to adapt to climate change.

Why it's a tough job to get Paris pact over the line

Jo Tyndall

15 Aug 16 - Getting the Paris Agreement on climate change into force this year is technically possible, but getting across the emissions threshold will be hard, says a New Zealander at the heart of the process.

Anxious farmers keen to keep carbon subsidies

10 Aug 16 - Farmers – already exempt from liability for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions from their businesses – urged the Government to keep other subsidies in place to further protect them from carbon pricing.

Environment groups push plan to meet Paris goals

Sir Alan Mark

8 Aug 16 - Environmental groups are working on a plan they say will help the Government to do what it needs to do to meet the Paris Agreement emissions reduction target.

Businesses call for ETS policy certainty

4 Aug 16 - Calls for cross-party policy on climate change, and complaints about “continual and ad-hoc” changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme dominated comments on the first stage of the latest review of the scheme.

SHARKNADO 4: Really, this movie matters

4 Aug 16 - Given that 2016 is expected to be the hottest year on record, it stands to reason climate change should be an issue nations are rushing to address.

NZ scientist to join key climate study

Bronwyn Hayward

1 Aug 16 - A New Zealand political scientist is to join a crucial planning meeting on how the world’s scientific community should respond to the challenge of limiting global warming.

Scientists call for more work on 1.5deg target

26 Jul 16 - More research is needed on the risks involved in even 1.5 degrees of warming, a Scientists call for new report shows.

Offshore windfarms power ahead in Europe

20 Jul 16 - Falling costs mean that power generated by offshore wind farms is becoming increasingly competitive with other fuels – and that’s good news for the climate.

Carbon policy proposals fail to impress Beehive

Paula Bennett

19 Jul 16 - Two policy proposals floated in Carbon News yesterday – a Climate Responsibility Act, and combining carbon trading with a carbon tax and a cut in the goods and services tax – have not impressed the...

Britain could warm by 4deg this century

19 Jul 16 - Scientific advisers warn that, by 2100, temperatures in Britain could rise by twice as much as the internationally agreed limit set at the Paris climate conference.

This time, can Turnbull do climate and energy?

15 Jul 16 - Australia’s re-elected Coalition government has the opportunity to revamp its policies on climate change.

Three reasons to be cheerful about the 1.5deg target

14 Jul 16 - The recent streak of record-breaking temperatures has shown that climate change is not waiting for the world to take decisive action.

GRIM GOLD: Precious metals leave hidden climate footprint

13 Jul 16 - The collapse of the Soviet Union left Bulgaria achieving in the 1990s what the rest of the world is working hard to manage in the 2020s, a reduction in its carbon dioxide emissions of more than 45...

Bennett keen to talk with opposition parties

Paula Bennett

8 Jul 16 - Climate change minister Paula Bennett says she wants to talk to other political parties.

Solar panel recycler finds business is booming

8 Jul 16 - Australia's only solar panel recycling company is looking to scale up production as the number of broken and end-of-life systems mounts.

CLIMATE CRUNCH: Is the political ice beginning to melt?

Kennedy Graham

7 Jul 16 - Cross-party political agreement on climate change action might have come a step closer.

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