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Sun and wind could make electricity too cheap to meter

Tuesday - Our children will enjoy in their homes electrical energy too cheap to meter, said Lewis L Strauss, chair of the US Atomic Energy Commission, in 1954.

Your energy ideas could win $4m

Tuesday - New Zealand companies with ground-breaking renewable energy technologies are being invited to compete for a slice of a $US4 million prize.

Health fears see New York ban fracking

22 Dec 14 - The administration of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned hydraulic fracturing in the state, citing public health concerns.

Organic techniques closing gap on farming yields

22 Dec 14 - The unintended consequences of the agricultural food system – polluted air and water, dead zones in coastal seas, soil erosion – have profound environment implications for human health and the environment. So more sustainable agricultural practices are needed as soon as possible.

Climate talks off on the rocky road to Paris

15 Dec 14 - A deal struck in Lima between 196 nations today leaves open the possibility of saving the planet from dangerous overheating. But its critics say the prospects of success are now slim.

Our new energy mix is a game-changer, says India

15 Dec 14 - While the political spotlight focused on the world’s two biggest polluters − China and the US − in the run-up to the Lima climate talks, pressure is mounting on India to set emissions targets to help to prevent the planet overheating.

It doesn't take much to turn up the temperature

8 Dec 14 - Start the car, turn on the gas under the kettle, shovel some coal on the fire. Each time that happens, another pulse of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

Australia should export more ideas and fewer greenhouse emissions

Seaspout photo

8 Dec 14 - As climate negotiators meet at the US-China climate deal United Nations' Lima summit, which comes hot on the heels of the landmark

Lima climate talks ‘stepping stone’ for universal treaty

1 Dec 14 - A new round of talks in Lima is an opportunity to raise immediate awareness on climate change and lay the foundation for a new universal agreement to be adopted in 2015, says a top UN official.

Why Australian investment in renewable energy has stalled

1 Dec 14 - Investment in Australia's renewable energy sector in the year to September 2014 was down 70 per cent on investment during the previous 12 months.

Queensland risks running the well dry by gifting water to coal

1 Dec 14 - The Queensland parliament has passed water reform legislation that will make it easier to take and use water, particularly for large mining and agriculture projects.

Sydney's green energy plans impress judges

1 Dec 14 - The City of Sydney’s Renewable Energy Master Plan- including plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030 - has scooped the prestigious European Solar Prize 2014 award for excellence...

New shadow minister eyes climate change priorities

Megan Woods ... it just is.

24 Nov 14 - Labour's new climate change and environment spokesperson says there's never been a time when she didn't believe in climate change.

Investors slow to take up climate change fight

24 Nov 14 - Global investment in climate change reduction has fallen for the second year in a row, a drop of $28 billion from 2012, and far below estimates of what is needed, according to new research

Australia’s coal and gas exports being left stranded

24 Nov 14 - The United States and China have announced goals to reduce emissions by 26 per cent to 28 per cent and to cap emissions by 2030 respectively.

Australia's green building review adds more uncertainty

17 Nov 14 - Australia's Commercial Building Disclosure programme is the latest federal environmental policy to be placed under review.

Election rout blow to US climate change role

Republican rise ... firmly in control.

10 Nov 14 - The role of the United States in confronting the global climate crisis has been cast into serious doubt after an election that stacked the deck in Congress in favor of fossil fuel industries.

Why warnings on climate spark aggressive denials

10 Nov 14 - If you don’t like the message on climate change, it seems that the answer is to shoot the messenger.

US drought shows why the price of water should rise

10 Nov 14 - Last January, California Governor Jerry Brown declareda State of Emergency following projections of severe drought.

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