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Stand by ... it's another rough ride for forests

25 Jan 16 - The past year has been a momentous time for the world’s forests, with both good and bad news. Fasten your seat belts, because 2016 promises to be another roller-coaster ride.

What is a garden city – and why is money being spent on building them?

25 Jan 16 - The British government is investing more than £300m ($NZ659m) in building what Chancellor of the Excheque George Osborne has described as the first “proper” garden city in nearly a century, near Ebbsfleet, Kent.

Out-of-touch traffic modelling drives policy madness

25 Jan 16 - According to all the data, urban car use has peaked, but official traffic modelling forecasts a remarkable reversal.

Don't scare the horses, advises academic

Professor Greg Melleuish

18 Jan 16 - Fewer scare stories and an appeal to people’s better natures are the key to getting voters on-side over environmental issues, says a politics expert.

America's politics of climate unlikely to change

Donald Trump

18 Jan 16 - In an American lection year, with two parties dug in on opposite sides of the climate issue, perhaps only extreme weather will roil the debate.

The current economic system is looking pretty tired

Bhutan's King Jigme Singye Wangchuck ... contentment comes first

18 Jan 16 - It’s increasingly clear that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way humans run the world. There are many contradictions experienced daily that prove this: the widening social gaps between rich and poor, the paradox of obesity next to starvation, and the ongoing destruction of the planet for short-term private profit.

COMMENT: Great, now all we need is a plan

15 Dec 15 - By editor ADELIA HALLETT.- Two months ago, Northern Employers and Manufacturers' Association chief Kim Campbell let fly on climate change.

Facts come first, says our new climate chief

Paula Bennett

15 Dec 15 - The first big job facing new Climate Change Minister is the review of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Most Kiribati households are mulling migration

Ioana Teitiota

7 Dec 15 - The Paris climate summit came too late for Ioane Teitiota from the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, who made history when his case for asylum in New Zealand was rejected in September.

Hansen: Why global ‘carbon fee’ system will work

James Hansen

7 Dec 15 - Former NASA climate scientist James Hansen has called for a global “carbon fee” in which fossil fuels are taxed when they are produced or imported, rather than when they are consumed.

Corporate sustainability won’t solve climate change

7 Dec 15 - In the run-up to the COP21 international climate summit in Paris, business leaders worldwide have shown substantial support for action on greenhouse gases.

Energy game-changers look to future

7 Dec 15 - Innovative new research into clean energy technology shows there are viable alternatives to fossil fuels – provided there is enough political will and investment.

Reporters risk lives on environment front line

Paris deomonstrations

30 Nov 15 - As the Paris climate talks begin, Reporters Without Borders has released a report called Hostile Climate for Environmental Journalists that examines the often tragic difficulties for reporters...

Russia will use forests as a Paris bargaining chip

23 Nov 15 - Russia has a reputation as one of the more difficult states involved in international climate negotiations – and don’t expect things to change at the latest UN conference in Paris.

How to ensure nations stick to Paris commitments

23 Nov 15 - New Zealand is proposing in Paris a climate agreement that is not legally binding. PETER NEWELL, Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex, explains why legally binding...

What will be top of mind for Africa at climate talks?

23 Nov 15 - Several regions have been meeting in the run-up to the Paris climate talks to deliberate on pressing climate issues. Africa is no exception.

How we see ourselves in the year 2100

23 Nov 15 - Most books report on what has already happened. John O’Brien has written one that describes the future.

Hopes run high for floating power stations

16 Nov 15 - New and cheaper ways are rapidly being floated for countries with deep seas off their coasts to exploit the free energy from wind and tidal power.

Get the waka back on course, says Maori expert

Chris Karamea Insley

9 Nov 15 - Environmental protection, hard-hitting policies on climate change, and a carbon price floor should all be part of a drive to rebuild the economy, a Maori economic development consultant says.

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