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Climate-wise Smith warns of blind commitment

Today 11:00am - New Zealandís political elder statesman on climate change is warning of a potential gilets jeune-style backlash against the costs of climate action.

National MPs chew over zero carbon bill

Tuesday - National Party MPs are meeting this morning to decide whether they will support the Governmentís zero carbon bill.

OPINION: With methane, no time like the present

13 May 19 - Organic farmer and former Green Party co-leader JEANETTE FITZSIMONS says farmers can cut methane now while increasing farm profits.

Climate effort gets thumbs-up from UN chief

13 May 19 - United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is praising New Zealandís efforts on climate change.

Carbon bill offers softer touch to farm emissions

8 May 19 - New Zealandís agricultural emissions will be cut Ė but not as much as other gases.

You'll like the ZCB, Peters tells party faithful

2 May 19 - The long-awaited Zero Carbon Bill is close Ė and New Zealand First expects its supporters will like it.

HALFWAY HOUSE: PM changes our climate focus

24 Apr 19 - Jacinda Ardernís nuclear-free-moment speech on the campaign trail during the 2017 general election struck a chord.

Carbon market pioneer Thomas Song dies

Thomas Song

16 Apr 19 - A New Zealand carbon market pioneer has died.

Zero Carbon Bill out soon, says Shaw

12 Apr 19 - The long-awaited Zero Carbon Bill will be unveiled soon, says climate minister James Shaw.

EDITORIAL: No news is bad news

12 Apr 19 - Why are we apparently so unconcerned that our greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise?

Don't rule out GE as a solution, say farmers

8 Apr 19 - Genetic modification should not be ruled out by the Government as a solution for climate change and other environmental issues, Federated Farmers says.

We won't use GE to cut farm emissions, says Shaw

5 Apr 19 - Climate minister James Shaw says New Zealand doesnít need genetic engineering to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farms.


3 Apr 19 - Letís talk about Canada. Itís easier than talking about our own country.

Q and A: The commissioner explains

Simon Upton

27 Mar 19 - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Simon Upton answers questions on yesterdayís report recommending big changes to the way New Zealand deals with greenhouse gas emissions.

Treasury sees use for international credits

22 Mar 19 - Treasury wants to retain the ability to use international carbon credits to meet New Zealandís 2050 emissions reduction target, confidential papers show.

ZCB has June date with Parliament

15 Mar 19 - The Zero Carbon Bill will be in Parliament by June.

Shaw now first stop for farm emissions action

James Shaw

15 Mar 19 - The Interim Climate Change Committee will now report directly to climate minister James Shaw on whether the agricultural sector should be liable for emissions under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

OPINION: Wise words for the schoolkids

13 Mar 19 - This Fridayís strike by school students calling for action on climate change has the support of some of our wisest citizens. Wise Response Society secretary DUGALD MACTAVISH explains why.

Shaw about to reveal climate policy timetable

James Shaw

12 Mar 19 - The Government will release details of its climate change policy timetable on Friday.

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