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Tuesday - Spot NZUs opened at $34 bid and $34 offered this morning after last fixing at $34.05.

Country's climate change costs are climbing

30 Jul 20 - Climate change is now swallowing the lion’s share of the Government’s environmental spending, prompting suggestions we should have a dedicated Climate Change Ministry.


28 Jul 20 - Today is the last day to enter the Sustainable Business Awards – get yours in by 5pm.

Big Hydro not the only way, says energy expert

Prof Ralph Sims

27 Jul 20 - Paying industry not to use electricity during peak demand should be considered as an alternative to a multi-billion-dollar new hydro scheme, an energy expert says.

Big emitters marshall carbon forces in Australia

27 Jul 20 - Companies responsible for 14 per cent of Australia’s industrial emissions are coming together to figure out how to decarbonise the sector.

Farm growth pushes up Canterbury gas emissions

23 Jul 20 - Agricultural intensification is pushing up Canterbury’s greenhouse gas emissions - but it's a different story in most other regions.

Domestic carbon prices continue to climb

23 Jul 20 - Domestic carbon prices hit another record yesterday, with spot NZUs trading at $33.55.

We might meet Paris, say officials

21 Jul 20 - New Zealand’s 2030 emissions reduction target might be consistent with the Paris Agreement – it all depends on how you look at it, officials have told the Government.

Future of Big Industry uncertain, warns minister

Shane Jones

13 Jul 20 - The future of the Marsden Point oil refinery, the Glenbrook steel mill and large-scale wood processing are all at risk as New Zealand decarbonises, infrastructure and regional development minister...

CARBON CUTS: Smelter signals end of aluminium emissions

Stew Hamilton

9 Jul 20 - One of New Zealand’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters is closing operations in New Zealand, potentially cutting the country’s missions by more than 1.5 million tonnes a year.

Carbon climbs to another new high

9 Jul 20 - New Zealand carbon prices are at a new high – but sellers are still not coming to the party.

Jarden puts pedals under pioneer carbon trader

7 Jul 20 - If you’re looking for pioneering carbon dealer Nigel Brunel outside trading hours, chances are you’ll find him somewhere around Auckland on his bike.

FRIDAY POLITICS: Draw your hammer

3 Jul 20 - Climate minister James Shaw is nailing his colours to the mast of the Climate Change Commission.


1 Jul 20 - Parliament is sitting under urgency today.

Parker whips home third leg of climate trifecta

26 Jun 20 - The third leg of the Government’s climate change legislation trifecta came home this week.

Make climate-risk a must, urges Carr

Dr Rodd Carr

24 Jun 20 - The Climate Change Commission has again told the Government that assessing the climate impact of projects should be mandatory under a new fast-track consenting process.

Green investment fund spreads its wings

19 Jun 20 - By GAVIN EVANS | New funding deals New Zealand Green Investment Finance is working up will show a variety of low-carbon benefits from a range of sectors, chief executive Craig Weise says.

Parliament does major job on ETS

17 Jun 20 - Parliament has passed major changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme, bringing agricultural emissions into the scheme and, for the first time, setting a cap on emissions.

EDITORIAL: Into the red

15 Jun 20 - By ADELIA HALLETT | A rapid rise in the price of carbon could leave some of us facing winter without fresh tomatoes. But that’s as it should be.

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