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NZ looks for carbon credit trading friends

19 Aug 16 - New Zealand is stepping up the hunt for sources of quality carbon credits to help to meet its international emissions reduction targets.

Bennett rules out parties' two key climate points

18 Aug 16 - Carbon budgeting and a climate commission are not on the table for cross-party talks on climate change.

DIRTY DOZEN: Big firms who traded in cheap units

16 Aug 16 - Some of New Zealand’s largest carbon emitters, along with forestry companies and even iwi are among the organisations that used cheap EURs to meet their liabilities under the Emissions Trading Scheme, a new report shows.

Anxious farmers keen to keep carbon subsidies

10 Aug 16 - Farmers – already exempt from liability for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions from their businesses – urged the Government to keep other subsidies in place to further protect them from carbon pricing.

Why we need a carbon tax ... as well as an ETS

Sina Ahmadzadeh Mashinchi

18 Jul 16 - New Zealand needs a carbon tax as well as the Emissions Trading Scheme if it is to meet its promise to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, new research shows.

Forester urges Govt to remove carbon market risks

12 Jul 16 - New Zealand will not get forestry investment on the scale needed to tackle climate change unless it cuts risk associated with the carbon market, says a company that planted 6500 hectares of carbon forests in the heyday of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Nature and wildlife need their own seats at the UN

7 Jul 16 - Whether we consider wild weather, unprecedented Arctic melting and global temperatures, or the Great Barrier Reef, the global environment is generating alarming news.

History of emissions trading winds up

7 Jul 16 - The final chapter of International Emissions Trading Association’s oral history of the carbon market is out.

Paris targets aren’t enough, but we can close the gap

1 Jul 16 - The Paris climate agreement saw countries pledge to limit global warming to well below 2degC, and to aim to keep it within 1.5deg. The problem is that countries' current emissions targets are not...

Politicians not helping, says climate academic

James Renwick

29 Jun 16 - Carbon dioxide emissions are rising faster than ever – and political claims that population growth is causing it don’t help, says one of New Zealand’s leading climate scientists.

Carbon market history, chapter five

23 Jun 16 - The role of carbon funds in the growth of the carbon market is the subject of the fifth chapter of IETA’s oral history of the carbon market, From Kyoto to Paris.

NZ unlikely to use banked credits, says minister

Paula Bennett

22 Jun 16 - The Government is unlikely to use New Zealand’s banked carbon credits to make-good on hot-air credits we have already surrendered internationally, a Parliamentary select committee has heard.

Big players' threats might force NZ to sign early

Paula Bennett

20 Jun 16 - Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett says New Zealand might have to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change this year, as large countries threaten to lock us out of the process to set the...

Carbon story part three out now

9 Jun 16 - Are you ready for the next instalment in the story of the birth of the world’s carbon markets?

Carbon prices jump after Budget breakthrough

Nigel Brunel

26 May 16 - Carbon prices jumped this afternoon on confirmation that the one-for-two subsidy is to be phased out, and could reach $20 by the end of the year.

NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

Paula Bennett

26 May 16 - New Zealand’s net greenhouse gas emissions have gone up 19 per cent under the National Government – and Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett is blaming population growth.

Minister puts figure on hot-air credits

James Shaw

26 May 16 - More than a quarter of the units New Zealand used to meet its Kyoto commitments were hot-air credits, Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett said in Parliament yesterday.

Now hear this ...

26 May 16 - If the development of international carbon markets is your idea of a good story, settle back with your headphones and listen to this.

PARIS PUSH: Pact could be ready to go next year

Jo Tyndall

25 May 16 - The Paris Agreement could well come into force next year, says a New Zealander leading work to flesh out the details of the new global climate change pact.

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