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Angus Taylor

Australia claims climate success

2 Jul 20 - Despite three decades of relative inaction on climate change and stalling from successive Australian Governments, the Morrison Government has claimed success in meeting Australiaís targets under the Kyoto Protocol, which came to an end on Wednesday.

Parker whips home third leg of climate trifecta

26 Jun 20 - The third leg of the Governmentís climate change legislation trifecta came home this week.

Parker has trade pact proposal, will travel

David Parker

25 Jun 20 - New Zealand will take the proposed ground-breaking Agreement on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainability to the table in trade talks with the United Kingdom.

Fewer emissions, but we need to be doing more

15 Apr 20 - New Zealandís emissions fell slightly in 2018 Ė but not because the country has changed its behaviour.

Energy producers cut CO2 emissions

12 Feb 20 - Carbon dioxide emissions from energy production in the developed world has finally fallen to the level it was at in 1990, the Kyoto Protocol baseline year.

Why and what we should learn from bushfires

Wendy McGuinness

7 Feb 20 - Wildfires raging in Australia this summer show why New Zealand must include emissions from natural disasters in its climate reporting, says an expert on environmental accounting.

Australia wrong about our Kyoto credits

30 Jan 20 - New Zealand comes out on top in a row with Australia about climate change, according to The Guardian.

Shaw criticises 'handful of countries'

17 Dec 19 - Climate minister James Shaw says a handful of countries are preventing the settling of rules governing global carbon markets.

Kyoto credits threaten Paris Agreement

13 Dec 19 - Allowing countries to carry Kyoto credits forward could effectively kill the Paris Agreement, negotiators are being told.

Shaw expects late move on carbon trading

12 Dec 19 - Any breakthrough in talks over rules governing international carbon trading is likely to come at the last minute, says climate minister James Shaw.

PLEASE EXPLAIN: NZ faces grilling at Madrid meet

9 Dec 19 - New Zealand faces up to the world in Madrid today to explain how it is meeting its emissions reduction targets despite a 23 per cent rise in gross emissions and 65 per cent rise in net emissions...

Jump to it, Jacinda, says global carbon watchdog

5 Dec 19 - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is under international pressure to increase New Zealandís 2030 emissions reduction target in line with the Paris Agreement.

NZ will sign new ship emissions pact

5 Dec 19 - New Zealand will sign up to new international maritime regulations to reduce ship emissions and lift air quality around ports and harbours.


5 Dec 19 - Ten years ago, hopes were high that a global climate agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol would be in place within six months.

Why the rulebook matters for us at Madrid talks

Dr Christina Hood

3 Dec 19 - New Zealandís plan to use carbon credits to meet part of its emissions reduction target means the country has a big stake in international climate negotiations now under way in Madrid.

Foresters want pre-1990 trees recognised

26 Nov 19 - Extra carbon stored in pre-1990 forests should be recognised with carbon credits, forest owners say.

Government happy with ZCB direction

5 Nov 19 - The Government intends sticking with the recommendations of the select committee when the zero-carbon bill comes back before Parliament this afternoon.

FACT CHECK: Is that right, Paula?

Paula Bennett

29 Oct 19 - National Party deputy leader and former climate minister Paula Bennett says when it was in power, her party stabilised greenhouse gas emissions, while under this Government they will keep rising...

EDITORIAL: A Shaw thing

25 Oct 19 - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | Climate minister James Shaw, take a bow - you deserve five minutes in the sun for doing what none of your seven predecessors did.

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