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Professor Jim Skea

Carbon budgeting big success, says UK expert

Wednesday - Carbon budgeting and an independent statutory body that reports on the Government’s performance have been critical to the United Kingdom’s success in cutting greenhouse gases, says a visiting expert.

Bennett stays on course for higher carbon price

Paula Bennett

Tuesday - Climate Change Minister Paula has again said that carbon prices need to be higher.

ETS ADVICE: Supply more important than price

21 Apr 16 - Any carbon market controls in New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme should be based on supply, not price, says an international business organisation promoting markets to reduce climate change.

Dodgy units aside, we could make money from ETS credits

Dr Ivan Diaz-Rainey

20 Apr 16 - Accusations that almost all the international units brought into the Emissions Trading Scheme are fraudulent are an exaggeration, says an expert who believes that the scheme could generate a nice international export in carbon credits.

WAKE UP! The nation must start taking action

Professor James Renwick

19 Apr 16 - By editor ADELIA HALLETT | A climate change report released today by worried scientists should shake all New Zealanders, from the prime minister down, to their core.

NZ international credits dealing is fraud, says report

18 Apr 16 - New Zealand’s determination to use carried-over international carbon credits to meet its 2020 emissions reduction target make it party to an international fraud, a new report says.

Top table invites us to chew over carbon market

14 Apr 16 - New Zealand is to join a select group of countries talking about developing a global carbon market.

Adopting Paris Agreement could be a year away

13 Apr 16 - It could be year or more before New Zealand ratifies the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Climate minister will sign us up to Paris pact

Paula Bennett

12 Apr 16 - New Zealand will sign the Paris Agreement in New York on April 22.

Could this be a fair dinkum climate policy for Australia?

12 Apr 16 - An Australian think-tank claims to have done the impossible – come up with an effective climate policy that both sides of the political divide can live with.

EXPOSED! Our man in Paris comes in from the cold

12 Apr 16 - It seems there was a would-be John le Carre lurking among New Zealand’s diplomatic corps at the Paris climate negotiations in December.

NZ runs global group setting up trading rules

11 Apr 16 - New Zealand is building a “club of countries” to set the rules for international carbon trading.

PARIS PACT: Will we or won't we join the party?

11 Apr 16 - It’s not yet clear whether New Zealand will be among the nations signing the Paris Agreement on climate change later this month.

Air NZ emissions move wins global support

5 Apr 16 - Air New Zealand’s move to offset greenhouse gas emissions from its aircraft by supporting the restoration of native forests is picking up international momentum.

Depending on how you do the sums, we could be carbon neutral right now

Dr Neil Mitchell

5 Apr 16 - Restoration ecologist and carbon sequestration expert Dr NEIL MITCHELL expands on his claim that New Zealand should be using native forests to offset greenhouse gas emissions

It wouldn't take much for e-cars to ease our emissions

30 Mar 16 - Replacing just 10 per cent of the cars in New Zealand with electric vehicles would cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by a million tonnes a year.

Plastic-munching bacteria could fuel recycling revolution

14 Mar 16 - More than 300m tonnes of plastics are manufactured each year for use in everything from packaging to clothing.

How climate denial gained a foothold in the Liberal Party

Climate denier Ian Macdonald

11 Mar 16 - It seems the Liberal Party is still having trouble letting go of climate denial, judging by the New South Wales branch’s demand that the Turnbull government arrange a series of public debates on...

New map will help you navigate the ETS world

7 Mar 16 - The long and sometimes rocky road to the development of an emissions trading market has been mapped.

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