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NZ unlikely to act on emissions conditions

25 Jan 16 - ­New Zealand is unlikely to activate its conditional 2020 emissions reduction target, officials say.

Target in sight ... but we're dining on leftovers

18 Jan 16 - New Zealand will meet its 2020 emissions reduction target – thanks to a surplus of units left over from 2012, latest government figures show.

COMMENT: Great, now all we need is a plan

15 Dec 15 - By editor ADELIA HALLETT.- Two months ago, Northern Employers and Manufacturers' Association chief Kim Campbell let fly on climate change.

We're beginning to see the wood despite the trees

15 Dec 15 - What’s in the Paris Agreement for forestry? Forest Owners’ Association chief executive DAVID RHODES reports from Paris.

They've done it!

13 Dec 15 - A new global climate change agreement has been reached, with nearly 200 countries committing to a deal described as the end of the fossil fuel era.

Europe shows up NZ Kyoto credits decision

7 Dec 15 - The morality of New Zealand’s plans to use carry-over Kyoto credits to meet its 2020 emissions reduction target is being undermined by European countries cancelling millions of their own carry-over credits.

Russia will use forests as a Paris bargaining chip

23 Nov 15 - Russia has a reputation as one of the more difficult states involved in international climate negotiations – and don’t expect things to change at the latest UN conference in Paris.

How to ensure nations stick to Paris commitments

23 Nov 15 - New Zealand is proposing in Paris a climate agreement that is not legally binding. PETER NEWELL, Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex, explains why legally binding...

Australia eyes carry-over credits, says expert

23 Nov 15 - Australia is likely to use carry-over credits from KP1 to cover an emissions blow-out, a commentator is predicting.

This week ...

16 Nov 15 - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright will on Thursday release her report on the implications for New Zealand of sea level rises.

OFFICIALS: Why we need to halve our emissions

9 Nov 15 - New Zealanders need to halve their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to do their fair share – and that’s on 1990 levels, not the Government’s new favourite baseline of 2005 - officials say.

Plantation boom broken, so let’s go carbon farming

A treasure trove for carbon farmers

2 Nov 15 - In the rolling hills of Victoria’s Strzelecki Ranges, among paddocks of pasture and potatoes, stands a simple steel monument to the world’s tallest tree.

Groser confirms emissions backlash fear

27 Oct 15 - Climate Change Minister Tim Groser has confirmed that it was fear of an international backlash that stopped the Government splitting agricultural emissions from other emissions in New Zealand’s...

'Bottom-up' agreement possible in Paris

21 Oct 15 - International climate change negotiations in Paris are likely to produce a “bottom-up” agreement that will isn’t binding but will hold countries accountable for their actions, Climate Change Minister...

UN offers Kyoto credits direct to public

28 Sep 15 - The United Nations is offering Kyoto-compliant carbon credits directly to the public.

Backlash fear stopped move on agriculture emissions


21 Sep 15 - New Zealand came close to splitting agriculture off from its post-2020 emissions reduction target in a bid to save money, but dropped the idea amid fears of an international backlash.

What really happened with Kyoto ERUs

7 Sep 15 - Emissions trading needs to be backed by ambitious targets, transparent reporting and international accountability if it is to be effective in tackling climate change.

We're knee-deep in it (adding up emissions, that is)

31 Aug 15 - The Government is now doing what businesses have been doing since 2011 – totting up how many credits it has to surrender to meet its obligations.

New figures show foresters deserting tree-planting

24 Aug 15 - More of New Zealand’s post-1989 plantation forests are outside the Emissions Trading Scheme than are in it.

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