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Friday - Ten years ago, Australia announced it would have a carbon price in place by July 2012.

Proving that taking care of forest pays carbon dividends

18 Feb 21 - New Zealand’s vast native forests may yet help the country meet its emissions reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement.


15 Feb 21 - Ten years ago, Australian climate minister Greg Combet was warning his country that emissions would rise without “decisive” action.


12 Feb 21 - Ten years ago, the Green Party was accusing the National Government of using tricky accounting to disguise the fact New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions would be higher in 2050 than they were in 1990.


9 Feb 21 - Ten years ago, Climate Minister Nick Smith was saying that New Zealand’s goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 showed the country was willing to do its fair share to tackle climate change.

Australia will not be given speaking slot at climate summit, Morrison says

11 Dec 20 - Scott Morrison has signalled Australia will not be granted a speaking slot at a climate ambition summit this weekend, despite telling Parliament a week ago he would attend to “correct mistruths” about the Government’s heavily criticised record on emissions reduction.

Japan's emissions at record low

9 Dec 20 - Japan's greenhouse gas emissions fell 2.7 per cent to a record low in the 2019 financial year that ended March 2020, government figures showed on Tuesday, thanks to growing use of renewable energy and lower energy consumption by manufacturers.


4 Dec 20 - Ten years ago, New Zealand was at the heart of a row at international climate talks in Cancun.


2 Dec 20 - Ten years ago, as nations gathered in Cancun for international climate talks, China was promising to “do its bit” to cut global emissions.


30 Nov 20 - Ten years ago, Opposition climate change spokesperson Charles Chauvel was having to pay his own way to international climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico. Climate Minister Nick Smith and...

Upton, Parker - Nats stopped the ETS working

17 Nov 20 - New Zealand’s failure to seriously address its emissions problem through the 2010s has come under fire from two politicians whose attempts to effectively price carbon were thwarted by National...


17 Nov 20 - Ten years ago, Pacific nations signed the Ambo Declaration calling for immediate action on climate change.


13 Nov 20 - Ten years ago, climate minister Tim Groser was off to Washington to talk to the Major Economies Forum about his ideas for cutting global emissions.


9 Nov 20 - Ten years ago, New Zealand emitters were starting to develop a taste for international carbon credits, especially those from the Clean Development Mechanism.


6 Nov 20 - Ten years ago, New Zealand was helping Australia work toward putting a price on carbon, with ministers on both sides of the Tasman saying they had “reaffirmed their commitment to working closely...

US is now out of the Paris Agreement

5 Nov 20 - The United States is now officially the only country in the world refusing to participate in global climate efforts, with the fate of the crisis hanging on the still uncalled presidential election.

Resolve carbon market dispute to step up ambition, says UK

2 Nov 20 - Countries have a collective responsibility to agree on common rules for a global carbon market, to drive greater climate ambition beyond 2021, says the United Kingdom's lead climate negotiator.

Delivering credit for carbon storage

19 Oct 20 - In 1915, Mike Gibbs’ ancestors made their way from the flat, agricultural plains of Southland to the wild, steep, forested edge of Eastern Fiordland.

How does the COP26 delay affect GHG emissions?

14 Oct 20 - Will delaying the COP26 UN climate negotiations impact international action to decarbonise? Would catch-up talks help? Could the talks collapse because countries stopped paying their dues?

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