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EDITORIAL: 202O - the year we got serious?

14 Dec 20 - Believe it or not, a 54 per cent rise in the price of NZUs this year does not make 2020 the year of the biggest gains.


14 Dec 20 - A training course on how to take part in the first Government auction of carbon credits will be held on Thursday.

UN chief calls for more climate finance for poor nations as 2020 goal slips

14 Dec 20 - Rich nations are "lagging badly" on a longstanding pledge to channel $100 billion a year in funding, from 2020 onwards, to help poorer countries develop cleanly and adapt to the worsening impacts of climate change, the U.N. chief said on Saturday.

Our sustainability - ranked!

11 Dec 20 - New Zealand has again come in at 11th place overall in an international ranking of the environmental and social sustainability of countries.


11 Dec 20 - The Government is expected to update Southland today on talks to stop – or at least delay – the closing of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter.

One-in-500,000 spring heat in Australia

10 Dec 20 - Australia’s hottest spring on record, which saw temperatures more than 2deg above average, would have been “virtually impossible” without human-caused climate change, new analysis has found.

Climate tipping point threatens Australia and China

10 Dec 20 - The grasslands of northern China and Mongolia could be about to lurch into a climate tipping point, an irreversible sequence of heat and drought.

Research spending doesn't match priorities - report

10 Dec 20 - There’s a serious mismatch between what New Zealand’s Government identifies as the most pressing environmental issues, including climate change and freshwater quality, and the investments in...

Brazil sets ‘indicative’ goal of carbon neutrality by 2060

10 Dec 20 - Brazil has announced it will aim for carbon neutrality by 2060, sparking anger among campaigners who say the pledge is meaningless and a deliberate distraction from president Jair Bolsonaro’s...

Z tells Govt how to cut transport emissions

9 Dec 20 - Z Energy is sticking with its dream of selling low-emissions biodiesel, albeit with an Australian product because its own production plant has been mothballed.


9 Dec 20 - Today is the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement on climate change – an event being marked by the group Parents for Climate Aotearoa (formerly Millions of Mothers) with a lunchtime toy picnic at...

Is the Paris Agreement strong enough to avert climate catastrophe?

9 Dec 20 - No-one who was in the hall that winter evening in a gloomy conference centre on the outskirts of the French capital will ever forget it. Tension had been building throughout the afternoon, as after...

WELLINGTON: Should we hold 'em?

8 Dec 20 - Greater Wellington Regional Council will debate today whether it should sell millions of dollars worth of carbon credits or hold them and wait for prices to go higher.

Cutting emissions and making fertiliser from beer-and-chip waste

8 Dec 20 - The much-loved combination of beer and chips is being harnessed to tackle climate change.

UK announces stronger 2030 emissions target

7 Dec 20 - The UK government has announced it will slash greenhouse gas emissions at least 68 per cent by 2030, compared to 1990 levels, in line with independent advice.

The Danish climate minister closing down the oil industry for good

7 Dec 20 - Denmark’s climate minister is fairly certain that the deal to close down the nation’s oil industry by 2050, announced on Friday morning, marks the biggest moment in his career.

Surging prices see carbon up 47% in a year

4 Dec 20 - Carbon prices continued their upward charge yesterday, gaining 25 cents to contribute to a phenomenal 47 per cent rise over a year.

2020 one of the hottest on record

4 Dec 20 - This year is on track to be one of New Zealand’s hottest on record, meaning five of the 10 warmest years have occurred since 2013, scientists say.

Record price for NZ carbon

3 Dec 20 - New Zealand carbon prices have broken through a new price barrier, with spot NZUs now trading more than $1 above the fixed-price option.

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