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Simon Bridges

At last, Government to reveal plan for electric cars

Wednesday - The Government will unveil its electric vehicle policy tomorrow.

... and this is what the country expects to see

Wednesday - Higher carbon prices and clear government policy are two of the measures needed to get New Zealanders to switch to electric cars, the Royal Society says.

Cut the kindling, Huntly could run on wood

Wednesday - Converting the Huntly coal-fired power station to run on wood is technically feasible, but expensive.

Run carbon prices like the dollar, says academic

Euan Mason

Monday - Carbon prices should be managed like the Reserve Bank manages the value of the New Zealand dollar, a submission on the Emissions Trading Scheme is recommending.

Officials eye pile of ETS submissions

Monday - Government officials are today working their way through a large stack of submissions on the technical aspects of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Why cities need to add up the economic value of trees

Monday - Your parents were wrong: money does grow on trees. Cities routinely rake in tens of millions of dollars from their urban forests annually in ways that are not always obvious.

Scientists see the future in natural resources

Monday - From creating transparent wood for solar panels or windows to turning carbon dioxide and plant waste into plastic bottles, scientists are finding ingenious ways to sidestep fossil fuels.

Deadline nears for Stage 2 of ETS review

Friday - Submissions on the second stage of the Emissions Trading Scheme review close tomorrow.

Purse strings now open for forest planting

28 Apr 16 - Applications for the second round of the Government’s Afforestation Grants Scheme are open.

Labor’s climate policy puts it back in the game

28 Apr 16 - The Australian Labor Party has announced the climate policy it will take to the federal election, including a return to carbon pricing under an emissions trading scheme.

PARIS PACT: How should we compensate the poor countries?

26 Apr 16 - Written within the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is an article on “loss and damages,” the notion of providing aid to vulnerable countries that suffer damages from climate change.

ETS ADVICE: Supply more important than price

21 Apr 16 - Any carbon market controls in New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme should be based on supply, not price, says an international business organisation promoting markets to reduce climate change.

NZ court fines Australian carbon farmer

21 Apr 16 - An Australian carbon farming company that used a New Zealander to buy land has been fined $40,000.

Dodgy units aside, we could make money from ETS credits

Dr Ivan Diaz-Rainey

20 Apr 16 - Accusations that almost all the international units brought into the Emissions Trading Scheme are fraudulent are an exaggeration, says an expert who believes that the scheme could generate a nice...

Business backs stronger line on climate

Abbie Reynolds

20 Apr 16 - Business leaders say they hope this week’s signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change by New Zealand signals a stronger line on climate change action – with New Zealand reaching net-zero...

Why carbon price is key to forestry worth billions

15 Apr 16 - Carbon prices will need to hit $35 a tonne by 2017 or forest owners will quit the Emissions Trading Scheme, leaving New Zealand unable to meet its emissions reductions targets, an expert is warning.

Day of the industrials in next ERF auction

14 Apr 16 - Low-cost industrial projects are likely to out-bid many land-use projects in Australia’s next Emissions Reduction Fund auction, says analyst RepuTex.

There's a sea of our soil ending up in the ocean

12 Apr 16 - Soil is a farmer’s most precious resource, but, in New Zealand, we lose it to the ocean about 10 times faster than the rest of the world, with between 200 million and 300 million tonnes sliding into...

GET WISE! We have a real carbon exposure risk

Rod Oram

5 Apr 16 - New Zealand has a carbon exposure risk whether it likes it or not, says business commentator Rod Oram.

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