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Farmers say no to environmental taxes

Monday - Farmers are overwhelmingly opposed to environmental taxes – unless the revenue comes to them.

New maps will settle forest-planting posers

19 Sep 18 - The thorny question of whether land is eligible for carbon forests could soon be solved – with a map.

OPINION: A dangerous political compromise

17 Sep 18 - By SIR ALAN MARK | After decades of sitting on our hands, the simple the act of commissioning an inquiry into becoming a low-carbon economy has been hugely positive on public perception.

Climate action-man puts new emissions option

14 Sep 18 - The man who got politicians from both sides of Parliament to agree on climate change says there might be a third option for dealing with New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Science is getting forests to release carbon secrets

14 Sep 18 - Ground-breaking research suggesting New Zealand’s native forests store more carbon than believed is being stepped up as the country pushes to carbon neutrality.

GE ryegrass could slash emissions, Govt hears

12 Sep 18 - Feeding animals a genetically engineered high-energy ryegrass could cut greenhouse gas emissions from New Zealand farms by more than 20 per cent, the Government has been told.

Gluckman report backs cuts to methane emissions

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman

11 Sep 18 - A third investigation says New Zealand must make drastic cuts to methane emissions.

New forestry rules will boost planting, says Govt

11 Sep 18 - Changing forrestry accounting rules under the Emissions Trading Scheme is expected to lead to the planting of 102 million trees in new forests by 2030.

Foresters happy, farmers wary of carbon path

5 Sep 18 - Recommendations for what is being called the biggest land-use change in New Zealand’s history are pleasing foresters but not farmers.

PRODCOM 3: Farmers deserve emissions subsidy

4 Sep 18 - Farmers should be paying for greenhouse gas emissions – albeit at a subsidised rate, the Productivity Commission says.

Our weather will get worse, warn scientists

3 Sep 18 - El Niño and La Niña – the weather patterns that bring New Zealand droughts on the one hand and storms on the other – will get worse as the climate warms, scientists say.

We must cut methane emissions, officials tell Shaw

30 Aug 18 - Methane emissions – including those from agriculture - will have to be cut if the Paris Agreement is to be met, officials have told climate minister James Shaw.

Fuel from wood great energy option, say scientists

29 Aug 18 - Bioenergy production using wood from locally grown and sustainably managed forests can provide one of the lowest-carbon energy options for New Zealand, Scion says.

Greenhouse emissions must be cut, says Ardern

28 Aug 18 - Cutting New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions was on the Prime Minister’s menu at a business breakfast in Auckland this morning.

Beware of cherry-picking, study tells businesses

28 Aug 18 - Companies might be cherry-picking sustainability measures that make them look good, with greenhouse gas emissions one of the least-reported factors.

Government takes aim at synthetic gases

20 Aug 18 - Synthetic greenhouses gases, like those used in refrigeration and air conditioning, could come under a new product stewardship regime.

High cost of land a blocker, say foresters

Peter Weir

17 Aug 18 - The high cost of land means that even at $24 a tonne, New Zealand cannot rely on new forests to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target, the forestry industry says.

Green group hails ETS boost for native forests

Shane Jones

17 Aug 18 - The Government’s plan to use the Emissions Trading Scheme to encourage more native forests is a smart move and will help to protect farms, towns and infrastructure from extreme weather events, an...

Carbon at $24 puts pressure on Government

16 Aug 18 - Carbon prices have smashed through the $24 barrier for the first time in nearly a decade of carbon trading in New Zealand, increasing pressure on the Government to lift the $25 price cap.

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