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It's time to take a good look at ourselves ...

Tuesday - By editor ADELIA HALLETT.-This year, I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Energy pours into cutting-edge conservation ideas

Tuesday - A battery that could treble electric car mileage and cut costs is among the innovations moving closer to reality on the frontiers of science.

Coal casts cloud over Germany’s energy revolution

The lignite-burning Jänschwalde power station in Brandenburg produces more than 22 million tonnes of CO2.

Tuesday - The energy market in Germany saw a spectacular change last year as renewable energy became the major source of its electricity supply − leaving lignite, coal and nuclear behind.

Sun and wind could make electricity too cheap to meter

Tuesday - Our children will enjoy in their homes electrical energy too cheap to meter, said Lewis L Strauss, chair of the US Atomic Energy Commission, in 1954.

The economic cost of climate change: time for new math

Tuesday - Climate change is as much an economic problem as an environmental one. The effects of climate change, such as damage from more severe weather or health problems from higher temperatures, will impose a cost on society.

Energy leaders fret about uncertainties

Tuesday - Energy leaders see price volatility and the future of a climate framework as the biggest uncertainties facing the industry.

Your energy ideas could win $4m

Tuesday - New Zealand companies with ground-breaking renewable energy technologies are being invited to compete for a slice of a $US4 million prize.

Transport and heating force up gas emissions

22 Dec 14 - Greenhouse gas emissions from energy are up as the burning of gas and oil for transport and heating cancels out gains from renewable electricity production.

Minister's transport plan just tokenism, says expert

Simon Bridges ... no climate link.

22 Dec 14 - The Government is being accused of tokenism in its attempts to cut greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

TWELVE ways to deal with a climate change denier (the BBQ guide)

22 Dec 14 - The end of the year is nigh and it’s a time for Christmas and New Year parties and gatherings. In the southern hemisphere that means barbecues and beaches. In the northern hemisphere it’s mulled wine...

Australia's emissions targets are heading in the wrong direction

22 Dec 14 - Australia’s emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases are going up and up – and are set to rise by more than 50% over 1990 levels by 2020, according to new research.

Health fears see New York ban fracking

22 Dec 14 - The administration of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned hydraulic fracturing in the state, citing public health concerns.

Chile’s mines set hot pace in renewables

Hole story ... the Escondida mine in Chile.

22 Dec 14 - Mining is the fourth-largest energy consumer in Australia, using roughly 10 per cent of Australia’s total. Some of this comes from the electricity grid — but much is supplied off-grid in the form of...

Why climate policies are for life, not just for Christmas

22 Dec 14 - Devoted followers of international wrangling on climate change will see much that they recognise in the five-page text emanating from the UN climate talks in Lima.

Voluntary action isn't enough to make cities better

22 Dec 14 - Voluntary programmes are all the rage. From ratcheting up obesity cybersecurity to fighting obesity, firms in the United States and elsewhere voluntarily make pledges to do better than governmental...

English goes silent on carbon deficit costs

Bill English ... suddenly silent.

15 Dec 14 - The Government is refusing to discuss what impact a 2030 carbon deficit will have on the economy – despite warnings from Treasury.

Climate expert: It's all smoke and mirrors, Mr Groser

Professor Ralph Sims ... minister is wrong.

15 Dec 14 - New Zealand is using smoke and mirrors to meet its 2020 emissions reduction target, when it could get there by using clean heating and transport technologies, says one of our leading scientists.

Fossil fuel probe under way as NZ goes exploring

15 Dec 14 - New Zealand is expanding oil and gas exploration at the same time as Britain probes the likely cost of stranded fossil-fuel assets.

UN launches new coalition to promote renewable energy

15 Dec 14 - The launch of a new coalition spearheaded by the United Nations Environment Programme will focus on boosting renewable energy usage around the world.

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