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Z gets an A for corporate responsibility

Wednesday - New kid on the block Z Energy was the only New Zealand-owned company to get top marks in this year’s review of the state of corporate social responsibility in New Zealand and Australia.

A nuclear reactor in every town? Don't laugh

Wednesday - The nuclear industry sees the UK as a springboard for its plans to expand in the next 20 years, especially as a pioneer in the deployment of a new breed of small reactors.

Bacteria powers microscopic 'wind farm'

Wednesday - By TYLER SHENDRUK | Many of society’s energy challenges require gigawatts of power, but many more are small – and some are entirely microscopic.

Scientists call for more work on 1.5deg target

Tuesday - More research is needed on the risks involved in even 1.5 degrees of warming, a Scientists call for new report shows.

Irish agriculture faces emissions dilemma

Tuesday - Ireland is facing a classic conflict, pitching economic growth targets against the need for action on climate change.

MINE GAMES: Plunder of Earth’s natural resources is rising

Monday - Humans’ appetite for gnawing away at the fabric of the Earth itself is growing prodigiously.

Our forests key to the future, say scientists

22 Jul 16 - Heavy-emitting businesses could be buying more than $500 million worth of forestry credits a year by 2025, says the Crown Research Institute Scion.

UN awards us a fail mark for handling of environment

22 Jul 16 - New Zealand’s poor environmental management – including action on climate change and sustainable agriculture – has scored it a fail mark on five of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate change costs are still climbing

22 Jul 16 - The massive economic and health losses that climate change is already causing across the world are detailed in six scientific papers published today.

How farmers, big emitters blow our carbon budget

20 Jul 16 - More than 90 per cent of New Zealand’s carbon budget for the 2020s will be spent on subsidising agriculture and trade-exposed heavy emitters, government estimates show.

Offshore windfarms power ahead in Europe

20 Jul 16 - Falling costs mean that power generated by offshore wind farms is becoming increasingly competitive with other fuels – and that’s good news for the climate.

America's booming marijuana industry is an energy hog

20 Jul 16 - As Americans go to the polls in November, at least four states will consider ballot questions on marijuana legalisation.

It's not easy being green when you're poor

20 Jul 16 - The transition to a clean-energy future is upon us, as shown by the huge uptake of solar panels and by the Turnbull government’s decision to set up a A$1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund. But...

New climate minister believes in 'moral case' for coal

19 Jul 16 - A man who recently argued there is a strong moral case for Australia to build new coal mines and export the coal to India is now in charge of the country’s climate change policy.

Britain could warm by 4deg this century

19 Jul 16 - Scientific advisers warn that, by 2100, temperatures in Britain could rise by twice as much as the internationally agreed limit set at the Paris climate conference.

Solar farms offer bonus for tropical crops

19 Jul 16 - Research in England shows that solar farms reduce local temperature and provide shade, enabling crops in hot and desert climates to flourish.

Why we need a carbon tax ... as well as an ETS

Sina Ahmadzadeh Mashinchi

18 Jul 16 - New Zealand needs a carbon tax as well as the Emissions Trading Scheme if it is to meet its promise to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, new research shows.

Can Nauru bounce back from mining boom and bust?

18 Jul 16 - When most of us hear of Nauru we tend to think of immigration detention, or perhaps of the environmentally ruinous legacy of the island nation’s ill-fated phosphate mining boom.

DROUGHT-DODGER: Let's hear it for the humble bean

18 Jul 16 - Scientists have found that some varieties of beans − a vital food crop grown on every continent except Antarctica − have developed ways of coping with the climate-related droughts that...

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