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Our cities in the 30-year climate firing line

Today 11:00am - New Zealanders are among the billions of city dwellers who will be hit by the impacts of climate change within three decades, a new report shows.

OPINION: If energy grew on trees

Today 11:00am - By JONATHAN McKEOWN | It is always refreshing when structures and processes work as they were designed to. It’s an absolute triumph when it involves the public sector, an industry body and business.

History says Bridges and Nats are talking hot air

Monday - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | Is Opposition Leader Simon Bridges’ offer to work with the Government on climate change policy worth any more than a dodgy hot-air carbon credit?

Key report dangerously misleading, say Wise men

Friday - A document likely to underpin the Government’s plans to decarbonise the economy is being called dangerously misleading.

Shaw invites Nats to work on Zero Carbon Act

James Shaw

12 Jun 18 - Climate minister James Shaw has invited the National Party to help him to draft the Zero Carbon Act.

Parker to talk hydrogen energy in Japan

David Parker

11 Jun 18 - Developing a sustainable hydrogen energy industry will be on the agenda for talks between New Zealand and Japan this week.

Sustainable Business Network looks for winners

11 Jun 18 - Entries are open in this year’s Sustainable Business Network awards.

Carbon Bill provides certainty for fuels chief

Mike Bennetts

8 Jun 18 - The Zero Carbon Bill gives the certainty that has been lacking to tackle one of the biggest problems facing business, says Z Energy chief executive Mike Bennetts.

Government hears of $800 carbon price possibility

7 Jun 18 - Carbon prices of more than $800 a tonne will be needed if New Zealand doesn’t tackle greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, the Government has been told.

ICCC to probe impact of oil and gas exploration

6 Jun 18 - The Interim Climate Change Committee will investigate the impact of further oil and gas exploration on New Zealand’s emissions reduction targets.

Companies call on governments to act

5 Jun 18 - Companies with nearly $37 trillion under investment are calling on the world’s governments to step up action on climate change to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

Shaw set to talk carbon markets in China

29 May 18 - Climate minister James Shaw is to visit the world’s largest carbon market – China.

Let's be clear - the future excludes fossil fuels

28 May 18 - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | Debate about the future of oil prospecting in New Zealand is ignoring one very important point - the world is facing an emissions crisis, and the future does not include...

Wood fuel benefits beg for attention, say backers

23 May 18 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by more 640,000 tonnes a year by burning wood instead of coal in boilers in the Otago region alone.

Policy makers dragging the chain, say scientists

23 May 18 - An increasing number of reports are identifying limiting global warming to 1.5deg as critical for the future of humans and nature.

Natural gas will last bit more than a decade

21 May 18 - Officials have confirmed that at the rate we're using it, New Zealand has about 10 and a half years’ worth of natural gas reserves.

Tax system must go green, says enviro group

17 May 18 - Another organisation is telling the Government to shift the tax burden from the production of private wealth to the consumption of public wealth, aka the environment.

Natural gas not the solution, claims new report

10 May 18 - Natural gas is not a transition fuel to a low-carbon economy – and the Government should go further than just banning all new offshore exploration licences, a new report says.

Small land area, big rewards from solar panels

8 May 18 - Covering 0.06 per cent of New Zealand’s land with solar panels would provide enough power for the country’s total energy needs, a new study says.

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