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Thailand gets $1.1 billion for wind power project

Friday - Southeast Asia’s leading solar energy nation -Thailand - could be the frontrunner in wind energy after renewables developer WEH secured funding for the region’s biggest wind power project.

Big investors put pressure on carbon emitters

Wednesday - The biggest New Zealand and Australia institutional investors are among more than 225 global investors with more than $37.5 trillion in assets under management promising to “engage” the world’s largest emitting companies to act on climate change.

Business chiefs call for carbon transparency

Monday - Leading chief financial officers, chairs of pension funds and the chief executives of global accounting bodies – including one from New Zealand - are calling for transparency about carbon exposure.

SHAW THING: Business needs to get into gear

4 Dec 17 - New climate minister James Shaw has a clear message for business: get your house in order because New Zealand is decarbonising ... fast.

NZ Post takes out sustainability award

1 Dec 17 - Working with the Red Cross has won New Zealand Post the top prize in the Sustainable Business Network awards this year.

Climate commission might have carbon price role

30 Nov 17 - The climate commission – one of the Government’s promises for its first 100 days in office – is likely to play a role in setting carbon prices, the new climate minister says.

New report has dire climate-change warnings

29 Nov 17 - As many as one in six species faces extinction as a result of climate change, scientists are warning in a new report.

Shell doubles up on green spending and vows change

29 Nov 17 - Shell has doubled its spending on clean power and bowed to shareholder pressure by promising to halve the carbon footprint of the energy it sells by 2050.

Force firms to report carbon, say energy leaders

28 Nov 17 - The Government is being told to make carbon reporting mandatory for publicly listed companies and to hold public-sector executives responsible for carbon performance.

Green bonds reach $100 billion milestone

27 Nov 17 - The latest Climate Bonds Initiative analysis shows that green bond issuances in 2017 have reached the significant $100 billion benchmark.

Drilling awakens sleeping faults in Texas

27 Nov 17 - Since 2008, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and a handful of other states have experienced unprecedented surges of earthquakes.

Musk's Australia battery poised for final testing

27 Nov 17 - The world’s largest lithium-ion battery, which is being built in South Australia by Tesla to store renewable energy, is about to enter final testing.

Melbourne consortium underwrites windfarm

27 Nov 17 - Three Melbourne councils, two universities, Zoos Victoria, and half a dozen corporations have banded together to underwrite a windfarm in western Victoria.

Two global reports slam NZ's poor climate record

23 Nov 17 - New climate minister James Shaw might have wowed the world with his rhetoric at international climate talks last week, but it’s on the policies of his predecessor that New Zealand is still being...

Te Kuha coal mine first test for new minister

22 Nov 17 - Deciding whether to let a new opencast coal mine go ahead on the West Coast will be the first real test of the new government’s conservation policy, says an anti-coal mining lobby group.

SERIOUS SCIENCE: Soon it will be too late

21 Nov 17 - New Zealand scientists are among more than 15,000 warning humans they have precious little time left to change their ways and avoid environmental and social disaster.

Electric highway will link Norway and Italy

21 Nov 17 - A German utility is planning a string of electric vehicle fast chargers every 120 to 180 kilometers along highways in seven European countries, from Italy to Norway.

Norway’s wealth fund eyes divesting from fossil fuels

20 Nov 17 - Norway’s $1 trillion fund is to consider divesting from oil and gas stocks to protect the country's economy from oil price risk.

The inconvenient truth about smart cities

20 Nov 17 - Plans for more wired, networked, connected urban areas face challenges if they fail to account for existing, local, non-digital elements such as government and socioeconomic conditions.

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