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Labour vows to act on agriculture by 2016

Monday - There is bad news for farmers, and good and bad news for industrial emitters under Labour’s climate change policy, released yesterday.

Sustainability council pushes puchasing power

Penny Nelson ... leading from the front.

Monday - Some of New Zealand’s biggest companies are working out how they can use their purchasing power to drive the new economy.

COMMENT: Jeepers, John, you forgot the environment

John Key ... nothing doing.

Monday - Prime Minister John Key launched National’s election campaign yesterday without mentioning the environment.

Watchdog rules ‘clean coal’ advertisement misleading

Monday - Britain’s advertising watchdog has ruled that an advertisement for “clean coal” by the world’s largest private sector coal firm, Peabody Energy, was misleading and should not be published again in its current form.

G20 energy brains talk business in Brisbane

Monday - This week Brisbane hosts the final meeting of the G20 Energy Sustainability Working Group before the main G20 summit in November, when government officials and energy experts from 20 of the most powerful countries in the world will discuss how the world governs energy.

Media clashes raise questions of news bias

Monday - It’s tempting to view The Australian’s latest broadside at the ABC as just another salvo fired between the nation’s two biggest media organisations.

European carbon prices look set to rise

Monday - An international energy market watcher is predicting price rises in European carbon.

Economy changes fuel Spain's fire dangers

Monday - Climate change is gradually turning Spain into a fire zone – but it’s also the change in the economic climate that is inflaming the situation.

High-altitude winds could help to power the Earth

18 Aug 14 - Researchers have discovered that the world’s energy needs could easily be met by harnessing the power potential of high-altitude winds.

Judge throws out family's fracking pollution case

18 Aug 14 - A Texas judge has dismissed a million dollar lawsuit filed by a family who say their lives have been ruined by noxious emissions from oil and gas facilities near their home.

Don't waste your money on oil and gas

18 Aug 14 - If you want a safe bet, don’t invest in some of today’s tempting oil and gas projects. That’s the message from a UK-based financial think-tank that aims to align the global energy market with climate...

Norway finds the wells have run dry

18 Aug 14 - Statoil, the Norwegian state-owned company, has announced that it has failed to find commercial quantities of oil and gas in the Barents Sea this year.

So, what is this thing called perovskite?

18 Aug 14 - By JON MAJOR.- Whenever I tell people I work with solar cells, I am asked the same two questions: are they ever going to be really cheap? And can you get me some?

The climate change world according to Piketty

Thomas Piketty ... act now.

18 Aug 14 - French economist widely debated Thomas Piketty and his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century are a global publishing phenomenon. But while Piketty’s writing on wealth inequality has been widely...

Who has the courage to take on transport taboos?

18 Aug 14 - Transportation continues to generate a large proportion of emissions worldwide, even as emissions from other areas of the economy fall.

Debate heats up as US looks at gas emissions

18 Aug 14 - Groups for and against US government plans for new regulations aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions have been slugging it out at a series of heated debates across America.

Canon offers environment prizes

18 Aug 14 - Canon New Zealand is calling for Kiwis to get creative and apply for its annual Environmental Grants Programme, offering $15,000 worth of grants in-kind to schools, community groups and...

Flower power one way to bring new life to broken mill town

11 Aug 14 - Kawerau might have a new future as a flower town as part of a drive by Maori to build sustainable green businesses on their land.

Smog-plagued Beijing sets timer on use of coal

11 Aug 14 - Beijing will ban coal sales and use in its six main districts and other regions by the end of 2020 to cut air pollution.

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