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Energy major talks of falling fossil fuel demand

Today 9:00am - One of the worldís biggest energy companies sees problems ahead with falling fossil fuel demand and huge growth in renewables.

Censorship cry as Canberra hides emissions data

Monday - Australia's Climate Council is calling for the backlog of the nationís emissions data to be urgently released, with the Federal Government failing to provide the nationís quarterly data for more than six months.

Not so much coal about ... but we're burning more

Friday - New Zealandís coal consumption is climbing.

Government keeps lid on Buller mining papers

Thursday - The Government is refusing to release briefing papers on proposed new coal mines on the Buller Plateau.

How solar power can save lives and money

21 Jun 17 - US scientists have just worked out how many lives, and at what price, solar power can deliver.

Welcome to the sustainability revolution

20 Jun 17 - The winners of an annual worldwide competition to spread clean energy have been urged to see it as a sustainability revolution.

OPINION: Adaption versus mitigation

20 Jun 17 - Adaptation is about survival. Mitigation is about finding and implementing solutions to prevent the need to go into survival mode, says DR ANN SMITH chief executive of Enviro-Mark Solutions

How KiwiRail decision bites into e-car benefits

19 Jun 17 - The climate benefits of half New Zealandís electric car fleet will be wiped out by the scrapping of electric train engines in favour of diesels, says an international sustainable energy expert.

TOWER POWER: Another solar system is on the march

16 Jun 17 - Solar generation systems can now produce electricity and store it for hours, using solar tower power without any need for batteries.

OFF THE RAILS: Treasury tells of train troubles

14 Jun 17 - Treasury told its ministers that KiwiRailís decision to replace electric locomotives with diesels raised some significant matters, but it wasnít given enough time to assess the situation.

What biofutures need is America's Cup energy

Brian Cox

13 Jun 17 - New Zealand could have a thriving biofutures industry, producing clean products from waste and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, if it put as much effort into addressing climate change as it puts...

Hopes rise for longer-term climate forecasts

13 Jun 17 - A study of the interaction between sunlight, air, water and foliage should lead to better longer-term climate forecasts, scientists say.

COMPUTER GAMES: Science invests $18m in super stuff

9 Jun 17 - NIWA is investing $18 million in new supercomputers that will significantly enhance scientistsí abilities to solve crucial issues facing the country.

Port Nelson gets wine trucks off the road

9 Jun 17 - A project to improve the efficiency of freight in the Marlborough wine industry has seen the Port of Nelson cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1600 tonnes Ė and earned it a gong.

Brazilís environment risks political capsize

8 Jun 17 - A serious political crisis over demands for its president to step down is adding to the threats to Brazilís environment.

We're disappointed, PM will tell Tillerson

6 Jun 17 - Prime Minister Bill English will raise the United Statesí withdrawal from the Paris Agreement when he meets with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson today.

Search begins for best sustainable businesses

6 Jun 17 - Entries for this yearís Sustainable Business Network Awards are now open.

Trumpís promises on coal turning to dust and ashes

2 Jun 17 - Candidate Trumpís promises on coal are withering as the harsh winds of economic reality blow the Presidentís plans for the industry off course.

There's no way we can plant our way out of trouble

30 May 17 - Nothing, not even the creation of huge plantations of trees to absorb carbon dioxide, is a viable alternative to drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

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