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Reva electric car.

Biofuel, e-cars and trees are the way we must go

Monday - New Zealand needs to embrace biofuels, electric vehicles and energy forests, and get rid of coal and gas-fired industrial processes if it wants to meet its 2050 emissions reduction commitment, officials have told the Government.

China ups the pace, so the time to act is now

Professor Jonathan Boston

Monday - China’s commitment to pricing carbon throughout its economy from 2017 means that the rest of the world should now be factoring the cost of greenhouse gas emissions into business projections, says a leading public policy analyst.

Global megatrends driving our energy changes

Monday - New Zealand’s energy sector is being transformed from a top-down centralised system to one that is much more interactive, yet also decentralised and fragmented, a new report says.

Auction 2 could see contracts total worth $1b

Monday - The second round of Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund auction may see up to $1 billion worth of contracts entered into for the delivery of emissions reductions from land-use and high-emitting companies.

Climate change threatens financial crash, says banker

Mark Carney

Monday - The world’s most influential banker says an orderly switch from fossil fuels to renewables is needed to avoid turmoil on world stock markets.

Safer battery could spark investment in renewables

Monday - Researchers have developed a battery that uses a common food additive to enable abundant solar and wind power to be stored cheaply and safely in homes and offices.

Australian states threaten to go back to the future

Ian Hunter

Monday - China has added itself to the list of countries prepared to price carbon. Of course, Australia knows more about putting a national price on carbon than almost any other country. And it also knows about dismantling such a price.

The VW affair: It's about honesty and transparency

Monday - As Volkswagen has found out, sustainability is about much more than promises to customers, says Professor FRANCISCO SZEKELY of the IMD Global Centre for Sustainability Leadership in Switzerland. It...

Pesticides are not the only way to deal with insects

Monday - This article is not about how to prevent ants from eating your sandwich on a picnic. But it is about mankind’s greatest competitor for our global food resource: insects.

Solar capacity to grow more than fourfold

Monday - Global concentrated solar power capacity will increase more than fourfold by 2020, a new report shows.

Remote Queensland solar plant makes a mark

Monday - Australia’s first commercial diesel-displacement solar plant has begun operating at a remote mine in northern Queensland.

Elephant grass could offer viable alternative to coal

Dried elephant grass ... good fuel

Monday - By adapting a tropical grass to grow in the British climate, scientists hope to be able to replace coal in power stations with biofuel.

UN offers Kyoto credits direct to public

28 Sep 15 - The United Nations is offering Kyoto-compliant carbon credits directly to the public.

China unveils trading plan and joins hands with US

28 Sep 15 - China, the world’s largest carbon polluter, has reiterated its carbon trading commitment and has pledged $3.1 billion in climate financing to assist developing countries.

OECD urges end to policies which support fossil fuels

An 80-foot coal seam in the US: Fossil fuels should not get support, the OECD says.

28 Sep 15 - The world should abandon fossil fuel support policies which belong in a past when healthy economies depended on pollution, say wealthiest nations.

Investors opt out of fossil fuels as climate talks near

The divestment bandwagon is now rolling far and wide.

28 Sep 15 - As momentum builds for a new deal on climate change, investors are becoming increasingly nervous about having their cash in fossil fuels.

Asia-Pacific heads for solar powerhouse status

28 Sep 15 - The Asia-Pacific region will overtake Europe to become the largest contributor to global solar photovoltaic installed capacity, says a new report.

Arctic thaw would cost half of world's annual earnings

Melting permafrost has made this Alaskan road sink by 10 feet

28 Sep 15 - If Arctic soils melt and release frozen carbon, the impact would cost almost half the world’s annual gross domestic product, researchers say.

Forests move centre stage in India’s climate plan

28 Sep 15 - India, the world’s third-largest polluter, is planning to balance development with environment protection as it tackles climate change.

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