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Stranded-assets threat making mark on business

Monday - The risk of being left with stranded assets is focusing business attention on climate change, says the organiser of an up-coming business conference in Auckland.

Shell swims against oil price tide

Monday - As the giant Shell oil company begins highly controversial exploration drilling in the Arctic, the price of crude continues to slide.

Are electric aircraft the future or just wishful thinking?

Monday - The future of aviation is dependent on finding an alternative power source. Is electricity the answer?

The green-tech future is a flawed vision of sustainability

Monday - What does your vision of a sustainable future look like? Some people imagine a scenario whereby technology solves the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

Solar power takes giant strides as prices fall

Monday - Massive solar power stations are being built in the world’s “sun belts” − with the US and India competing to have the largest in the world.

Hurricane Katrina: what have we learned?

Monday - Two academic papers inspired a media firestorm, polarising popular opinion and scientists, on whether global warming was in some way responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

Scientists rate Australia even worse than NZ

Monday - Australia has got an even worse review from an international coalition of climate scientists for its post-2020 emissions reduction target than New Zealand got.

We can turn CO2 in the air into new materials

Monday - What if there were a way to suck carbon dioxide right out of the air and turn it into useful products? It might seem fantastic but scientists have actually proved it’s possible.

Support for new energy vital for growth

Monday - Renewable energy support schemes such as feed-in tariffs, quota obligations, capital grants, and subsidies, will continue to be instrumental in promoting Europe’s renewable energy industry growth by...

Tiwai halves free credits, but still pockets $5m

24 Aug 15 - Tiwai Point aluminium smelter owner New Zealand Aluminium Smelters last year received just half the number of free carbon credits it got the previous year.

Islamic climate experts urge 1.5° limit on warming

24 Aug 15 - A far-reaching call to avoid runaway climate change and to build a more just and sustainable global society has been launched by Islamic leaders.

China’s carbon count is not as high as feared

24 Aug 15 - The use of poor-quality coal in Chinese power plants means that the carbon dioxide emissions of the world’s biggest polluter are 10% less than previously thought.

Sydney sets energy sights on saving $600 million

24 Aug 15 - A new energy efficiency plan is set to save Sydney more than $600 million in power bills by 2030.

Renewables raise challenge to coal in power league

24 Aug 15 - Wind, solar and other renewable sources of clean energy are now second only to coal in generating the world’s electricity.

Time to tap an underused energy source: wasted heat

24 Aug 15 - Millions of people worldwide can’t afford to keep their homes warm, but few realise the heat wasted in our energy system could provide the answer.

The quest to find sanitation solutions for Africa

24 Aug 15 - In a bid to get closer to the Millennium Development Goal of halving the 2.5 billion people without sanitation access, innovative solutions are being tested across the globe.

Milk plant cuts water consumption

24 Aug 15 - A new drying plant at Fonterra’s Pahiatua milk-powder plant will cut water consumption per litre of milk by reusing its own condensate, the dairy co-operative says.

Australia's 'weak' emissions targets don't add up

17 Aug 15 - Australia has a huge gap between its projected and target 2030 emissions, an analyst is warning.

It's time for packaging that cares about the future

17 Aug 15 - Our Daily Waste founder Dr SHARON McIVER on why how smart businesses are future-proofing by getting rid of plastic packaging now.

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