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No CGT, but green taxes still on the agenda

Thursday - A capital gains tax might be off the agenda, but the Government isnít ruling out environmental taxes recommended by the Tax Working Group.

MEMO LABOUR: The answers are in your files

Wednesday - Labour could find solutions in its own files to the problem of putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.


Wednesday - Ten years ago, uncertainty over the Emissions Trading Scheme was expected to keep carbon prices volatile.

Carbon market pioneer Thomas Song dies

Thomas Song

Tuesday - A New Zealand carbon market pioneer has died.


Tuesday - Ten years ago, forest owners were receiving their first carbon credits and were figuring out what to do next.

New panel to assess what changing climate is doing

Dr Anne Bardsley

10 Apr 19 - A new panel has been appointed to assess how climate change is likely to affect New Zealand.


10 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, the Government was being told that including hydrofluorocarbons Ė one of the most damaging greenhouse gases Ė in the Emissions Trading Scheme could lead to an increase in emissions.


9 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, infrastructure company Vector was telling Parliament that cross-party support was the most important thing that could come out of a review of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Don't rule out GE as a solution, say farmers

8 Apr 19 - Genetic modification should not be ruled out by the Government as a solution for climate change and other environmental issues, Federated Farmers says.


8 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, businesses in New Zealand were backing the idea of cross-party support for the Emissions Trading Scheme.

We won't use GE to cut farm emissions, says Shaw

5 Apr 19 - Climate minister James Shaw says New Zealand doesnít need genetic engineering to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farms.


3 Apr 19 - Letís talk about Canada. Itís easier than talking about our own country.


3 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, the Government was getting ready to hand out its first New Zealand Units.

All corporates should come clean, says Sanford

2 Apr 19 - New Zealandís largest fishing company is calling for all companies to monitor and report on environmental issues.


2 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, Peter Dunne was predicting the Labour and National Parties would reach agreement over the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Let ETS do its job, says English's economist

Matt Burgess

1 Apr 19 - New Zealand should stay clear of direct intervention to bring down emissions from the electricity sector and instead let the Emissions Trading Scheme do its job.


Tim Groser

29 Mar 19 - Ten years ago, the government was looking at excluding methane emissions from the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Ten years ago ...

28 Mar 19 - Ten years ago, insurance companies were trying to figure out how to insure carbon lost when forests are destroyed.

Business lobby warns of huge disruption

Kirk Hope

27 Mar 19 - Banning every industry except agriculture from using forestry credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions would be a huge disruption to the economy, says Business NZ.

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