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Monday - Ten years ago, Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons was predicting the worthless-carbon-unit scandal that hit New Zealand in 2016.


Thursday - Ten years ago, hopes for a cross-Parliament agreement on climate change were growing, with the minority National Government talking to both Labour and the Greens about support for changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme.


19 Jun 19 - Ten years ago, a committee looking at how the Emissions Trading Scheme could be changed announced it was delaying its report-back, prompting the Government to change reporting dates for forest owners who didn’t know whether they were coming or going.

Businesses demand action, says UN climate chief

Patricia Espinosa

18 Jun 19 - Businesses are demanding the development of international carbon markets as the world battles a climate emergency, negotiators have heard overnight.


18 Jun 19 - Ten years ago, Australian mining companies – some operating in New Zealand – were under fire over attempts to scuttle the Rudd Government’s plans to introduce an emissions trading scheme.

Nats vow to fight farm emissions moves

Simon Bridges

17 Jun 19 - The National Party says it will continue to oppose bringing agricultural emissions into the Emissions Trading Scheme.


13 Jun 19 - Ten years ago, one of the world’s largest carbon traders decided it would set up shop in New Zealand after all.

Emissions pricing not working, says World Bank

11 Jun 19 - Just one per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions are at prices likely to drive the emissions cuts needed to preserve life as we know it, the World Bank says.

Taxpayers face $600m carbon prices bill

31 May 19 - Rising carbon prices are likely to cost taxpayers $600 million this year.

Emitters choose to pay carbon fee to Govt

31 May 19 - More emitters this year are opting to pay the Government fee instead of surrendering carbon units, leaving the Government with a potential carbon deficit when it comes to meeting the country’s...


31 May 19 - Ten years ago, a person claiming to be the Act Party’s assistant climate change spokesperson was describing climate science as being as “credible as Peter Dunne’s hairdo”.


30 May 19 - Ten years ago, a massive Budget boost in funding for the Emissions Trading Scheme was being seen as a sign the newly elected National Government intended keeping the scheme in place – despite the...


29 May 19 - Ten years ago, carbon markets were wondering about the New Zealand company making international news for being part of the world’s largest carbon credit deal.


24 May 19 - Ten years ago, forestry consultant Roger Dickie was warning that it would take years for the forestry sector to recovery from policy uncertainty over the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Climate-wise Smith warns of blind commitment

22 May 19 - New Zealand’s political elder statesman on climate change is warning of a potential gilets jeune-style backlash against the costs of climate action.

Pricing delay carries risks, says ETS expert

Catherine Leining

17 May 19 - The Government is exposing the country to significant risk by delaying changes to the carbon pricing regime, says one of the architects of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Tourism sector must toe the line, says minister

16 May 19 - The Government’s new Tourism Strategy released today says the sector must “play its role” in dealing with climate change.


14 May 19 - Ten years ago, New Zealand was being told that it would have to do things the Aussie way if it wanted to harmonise emissions trading schemes in the two countries.

How ZCB puts onus on Government to explain

10 May 19 - The Government will have to explain why it ignores any recommendations on the Emissions Trading Scheme from the proposed Climate Change Commission, officials say.

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