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How's the carbon market going? Experts can't agree

Tuesday - Government officials say that New Zealand’s carbon market is liquid – but Westpac’s economists say it’s not.

Why there's little cost in wiping ETS protections

Chris Schilling

Tuesday - Scrapping the one-for-two and the $25 carbon price cap is likely to have little impact on the economy.

Govt's ETS stand has dangers, say economists

Tuesday - Excluding agriculture from the Emissions Trading Scheme might be economically inefficient, say Westpac economists.

Why post-Paris businesses must get moving

Emma Herd

2 Feb 16 - Emissions Trading Scheme measures protecting industries from the full impact of carbon pricing have had their day, says an organisation representing a trillion dollars worth of investments.

Carbon questions lie in wait at Waitangi

2 Feb 16 - The Government is likely to face tough questioning at Waitangi this weekend over carbon prices.

Stakeholders next up in ETS review

2 Feb 16 - The Emissions Trading Scheme review moves into stakeholder meetings this week.

Our leaders suddenly silent on climate change

Winston Peters

2 Feb 16 - The world’s leaders might have been talking big on climate change in Paris in December, but our local versions have been remarkably quiet on the subject in their state-of-the-nation speeches.

Could a levy on air and shipping fuel sink emissions?

2 Feb 16 - Global agreements to aim for “well below” 2deg warming are nice enough, but now it’s time to develop some detailed policies to help us to get there.

Eight submitters lead in the charge on ETS

18 Jan 16 - Just eight people and organisations have so far made submissions on the latest review of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Carbon closing in on $10 mark

18 Jan 16 - Carbon has started the year with a bang, trading good volume at prices pushing toward $10.

ETS hits the highway

18 Jan 16 - The Government is going on the road to hear what people think about the Emissions Trading Scheme.

COMMENT: Great, now all we need is a plan

15 Dec 15 - By editor ADELIA HALLETT.- Two months ago, Northern Employers and Manufacturers' Association chief Kim Campbell let fly on climate change.

Carbon prices lift 50% since beginning of year

15 Dec 15 - Carbon prices are closing the year 50 per cent up on where they started the 12 months.

Facts come first, says our new climate chief

Paula Bennett

15 Dec 15 - The first big job facing new Climate Change Minister is the review of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Govt didn't ask officials about agriculture and the ETS review

David Parker

15 Dec 15 - The Government got no advice from officials on excluding agriculture from the Emissions Trading Scheme – despite officials earlier saying it should be included.

Foresters likely have cover for fire losses

Marlborough ablaze

15 Dec 15 - Most of the forests involved in a fire burning in Marlborough are likely to have been insured against carbon loss.

Hansen: Why global ‘carbon fee’ system will work

James Hansen

7 Dec 15 - Former NASA climate scientist James Hansen has called for a global “carbon fee” in which fossil fuels are taxed when they are produced or imported, rather than when they are consumed.

Little strengthens climate change muscle

Megan Woods

30 Nov 15 - Labour leader Andrew Little has used today’s shadow cabinet reshuffle to send a strong signal on climate change and environmental issues, by boosting the issue up the rankings, appointing a...

$400m cost attached to keeping 1:2 subsidy

Simon Watt

30 Nov 15 - Retaining the one-for-two subsidy for emitters will cost taxpayers $400 million – and that’s just at today’s carbon prices, says climate law expert Simon Watt.

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