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Officials tell why we need a carbon price floor

Thursday - A carbon price floor would be challenging but would give businesses certainty and guarantee foresters a price that made planting trees worthwhile, officials told the Government.

NZ unlikely to use banked credits, says minister

Paula Bennett

Wednesday - The Government is unlikely to use New Zealand’s banked carbon credits to make-good on hot-air credits we have already surrendered internationally, a Parliamentary select committee has heard.

Bennett vows to hold carbon price at $25

Paula Bennett

Tuesday - New Zealand’s carbon price cap will not rise above $25 for a long time – but neither will it go down, Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett has told a select committee.

More want climate action now than before carbon tax

Julia Gillard

20 Jun 16 - By DEBORAH COTTON | In April 2011, not long after Julia Gillard was returned to power in the 2010 federal election, I asked a representative sample of Australians about their attitudes to climate policy.

Blow to carbon markets if Britain leaves Europe

17 Jun 16 - A “yes” Brexit vote would leave a large pro-market void in Brussels and will hold back the development of international carbon markets, the International Emissions Trading Association is warning.

Carbon should trade in limited range, says forester

Thomas Song

15 Jun 16 - New Zealand’s carbon prices should be kept within a band of $15 to $50, says a forestry company that has played a leading role in developing the carbon market.

Paris agreement needs carbon prices to be coordinated

15 Jun 16 - The Paris climate agreement was an important success for climate diplomacy as nation states showed a strong will to cooperate on climate action.

Carbon price up 10.9% since subsidy dumped

3 Jun 16 - Carbon prices have climbed 10.9 per cent in the week since the phase-out of the one-for-two subsidy was announced.

Washington revises carbon trading plan

2 Jun 16 - Washington state has published a revised plan for an emissions trading scheme, targeting a 1.7 per cent annual reduction in emissions from industrial and electric power installations.

CLIMATE CO-OP: Welcome to Coalition of the Willing

Andrew Little

1 Jun 16 - The announcement yesterday of a formal working relationship between the Labour and Green parties is a potential turning-point in New Zealand’s battle to adapt to climate change.

YES! We have ideas ... lots of them

1 Jun 16 - The organisers of yesterday’s Yes We Can! seminar on how to transition the New Zealand energy system to a low-carbon future have got a good problem – too many ideas.

OFF TARGET: Carbon over-shoot could cost billions

30 May 16 - Officials warned the Government that New Zealand was at risk of over-shooting its 2030 emissions reduction target by 150 million tonnes – due largely to subsidies to emitters and a stockpile of...

More work still needed on ETS, say foresters

Brian Stanley

30 May 16 - Phasing out the one-for-two carbon subsidy is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to get the Emissions Trading Scheme working - including bringing agriculture in - says the Wood...

BUDGET BOOST: Carbon crashes through $15 barrier

27 May 16 - Carbon has hit the magic $15 mark this morning on the back of the Government’s Budget announcement on the Emissions Trading Scheme.

So, what does it mean for climate change?

27 May 16 - What’s in the Budget for climate change?

What they said ...

27 May 16 - Budget – what they said on the removal of the one-for-two carbon subsidy:

BUDGET 2016: One-for-two goes but price cap stays

Paula Bennett

26 May 16 - The one-for-two subsidy to emitters will be phased out from January, but the $25 price cap and the allocation of free credits to trade-exposed heavy emitters are staying, the Government has just...

ELECTION 2016: Climate politics off to a chilly start

23 May 16 - One week into Australia's extended federal election campaign, climate has not featured prominently.

I agree this is serious, Bennett tells scientists

Paula Bennett

20 May 16 - A group of scientists and other prominent New Zealanders has had a reply to a letter accusing the Government of an “indefensible” lack of leadership on climate change.

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