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PARIS PACT: Morganists say NZ must sell units

Friday - The Government must cancel all surplus carbon units it’s sitting on in 2020 as part of ratifying the Paris Agreement, says the group that wrote the Climate Cheats report.

Why we might have trouble phasing out HFCs

Airconditioners in action

Friday - New Zealand is among more than 100 countries calling for an early phase-out of use of the potent greenhouse gas hydroflourocarbon – which could be a challenge, because this country’s use of it appears to be rising.

No way, Nick, you can't claim credit for the ETS

Nick Smith

Thursday - The Government is doing it again – claiming to have introduced the Emissions Trading Scheme when it actually voted against it.

Ukraine ratifies Paris Agreement

Wednesday - Ukraine – the source of many of the low-value carbon credits that have so embarrassed the New Zealand Government – is the latest country to ratify the Paris Agreement.

Gas emissions (the reported kind) take a dive

16 Sep 16 - New Zealand’s reported greenhouse gas emissions have fallen drastically.

Agriculture emissions continue to grow

16 Sep 16 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture continue to climb.

Trading scheme welcomes fewer units

16 Sep 16 - Just 4.6 million NZUs came into the Emissions Trading Scheme last year, new Government figures show.

Taxpayers gift $80m to industrial emitters

Tiwai Point aluminium smelter

13 Sep 16 - Taxpayers have this year given industrial emitters of greenhouse gases free carbon credits worth more than $80 million on today’s market – and soon they’ll be getting twice as many.

RUC exemption could save thousands for truckers

12 Sep 16 - Truck and bus operators could save thousands of dollars a year under road-user charge exemptions now before the Government.

Dissenting academics write own climate report

Professors Karoly and Hamilton

7 Sep 16 - The Climate Change Authority’s latest report on Australia’s climate goals has divided its membership – so much so that two authority members have divorce themselves from the report and written their...

Ratification good news for carbon markets

5 Sep 16 - Ratification of the Paris Agreement by China and the United States is good news for the development of carbon markets, says the International Emissions Trading Association.

Climate Change Authority gambles on political pragmatism

2 Sep 16 - The Climate Change Authority¡¯s latest report outlining a recommended climate policy ¡°toolkit¡± is a reflection of what is seen by many as politically feasible in Australia now.

Dodgy dealing cost us dearly, says Asia expert

Natasha Hamilton-Hart

30 Aug 16 - Using dodgy carbon credits has damaged New Zealand’s chances of becoming an Asian carbon trading hub, says an expert on doing business in South-East Asia.

How Paris Agreement could punish the economy

29 Aug 16 - New Zealand will face significant economic damage from the Paris Agreement if carbon stored in forests is not recognised, the Emissions Trading Scheme is not linked internationally, and agricultural...

New emissions register will make life easier

23 Aug 16 - The emissions register will be closed from noon on Thursday, pending the launch of the new one on Monday.

Why we should aim for a million electric vehicles

22 Aug 16 - Replacing a million fossil fuel-driven cars with electric vehicles would cut New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20 per cent in the crucial 2021-2030 period, officials say.

NZ looks for carbon credit trading friends

19 Aug 16 - New Zealand is stepping up the hunt for sources of quality carbon credits to help to meet its international emissions reduction targets.

DIRTY DOZEN: Big firms who traded in cheap units

16 Aug 16 - Some of New Zealand’s largest carbon emitters, along with forestry companies and even iwi are among the organisations that used cheap EURs to meet their liabilities under the Emissions Trading...

Keep us out of the ETS, pleads steel industry

12 Aug 16 - New Zealand Steel wants the steel industry excluded from the Emissions Trading Scheme, saying that rising carbon prices are putting the industry at risk.

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