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Natasha Hamilton-Hart

Dodgy dealing cost us dearly, says Asia expert

Tuesday - Using dodgy carbon credits has damaged New Zealand’s chances of becoming an Asian carbon trading hub, says an expert on doing business in South-East Asia.

How Paris Agreement could punish the economy

Monday - New Zealand will face significant economic damage from the Paris Agreement if carbon stored in forests is not recognised, the Emissions Trading Scheme is not linked internationally, and agricultural emissions incur a carbon price, a new report shows.

New emissions register will make life easier

23 Aug 16 - The emissions register will be closed from noon on Thursday, pending the launch of the new one on Monday.

Why we should aim for a million electric vehicles

22 Aug 16 - Replacing a million fossil fuel-driven cars with electric vehicles would cut New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20 per cent in the crucial 2021-2030 period, officials say.

NZ looks for carbon credit trading friends

19 Aug 16 - New Zealand is stepping up the hunt for sources of quality carbon credits to help to meet its international emissions reduction targets.

DIRTY DOZEN: Big firms who traded in cheap units

16 Aug 16 - Some of New Zealand’s largest carbon emitters, along with forestry companies and even iwi are among the organisations that used cheap EURs to meet their liabilities under the Emissions Trading Scheme, a new report shows.

Keep us out of the ETS, pleads steel industry

12 Aug 16 - New Zealand Steel wants the steel industry excluded from the Emissions Trading Scheme, saying that rising carbon prices are putting the industry at risk.

Anxious farmers keen to keep carbon subsidies

10 Aug 16 - Farmers – already exempt from liability for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions from their businesses – urged the Government to keep other subsidies in place to further protect them from carbon...

Nation needs emissions targets, says banker

9 Aug 16 - New Zealand should be setting annual emissions targets, says Westpac

Trees clear winner as carbon farmer cashes in

Neil Walker

5 Aug 16 - Carbon credits have netted a dairy farmer more than he could have ever made from running livestock on his Taranaki hill country.

Businesses call for ETS policy certainty

4 Aug 16 - Calls for cross-party policy on climate change, and complaints about “continual and ad-hoc” changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme dominated comments on the first stage of the latest review of the...

Industries fought to keep 1:2 carbon subsidy

2 Aug 16 - The waste, stationary energy, industrial processing and agricultural sectors mounted the biggest opposition to getting rid of the one-for-two carbon subsidy.

Your EUR account needs some attention

2 Aug 16 - Got an account on the Emissions Unit Register? You need to do some things to make sure it’s transferred to the new register that’s replacing it.

Industry slams failure of free-market forestry

Brian Stanley

1 Aug 16 - New Zealand’s experiment with free-market forestry has left it without the forests needed to combat climate change and supply the domestic market with wood, the industry says.

How right price, right credits would suit farmers

Dr Levante Temar

29 Jul 16 - A carbon price of $25 and a 50 per cent allocation of free credits would make the Emissions Trading Scheme viable for some farmers, a new report shows.

AGS forests will bank million tonnes of carbon

25 Jul 16 - Forests planted under the revived Afforestation Grant Scheme this year are expected to store 1.3 million tonnes of carbon.

How farmers, big emitters blow our carbon budget

20 Jul 16 - More than 90 per cent of New Zealand’s carbon budget for the 2020s will be spent on subsidising agriculture and trade-exposed heavy emitters, government estimates show.

Minister reports on second stage of ETS review

20 Jul 16 - Climate change minister Paula Bennett has reported to her colleagues on the second stage of the Emissions Trading Scheme review.

Carbon policy proposals fail to impress Beehive

Paula Bennett

19 Jul 16 - Two policy proposals floated in Carbon News yesterday – a Climate Responsibility Act, and combining carbon trading with a carbon tax and a cut in the goods and services tax – have not impressed the...

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