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BUDGET BOOST: Carbon crashes through $15 barrier

Friday - Carbon has hit the magic $15 mark this morning on the back of the Government’s Budget announcement on the Emissions Trading Scheme.

So, what does it mean for climate change?

Friday - What’s in the Budget for climate change?

What they said ...

Friday - Budget – what they said on the removal of the one-for-two carbon subsidy:

BUDGET 2016: One-for-two goes but price cap stays

Paula Bennett

Thursday - The one-for-two subsidy to emitters will be phased out from January, but the $25 price cap and the allocation of free credits to trade-exposed heavy emitters are staying, the Government has just announced in the Budget.

ELECTION 2016: Climate politics off to a chilly start

Monday - One week into Australia's extended federal election campaign, climate has not featured prominently.

I agree this is serious, Bennett tells scientists

Paula Bennett

20 May 16 - A group of scientists and other prominent New Zealanders has had a reply to a letter accusing the Government of an “indefensible” lack of leadership on climate change.

ETS ANSWERS: Three ways to make it work

17 May 16 - Bringing agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme, setting an emissions cap, and building cross-party support to cut emissions and lift carbon prices should all be part of the ETS review, says one of its architects.

Forest carbon storage risky, warns thinktank

Sir Alan Mark

12 May 16 - Storing carbon in forests is risky and should be used to meet no more than a fifth of New Zealand’s emissions reductions, says a group of prominent scientists and other New Zealanders.

How a global carbon price will bring emissions down

11 May 16 - International carbon trading and a single global carbon price will drive deeper emissions cuts than those promised by countries under the Paris Agreement, a new report says.

Record numbers of NZUs on the move

10 May 16 - More NZUs have moved through the Emissions Unit Registry in the past two months than at any time in the history of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Australia delays ETS report till after election

10 May 16 - The release of the results of a review into whether Australia should have an emissions trading scheme is being delayed until after that country’s general election in July, prompting suggestions of...

Wary forest investors watch climbing carbon price

Peter Weir

6 May 16 - Gun-shy forest investors are watching with interest as carbon creeps up to the magic $15 mark, but they’ll need at least another $3 a tonne to make up for the political risk of investing in carbon...

CREDITS CRUNCH: We'll need millions of international units

5 May 16 - New Zealand is likely to need up to 220 million international credits to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target because even a domestic carbon price of $300 a tonne is unlikely to drive enough...

Make ETS like a market, says our biggest emitter

3 May 16 - New Zealand’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases says that carbon trading needs to be automated and standardised.

Busy Bennett draws up climate to-do list

Paula Bennett

3 May 16 - Higher carbon prices, scrapping the one-for-two, and a detailed plan to decarbonise the New Zealand economy are on Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett’s to-do list.

Government might not carry over units

3 May 16 - The Government might not carry any carbon units over after 2020.

Run carbon prices like the dollar, says academic

Euan Mason

2 May 16 - Carbon prices should be managed like the Reserve Bank manages the value of the New Zealand dollar, a submission on the Emissions Trading Scheme is recommending.

Morganites want moratorium on free credits

Geoff Simmons

2 May 16 - A think-tank which has strongly criticised New Zealand’s use of hot-air credits is now calling for a one-year moratorium on the allocation of free credits to trade-exposed heavy emitters.

Officials eye pile of ETS submissions

2 May 16 - Government officials are today working their way through a large stack of submissions on the technical aspects of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

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