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Shaw optimistic gas emissions will peak early

Friday - New Zealand’s domestic demand for carbon credits is expected to exceed 43 million units in 2023 - up more than two million units on this year, new figures show.

Nats vow to fight farm emissions moves

Simon Bridges

17 Jun 19 - The National Party says it will continue to oppose bringing agricultural emissions into the Emissions Trading Scheme.

UK likes our way with international credits

Lord Deben

13 Jun 19 - Britain is following New Zealand's lead in saying it will probably use international carbon markets in its drive to carbon neutrality - despite the advice of its own experts.

Emissions pricing not working, says World Bank

11 Jun 19 - Just one per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions are at prices likely to drive the emissions cuts needed to preserve life as we know it, the World Bank says.

Emitters choose to pay carbon fee to Govt

31 May 19 - More emitters this year are opting to pay the Government fee instead of surrendering carbon units, leaving the Government with a potential carbon deficit when it comes to meeting the country’s international obligations.


29 May 19 - Ten years ago, carbon markets were wondering about the New Zealand company making international news for being part of the world’s largest carbon credit deal.

Big emitters get together and make a plan

28 May 19 - New Zealand’s trade-exposed industrial emitters – who between them are given more than five million free carbon credits a year – have produced a plan to help to cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

NZ plays different carbon game home and away

23 May 19 - The gap between New Zealand’s international emissions reduction pledge and what it plans to do at home is big enough to drive an electric bus through.


15 May 19 - Ten years ago, steelmakers in Europe were given more carbon credits than they had emissions to cover – a windfall worth billions of euros.

Disbeliever Brash turns financial backer

6 May 19 - Former National Party leader and one-time Reserve Bank Governor Dr Don Brash might have had doubts in the past about whether humans are changing the climate, but now he’s throwing his money and...

HALFWAY HOUSE: PM changes our climate focus

24 Apr 19 - Jacinda Ardern’s nuclear-free-moment speech on the campaign trail during the 2017 general election struck a chord.


23 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, online trading platform Trade Me was making a foray into selling carbon credits.

MEMO LABOUR: The answers are in your files

17 Apr 19 - Labour could find solutions in its own files to the problem of putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

Carbon market pioneer Thomas Song dies

Thomas Song

16 Apr 19 - A New Zealand carbon market pioneer has died.


16 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, forest owners were receiving their first carbon credits and were figuring out what to do next.


12 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, New Zealanders were in support of signing up to the second part of the Kyoto Protocol.


9 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, infrastructure company Vector was telling Parliament that cross-party support was the most important thing that could come out of a review of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Ten years ago ...

28 Mar 19 - Ten years ago, insurance companies were trying to figure out how to insure carbon lost when forests are destroyed.

How forests can be long-term carbon stores

27 Mar 19 - Forests can be a long-term store of carbon if they’re managed correctly – but without them, New Zealand has no hope of reaching carbon neutrality by the middle of the century, a forestry expert says.

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