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Cathay Pacific plugs into biofuel producer

Monday - Cathay Pacific Airways is investing in American sustainable biofuel company Fulcrum Bioenergy as part of a drive to achieve carbon-neutral growth from 2020.

Scientists warn of biofuel plant dangers

11 Aug 14 - Researchers in the United States have warned those anxious to cut greenhouse emissions to make quite sure that the cure they choose will not turn out worse than the disease.

Climate change increases the odds of a hungry world

4 Aug 14 - The odds on food production being unable to meet the needs of an expanding population are hard to predict, but a new study shows that the risk increases dramatically when man-made climate change is factored in.

Ambition key to 2015 global climate accord

11 Jul 14 - The word is "ambition," and it's being voiced with extra urgency by those who worry that the world's leaders won't soon commit themselves to measures strong enough to combat climate change.

Climate target needs new money … but not that much more

4 Jul 14 - Climate change will require substantial new investment in low-carbon energy and energy efficiency – but no more than what is currently spent on today’s fossil-dominated energy system, according to new research.

Maori act to mobilise carbon-conscious voters

20 Jun 14 - Maori angry about the Government’s twin failures over carbon prices and sustainable economic development are looking to mobilise the crucial 18-to-34-years-old vote.

Scientists find simple way to produce biofuel

13 Jun 14 - Scientists in the United States claim they have developed a simple, one-step process that turns plant tissue into biofuel.

Climate change? She'll be right, says Shell

30 May 14 - Shell, the world’s largest oil company, believes that governments will not damage its business by taking rapid action on climate change, and says all its oil reserves will be needed and sold at a...

Great potential, but Australia needs to get a move on

23 May 14 - There is an instinctive fear that overhauling the parts of our economies that emit greenhouse gases would spell economic doom and gloom.

Southland gets nod for wood-fuel hub

9 May 14 - Southland is to become a supply hub for a wood-fuel industry, it has just been announced.

It's time to put non-edible biomass to work

2 May 14 - Bioenergy and biofuels have an important role to play in lowering the use of carbon-intensive fossil fuels – a point underscored by the IPCC report which confirmed the need for further research to...

By hook or by crook, science is finding new routes to energy

24 Apr 14 - While politicians posture, and climate scientists sigh sadly, researchers in laboratories continue to devise ingenious new ways to save energy, increase efficiency, and make the most of solar power.

Z Energy goes it alone with $21 million biodiesel plant to supply local market

4 Apr 14 - A commercial-scale biodiesel project nearly stymied by the withdrawal of Government support is to go ahead.

Biofuels not a lasting solution, warns report

4 Apr 14 - By DOUGLAS CRAWFORD-BROWN.- Biofuels alone are unsustainable, but can still help to combat climate change.

Z Energy on fuels project sideline

28 Mar 14 - ONE OF THE companies involved in a $13.5 million project investigating the viability of turning wood waste into biofuel says it is not involved in the NXT Fuels project.

Europe must get serious about cutting back oil

7 Mar 14 - By ALEX KIRBY, London.- Europe has the technology and the raw material to make a big cut in the amount of oil its transport uses, researchers say - but it will fail to reap the benefits on offer...

Scientists crack code for duckweed ... and raise hopes for biofuel

28 Feb 14 - Geneticists have cracked the code for one of nature’s fastest-growing plants: Spirodela polyrhiza, or duckweed - and the pay-off could come with higher deliveries of biofuel at lower cost to cropland...

Angry Maori take carbon case to UN

Chris Karamea Insley ... waiting for Government reply.

21 Feb 14 - Frustrated Maori will take their carbon price grievances to the United Nations next week.

Iwi forest plan key to processing boom

14 Feb 14 - A proposal by iwi to plant a million hectares of new forest over 10 years could provide the economies of scale needed to kick the New Zealand industry into large-scale processing.

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