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Businesses join hands to find 'right recipe' for zero-carbon industries

Friday - Despite the pandemic slamming the brakes on flying, UK-based engineering firm Rolls-Royce - whose main clients include the aviation industry - has not backed away from its work to slash planet-heating emissions, according to its technology director.

Aviation charts path to carbon neutrality by 2050

16 Feb 21 - The European airline industry has launched a sustainability plan to achieve carbon neutrality in the aviation sector by 2050.

Will planes be flying on air?

5 Feb 21 - Scientists are working on recovering atmospheric carbon to conjure aviation jet fuel from thin air.

Study puts Dunedin on most-at-risk airports list

4 Feb 21 - Dunedin airport is on a new international list of airports most vulnerable to climate change.

EU urged to address aviation’s full climate impact, including non-CO2 emissions

27 Nov 20 - The aviation sector’s climate impact is three times bigger than the effect of its carbon dioxide emissions alone, a new study shows, prompting calls for action.

Western Europe cools on plans for nuclear power

27 Nov 20 - News that two more reactors in the United Kingdom are to shut down on safety grounds earlier than planned has capped a depressing month for nuclear power in Europe.

'Jet-zero' green flight goal dismissed as a gimmick

26 Nov 20 - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “jet-zero” goal of a commercial transatlantic flight producing no carbon emissions by 2025 is a gimmick, according to experts, who say technology alone cannot solve the impact of global aviation on the climate crisis.

'Super emitters' polluting climate at expense of those who don't fly

23 Nov 20 - Just one per cent of the population is responsible for half of global emissions from aviation, a study shows.

Cutting carbon will cost tourism and export industries

19 Nov 20 - The tourism and export sectors need to prepare for growing transport costs, Climate Change Commission chair Dr Rod Carr is warning.

Air travel’s date with sustainability draws nearer

9 Nov 20 - Aviation is gearing up for big changes in how the industry is regulated, as climate targets bite. The options available to decarbonise planes are plentiful and the challenge now is to invest enough...

Why it's hard to cut aviation emissions

4 Nov 20 - A 1940s tax-exemption treaty designed to protect the fledgling aviation industry set airlines on a path to high emissions and low regulation.

Aviation joins the electric age

30 Oct 20 - New Zealand’s first electric plane will take to the skies today.

Business makes bid for $7.23 billion

22 Oct 20 - Businesses want the new Government to back $7.23 billion worth of projects they say will cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 5.5 per cent over the next decade.


20 Oct 20 - Ten years ago, Europe was claiming victory in its plans to bring international aviation emissions into its Emissions Trading Scheme.

Electric trucks and green hydrogen 'ripe' for investment

15 Oct 20 - Green hydrogen, low-carbon aviation fuel and electric trucks are among 55 clean technologies that can help the European Union to reach its goal of climate neutrality by mid-century, new research...

The campaign that made Swedes give up flying for good

29 Jul 20 - Europe’s major airlines are likely to see their turnover drop by 50 per cent this year as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, while European airports expect to welcome 700 million fewer passengers.


28 Jul 20 - Today is the last day to enter the Sustainable Business Awards – get yours in by 5pm.

Big Hydro not the only way, says energy expert

Prof Ralph Sims

27 Jul 20 - Paying industry not to use electricity during peak demand should be considered as an alternative to a multi-billion-dollar new hydro scheme, an energy expert says.

Big emitters marshall carbon forces in Australia

27 Jul 20 - Companies responsible for 14 per cent of Australia’s industrial emissions are coming together to figure out how to decarbonise the sector.

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