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Business makes bid for $7.23 billion

22 Oct 20 - Businesses want the new Government to back $7.23 billion worth of projects they say will cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 5.5 per cent over the next decade.


20 Oct 20 - Ten years ago, Europe was claiming victory in its plans to bring international aviation emissions into its Emissions Trading Scheme.

Electric trucks and green hydrogen 'ripe' for investment

15 Oct 20 - Green hydrogen, low-carbon aviation fuel and electric trucks are among 55 clean technologies that can help the European Union to reach its goal of climate neutrality by mid-century, new research shows.

A Tesla electric plane? Elon Musk hints it’s not far away

26 Aug 20 - Elon Must once said that one day, all transportation will be electric, except for rocks. Yes, that even includes aeroplanes, which have long been on his list of things to electrify.

Coronavirus forces tourism rethink in world's most visited city

24 Aug 20 - With the outlook for urban tourism deeply uncertain, Thai authorities have a chance to adopt a more sustainable model.


29 Jul 20 - Spot NZUs opened at $33.10 bid and $33.20 offered on the CommTrade platform this morning, after last fixing at $33.15.


28 Jul 20 - Today is the last day to enter the Sustainable Business Awards – get yours in by 5pm.

Big Hydro not the only way, says energy expert

Prof Ralph Sims

27 Jul 20 - Paying industry not to use electricity during peak demand should be considered as an alternative to a multi-billion-dollar new hydro scheme, an energy expert says.

Big emitters marshall carbon forces in Australia

27 Jul 20 - Companies responsible for 14 per cent of Australia’s industrial emissions are coming together to figure out how to decarbonise the sector.

Australian flying car wins $1m grant

20 Jul 20 - The New South Wales government has awarded almost $1m from a regional grants fund to a company developing what deputy premier John Barilaro describes as an electric flying car.

Airlines granted huge emissions reprieve by UN compromise

3 Jul 20 - The United Nations' aviation emissions offsetting scheme will not take 2020 into account when calculating how much airlines have to pay to neutralise their carbon dioxide output - a move...

Marsden must be maintained, says bio body

29 Jun 20 - The bioenergy industry is calling on the Government to prevent the closure of New Zealand’s only oil refinery, saying its loss will damage the country’s ability to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Parker whips home third leg of climate trifecta

26 Jun 20 - The third leg of the Government’s climate change legislation trifecta came home this week.

Shipping needs to clean up act - and do it now

Older vessels need improving now without waiting for cleaner replacements
Photo Credit: Paulhami, Wikimedia Commons

26 Jun 20 - The shipping industry is in urgent need of a makeover: while limited attempts are being made to lessen polluting emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases in the road transport and aviation...

Green investment fund spreads its wings

19 Jun 20 - By GAVIN EVANS | New funding deals New Zealand Green Investment Finance is working up will show a variety of low-carbon benefits from a range of sectors, chief executive Craig Weise says.

New consent panels to OK fast-track jobs

17 Jun 20 - The Climate Change Commission will be consulted about projects being fast-tracked through resource consent as part of the covic-19 pandemic economic recovery.

Capital chops into burgeoning emissions record

9 Jun 20 - The amount of greenhouse gases being released in the Wellington region has fallen over the past two decades, in contrast to the country’s performance as a whole, a new report shows.


8 Jun 20 - Ten years ago, the American airline industry was going to court over Europe’s plans to make flights to and from Europe subject to carbon pricing from 2012.

Emissions slashed, but scientists issue warning

20 May 20 - The global economic shutdown caused by the covid-19 pandemic cut the world’s greenhouse gas by nearly 18 million tonnes a day – and the second-highest rate of reduction was in New Zealand.

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