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Airlines wrestle with demands of climate change

11 Apr 14 - By LYNETTE DRAY.- Although aviation emissions contribute only 3 to 5 per cent of the total impact on the planetís climate, this is steadily growing and is a surprisingly intractable problem to solve.

Europe puts off decision on aviation emissions

4 Apr 14 - EUROPE has postponed action to regulate international aviation emissions.

Foreign airlines should pay, say Europe lawmakers

21 Mar 14 - Flights to and from Europe should not be exempted from Europeís emissions trading scheme, the Environment and Public Health Committee of the European Parliament says.

Europe must get serious about cutting back oil

7 Mar 14 - By ALEX KIRBY, London.- Europe has the technology and the raw material to make a big cut in the amount of oil its transport uses, researchers say - but it will fail to reap the benefits on offer unless the European Union comes up with more radical policies.

EU agrees on draft plan for aviation emissions

7 Mar 14 - The European Union has reached a preliminary deal on a law that will exempt long-haul flights from paying for carbon emissions until 2016.

Carbon scene around the world

20 Dec 13 - Westpac takes a look over the international carbon scene.

Airways opens green routes

20 Dec 13 - Seven "green" aviation routes have been introduced across Asia Pacific.

Why wise businesses should take note of Gen Y Kiwis

13 Dec 13 - Businesses must cater to the increasing needs, desires and purchasing power of Gen Y Kiwis, driven by sustainability concerns, according to a new Colmar Brunton survey.

Europe wants to see some action out of Warsaw

22 Nov 13 - The European Union says it is seeking a balanced package of decisions out of Warsaw to advance international climate action.

WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

25 Oct 13 - US cuts emissions, India fights air charge, EU conservation threat, California joins Chinese, wine worries, ocean gliders.

Green designer takes a flexible approach

Juliet Cooke ... packing it away.
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25 Oct 13 - By PETER KERR. Hereís an example of a simple idea being good, and a good idea being simple.

Why Branson believes businesses must act on climate change

Sir Richard Branson ... risky to do nothing.

18 Oct 13 - The key to tackling climate change is to see it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, says billionaire Virgin group founder Sir Richard Branson.

WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

18 Oct 13 - Polluters eye $4b, airlines emissions charges, China carbon pricing, climate all at sea, worms are heroes, bye-bye Oracle, Quakers talk tough.

WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

11 Oct 13 - IPCC and business, EU and airlines, US judges on spot, city climate design, Alaska learning sugar land grabs.

International update

11 Oct 13 - Westpac's carbon analysts cast their eyes across the international carbon markets.

Business better, gas emissions worse

27 Sep 13 - New Zealandís strengthening economy is showing in our carbon emissions.

WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

27 Sep 13 - Angela Merkel, Tony Abbott, airlines talk, IPCC leak, US trading, beating disease.

Travellers prefer green hotels

2 Aug 13 - Business travellers are increasingly prioritising green-certified hotels, according to a new survey by market research firm Timetric.

Air NZ loses place on clean-green list

12 Jul 13 - Air New Zealand is not the most environmentally friendly airline flying Australasian skies.

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