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Govt's ETS stand has dangers, say economists

Tuesday - Excluding agriculture from the Emissions Trading Scheme might be economically inefficient, say Westpac economists.

It's time to rethink what we want from farming

Tuesday - Scientists say nature conservation and protecting the planet from global warming can both be achieved if land is used sustainably, not just for immediate profit.

Useful waste offers win-win energy benefits

Tuesday - An unsung success story in the switch to renewable energy is the use of waste to produce gas – and a valuable by-product.

Disease threatens to kill off bananas ... but there's a way we might save them

Tuesday - Catastrophe is looming for the banana industry. A new strain has emerged of a soil-borne fungus known as “Panama disease” which can wipe out entire plantations – and it is rapidly spreading around the world.

How human impacts fuel weather extremes

Tuesday - Researchers show that floods and droughts often happen at least in part because of human-induced influences on the climate, and not just from natural causes.

How planning helps these farmers to beat the climate

2 Feb 16 - South Africa’s Western Cape plays an important role in the agricultural economy, but is particularly vulnerable to a changing climate.

Stand by ... it's another rough ride for forests

25 Jan 16 - The past year has been a momentous time for the world’s forests, with both good and bad news. Fasten your seat belts, because 2016 promises to be another roller-coaster ride.

What is a garden city – and why is money being spent on building them?

25 Jan 16 - The British government is investing more than £300m ($NZ659m) in building what Chancellor of the Excheque George Osborne has described as the first “proper” garden city in nearly a century, near...

New gear is making every drop of water count

18 Jan 16 - Finding better ways to make every drop of water count is at the heart of an innovative company in the driest continent on earth.

UK must balance food farming impacts

18 Jan 16 - The UK could reduce its emissions by converting farmland to absorb more carbon dioxide − but risks increasing climate change effects abroad.

New food status doesn't let NZ off the hook

15 Dec 15 - The pivotal role of agriculture in feeding the world has been recognised in the Paris Agreement on climate change – but that doesn’t mean New Zealand won’t be held accountable for biological...

Govt didn't ask officials about agriculture and the ETS review

David Parker

15 Dec 15 - The Government got no advice from officials on excluding agriculture from the Emissions Trading Scheme – despite officials earlier saying it should be included.

What we can learn from the rise and fall of climate and civilizations

15 Dec 15 - This year will likely be the hottest on record, beating the previous record set only in 2014. It is also likely to be the first year the global average temperature reaches 1deg above pre-industrial...

Farmers would do better to understand the land

15 Dec 15 - Suppose your relationship is falling apart and you want to save it. To find the best counsellor, you might search online or ask your friends. It’s no different in agriculture.

Catastrophe looms as arable land is lost

7 Dec 15 - Government officials are calling for major changes in the way New Zealand manages soils, as international scientists warn of catastrophic loss of arable land.

Energy game-changers look to future

7 Dec 15 - Innovative new research into clean energy technology shows there are viable alternatives to fossil fuels – provided there is enough political will and investment.

Treat agriculture like anyone else, says Caygill

David Caygill

30 Nov 15 - Agriculture should not be treated any differently from any other trade-exposed industry, says the man who led the previous Emissions Trading Scheme Review.

Plant to beat emissions, expert tells farmers

Professor Euan Mason

30 Nov 15 - Cutting production is not the only way for New Zealand to offset agricultural emissions, says a forestry expert.

Taupo farmers take sustainability award

30 Nov 15 - A Taupo farming operation that found a way to live within a nitrogen cap took the top award at this year’s Sustainable Business Network awards.

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