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Solar power plants now cheaper than coal

Friday - Solar power in Australia is more affordable than new fossil fuel and nuclear power, with costs plummeting by almost 60 per cent over the past five years, a new report released by the Climate Council has found.

Farmers want action on land use and tree planting

Thursday - Farmers want research into alternative land uses to help them to cope with climate change, and greater incentives to plant carbon-storing trees on their farms.

Solar energy powers sustainable solutions

Thursday - Every mouthful of food eaten by virtually every creature on Earth depends ultimately on the sun.

Government eyes land-use changes to cut emissions

Wednesday - The Government is looking at changing some current land uses – including forestry and farming – to cut New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump's wall would carry environmental costs

Tuesday - The likely impact on human society of Donald Trump’s Mexico wall has been well-noted, but in the longer-term a barrier across an entire continent will also have severe ecological consequences.

Samba drums up opposition to factory farming

Tuesday - Concern about the environmental impact of industrialised farming through the use of pesticides and the destruction of the rainforest has even spread to Brazil’s famous Rio carnival.

Will blazing a low-carbon path pay off for California?

20 Feb 17 - President Trump has made it clear he intends to dismantle the Obama administration’s policies for reducing US greenhouse gas emissions.

How your life could change without fossil fuels

17 Feb 17 - Here is a vision of the future in a warming world without fossil fuels:

EDITORIAL: Numbers show the game is up

13 Feb 17 - By editor ADELIA HALLETT | Try these numbers: Humans are causing the climate to change at 170 times the natural rate. Our “carbon budget” to keep warming below 1.5deg will be used up in five years....

Taste of the future ... turning food waste into flour

13 Feb 17 - Flour from food waste? Establishing a business doing just that has earned a pair of entrepreneurs recognition as a Good Food pioneer – and a year’s business mentoring.

Forest bonds seen as way for long-term green investment

10 Feb 17 - A world-leading environmental impact bond scheme could channel substantial private investment into planting vast areas of native and exotic forests in New Zealand.

Should we build on green spaces to ease housing crises?

10 Feb 17 - In Auckland, plans to build houses on the Pt England Reserve - home of endangered New Zealand dotterels - is highlighting the tension between housing people and nature. But it's not the only city...

Scientists call for unravelling of basic climate change

8 Feb 17 - A group of distinguished climate scientists has called for a massive international co-operation to understand absolutely basic climate change.

Seawater puts a dent in delta rice production

8 Feb 17 - Urgent action is being called for to prevent salt intrusion causing severe damage to rice production and loss of drinking water in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Include farming in ETS, says former climate envoy

3 Feb 17 - Our former climate ambassador says that agriculture should be brought into the Emissions Trading Scheme – even if it is treated differently.

Wind turbines again head for the home straight

3 Feb 17 - A new type of small wind turbine for home electricity generation, intended to match the popularity and potential of solar power, is being developed in Europe.

When the heat is on, we need city-wide plans to keep cool

1 Feb 17 - On top of another record hot year globally, and as heatwaves become more frequent and intense, our cities are making us even hotter.

Small-scale hydro makes a big difference

1 Feb 17 - It’s hard to appreciate the difference electricity makes to your life, unless you’ve ever had to live entirely without it.

How tiny microbes are revolutionising big agriculture

27 Jan 17 - Walk into your typical US or UK grocery store and feast your eyes on an amazing bounty of fresh and processed foods. In most industrialised countries, it’s hard to imagine that food production is one...

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