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Dairying costs exceed export income, says report

22 Dec 14 - Dairying is probably costing the country more than it earns in export revenue.

Chile’s mines set hot pace in renewables

Hole story ... the Escondida mine in Chile.

22 Dec 14 - Mining is the fourth-largest energy consumer in Australia, using roughly 10 per cent of Australia’s total. Some of this comes from the electricity grid — but much is supplied off-grid in the form of diesel and other fossil fuels.

Organic techniques closing gap on farming yields

22 Dec 14 - The unintended consequences of the agricultural food system – polluted air and water, dead zones in coastal seas, soil erosion – have profound environment implications for human health and the environment. So more sustainable agricultural practices are needed as soon as possible.

We're facing a $3b carbon crisis ... and it could be worse

8 Dec 14 - New Zealand has a $3 billion carbon headache looming – and Treasury says that’s the conservative estimate.

The country needs a carbon budget, says pressure group

8 Dec 14 - A climate change lobby group is calling for a national carbon budget and legally binding emissions reduction targets.

Why our ‘silent ally’ soils are on the endangered list

8 Dec 14 - The world is not paying enough attention to its soil – our silent ally – says the United Nations.

Outlook bright for UK’s solar power potential

8 Dec 14 - Solar energy is sometimes dismissed as a fanciful idea with little to offer so far in such a cloudy country as the United Kingdom, but a new report says power from the sun could thrive in Britain in barely five years’ time − without the need for any subsidy.

Paper mill sets new benchmarks for best practice

8 Dec 14 - Manufacturing benchmarks achieved by a rural South Australian factory are being shared and instituted across the world by global manufacturing giant Kimberly-Clark.

Memo farmers: Learn to manage your methanotrophs

Dr Sally Price ... start now.

1 Dec 14 - Farmers could cut their future exposure to carbon prices by looking after the methanotrophs in their soils, a soil scientist says.

One Plan water approval seen as ground-breaking

1 Dec 14 - The signing of the Horizon Regional Council’s One Plan after a decade of debate, legal action and controversy is being hailed by Fish & Game as a landmark in the battle to protect the nation’s water...

Why Australian investment in renewable energy has stalled

1 Dec 14 - Investment in Australia's renewable energy sector in the year to September 2014 was down 70 per cent on investment during the previous 12 months.

Queensland risks running the well dry by gifting water to coal

1 Dec 14 - The Queensland parliament has passed water reform legislation that will make it easier to take and use water, particularly for large mining and agriculture projects.

Beyond the poo bus ... the many uses of human waste

1 Dec 14 - A British went into service last week, powered by biomethane energy derived from human waste at a sewage plant.

Green Revolution trebles human burden on planet

24 Nov 14 - Humans are changing not just climate overall, but also the difference between seasons in any given year.

Obama pledge gets dollars flowing into climate fund

24 Nov 14 - It was quite a week for those waiting for some action on climate change.

UN warns Pacific islands of extreme weather risks

24 Nov 14 - Extreme weather conditions predicted for the Pacific Ocean pose a significant threat for island states' industry and infrastructure, warns the United Nations.

Minister knows of water woes, but public information tap is turned off

17 Nov 14 - Finance Minister Bill English has been told something about fresh water – but the public isn’t allowed to know what it is.

Green groups want say on Ruataniwha changes

17 Nov 14 - Environmental groups want to have their say on a late tweak to the conditions imposed on the proposed $230 million Ruataniwha dam in Hawke's Bay in a High Court challenge.

Expand climate portfolio, says Mahuta

Nanaia Mahuta ... better targets.

17 Nov 14 - The Cabinet portfolios of agriculture and climate change should be given to the same person, says Labour Party leadership hopeful Nanaia Mahuta.

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