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Mike Bennetts

Big Business wants cross-party support for ZCB

Today 11:00am - Companies responsible for nearly two-thirds of New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions are calling for cross-party support of zero-carbon legislation.

RMA overhaul could see planning role for gases

Today 11:00am - The Government is opening the door to greenhouse gas being considering in planning applications.

Climate Change Commission deadline looms

Today 11:00am - Nominations for members of the proposed Climate Change Commission close on Sunday.

Major polluter plans to cut emissions

Tuesday - A New Zealand company whose products are responsible for more than a million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year says it is setting emissions reduction targets in line with the Paris Agreement.

Easy on methane means hard on other gases

Monday - New Zealand is facing a 41 per cent cut in emissions of most greenhouse gases by 2030 to meet its international promises.

Fonterra calls a halt to new coal-fired boilers

18 Jul 19 - FONTERRA is implementing an immediate ban on new coal-fired boilers, but says it is not yet ready to be coal-free.

Pay the farmers now, says bioenergy lobby

17 Jul 19 - The Bioenergy Association wants farmers who cut greenhouse gas emissions to be eligible for carbon credits now.

Zero-carbon submitters back 1.5deg target

16 Jul 19 - Submitters on the zero-carbon bill support a target of limiting warming to 1.5deg being enshrined in legislation.

Think bioenergy for woodlots, farmers told

15 Jul 19 - Farmers facing falling log exports and prices for timber from woodlots are being urged to consider a new market Ė bioenergy.

Global carbon markets long way off, says Shaw

James Shaw

12 Jul 19 - Functioning international carbon markets are a decade away Ė probably two, New Zealandís climate minister says.


12 Jul 19 - Ten years ago, farmers were denying they were climate change deniers and asking why New Zealandís huge exclusive economic zone wasnít included in the countryís emissions profile.

Farm methane doing most damage, say scientists

Andy Reisinger

11 Jul 19 - Methane from farm animals in New Zealand is doing more damage to the climate than the combined impacts of all other greenhouse gases, a new analysis says.


11 Jul 19 - Ten years ago, farmers pushing for the development of a market in soil carbon were running into a wary climate minister.

Refinery wants to cut costs with solar farm

Marsden Point refinery

10 Jul 19 - Installing a solar farm at the Marsden Point oil refinery will cut the operationís greenhouse gases by 18,000 tonnes a year.

Government pushes plans for cleaner cars

9 Jul 19 - New emissions standards for cars could cut New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions by more than five million tonnes over 20 years.

Tank-water communities could be at risk

9 Jul 19 - Rural communities relying on rain on their roofs for water could be at more risk of disease as the climate warms, new research shows.


9 Jul 19 - Ten years ago, New Zealand was working on plans for a voluntary market in soil carbon.

Local governments want climate rules in RMA

8 Jul 19 - Local authorities want to be able to take climate impacts into account when they are considering applications under the Resource Managements Act.

Grant to find answers to native trees questions

8 Jul 19 - The Government is putting $422,000 into finding better ways to grow native trees for forestry.

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