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John Key

NO WORRIES: Science will fix emissions, says PM

Thursday - PRIME MINISTER John Key says New Zealand can cut greenhouse gas emissions while increasing agricultural production, despite advice to the contrary.

Farm emissions report gets nods of approval

Thursday - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright’s report on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions is being well received.

Secret ingredient lures bees into making more food

Thursday - A plant virus has developed the trick of attracting bees to the plants it has attacked to make sure they produce plenty of seed.

Why is the US Green Party so irrelevant?

Thursday - Many Americans value environmental protection and want to see more of it.

WATCHDOG WISHLIST: How we can ease farm emissions

Dr Jan Wright

Wednesday - Vast increases in native and exotic forests, bringing nitrogen fertiliser and some large farms into the Emissions Trading Scheme, and fast-tracking development of a methane vaccine.

Scientists' revolutionary plan can save the rainforest

Tuesday - Brazilian scientists, alarmed at the ongoing destruction of the Amazon rainforest, have proposed a radical plan to save it.

Monoculture the enemy of our rainforests

Monday - SMALL-SCALE monocultural farming threatens rainforests, new research has found.

Global ‘bright spots’ offer climate change hope

Monday - We are constantly bombarded with bad news about climate change and the state of the planet – to the point where problems can seem so great that we feel powerless to do anything about them.

Seaweed could cut methane emissions from cows

14 Oct 16 - When Canadian farmer Joe Dorgan noticed about 11 years ago that cattle in a paddock by the sea were more productive than his other cows, he didn't just rediscover an Ancient Greek and Icelandic...

Minister hints at setting minimum carbon price

12 Oct 16 - New Zealand could impose a minimum price on carbon.

Agroforestry can help the planet (and profits)

11 Oct 16 - Feeding the world’s growing population in a rapidly warming world will not be possible with modern intensive agriculture that relies on cutting down more forests to plant crops, according to new...

Climate change worsens Brazil’s drought

11 Oct 16 - A recently published study suggests that the droughts which have traditionally affected Brazil's semi-arid northeast are being worsened by the effects of climate change.

It's our age, but we've lost control of the planet

10 Oct 16 - It’s becoming increasingly commonplace to suggest that humans now dominate the planet.

10 things you should know about climate change

7 Oct 16 - No 9. New Zealanders are in the world’s top 10 emitters of greenhouse gases.

Trendy foods should come with a recipe for sustainability

6 Oct 16 - The soft creamy flesh of a ripe avocado makes an attractive and healthy addition to many of our shopping baskets.

Farewell to green movement's prince of permaculture

Bill Mollison

30 Sep 16 - Permaculture pioneer Bill Mollison, who died last weekend, was one of the true heroes of the modern environmental movement.

Rising emissions mean NZ will miss Paris targets

29 Sep 16 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are set to double between 1990 and 2030 – and even with a carbon price of $50 a tonne, we could still be short of our Paris Agreement pledge by 143 million...

Govt learns we can't cut emissions and sell more milk

28 Sep 16 - The Government knows its economic strategy of increasing agricultural exports cannot go on if New Zealand is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a confidential paper shows.

Food supply fears spark China's global land grab

28 Sep 16 - China is protecting itself against future food supply problems caused by climate change by buying or leasing large tracts of land in Africa and South America, a leading UK climate scientist says.

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